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I am trying to hide the navigation bar on the form but unable to do so. In the form properties there is no navigation bar for me to disable or enable. I am using MS Access 2003. I tried to use Help but could not understand what I am suppose to do.


I'm pretty new to Access 2010, I do have experience with 2003 but everything seems to be different now

It'll still take me a few days until I'll be ready to make the database I'm building executable but I'm already wondering about the following:

There will be only one person using it, but I don't want him to see all tables, macros and forms (except the ones that are open of course), so I want to hide all the navigation bars and make it executable. I found threads showing how to do that, so I'm sure I will be able to figure that out. My question is if and how I'll be able to edit the database after all that? Is there a way that I can add an admin button which makes everything visible after I type in a password?

One other thing which is confusing me is that I'm working in Access 2010 but I can only save as Access 2007 db - what's up with that?

Thanks in advance!

HI, I am using Access 2007 and I have one something silly. I am near completion of my database, and I was trying to work out how to hide the menubar. I went into options - current database and clicked dont show navigation and menubars. I thought I would be able to reset this but I cant. I now can not get back into design mode. PLEASE HELP

I want to hide the top toolbars when my users open my database in Access 2007! i have an autoexec macro to maximise the window which gets rid of the navigation bar on the side but cant work out how to hide the top bar? do i need to write code? if so what code and where would i input it.. any help would be much appreciated...

many thanks,


I would like to be able to control the Navigation Bar through Visual Basic in Forms. I would like to be able to minimize the bar and let it occupy a small band on the left of the screen. I would also like l to be able to hide and unhide the Navigation Bar. How can do I do this?

Hello all,

I wanted to hide the navigation bar on the bottom of my form so I changed the "Navigation Buttons" property to "No." It worked fine except now there's an empty white space where the navigation bar use to be. Any idea on how I can remove that also?


I recently posted a thread about creating a custom ribbon bar, and thanks to everyone who helped me there, and since that idea didn't work out 100% for me I now have a different idea on how to acomplish what I want, but still have questions on a few issues with it.

The end resuly i'm trying to acomplish is to make my access DB "appear" as if its a standalone application. My previous posts' idea was to create a custom "navigation" ribbon bar where each button would open a specific form (each form set to Pop Up). I would then shrink the Access window to just display the ribbon. But I soon figured that when the Access window is shrunken smaller than a certain size, the ribbon (and office button) "hides" to display more of the forms or whatever else is open. I concluded that this problem was unavoidable.

My two other ideas are to create a navigational form (containing the buttons that would be on the custom ribbon). I would then do one of two things. Regardless of which I choose they both present the same problem...

I can use the fSetAccessWindow function to "hide" or "minimize"the access window.
Set that navigational forms popup to "no" (all others still set to yes), maximize it inside the access window and resize the access window to the same size as that form (the form is small enough where it would "hide" the ribbon and access button like stated above when resizing the window) making it appear as if the access window is not present.

Now on to my question/problem...
I have an issue when opening reports with either of these ideas. I only have about 5 or so reports that will ever be opened, and half are set to report view and the other half are set to preview view. If the report is preview, the report window is opened in a super small size (about a 1 inch square), and if its opened in report view, the width is correct, but the height is less than an inch high. I can rezise these manually to display correctly, but will have to do so each time they are reopened. I am assuming that this has something to do with the size of the Access window being so small or minimized, because if the Access window is regular the report size is regualr, and each report window shrinks as the Access window shrinks.

i tried some of the following with no avail...

docmd.movesize ,,,7200 (or whatever height) did nothing
Popup, Auto Center, Auto Resize, Fit to Page all set to "Yes"

Basically in short, is there anyway to set the window size to a specific value when opening the report? From what I researched, movesize is what to use but I cant get it working. Any suggestions.

Another quick question...
In Access 02 there was an option for each form to have its own Task bar "button" I upgraded to 2007 and cannot find that same option. Is it possible in 07? If so, how?

Ive read and tried many post on showtoolbar and customising ribbons in Access 2007 but I am not able to get what I want to work.

I want to use DoCmd.ShowToolbar "ribbon", acToolbarNo in the onload event of my login page. Combined with the different Access options like hiding the navigation bar etc I like how this looks. I do not want the Office Button in the top corner of my screen.

When certain reports open in print preview, I want a toolbar to export to excel/word/pdf and print, page setup options etc.
I have UsysRibbons table and have created a ribbon called MYREPORT

I have in the onload event of report
'DoCmd.ShowToolbar "MYREPORT", acToolbarYES
but I get debug error saying that it cannot find MYREPORT.
I have MYREPORT as the ribbon name in the other properties of the form, (it appears in the drop down selection under Ribbon Name, so I know it is created okay). my reports are not popup

What am i doing wrong? is the onload event of the report incorrect way to show only this toolbar.

yet again, any help greatly appreciated as this is very frustrating!


I was wondering how you can totally disable/hide/delete the access UI (ribbon, menu...etc). My friend made an access database, when you launch it, only a switchboard appears with absolutely no Access menus, navigation bar, not even the office button...nothing....the screen was all blue with the switchboard in the middle.

Anybody knows where to start?

Thank you

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