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i dont seem to be able to drag fields in a form onto a tab control. usually when you use a tab control it is highlighted, but i cant drag fields onto it. is there any way of doing it??

thanks in advance.

I have a main form (TABS-2) that resides on the first tab of a tab control. I have four subforms linked to the main form (through the link child/master fields), each residing on a separate tab of the tab control. The subforms are named R4toR6form, R7toR9form, R10toR12form, R13toR15form. I created the subforms first as independent forms and then by dragging and dropping them onto the tabs to make them act as subforms.

I need to have the last field on the main form set up so that when the tab key is depressed, the focus is set to the first field on the first subform. I have accomplished this with the following code (compliments of JKpeus):

Private Sub fieldname_KeyDown(KeyCode as Integer)
If KeyCode = 9 Then
End If
End Sub

I have been trying to apply this same program to the last field on R4toR6form to move the focus to R7toR9form. And I need to do the same with the subsequent subforms. I've tried this through On Key Down and through On Lost Focus and each time I get the message "method or data member not found." The debugger highlights the subform name, which tells me that while the main form recognized the first subform, the subforms do not recognize each other.

Does anyone know of a way to accomplish what I am trying to accomplish? I am setting this up for an enormous questionnaire, and it is important that I minimize mouse usage for those who will be entering the data--hence my desire to be able to use the tab key to move from the last field on one subform to the first field on the next subform.

Thanks for your help!!


I'm using A2007. I have a number of forms which use tab control for easier navigation.

I have spent a consdierable amount of time sorting formatting and appearance and am now making some major changes to database structure.

I am trying to add a nested subform to a tab on an existing form. If I drag the subform onto the tab it shows all content on the form. Not what I want.

If I create a new form using my parent and child tables and it creates a new form and subform the form shows the parent record and child records only linked to the parent. This is what I want. However I don't want to have to fix all of hard work on formatting.

If I try to cut and past that subform (or any other field) from the form that works onto my older, nicely formatted form, it just 'floats' over all tabs and renders tab control useless.

Why does it do this and how do I fix a pasted item on to a tab?



I have a split database on a network (LAN). (The network is pretty fast...MS Word and other apps load quickly)

The Access database backend contains 1 major table with 65 fields and only 10 records in this table. I have a form in the front end. When I switch this form to design or layout view and drag & drop fields from my major table onto this form it takes ages (30sec) per drag & drop.

What's causing this? How can I fix it? Do I need indexing? Do I need to switch to an Access Project file structure?

2) The form (in normal mode) takes a while to load the fields onto the form. It is sluggish. However, scrolling through the 10 records on the form is ok (fast).

How can I speed up my form editing in Design or Layout mode?

New Info... I just tried adding a new blank form to my front end...drag & drop fields is now fast in Design or Layout mode on this new form. Therefore the problem appears to be specific to my original main form. This original form contains lots of fields plus I'm using a tab control on it. I'm beginning to think that forms should not contain too many fields (controls) or they slow down considerably during Layout or Design? Is this true? Is there a work around because if I split my fields across several forms then when the next form in the series is opened, the record number has reset to 1 so the user is now entering data into the wrong record? How is this problem handled? Thank you.


I'm new here, I hope you guys can help!

I'm just a beginner in learning access and a m having what looks like an easy fix problem. I'm creating a tabbed form in Access 2007, and in the first 3 tabs, when I dragged the field controls onto the form, they stretched to the width of the form and all stacked nicely underneath each other.

Now on the next tab they are coming out as much smaller. I don't want to stretch them to fit as I want them a uniform size and I just want to find how to get that setting back! I've been messing with the anchoring buttons to what seems like no avail!

Thanks for any help



I'm a beginner with access so please bear with me.

I created a tab form and for each tab dragged the fields from the tables already created into each tabbed form, e.g. first tab is 'contact details' with various fields, second tab is 'inventory' with numerous fields etc. I created the one-to-many relationship I wanted for the tables before creating the form. For each field I dragged onto each tab, I bound it to the table by using the 'control source' in the properties list.
Furthermore, each table has a primary key and a corresponding value in teh tables to create the relationship to ensure its integrity.

At first it was working, i.e. the few tabs and I was able to add and delete data via the created form in any tab. Then, when I was completing the last few tabs required, it just stopped working.

Now it gives me an error message,

"The value cannot be added to this new row until the row has been committed. Commit the first row and then try adding the value."

Without delving into the code (as I'm no expert) is it possible to overcome this problem?

Can anyone offer any pointers or help on how to resolve this problem.

Much appareciated.

I'm sorry, it still isn't working, I have tried everything.

Salutation appears in the table in normal view and design view. It is also in the list of fields when I look at the relationships.

The problem is, in the form - every other field from the table is listed but the new field i have added; salutation, does not appear in the field list, or the control source drop down list.

The form is simply not recognising that a new field has been added, even though it is blatantly there in the table and every other aspect of the database! :confused:

PREVIOUS MESSAGES: (I think my old message/reply was closed, I can only get to my PC twice a week usually).

I have added a new column in my table (Salutation), but in my form, after adding a text box to enter in this information, 'Salutation' it is not listed in the field list and I therefore cannot operate it. Any thoughts on how to overcome this?
Many thanks.

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Is your form based directly on the table or on a query based on the table. If it based on a query make sure you have updated the query with the extra field.

If it is based directly on the table then, I know this sounds trivial, check that the record source of the form is correct. Also try adding the field without using the wizard (the magic wand should not be pressed) and in the control source use the drop down menu. I have just tried this on a test DB and it works.
Post back with any problems.

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The form is based on the table alone. To add the new column I simply went in to the table and 'added column'.

I have tried adding a text box with and without the wizard in the form, but either way, when I go in to Control Source - the new column 'Salutation' is not appearing on the drop down list - it is listed everywhere else that I can see but is just not corresponding to the form?
How do I check 'record source' as you suggested?
Thanks, I am a complete novice - bear with me!

David R
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Two options:
Bring up the Field list on your form while in Design View. It looks like a 'page' button on the toolbar, or it's under View. At the very bottom (assuming you added this field to the end of your table) of the list is your new field. Click and drag it onto your form to add the new field.
Alternatively, try adding a new blank text box as expublish mentioned. Bring up the Toolbox and click on Text box, then click on your form. A new field will come up, named some nonsense like "Text76". That is part of why I don't like this method when I can avoid it. Now if you double-click on this field, or right click and select Properties, you will get the Properties screen for that field. Under the data tab the first option is Control Source. You can drop-down that list and select Salutation the same way.

Post back if you're still having problems.

I created a form using a text boxes by using the field list icon and dragging the field I wanted to make into the text box onto the form. In the properties of that text box, under the format tab I set the format for "short date". Under the data tab in the properties of the text box I put in the control source this forumla =DateSerial(Year([Date of Service]),Month([Date of Service])+10,Day([Date of Service])). "Date of Service" on my form is the name of the source field it calculates from. What the forumla does is calculates from the date entered into my Service Date field and whatever date is in that field it adds 10 months to it. This field with this formula in it caluclates the date of my contacting the customer to setup an annual service for them. I also have another field that calculates the annual service date using the same formula only changing the +10 to +12.

When the Date of Service it entered the Contact Date field automatically adds 10 months to the date entered into the Date of Service field. Same of the Date of Next Service field only instead of 10 months it adds 12. So my formulas are correct. However when I go to my table I can not see any of the caluculated dates entered into the table. I can see it in the datasheet view of my form. My question is how do I create a query to pull only contacts dates from this form for a specific time frame? When I attempt to create a query I can only see table fields which do not contain the formulas for calculating the dates. Or can the fields that calculate the dates on my form be linked so the calculated dates are linked into the table and updated on the table when I update the form?

Keep in mind I am new to access so please give very detailed and specific instructions on a solution for this issue.

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