Tab background color in access Results

I haven't seen this problem defined in the forum so I'm going to throw it out there...

I'm using Access 2003 on Windows XP Home. When I create a tab control the background color is a subtle blend. The top of the working area of the tab control is the same color as the tabs and then the body of the control slowly (almost imperceivably) blends to a slightly darker color. This is all well and good... but... (and there always seems to be a "but")... if your tab control is > 6.5 inches in height the blend STARTS OVER effectively placing a line where the dark hue rests up against the lighter hue! I've attached a sample pic.

I would be curious if others have this same problem. Note: I am sure that this effect won't be seen on older versions of Access (where the tab control is colored entirely differently).


I have checked the forum for tab colour/color and there is plenty telling me the background colour of the tab control but I couldnt find a single thread on the actual colour of the tab - you know (in Access 2003 anyway), that sort of off white colour. I have put a subform onto one tab but I cant get the background colour of the form to match the off-white colour of the tab.

Does anyone know the RGB or Access number for this off white tab color?

I recently ran into a problem with an old App I am updating. It uses a tabbed form... I noticed when I was changing the color scheme the transparent property for tabs was not working, it stayed white while the background was another color. I found on a post in the forum the problem.....It needs to be changed in Access options itself....Under the Tools, Option menu select the Forms/Report tab and unchecked the "Used Windows Theme Controls on Form" property. Now I am wondering if when others open the App and the option is checked, if this will revert the tabs to white... Is there a way, via coding, to set this option on the opening of the DB?

I am trying to apply a Background Image to a tab control box...

I have not found anything online about it... I am trying to remove the solid olive green color with an image I found online... But no luck.

Attached Thumbnails   Reply With Quote 05-25-2012, 01:13 PM #2 June7 Super Moderator Windows XP Access 2010 32bit Join Date May 2011 Location The Great Land Posts 15,123 Why bother? I think the only thing you can do is set the background color to match the form then have an embedded image in an OLE control or Image control on each tab page below the other controls.

The project is a survey and questions are presented in a series of subforms each on a tab control. I would like to make a label visible on the main form with a colored background when the questions for a given tab have all been answered. As questions are answered a series of colored labels will appear, showing the user how close to completion they are. So on the tabs change event I have a select case that runs code checking for null in the option group of the continuous subform.

main form: frmSurveyResponses (tab control is here)
subform: sfrmResponses
option group name: grpRspns1 (on subform)
label name: lblComplete1 (on frmSurveyResponses)

	      Dim ctl As Control
      For Each ctl In Me.sfrmResponses.Form.Controls
         If IsNull(Me!sfrmResponses.Form!grpRspns1) Then
             Me!lblComplete1.Visible = False
             Me!lblComplete1.Visible = True
         End If           
      Next ctl

So this works but the label becomes visible after the first question is answered and I want it to only become visible when all questions have been answered.

For reference, the recordsource for the subform is:

	SELECT DISTINCTROW tblResponses.*, tblQuestions.QstnText, tblQuestions.QstnLvl1, tblQuestions.QstnIsActive,
FROM tblResponses RIGHT JOIN tblQuestions ON tblResponses.QstnID = tblQuestions.QstnID
WHERE (((tblQuestions.QstnIsActive)=True) AND ((tblQuestions.SectionID)=1))
ORDER BY tblQuestions.QstnLvl1;

Responses are stored in tblResponses with RspnsID and QstnID as the PK, so the data looks like this:

	RspnsID   QstnID  Rspns
100         20      1
100         21      1
100         22      2
101         20      2
101         21      1
101         22      1
102         20        
102         21        
102         22          

and so on...

I also looked into a Dsum solution since all values in tblResponses are null for a given RspnsID until they are answered but to be frank, I am still an Access greenhorn and am not sure how to accomplish this.

I would really appreciate any help you can offer.

After posting all my questions this weekend I have now resolved most of the issues through trial, error and lots of blind alleys.

I now realise that what I wanted was not a cross-tab query but a pivot table.

I have now built the pivot table and embedded it within the primary form with expected results. I now wish to change some of the format details but have again hit a wall.

Can I change, in Access 2007, a Pivot Tables background color? Can I alter the headings so that they appear more as labels and less as clickable buttons? Hey, that's about it actually. Almost there!

I am having issues with one of my forms. Occasionally, it gets corrupted after changing something. For example, I just changed the background color of one label and I could not save the changes. From there, I sometimes need to restore a copy of the DB I am working in. Other times, I just need to copy the form. I have Access 2003 running on Windows 7.

The form has 8 tabs, around 230 controls, and roughly 2500 lines of codes. I have forms that have more code and about the same number of controls and I have never had an issue with them.

I just want to mention that I rebuilt this form from scratch a week ago,
and did not have any issues until yesterday.
Any idea what is going on?


I have access 2007 database with tabbed forms. On my pc the forms appear pale/white background, the back stlye is set to normal.

When I open the database on a different pc, the back stlye is normal but it appears as dark grey. I have the same problem with command buttons - completing changing the look and feel of the forms

Both PCs have full install of Access 2007, and when I compare Access Options of current database, they both have the same settings. Also note both have "use windows themed controls on forms" enabled.

What is causing the difference in the color of my forms. Both PCs have display properties with color setting at Highest (32bit)

Any help appreciated

In access 2003 what can i do so the label of a group control gets the same color of the background without us seeing the border of the group control behind.

I've tried to assign a system color but i always see a difference to the background, specially in tab control which has a sort of light "gradient" fill.



I have decided to make my database a little more exciting, and chosen a nice pale yellow for the background.

When I add a tab control, it appears in standard grey.

I can make the tab page itself yellow by setting the backstyle to transparent, but the tab labels and top border stay grey. There doesn't appear to be a backcolor property for the tab pages, so does this mean that I can't do it, ar do I need additional references to make it available.

Its looks a bit scruffy like that, as if I forgot to finish the job!

I am using Office XP with Access 2000 format.



Hi all,

Using Access 2003, WinXP SP2.

I have a form with the standard light grey background. I insert a tab control, and the default back color is white. I set the BackStyle to Transparent, and it still displays as white.

Am I missing something here, I want the back color of the tab control to be the same as my form.

Now, what's really odd, is in this project it creates tab controls as white, but if I open an old project of mine, it creates tab controls with the same light grey back ground of the form.

Any help?

Access 2010, Win7Prof 64bit.

In forms or report textboxes, using any theme or individual textbox fore and background parameter choices, when I tab to any field the high lighted text has overlaid a vertical striped rainbow of colors. The default background is black and the letters are rainbow colors.

Turning off TrueType does not help. The effect is the same on an HP Win7 and a Dell Vista PC with different graphic cards. See attached jpg. Attached Thumbnails   Reply With Quote 08-31-2011, 07:14 AM #2 DanielHofer Novice Windows 7 64bit Access 2010 64bit Join Date Aug 2011 Posts 14 Since there has been no replies to this original post, has anyone else seen this? Just create an automatic form in any way you want, hi-light a text field in Form View and you will see the letters have a rainbow effect. Commercial training videos for Access 2010 I've watched also show the same problem with Access 2010.

I am using the MS Access 2010 Beta.

There are two ways to create a popup form:
1. From the Ribbon's Create tab, select Dialog form
2. From the Ribbon's Create tab, select regular form and then change
the Popup property to YES.

After saving either of these forms, I can not put them into design mode.

When I click on the form name, it opens successfully, but the Ribbon's Home tab grayed out for Views. And so I am unable to modify my popup form.

I have even removed the OK and Cancel buttons, so the form is just a colored background, but I still can't get it back into edit mode.

Any suggestions of what I'm doing wrong?

Bob McGaffic
Pittsburgh, PA

Hi All,

I'm not sure if this should go in here or in VBA/Modules, because it's to do with Forms, but it's VBA code.

I'm new here (first post - wooo!) and glad to have made the leap.
I think this may have been looked at before, but I'm not very good at using the search function. I've looked on google, but all I've seen doesn't seem to be for my use, so I came here as recommended by "RadioActiveFrog" who I believe is a member here and has had much good a thing to say.

Right, basically, I am writing an Access database for my company's ordering system.

I have a form called "Enquiry" which has many tabs, one of these is the "client" tab in in here are many controls (table fields):


Now, there is an option to enter a new client or search the database for an existing client and it is basically the "new client" which I'm having issue with at the moment.

Basically, clicking the button "New Client" opens another form called "Client". Here, the user enters the data into controls which are the same as above (but on this contact form).

When done, they click a button called "Save and Close" which then asks the user if they want to paste their entered data into the original main "Enquiry" form.

It's this last bit, the transferring of this data I can't get my head around and would be incredibly greatful for help with.

My Code is below:

Private Sub Save_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_Save_Click

    ' On clicking save, a dialogue box will open asking if you want to paste this data
    ' into the enquiry form. Clicking yes will do this. Clicking no will just close the box
    'declare intpress as an integer
    Dim SavePress As Integer
    'Save Command
    DoCmd.DoMenuItem acFormBar, acRecordsMenu, acSaveRecord, , acMenuVer70
    'when save and paste is clicked, ask if the information should be pasted into the form or not
    SavePress = MsgBox("Would you like to paste this Contact Information into the Enquiry Form?", vbQuestion + vbYesNo,
"Paste details")
        If SavePress = 6 Then
        'If the enquiry form was the form which initiated the cotact form, then copy and paste
        'the informtion into the enquiry form and the close the form
            [color:"red"]Enquiry![/color]FIRSTNAME = Me.FIRSTNAME
            Enquiry!SURNAME = Me.SURNAME
            Enquiry!COMPANY = Me.COMPANY
            Enquiry!CATEGORY = Me.CATEGORY
            Enquiry!ADDRESSLINE1 = Me.ADDRESSLINE1
            Enquiry!ADDRESSLINE2 = Me.ADDRESSLINE2
            Enquiry!TOWN = Me.TOWN
            Enquiry!COUNTY = Me.COUNTY
            Enquiry!POSTCODE = Me.POSTCODE
            Enquiry!PHONES = Me.PHONES
            Enquiry!ALTMOBILE = Me.ALTMOBILE
            Enquiry!EMAIL = Me.EMAIL
            DoCmd.Close acForm, "Contact"
            DoCmd.Close acForm, "Contact"
      End If
    Exit Sub

But It's not working. It's giving an error saying "Compile Error: Variable not defined" and it highlights the word which I've mad RED in the code above. Now, I tried changing the exclamation for a fullstop, and I also tried writing "Form.Enquiry.FIRSTNAME" (and also with exclamation marks). None have given a working result.

I'll try and get some print screens too for more visibleness (new made-up word there) so you can see what I mean.


Edit: here are a couple of print screens:

1. The Client tab/page of the main enquiry form:


2. The Client Details form, which opens as a result of pressing the "New Client" button in the main enquiry form (shown in the background):


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