Confirm action queries in runtime Results

I use the Access 2007 runtime to run my Access database on a few client machines. How do I turn off the confirmation of Action Queries? On clients that are also running MS Access, I can simply open Access, go to Access Options and uncheck the box. When I make this change in Access, the same settings apply for the Runtime on that computer. Which makes me think perhaps there is a registry entry I can modify someplace? If anyone has an idea as to how to turn this off for the runtime please let me know.


Greetings, All.

I'm trying to create useable runtime versions of a DB I've created, and I've run into a few odd questions.

1). Is there any way to set up auto-correction entries into a runtime version. I'm working in a world with a lot of odd jargon, and autocorrection entries are very helpful when I use the full version, but I can't see a way to add them into the runtime.

2). Is there any way to change default settings such as "Confirm Action Queries" (in Tools/Options/ Edit/Find). Some of these attributes seemed to come along with my runtime version ("Move after enter") and others did not. The Help system has not helped. I've gotten around the "Confirm Action Queries" by adding a ton of code with "DoCmd.SetWarnings False" and "DoCmd.SetWarnings True," but it's a pain...

Greetings, all.

I'm trying to turn a db into a distributable runtime version, using A97 ODE Tools. It all works fine except for one thing: I cannot see how to set the Access system settings in the runtime version.

Specifically, I want to turn off the "Action Queries confirmation" (found in the Tools / Options/ Edit/Find). This is turned off in the source database from which I made the runtime, but in the runtime version that I create, it's set to confirm all action queries. Because it's a runtime version, the F11 key doesn't work, and I cannot get to the Tools menu. I have quite a few action queries in the DB, and having to confirm each one destroys the useability. Any suggestions?

I created a database that has update queries. In the full version of Access, I can disable 'action query' and 'record change' confirmations in Tools, Options, Add/Edit Tab. When I try to run the program in a runtime version of Access, I keep getting confirmation requests everytime the update query runs, and I cant find where to turn off these confirmations. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

I'm testing the Runtime developement application. Within Access on my machine, in the options, client settings, I have turned off the confirm record changes and action queries. How do make those same settings for the runtime development I'm creating? When I install the run time on a clean machine, I'm getting the confirmation messages that I don't want to have appear.

Hello, my first post, please can somebody help me with the following problem ?

I am writing a program which will allow me to export data from multiple queries into excel,( by calling the fields from each DAO recordset rather than transferspreadsheet method ). However, everytime I reach the 6th recordset to open and obtain data, the code fails....

Error message : Runtime error 3061
Too Few Parameters. Expected 1.

and it breaks on the following line of code :

Set Rst6 = Dbs.OpenRecordset("QrySalesbyChannelDlr")

Is there a limit to the number of recordsets you can access in a query

Any help greatly appreciated as deadline for this program passed

'Territory report generator

Dim Dbs As DAO.Database
Dim ObjXL As Excel.Application
Dim ObjWkb As Excel.Workbook
Dim ObjSht As Excel.Worksheet
Dim Rst1, Rst2, Rst3, Rst4, Rst5 As DAO.Recordset
Dim Rst6, Rst7, Rst8, Rst9, Rst10 As DAO.Recordset
Dim Dir, File, FullDir As String
Dim IntC1 As Integer

Dir = "W:Maz Urban ScienceDevelopment"
File = "SchoolReportTemplate.xls"
FullDir = Dir & "" & File

DoCmd.OpenQuery "QrySelectTerritory"

Set Dbs = CurrentDb
Set Rst1 = Dbs.OpenRecordset("TblSelectTerritory")

Select Case MsgBox("Confirm you wish to generate School Report files ?", vbYesNo, "School Report Files")
Case vbYes
DoCmd.Hourglass True

Do Until Rst1.EOF

Me.TxtDealer = (Rst1![DealerNo])

'Run the Cross tab make table queries now !

DoCmd.OpenQuery "QrySVOCtabData", acViewNormal
DoCmd.OpenQuery "QryTerSVOCtabData", acViewNormal
DoCmd.OpenQuery "QryNatSvoCtabData", acViewNormal
DoCmd.OpenQuery "QryDlrSalesbyMthCtabData", acViewNormal

Set ObjXL = New Excel.Application
Set ObjWkb = ObjXL.Workbooks.Open(FullDir)

'================================================= =======

Set Rst2 = Dbs.OpenRecordset("QrySVOCtab")

Set ObjSht = ObjWkb.Worksheets("Sales")

With ObjSht
.Cells(21, 3) = (Rst2![jan])
.Cells(21, 4) = (Rst2![feb])
.Cells(21, 5) = (Rst2![mar])
.Cells(21, 6) = (Rst2![apr])
.Cells(21, 7) = (Rst2![may])
.Cells(21, 8) = (Rst2![jun])
.Cells(21, 9) = (Rst2![jul])
.Cells(21, 10) = (Rst2![aug])
.Cells(21, 11) = (Rst2![sep])
.Cells(21, 12) = (Rst2![Oct])
.Cells(21, 13) = (Rst2![nov])
.Cells(21, 14) = (Rst2![dec])
End With


With ObjSht
.Cells(22, 3) = (Rst2![jan])
.Cells(22, 4) = (Rst2![feb])
.Cells(22, 5) = (Rst2![mar])
.Cells(22, 6) = (Rst2![apr])
.Cells(22, 7) = (Rst2![may])
.Cells(22, 8) = (Rst2![jun])
.Cells(22, 9) = (Rst2![jul])
.Cells(22, 10) = (Rst2![aug])
.Cells(22, 11) = (Rst2![sep])
.Cells(22, 12) = (Rst2![Oct])
.Cells(22, 13) = (Rst2![nov])
.Cells(22, 14) = (Rst2![dec])
End With


'================================================= ======
Set Rst3 = Dbs.OpenRecordset("QryTerSvOCtab")

Set ObjSht = ObjWkb.Worksheets("Data")

With ObjSht
.Cells(3, 2) = (Rst3![jan])
.Cells(3, 3) = (Rst3![feb])
.Cells(3, 4) = (Rst3![mar])
.Cells(3, 5) = (Rst3![apr])
.Cells(3, 6) = (Rst3![may])
.Cells(3, 7) = (Rst3![jun])
.Cells(3, 8) = (Rst3![jul])
.Cells(3, 9) = (Rst3![aug])
.Cells(3, 10) = (Rst3![sep])
.Cells(3, 11) = (Rst3![Oct])
.Cells(3, 12) = (Rst3![nov])
.Cells(3, 13) = (Rst3![dec])
End With


With ObjSht
.Cells(4, 2) = (Rst3![jan])
.Cells(4, 3) = (Rst3![feb])
.Cells(4, 4) = (Rst3![mar])
.Cells(4, 5) = (Rst3![apr])
.Cells(4, 6) = (Rst3![may])
.Cells(4, 7) = (Rst3![jun])
.Cells(4, 8) = (Rst3![jul])
.Cells(4, 9) = (Rst3![aug])
.Cells(4, 10) = (Rst3![sep])
.Cells(4, 11) = (Rst3![Oct])
.Cells(4, 12) = (Rst3![nov])
.Cells(4, 13) = (Rst3![dec])
End With


'================================================= ====

Set Rst4 = Dbs.OpenRecordset("QryNatSvoCtab")

Set ObjSht = ObjWkb.Worksheets("Data")

With ObjSht
.Cells(9, 2) = (Rst4![jan])
.Cells(9, 3) = (Rst4![feb])
.Cells(9, 4) = (Rst4![mar])
.Cells(9, 5) = (Rst4![apr])
.Cells(9, 6) = (Rst4![may])
.Cells(9, 7) = (Rst4![jun])
.Cells(9, 8) = (Rst4![jul])
.Cells(9, 9) = (Rst4![aug])
.Cells(9, 10) = (Rst4![sep])
.Cells(9, 11) = (Rst4![Oct])
.Cells(9, 12) = (Rst4![nov])
.Cells(9, 13) = (Rst4![dec])
End With


With ObjSht
.Cells(10, 2) = (Rst4![jan])
.Cells(10, 3) = (Rst4![feb])
.Cells(10, 4) = (Rst4![mar])
.Cells(10, 5) = (Rst4![apr])
.Cells(10, 6) = (Rst4![may])
.Cells(10, 7) = (Rst4![jun])
.Cells(10, 8) = (Rst4![jul])
.Cells(10, 9) = (Rst4![aug])
.Cells(10, 10) = (Rst4![sep])
.Cells(10, 11) = (Rst4![Oct])
.Cells(10, 12) = (Rst4![nov])
.Cells(10, 13) = (Rst4![dec])
End With


'================================================= ==

Set Rst5 = Dbs.OpenRecordset("QryDlrSalesbyMthCTab")

IntC1 = 10

Do Until Rst5.EOF

Set ObjSht = ObjWkb.Worksheets("Sales")

With ObjSht
.Cells(IntC1, 19) = (Rst5![Model])
.Cells(IntC1, 20) = (Rst5![jan])
.Cells(IntC1, 21) = (Rst5![feb])
.Cells(IntC1, 22) = (Rst5![mar])
.Cells(IntC1, 23) = (Rst5![apr])
.Cells(IntC1, 24) = (Rst5![may])
.Cells(IntC1, 25) = (Rst5![jun])
.Cells(IntC1, 26) = (Rst5![jul])
.Cells(IntC1, 27) = (Rst5![aug])
.Cells(IntC1, 28) = (Rst5![sep])
'.Cells(IntC1, 29) = (Rst5![Oct])
'.Cells(IntC1, 30) = (Rst5![nov])
'.Cells(IntC1, 31) = (Rst5![dec])
End With

IntC1 = IntC1 + 1



'================================================= ====

Set Rst6 = Dbs.OpenRecordset("QrySalesbyChannelDlr")

IntC1 = 18

Do Until Rst6.EOF

Set ObjSht = ObjWkb.Worksheets("Data")

With ObjSht
.Cells(IntC1, 2) = (Rst5![Model])
.Cells(IntC1, 3) = (Rst5![jan])
.Cells(IntC1, 4) = (Rst5![feb])
.Cells(IntC1, 5) = (Rst5![mar])
End With

IntC1 = IntC1 + 1



'================================================= ====

ObjWkb.SaveAs "W:Maz Urban ScienceDevelopmentTest" & Rst1![DealerNo] & "PerformanceReport-" & Format(Date, "dd mmm") & ".xls"
ObjWkb.Close True


Set Rst1 = Nothing

Set Dbs = Nothing

Set ObjWkb = ObjXL.Workbooks.Open(FullDir)


Case vbNo
End Select

MsgBox ("All actions complete")
DoCmd.Hourglass False

DoCmd.SetWarnings True

End Sub

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