Date of birth converter Results

If i have a text box for date of birth
and a text box for age
when you enter the date of birth i want their age to appear in the other text box
Any clues simplest way possible please
using access 2010

Hello Support,
I have a quick and simple question for you pro's. I have looked through help files etc but as i don't know the exact name of what I am looking for, my efforts are of no use.
Basicly I am wanting to generate and Group ID number (in a text box) generated from the date of birth of the person i have in mt database. I have read and seen that the date (which i have as a medium-date) needs to be converted before it can be compaired. Does anyone know...
1. The convert to date command that i need (if it is needed)
2. The Syntax needed for this calculation (wether an Case Select or an If Then)

What i am looking for is something like....

If Date_of_birth Is Between 1/1/80 and 1/1/82 then Date_group_Id = 1
If Date_of_birth Is Between 1/1/82 etc

Thankyou for your time and help.

Hello all,

I don't use SQL that much and I'm bewildered that MS SQL server cannot import and Access table with english Dates of Birth ie 22/12/1970. It fails to convert with an error message, then if I change the destination date field to a character field it will then import, but the Dates are now in american format ie 12/22/1970. What would be the best technique to use.

Hey everybody,

I've a problem which I can't handle alone.

I've a .txt file which contains all kind of data. for example:

John Doe, Wall Street, 11, 800510, male

I've no problem to import the file. The only problem is whith the date. after 11 you see 800510, this stands for 10 may 1980 (date of birth). Access does not see this as a date and when I make the table field a date field is converded in 19-09-4091. Does someone know how I can make access convert it the right way?

Thx in advance


Dear all,

i have searched /researched and looked at hundreds of posts, and no luck.

Im litlle bit out of my depth, i have posted this before but just got confused.

i have two update querys, the first one identifys if a persons age (by date of birth) is under 16 a check box identifys if this person is "ticked" as junior.

the second update query identifys by (date of birth) if the person is over 16 a check box identifys if this person is "ticked" as senior.

The results are returned into my main query in two columns, these columns return -1 or 0 for junior or senior.

I need to produce a report that returns J or S (Junior or Senior) is there a way of converting these results to one column and converting the -1, 0 to J or S.

Please see attached file.

very lost, still searching for the answer. been on this foe three weeks now.

any help appricated.

I have searched past questions and could not find any answers to the following. When we imported data from another Dbase (not Access) into our Access DB, the date field came out "yyyymmdd". I have added "0000/00/00" to the input mask which provides it the necessary "/". However, I really need the information to read "mm/dd/yyyy".

The field in the main table is currently text. When I switch to Date/Time and try to ask it to format as "Short Date", it deletes all the Date of Births in that field.

Any suggestions on how I can convert this data?


I am new to Access 2010, but took over a database that were created many years ago (upgraded from 2003), the Date of Birth are entered as text in the format of
I try creating a new field in Data format but cant figure out how to convert using the content of the text field directly into the new Date format field (00/00/0000).
Some years ago when I were programming in Dataease, I would use the simple way for FirstC,MidC, LastC etc to convert them using the position and legnth of the string, but in Access, even though the principle should be the same, I just cant get my head around it, could someone kindly help ?
Many thanks.

Please could someone help with this?
I am trying to retrieve records from a 'Customers' table with a query which uses a calculateed field based on their date of birth (DOB) to calculate whether their birthday is coming up in the next week or so. I figured I need to use DateSerial function to convert the date to the current year, then compare it to todays date using DateDiff :-
DateDiff("d",Date(),DateSerial(Year(Now()),Month([DOB]),Day([DOB]))) and the result is the number of days (plus or minus) to/since their birthday.
The problem is when I use the criteria field to filter out only those records where the calculated result is, say >1 and < 10 I get a data type mismatch error.

I've also tried to achieve a boolean result using the following calculation but with the same problem when I set 'True' as the search criteria for this field in the query.
BirthdayDue: (DateDiff("d",Date(),DateSerial(Year(Now()),Month([DOB]),Day([DOB])))>1 And DateDiff("d",Date(),DateSerial(Year(Now()),Month([DOB]),Day([DOB])))

Hi...I have date of birth data in text format yyyymmdd (for example 19750412). I have used left and right functions to convert it into date format yyyy/mm/dd. However, I have data like 19750000 which I want to convert to 1975/01/01 but I don't know how to solve this.

Any helps would much appreciated.

I have a form with a date field for users to input the date of birth. The data type is Date/Time and the format is Short Date. The input mask is:

Everything is fine until a user enters any year from 1911 to 1929. So if the date of birth is 03/23/28, Access 2003 converts it to 03/23/2028 instead of 03/23/1928. It works fine if a user inputs 03/23/30 with the result as 03/23/1930, or 03/23/56 with the result as 03/23/1956.

Since the users are doing a high volume of data entry, I'm saving them from typing two additional keystrokes by entering a two digit year instead of four in the input mask.

Has anyone come across a similar problem with the input mask?

Thanks for your reply.

Hi everyone.

I've tried googling this but I dont seem find exactly what I need.

Basically I have a table with people's details, incuding their data of birth.

I have a form whereby I want to enter their age and filter all people who are at least that old in years. My issue is that I don't know how to go about converting their date of birth into an age and then placing that into a query that will look at their dates of birth. I guess I need to convert the age into some date and do some substraction...?

If anyone could give me some pointers that I would really appreciate it.

I hope I am making sense.


I hope my problem isn't so small that it's offensive, but I've bought every book I can afford (as a newbie) and I can't figure where I'm missing it.
I have small Table w/ 3 fields [Name] [Date of Birth] and [Age] I used the wizard and made a simple form using the same 3 fields to enter the data. On the [Age] field of the form I added the "DateDiff" expression to convert the date to age, and it works great in the form, but it doesn't store the data in the Main Table. Can someone please tell me where I am missing it?

I am eternally grateful and Thanks So MUCH in advance!
Have a great day!

I'm currently working on my doctoral dissertation, and will have to use SPSS.

I'm new to SPSS and after several FRUSTRATING experiences, went to the "HELP" center at school.

Their recommendation was to do all data entry in Access, then export to SPSS.

So far I've found this method to be wonderful. I've done all my clean-up in Access, and was able to have several calculated fields that detected data entry errors immediately.

My dissertation involves marriage. My data involves dates, so I had a calculated field for the husband's age at marriage and birth of first child. If I got 126, for example, I knew I probably hit 1866 for the year instead of 1966.

I mentioned to the people at work, who use SPSS, that Ohio State told me to do data entry in Access, they were horrified. But, mostly because, as near as I can determine, they have always been taught to do the data entry in SPSS, and because they are unsure how to convert from Access in to SPSS. My advisor is also very anti-Access, and I know it is because he has no Access knowledge.

I just wonded if anyone else had opinions on this topic.

Personally, I found Access to be much easier for the data entry. If I corrected a mistake in one field, ALL fields that relied on that field for a calculation were automatically corrected, unlike SPSS.

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