Unhide tables in back end....(Access 2010)

I am trying to unhide my tables (in my Access 2010 database back end).

In the Navigation Options, when I click “Show Hidden Objects” I do see my hidden tables in a light grey, but they are still "hidden" in essence (when I look at Table Property it is checked....but will not let me uncheck".

Note: the table names of the hidden tables are greyed out in the navigation pane.

Any suggestions?


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I was wondering, whats best way to compact splitted database back-end from front-end. This thing just came to my mind one day, cause my database keeps growing and growing, all tho it's just bout 2mb but this could be good feature later on, when it's bout 200mb or something.

I was thinking, that should I compact before user link tables to front-end or when user quits database, all tho then tables need unlink etc. etc. tricks before I can compact it.

Ok, when user start's this application, there's a popup form where user can select either if he's going to link tables to back-end, skip linking tables and start using application or simply just quit using application. If user decide to skip linking tables, then front-end uses last known path to linked tables in back-end.

Now I ask your opinion,

1. should I add another button to that form, so user could compact back-end database manually, before he link any tables and start using it.

2. should I do it automatically, when user start using application and there would be message if database was succesfully compacted or not.

What you think guys, what should I do?

All replies are welcome and approciated.

Also if someone has any example codes etc. what would be useful, I would be very grateful, cause I'm a bit newbie with coding and things.

I've got myself into a bit of a pickle insofaras a good while back I created an important updatable data table in the Front End of a split database.

Thus, whenever I issue a Front End update the data table gets overwritten with a blank table and the data needs recovery via a backup to that data table. That 'workaround' works OK but I'd dearly love to be able to issue the next Front End update with a permanent fix to the problem by (in sequence):-Copying the Table to the Back End (BE) file (structure and data) Deleting the table from the Front End Linking the Back End file to the Front End Thus, all existing queries, forms etc in the FE will behave as normal! Any ideas on some VB code that could do this on a 'once-and-once-only' basis?

Oh, almost forgot! The databases are issued and run in Access Runtime so the end user doesn't have common access to the BE file.


Computer configuration :
- Windows 7 pro
- Office 2010
- 32 bits
- Back SQL Express
- Front Access .accdb

We upgraded from Office 2007 to Office 2010. Everybody is fine except one.
On this exception, I can open the software (.accde), my login form appear, then I write my username and password and when I click on the button "Login" I have an error message : Error in loading .dll on the ODBC connection line. I can also have this error message when I try to link my external tables to the front (Access).
Even if the message appear with a .accdb version I can access to the tables,data, forms queries...

What I did :

- Install all the Windows updates
- Re-create an .accde version
- Compare the references with an other computer
- Re-create the ODBC connection

The error is still there...

Do you have a suggestion ?

Thank you very much !

Hello colleagues,

I'm struggling with Combo Box and Not In List event. I want to be able to "add new record of First Name and Last Name if it is not in the list.
Here is the picture of how my form looks:

I have two tables: "Patients" and "Visit" - these are related as one to many(one patient can have many visit dates)
I also have Two forms - "Main" and "Patient_ex" .

So far my code for the Not In List event is:

	Private Sub Combo19_NotInList(NewData As String, Response As Integer)
Dim Db As DAO.Database
Dim Rs As DAO.Recordset
Dim Msg As String
Dim NewID As String

On Error GoTo Err_combo19_NotInList

    ' Exit this subroutine if the combo box was cleared.
    If NewData = "" Then Exit Sub

    ' Confirm that the user wants to add the new customer.
    Msg = "'" & NewData & "' is not in the list." & vbCr & vbCr
    Msg = Msg & "Do you want to add it?"
    If MsgBox(Msg, vbQuestion + vbYesNo) = vbNo Then
        ' If the user chose not to add a customer, set the Response
        ' argument to suppress an error message and undo changes.
        Response = acDataErrContinue
        ' Display a customized message.
        MsgBox "Please try again."
        ' If the user chose to add a new customer, open a recordset
        ' using the table.
        Set Db = CurrentDb
        Set Rs = Db.OpenRecordset("Patients", dbOpenDynaset)
        ' Create a new record.
        ' Save the record.

        ' Set Response argument to indicate that new data is being added.
        Response = acDataErrAdded

    End If

       Exit Sub
       ' An unexpected error occurred, display the normal error message.
       MsgBox Err.Description
       ' Set the Response argument to suppress an error message and undo
       ' changes.
       Response = acDataErrContinue

End Sub

As you can see in the picture, the code half works.
It doesn't save the new record with values Last Name and First Name.

Moreover I do not want to open a new form in order to add the new record details, but instead I would like to be able to add the new record details in the same form as the combo box(as you see in the picture).

my goal is:
1. When I enter new Name, Access detects that it is not in the list (Quite working)
2. If the name is NOT in the list, then the Values I entered (Last and first name) goes to the Text Field in the Patient_ex form so that I would no need to enter them again. Then I could update the new entered record and save it.(saving buttons works).

Guys, please, help me! I really struggling with VB...

Also, can I achieve same thing using only macros? (Access 2010)

Thank you!

I have a split Access 2003 database with all tables in the back end. Being a relative newcomer to vb I want to search each back end table for a particular value in a field and then list all tables in which the value is contained. (It is actually a "Where Used" search for a part in various parts list.)

The help I need is advice on the best way to connect to the back end, there seems to be a number of options such as ADO or DAO. Can someone point me in the right direction, preferably with reference to a detailed tutorial on the subject.


I know this may not be appropriate place to post , Access problem but if anyone can help me with this issue, it would be a great help.
I have crated a linked access database from excel. Bunch of kid's enter data in excel (Front end), access table (as back end ) gets updated. The problem is , when They (kid's) enter some special character's (some mathematical symbol) in excel , it does not gets updated in access. It is represented as letter U or Un. How can be this problem fixed. I am using office 2007.

hello everyone,
i have developed an application in access 2010 . and split into front and back end .
now i want to add more tables in back end and i need to define lookup list in table definition from the query presently in front end . when i get into lookup list and query builder doesnt show front end content ... how to solve this problem ???? thanks

Hello All,

Is it possible to develop an application with six front ends and one back end and data volume of 40,000 records in a table using Ms-Access.

Please give your comments..


I have a Front End Database and a Back End Database.

Certain tables in the BE are linked to the FE.

Once or twice a day I need to run Make Table Queries in the FE, but I am unable to do so if someone else has the BE open.

Best solution would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks



I'm about to move to a back end / front end system, from a single database file. Before I do so, I want to make sure I have all bases covered so to speak.

My back end file will reside on a server. I am aware that path names are sometimes changed by network administrators without warning.

From tests, I notice that, if the path to the back end can't be found, one cannot open the front end database file at all (Access 2003).

My question is: if my back end file gets moved, or the path changed, how can I get into my front end file to update the linked tables.

Many thanks in advance.


I have a database that I built as one large database, then used a method I found on here to creat 2 brand new databases and copy the tables from the original to one and use it for a back end and then copy everything else to another file to use as the front end. I did this and it worked great, except that now the information being input into the forms on the front end is not being recorded into the back end. I tried relinking the tables and it still was not working. Is there a secret step I missed or something I need to fix in order to make this work properly? The way I made the front end dependent on the back end was by linking the table from the back end to the front end. I checked the object dependencies and it shows those as being correct. Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated!!! I am truly only a novice when it comes to Access and just in the past 6 months or so have been using it regularly.

Thanks in advance.

Hi all!

I have a table with multiple records (Complete Parts List Table). Whenever a user purchases, sells, or manually removes inventory, these records are updated in this table. Problem: There is no paper trail for the changes to these records. Is there any way to run a command so whenever one of these records is changed in the back-end, a report can be created to document the change in the data? It sounds easy in theory, but I cannot figure out how to get this to happen!

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you!


At what point is a back end table updated with a new record created on a form in your front end?

I need to run a report of data i have just entered into a form and it returns black as the record doesn't yet exist in the table... is there a docmd to create the record?

thanks for any help.


I split my database into a Front End and a Back End. However now I added another table on the backend. How do I get access to that table on the front end?

Hello everyone,
Hope someone can help.

I developed a front end /back end Access 2000 application (using Access 2003) some time ago for a friend that runs a small local business.

On my desktop I have Access 2003 installed and on my laptop I have Access 2007 installed. Both machines have Windows 7.

My problem is that my friend's PC has a fault and he has replaced it with a new Windows 7 PC and Office 2010.

I don't have Office 2010.
He wants the Access application to run on his new PC (with no extra features).

What's the best way to deal with this?
I can't borrow his PC as it is heavily used.
I had thought about converting the application to Access 2007 in the hope that Access 2010 will run it- Would this work?

Any ideas very gratefully received!


I did a search in here as well as Google to figure out why when I relinked the front end to the back end after adding 2 tables to the back end that the tables did NOT show up on the front end. Only the original tables that I began with.

From what I have read there are different ways to do it. One suggestion on here was to create the table on the front end and export it to the back end. I guess I will have to do this going forward.

But my question is, after searching pages upon pages with no luck, since I already have the tables in the back end how do I tell the front end to find them and link them?

Thank you!

I have a split database (Access 97).

I've included the menu item that compacts and repairs a database in a custom menu that is always available to the user. Will that compact both the front AND back end of the split db?

I am curious, does bloating occur in both ends or just one? If so, which end does the bloating occur in?

I have a form using a linked table named TotalInvestments. This name appears in the table list on the Front End. But when I open the Back End there is no such table name. It is named TotalInvestmentsREV3. The form shows the data source as TotalInvestments bur when I add a record it appears in TotalInvestmentsREV3. I renamed TotalInvestmentREV3 as TotalInvestments in the back end but the old name persists in the Back End but shows as the new name in the Front End as a linked table. Any suggestions? I'm baffled.

Testing on a split database, SQL back end, Access 2007 front. I haven't priviledges on SQL so I had that group add a new field to a table. They did it, and I refreshed the tables - so I can "see" the new field in Access land.

When I try and add the new field to the form in Design Mode, the form prompts for whether or not I want to save the changes (I do!) but if I select Yes nothing happens...at all. The form won't close, task manager doesn't show anything not responding, it just hangs. Only way to the get out is to cancel the update in order to get the form to close.