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plz help me to solve this.. its very urgent.. i tried a lot but was not able to generate report.... can u guys try to solve this it would be of great help..n plz tell me d steps... thanks..


In this case, you will create a relational database for a room*ing house in a college town. First, you’ll create four tables and populate them with data. next, you’ll create two reports: one will track the frequency of rentals; the other will generate occupants’ bills.


· Before attempting this exercise, you should have expe*rience using Microsoft Access.

· Complete any part of the previous Access tutorial your instructor assigns, or refer to the tutorial as necessary.

Your instructor has just received the following letter from a former student.

Dear Professor Sanchez,

I have been asked to finish a database project that I began last year. Because I will be traveling so much with my new job, I won’t have time to complete it. I hope some of your students might be able to help me. Here are the details.

Mrs. Grey owns a rooming house in College Town, Missouri. Students’ visitors often stay at Mrs. Grey’s because it is cheap, clean, and almost always available. Students attending the university often spend a few weeks at Mrs. Grey’s before finding permanent accommodations.

The rooming house has seven rooms, some of which are double rooms, i.e., have two twin beds, and some are single rooms. In addition, some rooms have a bathroom.

When I stayed at Mrs. Grey’s Rooming House, I convinced her that instead of paying my rent, I could develop an Access database system for her to streamline her operation. I started the project but then was so busy with final exams and job hunting that I couldn’t finish the database. Mrs. Grey has called me to complete the database system—or else find someone who could.

The database management system will be used to do the following:

1. Keep track of customers and their permanent address.
2. Keep track of the rooms in the house and their room type.
3. List the price of each room type.
4. Record the length of a stay in a specific room by a customer.
5. Rank the popularity of each room.
6. Generate monthly bills for customers.

I have designed the tables on the next page (in Microsoft Access) to do the first four tasks.

In addition to having these tables, Mrs. Grey requested two reports: the first report should show her how often each type of room is rented, with the most popular room being noted first, sorted to the least popular. Next, she would like a report from which she can generate her occupants’ end-of-month bills. This report should include the occupant’s name, address, date first rented and total amount due.

I hope some of your students can help me with this project.

Thank you.

Yours truly.

Amy Patterson

Customers Customer ID Last Name First Name Permanent Address City State Zip Permanent Telephone 10001 Angerstein
214 Oak Ave
19080 (215)990-0009
10002 Babbles
567 5th St
59428 (516)990-8889
10003 Codfish
3 Ivy Lane
19080 (215)666-7776
10004 Dellabella
7890 Pike St
19711 (201)445-6754
10005 Edelweiss
819 River Rd
70113 (223)009-1234
10006 Fantail
9 Kiddle Rd
59427 (899)887-6545
10007 Your Name
Your Name
Your Address


Rentals Customer ID Room ID Date In Date Out 10001
9/1/1999 9/10/1999 10002
9/12/1999 9/30/1999 10003
9/5/1999 9/6/1999 10004
9/6/1999 9/12/1999 10005
9/4/1999 9/30/1999 10006
9/15/1999 9/30/1999 10007
9/1/1999 9/10/1999

Room Charges Room Type Price per Night Double w/ Bath
$30.00 Double w/o Bath
$20.00 Single w/ Bath
$20.00 Single w/o Bath

Rooms Room ID Room Type Location 1
Double w/o Bath
1st floor
Double w/o Bath
1st floor
Single w/o Bath
1st floor
Single w/ Bath
1st floor
Double w/ Bath
2nd floor
Single w/ Bath
2nd floor
Double w/o Bath
3rd floor


Use Microsoft Access to create the four tables requested in the letter to Professor Sanchez. Use the data provided in the letter. Add your name and address to the Customer Table, using a Customer ID of 10007.


Assignment 2A: Generating a Report that Ranks Data

Create a report that lists the number of nights each room is rented, listing the most popular room at the top and the least popular room at the bottom.

• You must create a sigma query and sort the output on the Number of Nights.
• Title the report Number of Nights Rooms Were Rented.

• Headings for the report are as follows:
Room Type Number of Nights
• Make sure you view the Print Preview of the report to make sure that it looks good. Your report should resemble the one that follows.

Number of Nights Rooms were Rented

Room TypeNumber of Nights
Double w/o Bath33
Single w/ Bath27
Double w/ Bath18
Single w/o Bath6

Fig. 1-5

Assignment 2B: Generating a Billing Report

Generate a report that shows each customer’s bill for September.
You must create a query with a calculated field to figure the charges for each person.
Title the report September Bills.

· Use the following headings in the order given: First Name, Last Name, Permanent Address, Date In, Charges.

· Make sure all fields are formatting properly; for example, check Charges—it should be in currency format. If not, find the object in Report Design, select it (handles appear around it), click the RIGHT mouse button—Properties—Format—Currency.

· Preview the report to make sure it will print correctly. Your report should resemble the one that follows.

September Bills
First NameLast NamePermanent AddressDate InCharges
BobBabbles567 5th St9/12/1999$540.00
EdnaEdelweiss819 River Rd9/4/1999$520.00
FrederickFantail9 Kiddle Rd9/15/1999$300.00
AmyAngerstein214 Oak Ave9/1/1999$180.00
Your NameYour NameYour Address9/1/1999$180.00
DebraDellabella7890 Pike St9/6/1999$60.00
ColburnCodfish3 Ivy Lane9/5/1999$20.00 Attached Files case1.doc (68.5 KB, 2 views) Reply With Quote 12-17-2011, 07:08 AM #2 aytee111 Expert Windows 7 32bit Access 2010 32bit Join Date Nov 2011 Posts 550 Please tell us your problem in a nutshell - reading through that long requirements list makes it difficult to separate out what your problem is.

Dear Access Programmer,

I am a new in Access. Here are the description of my problems:
- I have two tables: TblBook that has fields "BookId, BookName, BookQty" and TblBorrow that has fields "BorrowId, BookId, BorrowBookQty, BorrowDate".
- In FormBook i have a subform name "Book subform".
- In FormBorrow i have a subform name "Borrow subform".
- When i select the BookId and enter BorrowBookQty in the table TblBorrow, the BookQty in table TblBook must minus too.

How can i deal with this? Could you please give me some idea?



I have created a combo box and use it for search but when I wanted to enter as a form, i use the field (Name Product Code). It is ok but not presentable. I just want to know whether can I hide the colombo box when I don't need the search.

So, in this case, I click a button the search box will hide.

Can someone help me.

Thank you



I have a table in ms-access like below


I want to take Associate_Name in recordset, and I am using below code

Sub Fetching_Data()

Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset
Dim str_sql As String

str_sql = "select [Associate_Name] from Associates where ([Role] like '*BOA*' Or [Role] Like '*EBOA*')" & _
"And [Domain]='" & Me.cmbdomian & "'" & "And [Region]='" & Me.cmbregion & "'" & "group by [Associate_Name] order by [Associate_Name];"

Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset

With rs
.ActiveConnection = CurrentProject.Connection
.CursorType = adOpenKeyset
.LockType = adLockOptimistic
.Open str_sql
End With

If Not rs.EOF Then
Debug.Print rs.RecordCount
End If

It is not giving me any error message but no record showing in recordset, but when I am manually running str_sal query it is giving me result like below


"select [Associate_Name] from Associates where ([Role] like '*BOA*' Or [Role] Like '*EBOA*')" & _
"And [Domain]='" & Me.cmbdomian & "'" & "And [Region]='" & Me.cmbregion & "'" & "group by [Associate_Name] order by [Associate_Name];"

Will show

select [Associate_Name] from Associates where ([Role] like '*BOA*' Or [Role] Like '*EBOA*')And [Domain]='DB' And [Region]='East' group by [Associate_Name] order by [Associate_Name];
Please help me to solve this problem.


Dear all,

My company uses SQL DB to manage and run website. My department decided to use Acess database for internal using so we transferred the SQL DB to Access DB. I'm facing a problem that the tables and relationships look like very strange, different from what I know about AccessDB.

Let me say:
- Some of table have 02 primary keys!!! The database designer has put one more primary key due to languages. (please see the attachment picture
- The access database don't keep the relationships in the SQL server.

Please help me to solve this problem. Thanks in advance

Access man

Dear All,

I'd like to print out a report multiple times. I've found some material in this forum (the topic title was very similar to mine):

DoCmd.SelectObject acReport, "DELIVERIES", True
DoCmd.PrintOut acPrintAll, , , , 4

But this would have to be transformed, because my problem is the following:

There's a form-subform structure, and the records on the subform are numbered (~page number). Each record belongs to a page of the report that I'd like to print out.
And on the form there are fields (each record has its own field) where I can give the number of the copies (these numbers are just on the form, not stored in any table).
So, my task is not to print out a report as many times as the number of a field says but to print out a report where a certain page should be printed out as many times as the number in the relevant field says.

Please help me to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance.


Hi guys

I want to access data from the different fields in the table and store it in the address format in a textbox. I am writing following lines of code but it doesn't work:

	Dim a As String
a = "select Firstname from temp"
b = "select surname from temp"
c = "select Add1 from temp"
d = "select Add2 from temp"
e = "select Add3 from temp"
f = "select Add4 from temp"
g = "select postcode from temp"
RequestedForLocation.value = a & " " & b & vbCr & c & vbCr & d & vbCr & e & vbCr & f & vbCr & g

Can anyone please help me to solve this problem.


I need to show user ip in text box form
i use attached module but not show my network ip correctly
my pc net ip is
when ip set to for example module work correctly
but my work network rang ip is 10.29.xx.xx
please help me for solve this problem

i dont write english well
excuse me

Hi friends,

Ive facing this problem when I started to use this function, which the source module I found from the internet.

Once I run the module, I've received this message " Runtime Error 3270 Property not found"

Sub ExpiryDate1()
'creates or resets a property called ExpiryDate
'to use it type ExpiryDate in the debug window
'to remove the property type the following in the debug window
' DBEngine(0)(0).Properties.Delete "ExpiryDate"
On Error Resume Next
Dim db As Database
Dim p As Property
Dim pval As Date
Set db = DBEngine(0)(0)
'get the required expiry date (defaults to 30 days from now)
'NOTE: if an invalid date is entered it will generate 00:00:00
pval = CDate(InputBox("Enter the back up Date", "Set back up Date", Now() + 60))

With db
'check to see if already defined

Set p = .Properties("ExpiryDate")

If Err = 3270 Then 'property does not exist
Set p = .CreateProperty()
p.Name = "ExpiryDate"
p.Type = dbDate
p.Value = pval
.Properties.Append p
Debug.Print "Expiry Date is : "; p.Value
GoTo exit_setexpirydate
Debug.Print "Expiry Date was : "; p.Value
p = pval
Debug.Print "Expiry Date is now : "; p.Value
End If

End With
Set p = Nothing
Set db = Nothing
End Sub

I got message runtime error on the red mark

Please help me to solve this problem.

Best regards.

I am a new access programmer.
I am developing a software for my academic project.
I am using a continuous form to display product id and product name and other product related details and on the other form i have called this form using a command button. now i want to add the values i.e to automatically fill values in the textboxes of the main form using a button next to each vales which i have placed in the sub form.
Can any one please help me in doing this.
Some examples of this kind will help me to solve this problem.
Many thanks

i created a database in access with forms and querires, and it works well.
now i want this to be moved to sql, i tried using the upsizing wizard, and i could move th tables properly. the problem is with the queries. i have used the vaules of the form fileds with in the queries to itrait the number of records returned by the queries.
select name from customer where( forms![customer search].name);
when i moved this query to sql, it gives me error. it looks like i cannot use the field names of the forms within sql query statement.
please help me to solve this problem
all i want to know is how to use the vaules(eg value in a text box) that i enter in a form with in a sql query.
i am waiting for a response

Hello Friends

I have one Confusion

i have two Table like

AccID (Primary Key)

TranID (Primary Key)

Accounts.Accid - Transaction.AccountID

i want to Update Balance Field in Accounts Table from Transaction table

For Example:
Account.Balance = sum(Transaction.Credit-Transaction.Debit)

i tried so much time but i failed to solve so
Please HELP me to solve this Problem....

Thanks A Lot.

Ok guys, I really need help with this as its part of my coursework, i dont understand why my query doesnt work properly and nor does my teacher. So I reaaaly would appreciate any help. My database is about a newsagents and its paper delivery system, there are tables about customers (fictional) and their details and what papers they have delivered on what days. There are also details on papersboys etc.

Basically in my database there is a query called 'QryPapers', this query is designed to display Customers and their papers that are delivered on certain days by round numbers. ie. A paperboy named 'bradley reece' has been asigned round '1', this round covers two villages 'Wtn' and 'WtnF' and i need all the papers the paperboy delivers on monday for example. For some reason this query only displays a few results and not all. Could you please help me in solving this problem as my deadline is coming up. Thanks to everyone in advance.

This is a link to my database:

+ My problem is:
- I have table "Guide" that has fields "Guide_Name and Guide_Language" and table "Guide_Booking" that has fields "Booking_Date and Guide_Id".
- In the index form i have a subform name "Guide_Booking subform".
+ My question is: i want to put the conditional formatting (red color) to the "Guide_Id" field of table "Guide_Booking" in subform "Guide_Booking subform" if Guide_Language not equal to "English".

Could you please help me to solve this problem?


can anybody help me to solve this problem...
i want to make a function on my form that allow user to change their password...
this password and user name is keep on the table
i want this function run like this...
first it will read the old password and compare on the database...
if correct then it will order user to input their new password twice..
the second is for comfirmation...
the password on the database will replace by this new password...
can anyone give me the code and the item i should provide on my form...
i think i want to use 3 text box for input the password..
i hope anybody will help me to solve my problem...

Dear how to solve this problem with my db which i created by Access 2007 but doesn`t works with other system 2010 or even 2007 the Error box saing (Your Micrsoft office Access db or project contains a missing or broken reference to the file 'RulesEngine.dll' version 1.0.
and other View *.dll files all the Query order related to the Date not working
the db workes only in the same system which was created by with Access 2007 but even in other computer with same Access 2007 doesnt workes

please help me to solve my problems


I have a following query and it is working fine.

But, The query retrieves the result based on MasterCodes.CODE_TYPE)="RESUL" and this (MasterCodes.CODE_TYPE is checked with SampleDetails.RESULT_STATUS_1. The table MasterCodes is a code table. It retrieves the information perfectly. However, if result_status_1 is null there is no corresponding entry in master.code.code_type. User is not interested to add corresponding code for Null column in the code table.

My problem is, if result_status_1 is null in my sample table it has to retrieve the corresponding record with Description as " Not in DB"

The query is:

SELECT DISTINCT SampleDetails.UNIT_ID, SampleDetails.COLL_DATE, TestKitReagents.TEST_KIT_ID, TestBatchDetails.TEST_ID, MasterCodes.CODE_DESC, TestBatchDetails.TB_ID, SampleDetails.ABSORBANCE, MasterCodes.CODE_TYPE
FROM (SampleDetails INNER JOIN (TestKitReagents INNER JOIN (ValidReagents INNER JOIN TestBatchDetails ON ValidReagents.TEST_ID = TestBatchDetails.TEST_ID) ON TestKitReagents.TEST_KIT_ID = TestBatchDetails.TEST_KIT_ID) ON (SampleDetails.TEST_ID = TestBatchDetails.TEST_ID) AND (SampleDetails.TB_ID = TestBatchDetails.TB_ID)) INNER JOIN MasterCodes ON SampleDetails.RESULT_STATUS_1 = MasterCodes.CODE
WHERE (((SampleDetails.UNIT_ID)=[Forms]![SampleDetails_Form].[UNIT_ID]) AND ((SampleDetails.COLL_DATE)=[Forms]![SampleDetails_Form].[COLL_DATE]) AND ((MasterCodes.CODE_TYPE)="RESUL"));

In the above query, I want to check SampleDetails.RESULT_STATUS_1 is null then I have to result_status as "NA in DB". I used IIF function and Is null, but couldn't succeed.

Please help me to solve this problem.

Thank you in advance.

Hi All,

I just got in to a another problem with my report and I hope one of you kind people can help me to solve this problem. I have created a access report for a invoice and I have placed few command buttons on the report header like Print to PDF , Print to Invoice and Print Preview. Well, first two buttons working fine and I am stuck with the third button. I want to convert the already open report (in Report view) to print preview. how can I achieve this using VBA. Please Help

I have a problem with my Access Database when I want to use some VBA. the problems are the following:
1. All my table names are cyrillic. When I copy the name from the access database and paste it into the Visual Basic for Application Editor I see only ???????????????
2. When I type in the VBA editor the same name as in the Access database I can see it with the cyrillic characters. But if I run the script it doesn't recognize the table (error 3265). I do not have the same problems if I rename the table with latin symbols and use the same name in the code. (the code evidently works)
3. I try to insert a new field in the table and the field's name is also cyrillic. The field input succeeds but the characters in the Access database are unreadable

Please help me to solve this incompatibility between the Access database and the VBA Editor


I'm hanny.I have a problem in Ms-Access report view .I would request anyone couls solve my problem.

my problem is as follows:
I have an Intel based Pentium -166 MMX machine with 32Mb of Ram and Cirrus Logic based PCI Display Card with VRAM of 2 Mb. I have Win95 installed as operating system and recently i loaded Microsoft Access 97 on my machine. My problem is that whenever I try to open a form or report in design mode the application hangs. Then I have to press Ctrl + Alt + Del and press cancel to continue.

I have formatted my hard disk twice and have also tried to load microsoft office through different installer CD's but the problem still exists. Please help me to rectify this problem. Other Microsoft products that are installed on my system are: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0

thanx in advance,

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