Opening continuous form as report Results

I have a continuous form set up that returns data on over 100 records. I have set up a command button that opens the form in a report template.

The following code triggers the report:

DoCmd.OpenReport "Rpt_Test", acViewPreview, , "[cohort] = [Forms]![frm_pupil_dets_ndcArea]![NCY]"

The problem I have is when the report opens only the first set of data from the form appears. I have checked the properties within the report to see if there is a "continuous" option but there does not seem to be one.

Any help would be appreciated


Hello Experts,

I've a main form with sub form in it. Main form is a single form while sub form is a continues form as Access default setting applies. the sub form contains related transaction of Main form and sub form has record selector enabled.

Is there a way to open a particular transaction from sub form in another form or report to view full description double clicking on record selector.
Is there a way that Main form directly go to the transaction which I clicked twice in sub form (continues).
I am going to show image preview of my dezire...........

OK.......... Now I want each transaction in RELATED TRANSACTION FORM to behave like a LINK that whenever I click on it, Main form should show details of that link or goto that record.

Is it possible.............. Thnx in Advance...............


I'm hanny.I have a problem in Ms-Access report view .I would request anyone couls solve my problem.

my problem is as follows:
I have an Intel based Pentium -166 MMX machine with 32Mb of Ram and Cirrus Logic based PCI Display Card with VRAM of 2 Mb. I have Win95 installed as operating system and recently i loaded Microsoft Access 97 on my machine. My problem is that whenever I try to open a form or report in design mode the application hangs. Then I have to press Ctrl + Alt + Del and press cancel to continue.

I have formatted my hard disk twice and have also tried to load microsoft office through different installer CD's but the problem still exists. Please help me to rectify this problem. Other Microsoft products that are installed on my system are: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0

thanx in advance,


I am fairly new to MS Access and don't have much understanding on VBA code as well. However, for the sake of learning and to replace and old excel based solution used to capture details of various team members in our team - I am trying to create a database in MS Access.

So far, I have created a "Main" (frmMain) form which has a button to open up a "summarized" report (rptEmployeeSummary) of various people in the team. I wan't to be able to click on an individual's name such that it opens up the record for that employee from the main database in another form (frmEmployeeDetails). That form would then have an update button and a cancel button to allow the users to come back to the main report or to update any values in the main database.

I got the first part working, that is, I am using a macro to open up the required record into a new form when the user clicks on that particular record, however, the problem is that once the user closes the "sub-form" (frmEmployeeDetails), and clicks on the record for some other employee, I get an error:

The table "tblEmployeeDetails" is already open exclusively by another user, or it is already opened and cannot be manipulated programmatically. What am I missing here?

Let me know if I haven't made my question clear or if any more information is needed.



I have toiled with this for the better part of 2 hours now and I need some help!

I have a form that I'm making for a user. I want it to be a continous form. There are 8 records in particular that my user should see thus, a continous form as aposed to a single form. The form in question is a subform. It start inittially invisible with a blank "record source". when the user clicks a button the "Record Source" property is set appropriately and the form is made visible. I did set the default view property to "continous forms" in the properties menu in design view. However, when the form becomes visible it only displays 1 record.

The problem lies not with my SQL, I created a query and copied and pasted it EXACTLY and it returns me the coreect 8 records. What it seems is happening is despite my setting the default view to "continuous forms" it is opening in "single form" view which I do not want.

I want to set the "default view" property to "continous forms" in my VBA code, however wherever I've tried doing that I get the error "to set this property open the form or report in design view". So, can anyone help?

I have a validation program running on scanned barcodes, when an error or a missed scan is returned I have an error trap which opens a form (or report) which displays the errors. The operator then acknowledges the errors and the form closes and scanning continues. All works fine, however the scanning process is a continuous operation and the conveyer does not stop, several units can pass through the reader while the error message is displayed and because the focus is on the error form not in the validation field of the main form the scans are not recorded.

I need to be able to put the focus back in the validation field on the main form as soon as the Error Form opens while keeping the Error form open, so scan counts can continue behind the Error Form. (this displays the number of scans made from the point of error so the units can be re-checked) apologies if this is unclear but I have tried putting in the on-open event of the Error Form this setfocus code “ Forms!Validation!Input1.SetFocus “ but it does not work, can this be done or I am approaching this wrong?

Any help appreciated.

A demonstration of drawing on Forms and Reports.

This demo replies heavily for display on Stephen Lebans Image Class found here.
It is worth going to his site to have a browse; you never really know what you might find, both interesting and useful.

References required:

Tested with Language Pasks:
English by ChrisO

Tested with Regional Settings:
English (Australia)
English (United States)
French (Switzerland)
Germany (Germany)

Tested with screen resolutions:
1024 x 768 to 1680 x 1050

Tested with Access Versions:
A2003 by ChrisO
A2007 by John Big Booty
A2010 by Bob Larson

General description of the method of Object use:
A Class Module is an Object and it is important to know that we can have a single pointer to an Object.
For better or worse this demo uses class (object) inheritance to build drawing objects from foundation classes.
The class objects start by defining data types as objects and proceed to be inherited by all subsequent levels through to the top level drawing object. Public constants are also handled the same way, as objects. As required, each drawing object uses constants as objects.
Once the top level drawing object is instantiated it has a single pointer to*, not only itself but, by inheritance, all the objects involved it its build, be they drawing objects or constant objects. As required, each class object has the ability to both document its members and draw itself.

Method of passing the Object build to the Display (Form or Report).
Once a single pointer to* the drawing object has been created it can be passed to the display Form or Report via Open Args. Normally a pointer to an object can not be passed via Open Args but it can be if it is first converted to a data type of Long. In essence then, what we are passing is not the pointer to the object but the value of the pointer to the object. In a 32 bit system the value of the pointer is a 32 bit Long. In a 64 bit system the value of the pointer is likely to be a 64 bit value and this demo does not account for 64 bit systems.

So we convert the value of the pointer to the object to a Long data type and pass that Long value through Open Args. That works fine but it has a restriction; we can only pass one value through Open Args. This is the same for all Open Args values, only one value is passed. We can jump through hoops and pipe delimit a concatenation but, in the end, we are still only passing one value.

The Access Collection:
A Collection in Access is an Object and hence, it too, has a single pointer to* itself.
The Collection object can be filled with other object pointers and that is the method used in this demo. Once a drawing object is instantiated its pointer is added to a Collection. It may only be one object pointer or, as in this demo, it may be up to 24 object pointers. Once the Collection object is filled, the single pointer to* to the Collection is converted to data type Long and passed through Open Args as one single 32 bit Long value.

At the receiving end, Form or Report, the value of the pointer to the Collection is converted back to a pointer to the Collection. When that is done the pointer to the Collection exposes the Collection’s Count property. An index to the Collection then runs from 1 to the Count property and each index retrieves the pointer to the top most drawing object contained in the Collection Item property. The draw method of that top most drawing object is then called which draws it and its entire sub objects as well.

In essence then, we stuff object pointers into a Collection and pass the single pointer to that Collection. When received by the Form of Report we pull the object pointers out of the Collection and draw the objects.

How the pointer is used at the receiving end (Form or Report):
On the Form:
The .ShowMembers() function is called to display the values used to create the objects.
The .Draw method is called to display all the objects it contains.

On the Report:
.Descriptor.Name.Text is passed to a progress Form to display the draw name of the object being drawn.
The .Draw method is called to display all the objects it contains.

The drawings.
There are two sets of drawings available.
Stephen Lebans:
His drawing methods are maintained as per his PictureBoxA97 demo available from the link in Notes above. The only drawing method by Stephen used in this demo is his DrawLine method which is used to draw the grid on the Form.

I’ve added three drawing methods, DrawEllipse, DrawPie and DrawPolygon.
DrawEllipse handles both circles and ellipse based on aspect ratio.
DrawPie, at this stage, only draws in an aspect ratio of 1.
DrawPolygon differs from Stephen’s DrawPolygon in that it is only a regular polygon. As such it does not require Stephen’s clsVertices class because the sides are calculated from the number of sides selected. It does, however, have an aspect ratio and a start angle for rotation. They too are included in the calculation and rotation starts at 0 degrees, which is 3 o’clock, and runs counter-clockwise.

Therefore, if you require a regular or irregular polygon please use Stephen’s DrawPolygon method. If you only require a regular polygon with aspect and rotation then mine may be simpler to setup the data.

Flood fill of drawings:
Very problematic.
I can not cover all drawing situations and so if you get unexpected results please try the multiple drawings in a different way.

Dimensions of drawings in general:
We can not trust our eye when looking at drawings on the screen.
Stephen’s and my drawings are both done in pixels and that’s the way the API calls work. So the ratio of screen resolution X and Y can change the symmetry of what we see. Also, if we work with a wide screen then the pixels may not be laid out symmetrically. Therefore, if we want to draw a round circle the only way to determine if it is round is to measure it on the screen. You may be surprised what you get when the drawing is measured. Likewise Reports may not print symmetrically and so, if it is required for the Reports objects to be symmetrical then they too should be measured.

Memory Usage:
They behave as expected.
This demo includes a non-destructive testing facility whereby object displays can be cycled continuously. Memory creep is non-existent and can be verified by viewing the Commit Charge in Task Manager. A check box is included to display Task Manager but it may or may not work in your situation.

Please be careful when sending multiple drawings to a Report.
Reports do not seem to release memory in the same way as do Forms. Therefore the Commit Charge, as shown in Task Manager, will continue to increase as the drawings are processed. The result can be an out of memory error if too many drawings are processed on any single Report opening. It all depends on your system memory configuration and that I can not test.

Error handling:
None; you may be on a run to crash.

If you have any questions please ask them in the appropriate forum.


Hi folks,

I thought I'd got this one cracked but it doesn't seem to be working quite right.

What I have is a form where patients are entered, and then I have a button which I want to be able to click, and the following happen:

If there is an existing record, this is displayed (pref. in continuous form layout - I assume this is done via subform but not sure how!?), above this are the fields for entering a new record If there is no existing record, this is reported as such (i.e. No Record Found) and the fields for entering a new record are shown I have two tables:

tbl_patientdetails - PK=PatientID
tbl_sampleinfo - PK=CaseID

PatientID is contained within tbl_sampleinfo and I have created a relationship between the two.

Database is attached if anyone can help?


So I'm working on a new database to replace about 50 interlinked spreadsheets which are currently used.

I am designing a simple data input form, I won't go into the details of the relationships / structure I have setup as that's not the issue here but basically I am using a continuous form based on 4 tables (staff members, teams, tasks and team figures). There's no problem with this part, the key is that it's a continuous form with a varying amount of records (each team has different tasks).

As it's continuous and I know some of the people who will be using it are only experienced with spreadsheets rather than databases I decided I may as well make the data entry part look like a spreadsheet.

So I setup my column headers (labels in the report header), set the form to continuous, added the controls I needed, moved them so they are all directly next to each other (no gaps between them) and shrank the Detail section so there is no gap above or below the controls.

However when I open the form the bottom border of the last record is always cut off. With the other records it's a non-issue because the top border of the record below is directly touching the bottom of the control above so it still gives a grid effect, it's just the last record which is a problem.

To get around this I tried adding a line to the top of the footer and playing with settings like auto resize (form), can gro / shrink (detail) but I could not get it to automatically set the height of the Detail section based on the number of records.

Any suggestions?

I have a cmd button on my home screen that I lbled Not Started Trouble Tickets and I am wondering how I can have it open another form or report with a condition that the status of the trouble ticket = "Not Started".
openform frm_TroubleTickets
where condition = [TroubleTickets]![Status]="Not Started"
All that happens when I tell it to do this is it brings up a new blank page. I have a few trouble tickets created to test these buttons but all that is happening is the blank form. Is there a better way to do this by maybe using a report or query that i can still create an incident off of or is by using a form the only way that I am going to be able to continue to create further incidents? Sorry if this sounds confusing I am trying my best to explain everything as best I can.

I am working on a Form that will be used by Construction personnel to enter Daily information about work done on their jobsite.

The personnel are required to report the status of various Activities that they performed that day based on a schedule.

All of the activities have been save in a "Activity Schedule" table. which includes various vitals about each schedule items such as Start Date and End Date.

In the daily Form a "Daily Activity Schedule" table is used to allow the end user to select via combo box the activities that they worked on on that given day. This Form is set up as a continuous form so that a new row opens up once a activity has been entered.

Is it possible to construct a query that will automatically fill in the Activities on the "Daily Activity Schedule" Continuous subform based on the Date entered on the Parent form? We are trying to only pull up schedule items that have a >= "Start Date" and a

Hi Everyone,

I want the user to select via a checkbox for which employees to print a report.

I understand that on a continuous form checkboxes need to be bound to an underlying field.

I want the boolean field bound to the checkbox to reside in a WORK table, that is on the front end mdb.

I'm having trouble with the SELECT/JOIN:

a) Have 2 tables: LOG and WORK

b) The LOG table has as its last column: an autonum field,
that would relate to the WORK table's primary key.
The WORK table's fields are:
ForeignAutoNum Number Indexed-No duplicates
RowCheckBox Yes/no

c) I linked the tables using Tools/Relationships

The LOG table has rows. The WORK table is empty.

Hoped for sub-goal when viewing the SQL JOIN query results set:
When clicking on checkbox in the query results set:
the checkbox would be populated -and-
the associated automnum from the LOG table would be
populated in the query results set

so that if I would open the WORK table, I would see a
record with both fields populated.


The sql query below displays the correct rows, EXCEPT:

Getting the following error, when trying to click into a
checkbox, that is included in the results set of a query.....

" cannot enter value into blank field on 'one' side of outer join"

Any ideas or guidance or URLS would be so appreciated....

thank you so much in advance, Sandra

I have been trying to double click on a record (using "Clients name" field in a continuous form) and have the report open just that record by using the "TransID" the is both in the form and report.
Here is what I have...

	 Private Sub ClientLName_DblClick(Cancel As Integer)
DoCmd.OpenReport "rptComplianceCkLogAuditTrail", acViewPreview, "[TransID]=[forms]![frmComplianceChkLog]![TransID]"
End Sub

It opens all I even close to getting it to work?

Thank you

I am new to access so please be kind. I have created a database on Access 2007 that is filled using a User Interface form. The UI is linked to lookup fields as well as being the input source to the database for date fields. The lookup data is spread among tables that contain the various datapoints. I have a query of the main database set up to limit and filter the data for the report. I used the "Between [start date] and [end date]" to filter all of the data based on the date. The filter criteria is not set in the subreport queries it is only set in the query of the main database under "Criteria".

To my surprise it all works pretty well. The first report I made is a report that was created through the wizard and it works very well. Same filter as above. The difference is that I cannot get to the data I need, formatted in the way that is required for the second report using the wizard. That is, each topic of the subreport with totals and percentages for each topic. Therefore, I created the second report using the "design report" function.
Both reports do what I want them to do. The notable difference between the first and the second report is that If I open the first report I fill in the date parameters and off it goes to do exactly what I want. I do not have to re-enter any dates unless I close the report and then reopen it. With the second report I need to fill in the date parameters 10 times before the report will open. Once open if I wish to save the report or print it etc I have to re enter the date parameters for each operation 10 times.

Linking a field has been unproductive or impossible apparently due to the report being unbound. If I attempt to make the report bound to the query or the database when I create it, such that I can use master and child field links, major problems appear on the report; it becomes 255 pages long with data spread all over the place. The original report is 2 pages long.

I have tried filtering by using SQL on a form as suggested elswehere on the internet but it did not work; may have been a problem on my end though I followed the direction to the letter.

Please help if you can. Please be as specific as you can with the instructions. I am self taught through much trial, error and research on the internet. All of this to fulfill my employers expectations even though I am not an Information Tec person or a programmer. Oh, well, the boss is the boss. Thus, I am both pressured to get the work done yet am relatively unprepared. I hope you can help me continue on my quest to learn more about Access. Keeping my job would be nice too!

Thank you in advance for your time.

Could someone help me with this? I have a built a report (rptOrderDeliveries) to display and print Customer Orders.

I have a form (frmOrderProcessing) which displays unprocessed orders. There is a check box on the form for which the control source is a 'ProcessedForDelivery' Yes/No field. The orders are displayed as continuous forms and the user selects which orders they want to add to the delivery using the check boxes. Then there's a command buttom to open the report.

I would like to set it up so the report shows the records which have been selected by the user.

The form runs on a query which only shows unprocessed orders, so tblCustomerOrders has a 'ProcessedForDelivery' Yes/No field, and qselUnprocessedOrders has a No criteria in this field.

The report runs on a very similar query with the yes/no field but it has an extra table which I dont want in qselUnprocessedOrders (as it displays more records) so the report and form run on different queries, but they both have 'ProcessedForDelivery' field and an 'OrderNumber' field.

I'm thinking I need to link the report record 'OrderNumber' to form record 'OrderNumber' where 'ProcessedForDelivery' = True (or -1). Am I correct with this?

I'm not quite sure how though and was wondering if someone could help.

I would like the command button to open the report with the selected records from the form, and then requery the form (is this right?) to remove those selected records.

The code I have on the command button at the mo is

	Private Sub btnOpenDelivRpt_Click()

  'Send selected records to delivery report.

  If Me!txtSelected = 0 Then

    MsgBox "Please select an Order to print", vbOKOnly, "Error: No Orders selected"


    DoCmd.OpenReport "rptOrderDeliveries", acViewPreview

  End If

  Exit Sub

End Sub

I have designed a database for use in tracking our projects. I've made use of queries to perform calculations that I need and sub-forms and sub-reports to display these calculations. All of my routines and operations work perfectly except for this one strange detail.

When I first open my database and then open my main project form, I am asked to provide the Project ID parameter. I use this parameter to reference the main form for all of the sub-forms and queries, basically to tie the right information together. Since I'm opening the form and it should proceed to record number 1 which holds Project ID 1 in that record and all queries have this form as its criteria, I don't know why it is asking for this. If I hit the cancel button I end up getting to the opened form, but if I advance to the next record I go through this again.

Now here is where it get interesting...if I go to Design View, click any control that has an Event Procedure, go to the properties sheet and click the "..." button next to Event Procedure to open the VBA window, then all I have to do is close the VBA window (mind you I haven't changed anything), then go back to Form View and surprise surprise, everything works correctly. It will continue to work fine until I close the database. At this point I will be asked I would like to save the changes to the form. Mind you that I haven't made any changes to the form, but I've clicked both "Yes" and "No" to this question, but it doesn't change the fact that the next time I open my database I have to go through this again.

Granted, it isn't that big of a deal, but I'm interested in figuring out why this happens and if I can solve it, then I can go to using the switchboard like I want. I've tried the "Repair and Compact" feature but it doesn't help. I didn't know if this is a query issue or a form issue, so I just thought I would ask it here and see if anyone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!

I did not see a "Security" forum or the like, so I am selecting this one...

I apologize in advance for posting this. I have read many, many articles related to this issue but most of them appear to remain unresolved, so I'm trying to supply the details...

I was called in to make some forms, tables, report changes in an Access system. A problem popped up today prohibiting users from entering data due to the error. I have been working for hours on this, here is the error message:

Error Message when opening mdb (or mdw):
“(title bar) Microsoft Access
The database ‘’ is read-only.
You won’t be able to save changes made to data or object definitions in this database.

Server (Remote): Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2, Std Edition, SP2
My local desktop: MS Windows XP (Media Center Edition) Version 2002 SP 3
Connection to server via: MS Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)

• Approx 10 different users (from different offices) access the mdb’s (3= 1 BE, 2 FE) via RDC. All of the data for each user (location) is housed in 1 BE data.mdb.
• Remote users only connected for brief periods. Seldom are more than one user on at the same time.
• When a user logs on, he/she is taken directly into the DataEntry.mdb FE DB where he/she sees only the data for their location.
• When a remote user logs in, they are assigned to the same workgroup file (.mdw)
• When the user is finished in Access and exits the FE, the RDC is automatically disconnected. Therefore, remote users are limited to using ONLY the Data Entry FE (not the 2nd Reports FE).
• There is a license for 10 concurrent users of Access on the server.
• I have worked for a couple of weeks without any problems, let alone this issue.
• In the last couple of days I have been in and out of the server via RDC and the mdb’s using various combinations of server logon and mdb logon.
• Yesterday, I did a little work in the system.mdw workgroup file.
• If I log in to the server under “”, everything works fine, including entering any mdb’s under my own name/pwd OR using any of the other username/pwds INCLUDING “admin”.
• If the server is logged into (RDC) with any other username/pwd (inc “admin”!) than “”, the error as shown occurs.
• The same problem occurs when trying to open ANY mdb on the server, not just the “important” (3= 1 BE, 2 FE) ones. There are many mdbs on the server in various directories (inc testing, backup, archived folders)
• The attributes for each mdb file (in Properties) does NOT have “Read Only” checked.
• Under the .mdb file properties, the read only option is not checked.

I’ll continue to attack this. Please reply if there is anything more I can check or provide for troubleshooting. I’m baffled, but optimistic.

Thanks to all who consider this problem.


As time goes by my db users have the need, from time to time, to run a custom query. As I have the db secured I don't allow this for the users so I create the query for them and send them the results in an exported excel spreadsheet. I would like to create a form that would allow the user to create their own queries.

What I would like to start with is a multiselect combo box (of this I have an example) so that they can select the fields that they want to see in the report. Once they have the fields selected the user would select a "Continue" button which would open another form which replicates the query builder but is a little more user friendly. For instance the criteria field would have preselected criteria that they could select from (in a date field there could be; "Before a date", "After a date", "For this date only" and "Between a start and stop date". The user could select one of the criteria then another "Continue" button which would ask them for the criteria specifics and display the query result in an unalterable design. Form here they can print, exit, export the report or return to the criteria form to change the critieria of the query.

Does anyone know where I could find an example of something like this (or perhaps you have an example you wouldn't care sharing)? Any suggestions to make this project go a little easier?


I have a form that I use as a main menu for my database with several command buttons that open additional forms, reports, etc. Today I added a new form that is working fine with no bugs. However, when I added a command button to open that form a problem began. The new form opens and closes fine but when I try to close the database it asks me it I want to save the main form. I have saved numerous times but still the database won't close. It just continues to ask me to save. If I say "no" the database closes but the new command button is gone when I reopen, I've used the wizard with the same results.

What is preventing my database from closing?

hi guys,

well after hours of searching I really cannot figure out why my form is not closing using docmd.

I have form1 which you select a name from this enables an option group where you choose the form type, click a command button and form2 opens.

all the fields on form2 are disabled except the first field (title)

This is the actual code in the lostevent of that field

Private Sub cboProductonEventTitle_LostFocus()
Dim Response As Integer

If IsNull(Me.cboProductonEventTitle) = True Then
    Response = MsgBox("As you do not have a Production or Employer Name or a Production or Event Title, you can not continue
entering details on this database form." & _
    vbCrLf & vbCrLf & "If the patient is with you, please complete a paper treatment form." & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & _
    "Otherwise please click 'ok' below to continue.", vbInformation + vbOKOnly, "Cancel Data Entry")
    If Response = vbOK Then
    Response = MsgBox("Please put the form in question to one side and email Paul with the details", vbInformation +
vbOKOnly, "Cancel Data Entry")

End If
End If
End Sub

I need something to put at the end to close this form and open the navgation form.

I have tried all types of docmd.close but nothing seems to work I keep getting Run time error 2585 - This action can't be carried out while processing a form or report event.

opening another form is not a problem

I am tottally lossed please could someone help me with this

many thanks

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