Enter parameters twice in query Results


I have a query that when I run, I have to enter the date parameteres TWICE. I have read other help forums that state I need to clear out the "filter" and "order by" property fields in the Query Property Sheet, which I did, so now they are empty. The query then ran fine all day yesterday. However, when I reopened it today, it's back to asking me to enter the date twice, and there is content back in those two property boxes in the Property Sheet....how do I fix this permanently?


I am having a bit of a strange issue with Access 2007. I have an access frontend with an SQL backend for my application. There is a report I have that is rather complex and pretty big. About 1 page full of fields and the Query consists of multiple queries to make one final one. In addition there are a couple of subreports embedded into the report. To make this possible I have two id fields on the report that are set to be invisable but are used by the various subreports/fields that require some additional querys. The two id fields have always been there and are never deleted.

So to run the report someone opens a form and from the dropdown selects the manager and pushes the button. For some reason the user is then prompted with the "Enter Parameter Value" popup and asks for those two id fields idCase and idChild. The thing is the fields are still there! So I have to remove the fields and readd them and the reports work again once or twice and then it messes up again. I even changed the fields to visable and made their color white and it is still doing it.

In addition, it is happening in one persons front-end database but not the others. I have no clue what is going on with it or why it repeatedly cannot find the fields. Hopefully someone can provide me a little insight on where to look for the issue.

Hello again,

I have a query which has a parameter called [Enter Date as DD/MM/YYYY].
This filters out records from my table which match those entered by the user.
However, when the query is run, Access is asking the user to enter the criteria twice. The first time it is labelled Expr1, the second time it is Enter Date as DD/MM/YYYY. There is obviously something wrong in my query, can anybody point me in the right direction here?

Thanks in advance


Guys my problem must be quite simple (like me!).
I have serached the forum and found some help but can't quite nail my quirk.

I am attempting to display the input criteria on a report.

When the report is run the user is prompted for various information:

Customers which ordered in a time range
Customers which ordered within the last xxx days
Item Group &
Sales Rep

To get things rolling I put the following in the report header:

	="Customers who have not ordered in the last : " & [Customers which ordered in a time range] & " But have ordered in the
last : " & [Customers which ordered within the last xxx days] & "days"

The user is prompted to enter the Query Parameters twice?
How do I get the report to display the initial input?
Thanks in advance,

I have a report that is based on two queries. The first query requires a parameter (date) which is placed in a field in the query results. The second query uses the parameter date field in the first query to perform a calculation to determine the number of years between the parameter date and a second date. My report is based on the fields in the second query and include the calculated number of years.

In the report, I want to include the parameter date entered in the first query in the header. When I followed the help file for "Print the criteria for a report in the report header", it works. However, I have to enter the parameter twice. The first time, it is in "date format" and the second is text.

My first question is how can I do this without entering the date parameter twice?

My second question is how do I prevent the number of years (carried out to two decimal places) from rounding up?

Data base programs are new to me, but I'm having fun with Access. Thanks for your help in advance.


I am trying to produce a simple profit and loss report to show income from each customer in a particular week and cost of each contractor in the same week. I have managed to do this (rptProfit+Loss) which uses two sub reports.

However, as both queries for the sub reports have a Between 2 dates parameter, when running the main report, I get asked to enter the date parameters twice. Is there any way to stop this?

Thanks in advance.



I have a report which contains employee training records.

It is set to only show records for one employee at a time via a criteria in the name field in the reports underlying query. (We use the printed report as an annual training record signed by employee and trainer).

There are three possible forms the report can be preveiwed from, so I set the criteria to:

[Forms]![ReportTrainee]![TotalName] Or [Forms]![TrainingRecs]![TotalName] Or [Forms]![FindTrainee]![TotalName]

My plan was the report would print for the current record (employee) from any of the three forms (only one of three forms can be open at anytime).

It works fine, BUT...

The report requests but the "Enter Parameter" box pops up twice, requesting the value of the [TotalName] text box for whichever two forms aren't open.

I tried using the OnOpen event to turn off warnings, but this didn't work.

Any other ideas how to make this work?

Instead of a query criteria could I use an OnOpen procedure that applies a filter using the IsLoaded and an If statement to detect which form the report has been printed from

Or could I add a filter to the procedure for the on click event for the three command buttons?

Some advice from someone more experienced than me would be great.


I have a form which is linked to a query with a criteria prompt. On the form is a list box which looks up data from this same query. So when I load the form, I am prompted to enter the criteria parameter twice.

If I deassociate the form with the query, my other textbox on the form which is linked to the query won't work. And If i deassociate my listbox with the query, it doesn't load the correct data.

Could someone please give me some advice of what I can do to stop getting the two prompts?

Many thanks in advance


PARAMETERS [Forms]![frmMylaunchForm1]![sdate] DateTime, [Forms]![frmMylaunchForm1]![Edate] DateTime;
SELECT Time.[Last Name]
FROM [Time]
WHERE (((Time.DATE) Between [Forms]![frmMylaunchForm1]![sdate] And [Forms]![frmMylaunchForm1]![Edate]))
GROUP BY Time.[Last Name]

I have a form setup to enter dates in, it was a combo box but I changed it back to a text box.

When I put info in the text box and hit the run query button , it still asks me for Enter Parameter Values [Forms]![frmMylaunchForm1]![sdate] and i can enter it and then it asks for [Forms]![frmMylaunchForm1]![edate] and i can enter that also.

It works but shouldnt i just be able to hit the run query button and not have to enter the info twice?

I'm using A2007. I created a menu form to generate multiple queries that includes start date and end date parameter fields.

Twice now, I have found that when running a query from the menu, I get a pop-up window as if no dates had been entered in the parameter fields, even though they had been. I can't correct this without deleting the parameter fields and recreating them.

Since this has happened twice withing the past week, I'm thinking that this will be an ongoing problem, but I have no idea what is causing it, since the menu form does work initially.

Any ideas? It's quite irritating!



I built a database and the user enters a customer number and a report generates for that customer. The issue I have is that after the user enters the customer number, Access displays a parameter request for the text box on the Form the user enters the customer number in/on. (Please see pictures attached.) How do I get it setup so that the user doesn't have to enter the customer number twice? In other words, so that the parameter dialog box doesn't appear? Attached Thumbnails     Reply With Quote 06-09-2011, 07:47 AM #2 alansidman VIP Windows 7 32bit Access 2007 Join Date Apr 2010 Location Lake County, IL Posts 1,778 What is the code behind the command button?
What is the SQL statement for the query? Or is it part of your VBA code for the command button?
Need to see these to diagnose what is really happening. Not enough information provided here.


I've been able to make some improvements since last posting, but have run into new issues. Here's the background:

I have a single report that I want to run 2 different ways: no filter and with filter. The filter involves a parameter query where the user enters a date range - (((Date) Between [Enter starting date] And [Enter ending date]))).

I have a form with command buttons for each way to run the report, which point to a macro using OpenReport commands. One OpenReport leaves the filter name and where condition blank and the other points to a filter (I've also tried with just typing in the SQL under the where condition). Both reports return the correct numbers.

Here's where it gets tricky...I want to display an additional text box on the report when the filter is applied. Sounds easy, right?

1) Typically to get a parameter query entry to print on a report, you place the parameter query in a text box, right? Well, when I do that in order print the date range entered (and remove the filter from the OnOpen report command), the report tries to apply the parameter query even when the text box property is visible = no.

2) Using the visible property in general seems to be a problem. If I set the text box property to visible = no in the report, and then in the filter's macro place a command after the OpenReport command that is SetValue where I flip the text box property to visible = yes... the report asks the user to input the date range twice. So, the SetValue command triggers the filter again after it's already run on the report's OnOpen. (I should say the text box does not use the parameter query in this one, I was trying it out with just plain text)

Am I going to have to break down and duplicate all of my reports in order to run filter and no filter? Ack!

Dear all,

I have created a main report (for monthly purchase summary) and a sub report (for monthly sales summary).

I have linked main report with a parameter query (i.e. purchasesummary1) and I have linked the sub report with another parameter query (i.e salessummary2)

when i open main report and sub report separately, they asked me the parameter value once only but when I unite them in a single report (i.e. main report + sub report) it behaves as follow;

- it asks the parameter value for the main report once only but
- it asks the parameter value for the sub report twice and if the sub report is slipped to the next page, it again ask me the parameter value for sub report to allow me to go to the next page.

please advise me the solution.

Actually i want to prepare a single report by the name (Monthly Summary Statement) which comprises of a main report (name Monthly Purchase Summary) and a sub report (name Monthly Sales Summary). And when i open it, it only once ask me the following parameter values;

[Enter the month for the monthly summary statement] and I type "JANUARY" etc.

[Enter the year for the monthly summary statement] and I type "2007" etc.

Look forward to receive your reply

Erm I'l try my best to explain what im trying to do. I have reasonable experience with Access but not so much with VBA so i suppose in that sence im a n00b.

Basically I am trying to create a database that has details of a client in. But this client will have a non-predifined number of credits and past work experience.

Therefore some clients will have say 5 previous roles ina film and another only has 2.

I therefore created one table which will hold just the details of the previous roles. The ID field links via a lookup to the main ClientID table.

I am trying to work out the best way to end up with a report that will have the clients details (All contained within the ClientID table) and then the list of previous roles (Client_Credits). I tried doing this with a subreport but i have to end up putting in the name for the client twice when viewing the report (Enter Parameter Name box appears twice).

How do you think i shoudl best do this.

Ideally i want to able to view the Clients CV (Made in a report) by entering the clients name. The report would then list everything that was needed.

I presume ill need to make some sort of query but not sure how to make all the clients credits contained within one Cleint report.

I hope someone can make sence of this.

Thanks very much in advance


Access newbie here in over my head!

Trying to generate a report for an employee's time sheet info from a crosstab query.

I've been reading in all sorts of forums, and I've gathered that I need to set the date range parameters in the original query on which the crosstab query was built.

I have done that using:
Between [StartDate] And [EndDate]
under a query field titled:
in Design view.

I have additionally created:
with Data Type:

When I run the original query (billing_code_query), my parameter boxes pop up, I enter the info and everything works perfectly.

When I run the crosstab query (timesheet_query) based on the original query, the parameter boxes pop up twice. After experimenting, I found I can enter the date range in the first set of parameter pop-up boxes and click OK through the blank second set, and the query runs correctly.

When I generate the report built from the crosstab query, two sets of parameter boxes pop-up as with the crosstab query, but no matter what I enter the end result is an error box stating:
The Microsoft Office Access database engine does not recognize " as a valid field name or expression

Following online guides and tutorials I've tried creating forms to populate parameters, but I still get the same results.

I can't imagine this task is that esoteric. Everything else has been relatively simple to create. I'm really stuck, though.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Hello everyone,

I think I am beginning to understand setting up tables properly in Access. I read Access 2003 Inside Out twice and I just purchased the book Access 2007 Inside Out. I redid my Homophones database. I hope I set the tables, relationship, queries, and forms up correctly.

Anyway, from the old database I copied a code to do the following while in form view: After double-clicking the Homonym field, select it, and then display it with its meaning and homonym. But, I keep getting "Enter Parameter Value ? dialog box"

I have attached the database for your review. Can’t figure out what’s wrong.

Any suggestions would be great!


Too often, either a query or report's parameters (ie, enter Application Date) will pop up twice. Actually it seems to loop, in that there are 3 such questions to answer (for example) and all 3 will be re-asked.
I checked the spelling and spacing of query criteria and Parameter entry and no problem.


Hi Everyone!
I have a report called Confirmation Letter based on a parameter query. The parameter asks for Section ID. I also have an update query based on the same parameter query. The update query updates a date field in my table, called ConfirmLetterSent, with the date the report (Confirmation Letter) was run. I call the update query from the On Close event in the report. My problem is that when I open the report I'm prompted to enter the parameter (which is fine). But when I close the report, I'm prompted to enter the parameter again for the update query. Is there any way to save the value of the parameter and not have to enter the information twice? Any help would be appreciated!


In MS Access:

In the query:
I set a input parameter: [Please enter the date:]

I run it, enter a parameter. The results come out, it is correct.

And then I sort the ascending order of the Vendor Name.
And close the query.

Second time, I run it, It give out 2 times [Please enter the date:]

I need to enter twice input. Why?
How can I solve it?

Please let me know, thanks.

I have a database that is set up in Access 2007, but saved down to 2002-2003 to accomodate multiple users. On my machine, which has 2007, I am able to open the database which opens to the switchboard and all the information is there, no issues. When I try to open the database on a machine that uses Access 2003, I get the following prompt on open:

Enter Parameter Value

TempVars!Switchboard ID

I haven't intentionally set an temporary variables, and don't see any anywhere in the macro and I haven't set up any queries yet so getting the prompt is very confusing to me. I have had to rebuild this datbase twice due to it crashing on our shared drive and I am about to pull my hair out, or quit my job one and I would not be attrative bald nor do I wish to be looking for a new job in this economy so any and all help is very much appreciated!! Thanks.


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