accdR: No right mouse click / acrobat ribbon on client machine

Front-end version (.accdR)
Back-end Version (.accdb) pw protected

Client and my Computer both are running Access 2007 SP 2

When I open the front-end version on my clients computer there are two differences in comparison to when I open the file on my computer:
There is a additional acrobat pdf ribbon showing up
The right mouse click doesn't work if I open a report in print preview. (needed to print)

Can some genius tell me why those changes occur and how I can fix the problem?

Thanks, Stephan

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I would like to add to my form the ability to right mouse click to print a report, is it possible to achive this and if how can I.

Regards - Paul

I am developing application in c# --------- backend database will be MS access . When I will deploy application as well as database on client machine , client could not see even which database i have used . ( Ex. Access or SQl etc . ) My application willl only read and write to database . So how to hide ms access database on clients machine . How to change format of mdb file for security reasons ...... Please Help .



Is there a way to create a menu that shows up when the user right-clicks a record on my form? The same type of context-sensitive menus used in other windows applications.


Okay....I'm frustrated with NetViz....what a terrible program. Anyway, I'm try to send a Dbl Click or a right mouse click to the program from access. I can nagivate all the way up to the page that I want to see, but then I can't open it because the program only allows initiation by double left click, or single right click and the selection of 'Show'. So, I don't really care which way I go, but I'm able to do everything else that I need to do up to that point and then....boom....I slammed into this brick wall.

Any ideas for sending a mouse click to another application from Access?

Per the title of this thread, I am wondering what kind of errors would go on with this situation. Right now I have this on my machine, but other than the installation of a few files when I switch back and forth from version to version of Access only, there doesn't seem to be much of a problem with it.

What I am wondering is this: If I offered advice to 3rd parties about their software and general use of Office products, and perhaps needed to consult them or even write a bit of code for their operation, would I be in jeopardy by using this machine of mine to testrun my coding and such? I am wondering how much of an impact the two version-installation thing would have on my "testing" of different code products, and general integration of MS Office program usage on other machines with the same operating system...

Is there a Right mouse button Even it Access,

But in my form I would like the user to have the left button to select fields (as default) but have the right button either bring up and option menu,
like a windows navi, would, or, failing that, have it a find come up searching the field they right clicked on,

in the past Ive used Double left click for that, but I found that users like to double click on the words, and thats not allowed in the form because it activates the search function.

I've got a gremiln!

All of a sudden, every form in my DB stopped responding to mouse clicks in comboboxes. I can activate the dropdown list of the combobox with the mouse, I can point to any item in the list with the mouse, but clicking the list item does not select the item. I can still select an item in a combo box by using the down arrow in a list and hitting Enter on the keyboard.

This happens on every form in the application now!

Mouse clicks work everywhere else in the application, ribbon buttons, form buttons, etc. I changed the batteries in my wireless mouse just in case.

What's up with this? Anyone ever encounter this??!!

Is there a way to force or program a mouse click event on a control? I have form textboxes that I am using to do calculations and I would like the numeric values to be saved into the form's underlying table. These values are grabbed from a listbox on the form using a query (the text box synchs with the listbox based on the selected record in the listbox). The synch operation works and the textbox grabs the numeral associated with the text field selected in the listbox. But even though the correct value shows up in the textbox, the value will not actually get written into the form's table until I actually click on the textbox. I have tried doing a setfocus and form refresh on the after update event in the listbox but although the correct numeral shows up in the textbox (in white), the table does not get updated until the textbox is clicked and then the form is refreshed(then the textbox turns black).

To my horror I've just realised that users can right-click almost anywhere in a form & gain access to the properties menu

Is there any way to disable right click, I've loads on mouse wheels but nothing on this or am I just being paranoid & it's not really a problem?




I am trying to simulate a mouse-click of a cmdbutton on another form, or call the Click event of a cmdbutton on another form.

From Form1, I want to "click" a cmdbutton which is located on another form.

Here's what I have so far:

Form1 is Open. A cmdbutton on Form1 has the following code:

DoCmd.OpenForm "Form2"
Call Forms.Form2.mycmndbtn_Click
DoCmd.Close acForm, "Form1"

Access Error: "Application-defined or object-defined error"

Debug shows error is pointing to this line in the code:
Call Forms.Form2.mycmndbtn_Click

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you kindly,

Hi there,
Hope someone can help me out here!

I have a form with a list box on. On the list box property “Context menu” , I have a context menu (right mouse click) so I can perform certain actions depending on what is chosen in the list box. This works fine .
Now I have added to the form a sub form also with a list box in the sub form. When I right mouse click on the list box in the SUB FORM – I get no reaction whatever although all is set exactly as the main form list box.
Is there a logical reason why right mouse click on a list box in the main form displays the context menu, but right mouse click on the list box in the sub form does not?

Thanks for any advice !


I have been working on this for few days but I dont seem to figure out what I am doing wrong and why I cant get it to work.

When the user opens the report (rptSchedule) a form (frmPrintEmailPopup) is opened infront of the report. The form has 3 buttons: Email (works with no issues), Print (Works with default printer) and Close.

I want to allow users when they press the "Print" button to get the chnage printer dialogue box to change the printer. Currently the report is setup to print from my desk printer. For security and disabled the right mouse click in the database.

Below is the code I have on the event: On Click of the frmPrintEmailPopup.

	Private Sub Print_Click()
    On Error GoTo Err_Print_Click

    'Opens print dialog for current screen:
    DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdPrint
    DoCmd.OpenReport Me.reportName
    MsgBox "Print Complete"
    Exit Sub
    ' If action was cancelled by the user, don't display an error message.
    Const conErrDoCmdCancelled = 2501
    If (Err = conErrDoCmdCancelled) Then
        Resume Exit_Print_Click
        MsgBox Err.Description
        Resume Exit_Print_Click
    End If
End Sub

Below is the code I have on the event: On Click of the rptSchedule.

Option Compare Database
Private Sub Report_Open(Cancel As Integer)
    DoCmd.OpenForm "frmPrintEmailPopup"
    Forms!frmPrintEmailPopup!reportName = Me.Report.Name
End Sub

Currently with the above when the report is opened and the "Print" button is clicked on the frmPrintEmailPopup form the printer change dialogue box is opened but it prints only the image of the form and the report prints on my desk printer.

I will appreciate if someone could look at what I have and tell me what I am doing wrong or how to correct it

Thanks in advance


I have a web based application that loads data from Access97. From the application, I choose the database and it uploads data from the chosen db.

However, after the upload is done, I am not able to open the db again till I shut down my system and start it again. The db is on my local hard disk drive and so there are no rights issues (maybe I am wrong). I also do not see any hanging *.ldb files. I even checked to see if there were any hidden *.ldb files but found none.

Could someone please help me with this issue?

I asked this question on another forum that I didnt like.

I asked how I can disable a button till a certain field is filled in.

I got this response

Select the button u want disbled, right mouse click and find enabled on the properties . Set this to no
Now select the fieled u to be filled to make it active , right mouse click and go to properties. Select afterupdate and click on the three dots next to it. Now click code builder, u will open the vb window. now write the code

If Me![your trigger field ] = "" Then
Me![name of button disabled].Enabled = False

Me![name of button disabled].Enabled = True
End If

problem solved

It works however when I go to a new record the button is still enabled.

What can I do to resolve this

Hi there,
Hoping someone can help me solve my problem!

I have a form and containing a subform. On both the formand sub form I have user defined context menus (right mouse click)
The context menu is displayed by right mouse click on the main form, but not in the sub form.
In the settings in Access 2007, I have set the options "Contextmenu" to default, but have deactivated the "standard context menus". I have tried any mixture of these settings, but cannot get my pop up menu to pop up on the sub form.
Would certainly appreciate some advice.

Hi! I'm new, both to this forum and Access 2007. I am making repairs and changes to an ages-old database (which has already been updated to version 2007).

Here's my situation:I have a form which displays a list of records pertaining to a specific customer.

I want to click (double-click, whatever) -- either on a record, or on a button which appears on each record line.

This will open another form, showing more data specific to the clicked-on record.

On this forum, I found a post titled, "Click on list item and open a detail form" from 07-31-2007. (Can I paste a link to this post?

I think this is exactly the solution I need. However...

The answerer provides this code:Dim stDocName As String
Dim stLinkCriteria As String

stDocName = "frmEditRes"
stLinkCriteria = "res_num=" & Me.res_num

DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName, , , stLinkCriteriaI changed "frmEditRes" to "Quote Infor"... the name of the form I want to open.

I changed "res_num" to "Quote #"... the lookup field.

I get: "Compile error: Expected: end of statement"

Can anyone steer me in the right direction? From the list of quotes, I want to open a form showing only one quote.


I have used the code from the repository to hide all of my toolbars. It works fine but for one problem.

Does anyone know how to enable the right mouse click menu when this code has been used?

Any way to modify the right mouse menu in Design View ? Having "Properties" on the bottom is driving me nuts on a Remote Desktop; I use it constantly and half the time it's hanging off the bottom of the screen.

Starting with "Build event" is fine, but "tab order" near the top ? And I've never used "Anchoring" !

I was using the Expression Builder in the text box labled Backup Date.

I used this Query statement in my other application which works as a Query and create report based from that.

Here is the query statement:

Between #1/01/1998# AND #12/31/1998#

This time I am creating the report from the design mode. When I place the Backup Date field in the Report and right mouse click to access the Expression Builder. I was able to place the query statement in the expression builder for the Backup Date field in the Report.

When I see the results in Print Preview it only shows the data, but no backup dates to list.

Does anyone have an idea or a suggestion?


As part of the system I'm building I use the pop-up property for all forms. As I close one particular form I want it to 'click' a button on the form beneath it.

I've pressed a button with another button before with :


and I've accessed data from another form with :


and I'm guessing that there is a way to combine these to do what I want but I can't find it.

Any and all help greatly appreciated as usual.


I would like to be able to manipulate a form in a remote database. I want to set a bunch of controls on the form to the correct paramaters and then click a button on the form which runs a report. HEre's what I have so far. Everything works except for the !stdgo_click, which is intended to trigger the code in the on-click event of the stdgo command button.

Quote: Function PrintReports()
Dim DB As DAO.Database, appAccess As Access.Application

Set appAccess = CreateObject("Access.Application")
' Open database in Microsoft Access window.
appAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase pcainternal_fe
With appAccess.Forms("PCAINternalswitchboard")
!selectclear.Value = 2
!smtpareto.Value = True
!stdHardCopy.Value = False
!dailyweekly.Value = 1
!HardCopy = !stdHardCopy
!Noun.Enabled = False
!PartNumberToggle = 0
!PartNumber.Enabled = False
!RefDesToggle = 0
!RefDes.Enabled = False
!RepCodeToggle = 0
!RepCode.Enabled = False
!InspectPoint.Enabled = False
!InspChoice.Value = 1
!RespChoice.Value = 3
!Value.Enabled = True
!DivisionToggle = 0
!Division.Enabled = False
End With

End Function I am thinking this has something to do with the public/private settings a references. How do I make this work?

Using Access 2002

Hello there,

Access 2000...

Following examples I found in this forum, I have been able to sucessfully open an Excell spreadsheet, select cells and paist data in to them and save the excel spreadsheet under a unique name.

It is very cool watching access open the sheet, edit it and close it! While it is punching in the new data, a Histogram on that sheets updates in real time. Too cool!

Now the problem. How do I copy that chart in to an access ole field? What commands do I need to use?

My table is designed with an ole field. Right now I am openening the spreadsheet, manually, highlighting the chart, right mouse clicking and selecting copy and then go back to my database form and right mousing and selecting paiste and it puts the chart in my access form and it looks great!

What code is needed to do that automatcially?

Thanks very, very much.


Hi people,

I'm using the following code to generate a list of the reports I want for a combo box:

	For Each accObjectQry In CurrentData.AllQueries



This grabs the queries for the reports I want to generate on my form through the combo box.

However, the name of the report, is taken from the name of the query I use to generate the report, e.g.

Report: rptSale has query name = qryRptSales.

I want to keep the names as they are for consistency in my naming conventions for the database and to avoid programming problems with spaces in db object names.

I thought I could use the Description field of the query. So I right mouse clicked on my query, then went to Properties, and under Description, wrote a nicely formatted name for the query ("My Sales Report").

I was hoping to call that Description field through VBA. But it doesn't seem to be an option when I try to reference the

	Dim accObjectQry As Access.AccessObject

variable I setup.

Is it possible to call the Description of a Database Object (in this case a query) through VBA?

Thanks in advance.

I am trying to open formB from form A by using formA's key press event. I want to do it using the right mouse button. I typed in the constant for this vbKeyRButton but it didn't work. However when I used vbKeyBack it worked. Why isn't it working for vbKeyRButton?

Not finding an answer? Try a Google search.