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I need to know how can I make an unbound field on a form that will have a value of: eg: 500
and the next time I will open it, it will be 501
the time after, 502
and so on and so forth.

This form isn't based on a table, so I cannot do it with autonumber, I need to be able to do that on a designed form.

Macro maybe? Can someone please assist?

Is there a way to clear an unbound field on a form from a macro? My form takes input from unbound fields and appends that data to a table. I want to clear those fields and requery the DB after the append from a button. Is there a way to do this without VB code (I'm not great at VB)?



Hi there, I have a report based on a crosstab query, which lists students attendance figures. There are aprox 2800 students listed in the query. The problem I am having is that I cant seem to set a linkcriteria from an unbound field on a form to filter the data on the report.

Every student has their details on a single page on the report, and I would liketo filter by: INV student, tutor, faculty, centre etc. I have created list boxs and combo boxs (based on queries) with the required data needed to link to the report, (I have used this method before on other reports not based on crosstabs)but I keep getting the error message "Jet engine does not recognise <field name> as a valid field name or expression. This has got me really stumped as I have used linkcrieria's as strings to open filter reports many times in the system without any problems.

Does anyone know if this is due to the report being based on a crosstab query? I cant seem to find any literature that can help me on this subject. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Barry Graham

Dear all interested in any suggestions to the following. (Access 2003)

I have a Form primarily that records no information. I e it doesn't draw the majority of its information from a table or a query. It is used as a Calculator and there are a number of factors that it calculates out primarily from unbound fields entered when the form is open.

Everytime someone goes into it they can enter 7 parameters that are taken and multiplied to a series of further records to give an overall bill.

It is actually quite important that this is not recorded in this way it is a true application (just like a calculator). It would be nice however that on occasion that people can print out the calculations once they have finished making the calculation. Hence the report option.

Report wizard gives me the opportunity to create reports from Queries or Tables but I don't see an option for example for to include unbound fields from a form in a report.

Anyone got any ideas how I should go about creating a report of this form?

I suppose I could make the unbound fields into a table and delete it every time but would prefer not to.


I have a form with a 1-many relationship between 2 tables.

On the subform I have contacts, and the main form I have request.

Each request can have many contacts.

Now I want to put an unbound field on my form to show how many contacts there are currently relating to that request.

So if I have 5 contacts, then the calculation will count them.

Tried varies counts to no avail.

Fields are:

Request_tbl - PK referenceID

Contacts_tbl - PK requestContactID, FK requestID.

So basically count the number of reuqestIDs relating to that particular requestContactID.

Any help before I knock off?


I have a continuous form (as a subform) which displays all the records in tblParts. For each part, I want to lookup the Quantity that may have been ordered (in TblItems) and display it next to the Part in an unbound field on the form. I am doing this using a DLookup at Form_current. Everything is fine except that the Quantity shows the same for every part (the quantity for the first one). If I then click on a part -not the first one - the Quantity on every line changes to that lookup value. Is there some way to do the Lookup for each row?

(Access 2010)


I have a table with 22 fields:

- 1 ID (autonumber)
- 1 Date (date/time)
- 10 x reportnumber (text)
- 10 x description (text)

I also have a form to populate this table.

I would like an unbound textbox on the form to tell me the number of reportnumbers I have entered on the form (maybe On Got Focus or something like that).

How would I go about this!?

Many thanks!

I have a form that users enter car registration numbers on. As well as storing the number on theunderlying table, I want to store the first 3 digits of this number within the table in another field. I have tried creating an unbound field on the form to calculate the first 3 using left$([regnumber],3) which works OK but am having difficulties working out how to save this value in the table. (I will eventually use this 3 digit value to be the basis of a relationship with another form). I am sure I am missing something basic here, patience please if it is obvious!

I am sure this is possible but not sure how to go about this. I have a form that has a memo field with values in a particular format. For example: 11111-2222-33; 44444-5555-00 etc... This memo field could contain one or many values. I have a pop-up window that displays when a user double clicks this memo field that provides an input field that has an input mask of AAAAA-AAAA-AA;0; so the user will enter the values in the correct format. On this pop-up form, I have an unbound field that caputures the the entries. I would like for the values captured in this unbound field to be copied to the original memo field in the open form.

The original open form is: frmQuestionDetail
the field name is: NDC

the popup form is: frmNDCentry
and the field is: NDCupdate

So essentially, I am trying to copy the value from NDCupdate from frmNDCentry to the NDC field in the open form frmQuestionDetail.

Thanks for any help.

I would like to use a control button and an UnBound field on a form to obtain a unique record number in Access 2010 starting with 00001. The number will be incremented by 1 each time the control button is selected. The difficulty is on Oct 1st of every year the record count has to auto reset and start over at 00001. As the record number increases the preceding zeros should decrease to maintain four digits or characters, e.g, 00193. Thus far, nothing that I have tried in vba has worked. Any ideas how this might be accomplished? Any ideas or help will be much appreciated.


Is it possible to include an unbound field on a form to pick up the username of the person logged on to the network on a Windows 2000 PC?

I have been trying to figure out how to play a movie clip I have in an unbound field on a form if you can help please pass on the procudure you have used that works. Thanks for the help,

I have an unbound field on a query that keeps a running
total of points entered. The field is called TotalPoints.
How can I get that field from the form into a query? How
to I call the field in the query?

Hi All,

Can someone get me started in the right direction?

I have an unbound field on a form "txtScan". This field is populated by a barcode scanner.

The data looks like this ~Field1~Field2~Field3~Field4~Field5~Field6~Field7~ Field8~Field9
I am using ~ as a delimiter. Since I am encrypting the barcode, I can pretty much do anything to the barcode.

I need to parse
~Field1~ into txtFirstName
~Field2~ into txtLastName
~Field3~ into txtCompany etc.
A key point is that one of the fields may be blank so, if field 2 in the string is blank, "Field2" does not get populated.

I've never tackled anything like this before and don't know where to start.

Any help

Below is the code I have to populate an unbound field on my form.
It worked great until I put the field into the subform. This code is in
an AfterUpdate Event on the main form and I need it to populate a
field on a subform. I do not know how to add the Subform to the code!
I know this is probably something simple but need help.

The Subform name is:

	Me.Method10 = DLookup("[Method]", "ReplenishMethodTbl", "[PullSeqCode] = '" & DLookup("[Pull_Seque]",
"MainEntryQrySelectSub1") & "'")


I created a continuous form that shows a a series of records in my database so the users can quickly scroll through and select the one they want. Each record is either keeping track of a business or an individual person. These names are stored in a table in three fields - the individual will be in two (FirstName and LastName) and the business is in (BizName). There is also a field called BusinessType, in which the user has selected if its a person or a business.

I'd like to have an unbound txtbox on my continuous form that populates depending on which type of entity is associated for the record. So something like

	If Me.BusinessType = "Individual" Then
Me.Unboundtxt = Me.FirstName & Me.LastName
Me.Unboundtxt = Me.BizName
End If

My problem I think is the fact that it is a continuous form. If I click on a field in the record, the txtbox will populate correctly. However, if no specific record is clicked, the code doesn't seem to run and the txtbox is blank.

Any thoughts?



I would like to add an unbound field on a form to calculate the arc cosine of a value in a bound field. I would prefer not to use a VBA formulae. So far I see that I can get sines, cosines, arc tangents, and derive "pi" from the arctangent. How can I use these to produce an angle value from the bound field?

many thanks Ron

Hi everyone,

I am working on a form which displays data one record at a time one field over another. These fields are bound to the recordsource of the form.

I have an unbound textbox on the form. I am using this to find records to be displayed on the form, depending on string entries which I make in the unbound textbox. This is fairly standard and the vba code is functioning quite well.

I have removed the record selectors from the form. I am having the following problems:

1. When I try to make the record selectors appear again on the form, by marking the record selector option to yes on the format column of the properties, I am not managing to make them appear. Quite strange. There must be a reason which I am not conscious of.

2. Since on occassion there may be two or even more records that match the string which I am putting in the unbound textbox I will need the record selectors appear so that I can view all the possible fits. How can I make the record selectors appear and disapper using vba ?

Would appreciate if someone knows how to do this and leads me a bit so that I can get the hang of it.

I would like to edit this entry. Just to be sure the record selectors which I am referring to is the small control box which appears at the foot of the form, showing the number of records and a mechanism like< > so that one can move from one record to the other and to both ends.

Many thanks to everyone.


Hi guys,

I have a small task and having a mind block.

I have set up a Parameter query which works, and use this on a form.

What Im having a problem with is using an unbound field on the form to be the parameter.

For example in the Empty feild/box on the form I would type SMITH, and this on a click of a button next to it would run the parameter query as a subform.

I have an unbound field on a form, which is populated by a hyperlink field in a table via VBA code.

However the text that appears in the unbound box have Access hyperlink format with the # showing, and when I click the box the hyperlink does not work, it is treated as regular text, not a hyperlink.

If I set the properties for my unbound box to Not a hyperlink, the text that is displayed is without the #'s, but the hyperlink does still not work.

Ehh, what gives?

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