Access Runtime 2010

What am I missing with Access 2010 Runtime?

I have a small database I would like to distribute to a few people who don't have Access. I published that database as an ACCDE.

I installed Access 2010 Runtime on a co-worker's machine as my test case. I copied the new ACCDE also on that co-worker's computer. When I tried to open the ACCDE, it opened but none of the tables/forms/reports were visible.

What am I missing? How do I easily distribute databases to those without Access? Is there something special I need to do?

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hello everyone,
i have a question that i have implemented database with access runtime 2010
i have a navigation form opens up which provides buttons to open different forms & reports .
but i cannot open some of the forms in runtime although title heading apears but other content just goes blank , it has subforms in it . . some forms opens and some reports as well but some form just doesnt ,

and on the notification bar it asks for a save as ??? why is that

any help on this

Hi all,

I'm having a hard time with the Package Solution wizard so a user can use my database via Access Runtime 2010. I feel like I followed all the steps correctly, but when the user opens the .accdr file, the following pops up:

After clicking open, nothing appears at all. What am I doing wrong? The database and the runtime folder are attached.

Thank you!

Tony Attached Files (117.9 KB, 1 views) (370.1 KB, 1 views) Reply With Quote 12-03-2012, 06:12 PM #2 ssanfu VIP Windows XP Access 2000 Join Date Sep 2010 Location Anchorage, Alaska, USA Posts 1,932 Never used the Package Solution wizard so haven't got a clue. It does sound like a trust issue. Maybe you have to run with Admin rights to install it?

How can I change the security settings of Access RunTime 2010? We have an access database that users had successfully used when they had the full version of the Access program. They are now using Access 2010 RunTime, and when they click on a specific button (which runs a few different macros) in the database, they receive a message that says "The RunCommand action was canceled." Are there any settings in Access 2010 RunTime that I can change (possibly in the registry) that will allow the RunCommand action to work and not be canceled?

Thank you for your help.

I have tried to add in access runtime 2010 but it will not make itself active it keeps sayin inactive

Hi everyone.

I have a db that I am getting reaty to deploy in a network environment. My users will be setup with Access Runtime 2010.

Everything has been tested to work well with the full Access 2010 version and now I ma doing final checks with the runtime.

Two things are happening:

1- This is minor, but on a subform, right on top of a field with an automatic date insertion, a small calendar icon keep showing up. The user can click ion this icon and a calendar shows up, however clicking on any date does not change the value of the field, which is entered programatically. This is fine, but how can I prevent that calendar icon from showing up?

2- This is more serious. One form with two subforms. The first subform is setup as a continuous type while the second has a single text box. Using the full Access 2010 version, the user clicks on a record in the first form and the textbox automatically shows info for that record. With Runtime 2010, the user needs to click on the textbox for it to show that info. Why is this happening?

Anybody has any ideas?



Hello. I'm very new to Access and having trouble sourcing information that makes sense.

I have a database that is split into a front and back end.

The back end is to reside on a shared network location (yet to be determined but we'll call it SERVERDBSHARE for now).

The front end will be installed on the client workstations.

The Client workstations have mixed versions of Access 03 and Access 07 but all have the Access Runtime 2010 installed.

The problem is when you open the front end it spits an error out saying it can't locate the backend. As this is the Runtime version there is no Link manager to set the path.

I'm assuming (and this may be wrong) that there is a way, somewhere be it the package manager, code, pathfile to be able to say something like "Path to Backend is SERVERDBSHAREbe.accdb"

Does anyone know if there is some way to set the path so that the backend can be linked when using Access Runtime 2010?


Hi Everyone,
Finally moved over to 2010 this week. Just created a simple db with a couple of forms, saved as accdr and put on pc with Access runtime 2010. Issue: I cannot open a form as I can in accdb. I am using DoCmd to open the form. - it just does not open.
Anyone seen anything like this?


I use the following command:

DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel9, strQryName, strFileName

When I export from the full version of Access 2010 the export contains the control apostrophe (i.e. '01234 )

When I export from the RUNTIME version of Access 2010 the export DOES NOT contains the control apostrophe (i.e. 01234 )

I need it to contain that control apostrophe, any ideas?

For help, our access application is compiled in Access 2003 with references to Excell 14.

This is my first time using Runtime Access 2010, so maybe this is easy to solve...

I have finished my db and I am now testing Runtime 2010 to make sure the users can access it properly, but every time I open the db file I get a warning message about unsafe content. I say "open" and the db opens and works fine.

Since I created the db, I know that it is safe, so how can I get rid of that annoying message at the startup?



Hi All

I am hoping someone can help me with this one.

I am developing an Access database for a company in London in my spare time. I develop these at work also.

All the work machines are running XP with Access 2010 runtime installed, obviously my dev machine has full version of Access 2010.

I develop and all works great at work.... my problem is the client is saying it is erroring all the time but I couldn't understand why as I have tested on an XP machine at work.

So i have come home tonight and installed a virtual version of XP with SP3 and Access Runtime 2010 and low and behold I have all the errors coming up.

Does anyone know why? It is very confusing with it all working OK at work.

Thanks in advance.


I am a new Access 2010 develop user, I tried to deploy a simple Access database application to my colleague. Due to my colleague doesn't has Access installed. I went thro. the "Package and Distribute" for package solution with Access Runtime. I tried to setup into my colleague's computer. It seems everything works OK. I tried to open the Access file in format xxxxx.accdr it displays the file tap only but nothing for Access database. Can you tell me what went wrong?
Please advice.

Hi All

Looking for a little bit of help on a strange one.....

I have an Access Database (mdb format) that users opening using Access Runtime 2010 (has to be this where I work).

Within the main form there is a listview loaded with any number of records.

When a user double clicks on the record it opens another form with all the details in. Now the problems lies within the opening of the new form...

So, if a user double clicks the item on the main form it opens the new form above it now if the mouse is over a text field on the new form it is automatically calling the on_click event of that textbox which brings up pop out form for editing text.

This isn't too much of an issue just very annoying and from what we can tell absolutely no reason for it to be happening.

We have tried a timer delay to see if that stops it, we were working on the logic that Access RT 2010 was working so fast it thought the user had click on the text box when in face they hadn't but no joy.

Can anyone help?



Is there a way to install a button on a form which will refresh the data? The application is going to be distributed via Access Runtime 2010. As it works now you need to exit the application and when you go back in the data has been refreshed/recalculated.

Need Help,
I am using the following code on the Unload event to verify my recommended fields have been entered and if not allow the user the option to enter the data. This code compiles and works perfect in the full version of access. Both 32 and 64 bit, on windows 7 and xp. However, as soon as I open it in Runtime 2010 the code error at the line "Cancel = True". I have commented out the other lines and this is the only line that errors. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.



Dim Ctrl1 As Control 'Taken By

For Each Ctrl1 In Me.Controls
If Ctrl1.Tag = "1" And IsNull(Ctrl1) Then
varResponse = MsgBox("The ~ Taken By ~ field has not been completed." & vbCrLf & vbLf & "This is a recommended field. Do you want to close anyway?", vbYesNo + vbQuestion, "Company Name")
If varResponse vbNo Then
DoCmd.Close acDefault, "Communications", acSaveNo
Exit For
Cancel = True
Exit For
End If
End If
Next Ctrl1

I have a accde developed on 2010 for end users. I have found that installing Runtime 2010 is all fine ( the DB has attachments so will not convert to a previous versions.
I have found a couple of users have Access 2003 installed and have a mdb they are using. So when I installed 2010 runtime for the accde it keeps wanting to open up MS Access 2003. Can a PC run both 2003 and runtime 2010 or does anyone know of a workaround for this?

I have installed Acces Runtime 2010 in a XP-SP3 and a Windows7 computer.

In both cases, when I launch the application database I can see the Access Runtime starting, but it displays only the FILE main menu item.

With the FILE menu I can only exit from the application; no errors are displayed.

The application works correctly with the Access 2010 used for the development.

Have you any idea / suggestion?

Thank you in advance!


Using MS Access 2010 sp1.
I've made a simple form in 1080p (1920x1080) that runs fine and in full resolution on my local Windows Ultimate machine.
When i try to run the same form using Access Runtime on my Remote Desktop server (running win 2008 R2 Sp1, ms access 2010 sp1), it doesn't use 1080p, even though the remote session is 1080p, all other programs etc work fine, so it's not the remote session that have the wrong resolution. It scales down to about 1500x800 something, but that differs on different resolutions. The main problem is that it scales down instead of using 1080p which it does locally.
Anyone have any idea what could cause this? It's would be great to figure this one out because the application we've made doesn't work very well in lower resolutions, that's why we've coded it exactly for 1080p.
Thank you

Access 2007 & 2010 runtime. Has anyone used the runtime versions? I have an access report that uses a csv file for data. It works fine under the full version but the runtime does not open it. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


I have an issue where my reports don't print the same in Access Runtime. At first it was a font issue because the PC running the runtime didn't have the font so I added the font and that issue went away. However, I have noticed other prints that don't have the same spacing. My print will be spaced fine and the access runtime print on the other pc looks like some of the words are smashed together. I can put one print over top the other and hold them up to the light and they are not identical other than content.