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I've built a functioning database that has worked for months. Last night, while an employee was using it, three queries suddenly stopped working. I checked and all of the data still exists in the table, but queries which were fine before are suddenly failing to retrieve the data. Furthermore, one of the forms no longer displays the data fields. If I look at the form in design view, the fields are there, but when I switch to form view, the fields don't show up.

A trojan recently infected my computer, and the Access database is on a shared network. Is it possible that this trojan is altering the way Access performs? Or is there some other explanation? I feel like the employee who was using it last couldn't have done anything to mess up my database this badly.

Hi All,

I'm kind of at a crossroads at work, and I was wondering if you guys, being experts in the field could offer any help or advice.

I work at a small business (20 employees) with a relatively simple Access 97 program we use to quote custom jobs. We have the backend on a local server, and frontends on users' PCs, both XP and Windows 7 (Took a lot of effort to get Access 97 to work on Win7)

I have built another program in Access 2010 to perform another task (I'm an engineer, not a full-time programmer), and was assuming I could install Access 2010 Run Time on users' PCs (I am the only one with Office 2010) and they could use both Access 97 and Access 2010 Run Time. As I'm sure you realize, this has caused problems.. For instance, Access 97 has stopped working, and will not uninstall or reinstall on Win7.

Is it time to buy Office 2010 for my users and have a developer come and convert the legacy program to Access 2010? This issue is compounded by the fact that Office 365 is now out.. But since I have XP machines, Office 2010 is the way to go, right?

Any help or advice you guys could offer would really be appreciated! Thanks in advance!


i am using autonumber as a primary key so that each 'job' has a different number and it shows it on the form as YORKS**** ( *being the autonumber)

all of a sudden it has stopped working!

i am upto record 175 on my table and up to autonumber YORKS0225 on my form, if i go to add a record is assigns YORKS0117 and wont let me save it as it already exists????

i am using office 2007 for the front end and the back end is on a seperate storage device as i use my laptop to access the same database through a different front end on my laptop.

ive tried google and got completely flummoxed!

can anyone suggest anything???

Hi all,

New to the forum and fairly new to Access 2003, please help... "Not Like" is refusing to work in my query - but "Like" works just fine! What would be causing that? I'm trying to filter out any client records from my database that have ZZ in the Client Code. If I filter with Like, it shows me all the ones that do have it in, but if I filter with Not Like, it just shows me all records. What gives?

Query is below:

	SELECT [Relationships - All Info].Contact1ID, [Relationships - All Info].[Contact 1 Client Info].ClientCode, [Relationships
- All Info].[Contact 1 Data].[Contact Name], [Relationships - All Info].Contact2ID, [Relationships - All Info].[Contact 2
Client Info].ClientCode, [Relationships - All Info].[Contact 2 Data].[Contact Name], [Relationships - All
Info].RelationshipID, [Relationships - All Info].Twist, [Relationships - All Info].ContactContact
FROM [Relationships - All Info]
WHERE ((([Relationships - All Info].[Contact 1 Client Info].ClientCode) Not Like "%zz%"));

Hi there.

I have some forms set up to do searches on my Access 2003 DB table. The forms used to work fine, but now when I type in the parameters it finds no assets.

Even if I go into the table and copy/paste a parameter directly into the search form, it has stopped finding the assets.

If I run the same query as the form in a "new query" though, it finds the assets just fine.

I tried running the "Compact and Repair" option, but this has not fixed it. Is this a corrupted DB? Any suggestions on figuring this out? Is it possible to trouble-shoot, or am I pretty much dead here?


Iíve been working on a little application in Access 2007 for a couple months now, and I continue to be vexed by a mysterious problem: every now and then, the comboboxes that I use to find records stop working. To be more specific, the comboboxes themselves work, but the form continues to display the current record rather than navigating to the record selected from the combobox.

Basically, I have several similar forms that are used to view single records. (These forms are not related to each other, but they are all designed the same way, and Iíve had this problem with all of them.) Each form has a couple of subforms (in case that matters) and each has a command button named cmdFind. Because all of these forms are opened in read-only mode, cmdFind sets the AllowEdits property of the main form to True and makes the searchbox visible.

The searchbox is a combobox that I originally created using the third option of the combobox wizard. I added a couple of actions to the embedded macro to make the findbox invisible after an update, and I use an event procedure in the comboboxís LostFocus event to set AllowEdits back to false.

As I mentioned, this method works just fine for a (seemingly random) period of time, then inexplicably stops working. When I click cmdFind, the searchbox show up, but when a selection is made, all the other actions execute, but the form does not go to the specified record. Instead, the current record reloads.

I havenít found another thread that describes this problems, so in the past, Iíve addressed it by deleting the searchbox and re-creating it. To my frustration, this solution has proven to be temporary, and Iím finally irritated enough to figure out why.

Iím sure youíll be glad to know that Iíve converted all my macros to VBA (and trying to break the habit of using them altogether). Since the DoCmd.SearchForRecord bit that the converter tool came up with didnít work, I starting using the Me.RecordsetClone.FindFirst bit that Iíve found in this thread and others like it.

That works well (for now, anyway) on two of the three forms. One of my forms is holding out, though, and is still doing what I described above. Iíll post this formís code for good measure, but Iím thinking the problem has to be elsewhere. Itís probably something simple. Any ideas?

	Private Sub cmdFind_Click()
Me.AllowEdits = True
Me.cboFindEmp.Visible = True
Me.cmdNew.Enabled = False
Me.cmdEdit.Enabled = False
Me.cmdPrint.Enabled = False
Me.cmdDone.Enabled = False
Me.cmdCancel.Visible = True
Me.cmdFind.Enabled = False
End Sub

Private Sub cboFindEmp_AfterUpdate()
On Error GoTo cboFindEmp_AfterUpdate_Err
Me.RecordsetClone.FindFirst "[StaffID] = " & Me![cboFindEmp]
Me.Bookmark = Me.RecordsetClone.Bookmark
    DoCmd.SetProperty "cmdNew", acPropertyEnabled, "-1"
    DoCmd.SetProperty "cmdEdit", acPropertyEnabled, "-1"
    DoCmd.SetProperty "cmdFind", acPropertyEnabled, "-1"
    DoCmd.SetProperty "cmdDone", acPropertyEnabled, "-1"
    DoCmd.SetProperty "cmdPrint", acPropertyEnabled, "-1"
    DoCmd.GoToControl "txtEmpName"
    DoCmd.SetProperty "cmdCancel", acPropertyVisible, "0"
    DoCmd.SetProperty "cboFindEmp", acPropertyVisible, "0"
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox Error$
    Resume cboFindEmp_AfterUpdate_Exit
End Sub

Private Sub cboFindEmp_LostFocus()
Me.AllowEdits = False
End Sub

I keep getting "Microsoft Office Access has stopped working" error message when I try to create a graph based on a query in a form's design view. I have created the exact graph many times before (for different time periods), in the same way and same form, but unable to do so anymore.

Any ideas?


I have an Access 2002 database running thru Access runtime on a Novell network with both NT and XP workstations. This database has been up and running for 5 years with no problems. Last update to the front end was in January, other than that nothing has changed with the program at all. However, this morning, this database stopped working on some PC's. The problem occurs when they log into the database, everything within this app freezes/locks up. This is happening on both the NT & XP boxes and the working copies are both on NT & XP.

Any ideas why, just over the weekend, the application would stop working on select PC's?

I use Access2000 for our readdressing project here in Henderson County, NC. Until 8 December 1999, Access functioned flawlessly. Now when I try to use the wizard to make a report from a table. It takes me thru all the steps and gives me the error message "The wizard is unable to complete your report." I tried reinstalling Access2000 to no avail. Any suggestions?? I depend heavily on Access so this is a major problem. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I have a Form that opens up my database using Autoexec. I have some simple, basic conditional formatting on some of the fields. If field = 0 then the backfill is in green, if the field is >= 1 then the backfill is red.
This has been working fine with no problems in an Access 2007 Database.
I have just renamed the file and moved it to another folder and now the conditional formatting no longer works, but in Design View it is still there. I have seen this before when I saved a database to a memory stick and - although the Database worked - the conditional formatting stopped. I wondered if it might be a problem with the Trust Centre - Trusted Locations? I have added my new folder to the list but it doesn't seem to have made any difference.
Can anybody explain why the conditional formatting would suddenly stop functioning?
I am about to hand this database over to someone else, I've just built a user guide and now the screenshots no longer match the database. Which is quite infuriating!


I've created a DB in Access2010. After doing an extensive amount of work, frequently when I open the DB, Access crashes. The message states Microsoft Access has stopped working. When I click on the view problem details, it gives a lot of information, but nothing that I'm able to intrepret. I've tried creating a new DB, and importing the objects, and it also crashes during the import. Has anyone experienced a problem like this? My machine is operating properly, and as of this writing, I'm only experiencing this problem within this DB.

I'm getting the error: MS Office Access has stopped working, then "There was an error loading an ActiveX control on one of your forms or reports." I'm running Access 2003 with Windows 7 Pro w/ XP mode edition. When I looked in the Event Log under the Application, I got this:

Faulting application name: MSACCESS.EXE, version: 11.0.5614.0, time stamp: 0x3f3c8e3c
Faulting module name: MSACCESS.EXE, version: 11.0.5614.0, time stamp: 0x3f3c8e3c
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x0002ccec
Faulting process id: 0xac8
Faulting application start time: 0x01cba5e0dc8213cd
Faulting application path: C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICE11MSACCESS.EXE
Faulting module path: C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICE11MSACCESS.EXE
Report Id: 1e782ce3-11d4-11e0-b544-bc305b9d11dc

Please help!!!!! Thanks....


I'm a web developer who's taken over an ADP project and needs help with the Windows and Access Environments.

I was coding in VBA in Access 2007, and would at times need to rebuild the project by importing forms, reports, and modules due to corruption issues. I believe these issues were caused by run-time errors during coding.

I've upgraded to Access 2010 (Office Suite 2010 32-bit) on a Windows 7 Machine (64-bit). The same (I believe) corruption issues in Access 2010 are invoking the following error:

After making changes in my project, I will save, exit, and attempt to open the project. Access 2010 displays a message box "Access has stopped working". I click "debug" and Windows attempts to open the Visual Studio Just-In-Time debugger, with the following: "An unhandled win32 exception occurred in MSACCCESS.EXE [6648]"

I exit out of Access 2010 and attempt to reopen the file and it throws the same exception. I exit out again and attempt to open Access 2010 by itself, and Access attempts to create a Backup copy of the same file. The process fails and throws the same exception. I can open Access by holding the shift key while double-clicking, but when I attempt to rebuild the corrupted version I get the same error message as above. So my rebuild is failing, and I'm stuck in 2010. I can rebuild in 2007, but would like to fix this on this brand new machine which would be sweet to develop on.

Thanks for any help any one can provide me,


I recently had both Off2003 and Off2007 installed, but used A2003 with most mdb's and mde's. Not needing any of the functionality of Off2007, I un-installed all of Off2007.

Other than needing to revert back to Microsoft Outlook 11.0 Object Library in the module "References", no further overt actions were taken.

Thinking the mdb I was trying to "Compact and Repair" could be corrupted, I created a new mdb (db1.mdb) and imported all the elements from the suspect mdb, but got the same result with the new mdb.

I un-installed Off2003, rebooted and re-installed Off2003, but I still db1.mdb still fails when I attempt to "Compact and Repair".

"Microsoft Office Access has stopped working" all the information I'm given. (See screenshot) Any ideas?

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I'm using MS Access 2010 and Windows 7. I have this particular form that when opened in form view it causing Access to stop working. Has anyone experienced something similiar or does anyone know what might be causing this?

Thnaks and take care,


I am a beginner (non VBA) using MSAccess 2010 SP1. For a few years, I have created my db structures in Excel and imported them into Access using External Data -> Excel. Worked great.
Just recently this has stopped working. The modal "Get External Data = Excel Spreadsheet" pops up, however the title "Select the Source of the data" does not have the orange decorative background, the browse button reacts to the mouse click, but the browse window does not open to allow the selection of an Excel file. If there is a table in the Access database, it is not seen in the dropdown when selecting the second Radio button (Append a copy of the records to the table And, as expected, the OK button is greyed out. The modal may be closed using the CANCEL button.
NOTE: Of the other import options, Text File, Html Document, Outlook Folder, and dBase file are also haviong this same problem. Importing from Access, ODBC Database, XML File, Sharepoint List, and Data Services appear to be working correctly.

I have tried to reinstall (Repair) Office 2010 use the SP1 install to no avail.

Is there anything else I can try to get the Excel import working?


I have recently built a database, part of which was for printing out address labels.

The databse worked fine with a few sample entries. I set up the label printing using the Label Wizard. All was fine - it took the relevant data from the correct table (Table called Main, and it gets the data from the First Name, Surname, Address1, Address2, Town and Postcode fields) and displayed it as should be on labels.

I then spent a few hours inputting the actual address data - 120 names and addresses. When I went to open the Label report, it wouldn't open. I tried creating a new one again with the Label Wizard. When I got to the end of the wizard, it displayed the following box:

	You entered an expression that has an invalid reference to the property |.

The property may not exist or may not apply to the object you specified.

I tried using another table (an extremely simple one - a lookup table for titles - Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr are the 4 entries), and got the same response. Even if I create a new table, I get this error.

I decided to create a blank database. Again, I received this exact same error. I tried messing around with various factors (e.g. label type) and got the message:

	Application-defined or object-defined error

I guess this is a problem with my Office install, so I did a rebuild on the Add/Remove Programs menu, but still the problem persists.

The rest of my database still works fine. I can access the tables, add records, even the e-mail recipients form I made still works fine.

How can I solve this problem?

*edit* I should probably add that I am using Office 2003, and if it comes down to it, Windows XP Professional X64. I have been running this seup fine for months, so it is a puzzler!

I have a macro that I have been using for a while in Access 2007. It is quite lengthy and takes a while to run. Over time, this macro would occasionally skip a step or two. However, recently this macro has started to skip steps more and more and/or stop working all together. It does sometimes work just fine. Has anyone had any issues with Access skipping macro steps or have any knowledge as to why this might happen? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Good day all,
I imagine this is a common problem but cannot find anything
online with what I am hoping is a simple answer. I've been developing this application in AccessXP/2003 and yesterday I was upgraded to Access 2007. Actually my whole PC was swapped out for a new one in case that is relevant, but i'm still using Windows XP.
Anyway, none of the buttons on the form trigger anything, they're just dead. Doesn't fire off any events at all. So, I did save as in the 2007 format to see if that would fix the problem but no joy. Looked at the references and all seems to be in order but to be honest not sure if I would recognise if soemthign was amiss. Checked with the Refs in the previous version and all seem to be there so.....?

Like I say i'm hoping this is a quick fix solution via the flip of a switch so if anyone has any pointers please do advise.


This is really weird. I've been using this little function for years with no problem. It generates a message box where the first sentence is in bolt type (similar to the built in MS Access messages.)

It has always worked until today. Now (and only in one case on one form), it will generate the message but then VBA abruptly aborts. No further code is run after that point - it doesn't even finish the procedure.
No results are returned.

Function CustomMsgBox(strBold As String, strMsg As String, intButton As Integer, strTitle As String) As Integer
    On Error GoTo ErrLog
    'For some reason Eval statement used with MsgBox will provide a line in bold text
    CustomMsgBox = Eval("MsgBox ('" & strBold & "@" & strMsg & "@@'," & intButton & ",'" & strTitle & "')")
    Exit Function
    Call ErrorLog(Err.Number, Err.Description, "modCommon.CustomMsgBox")
    Resume Next
End Function

I don't think the eval statement itself is the problem, because it works in every other instance. In fact, the same statement that calls the CustomMsgBox routine works just fine in another instance - the only thing that has changes from ine instance to the next is the value of the fields on the form.

I would post the rest of my code and form here, but there are so many subroutines that it would be totally confusing. I'm wondering can anybody shed some light on what would cause VB to stop code execution with no errors?

Thank you,

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