unable to save database properties

I have two possibly related things that have recently begun happening in nearly all of my databases. (Access 2002, Windows XP)

1. For years I have been using shortcut command lines like the following to open my databases: Quote: "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice10MSACCESS.EXE" /wrkgrp d:databasesPCAMain97sys.mdw m:pcamainpublicaccess2002frontendsvikchamaster setupwheel.mdb /excl All of my databases use the same mdw file. Up until recently this command line has always prompted me for my login and password. Now, it doesn't. Not only that, but once I'm in the database, if I go to tools-security-workgroup adminstrator, the indication is that I am NOT joined to the PCAMain97sys.mdw workgroup that I requested.INstead I remain joined to whichever workgroup I was in before; it's like hte /wkrgrp command line option now has no effect.

2. From file-database properties, I try to change the title of the database. But I get error "..unable to save the database properties". Web search shows this is probably db corruption, but... on every one of my databases???

OK, upon reading what I just wrote, it seems likely that my mdw file is corrupted....? Any other ideas?

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Am trying to save database properties from:
File->Database properties.

When I make a change and then try to save I get the error message shown.

I've unprotected the code in the database and still cannot save the new properties.

Any ideas.



Iam new to access need some help to solve this, iam unable to save filtered condition as a query in access. when i click on file > save as option i have only three list i can choose from Form,Report and data access page . I want to save the condition as a query which iam unable to do. Any help in this would be appreciated

Thank u

Wow, am I ever stuck.

I'm using a data access page to access a database over the web. I have edited the scripts with hyperlinks only, other than that, it is as Access created it.

My problem is that since I have loaded the data access page onto my server, I cannot go back into access and edit it. When I try to open the data access page in design view I get this error:

"Microsoft Access is unable to load the database schema. Save has been disabled. Either repair or reinstall Microsoft Office XP." - with an OK button only.

So I tried repairing the database, which did nothing. I would rather not have to re-install Office XP because that would require finding the install disks (which wouldn't be easy - this office is huge).

The other interesting occurance is that when I do open the page up within access (without being able to save), and I test the connection to the DB, it is fine, but then upon trying to refresh the field list I get this error:

"Microsoft Access is unable to connect to the data source specified in the connection string of this page. The server may not exist on this network, or there may be an error in the connection string for this page."

I think that the stranges part of all this is that the data access page that is still loaded on my server works just fine. It accesses the DB and is capable of saving records to the table specified...

Has anyone seen this error message before?


Here's one for the techies out there:

Below is the error message that we get in the Cardiology Database when the file gets locked. Once the file is locked, any user that attempts to launch the database will get this message prior to the login screen(our security splash screen).

Microsoft Access was unable to open the Visual Basic project for this database

Another user is saving the projet now. Do you want to retry?

We generally solve the problem by:

1. Identifying the PC that has either the .mdb or .ldb file locked (Tech)
2. Deleting the Connection in Novell (Tech)
3. Re-Booting the PC so that it does not re-establish the connection (Apps or User who reported problem)

This used to happen about once a month, but it seems to happen a bit more often now, and we are adding more users to the database. Any info you can find on this from the Access user groups you belong to would be helpful.

Hi, in the MS Access 2007, under menu File -> Database Properties -> Custom tab, i added some custom properties (say 'Source')

How can i read these custom property values via Macro?
The following didn't work:
MsgBox (db.Properties("Source").Value)

It says "Property not found"

I am trying to create custom property for data source and out, so i use these to dynamically change when file path changes too

-srinivas y.

I am unable to view the database window. I am using Access 97. I had initially encrypted the database which I think may have caused the database window to become hidden. However, in order to make further developments to the database I needed to make the database window visible again, I thought decrypting the database would make it visible but this did not work. Other things I have tried include:

1. Checking 'display database window' checkbox in the 'tools' menu
2. Holding down the 'shift' key when opening the database
3. Pressing 'F11'
4. Pressing 'Alt' + 'F1'

Without acess to the database window I will not be able to develop the database so any help would be really appreciated

P.S. I am using user and group level security

I have a developer version of Access 97 (as well as a normal version and also Access 2003), and I have a database that I need to distribute in the runtime version.

I've had a problem writing to custom database properties in the runtime version. This would all occur in vb code, with input boxes from the user. From either the mdb file or the mde file I can change the properties in the full version of Access, but the mde file in the runtime version just puts up errors. I can read the properties but not write to them.

Does anyone know if I'm doing something wrong or if this is a limitation of the runtime version of Access 97, and if there's a way around it?

(My best suggestion for a way around so far is to store the info in the tag of the form that opens on startup and stick it in a public variable in the OnOpen of that form).

Thank you!

I am trying to construct a database which tracks experiments. The aim is to log all the equipment used and track which variables were selected such that the information can be searched through later and the results (saved on the network) can be found.

I have the following information needed.

-Experiment Name (each is unique)
-What is being tested (usually a material such as aluminium, iron etc)
-What aspect of the material is being tested (usually a nice definable aspect such as strength)
-What equipment is being used (bunsen burners etc)
-Where the results, analysis, financial approval docs are (hyperlink to folder)

The user needs to be able to search using one term in several fields in case the search term has both been used in 'being tested' and 'equipment' for example.
I also need to allow search using multiple terms with and/or options. It would even better if I could offer lists of possible equipment and their related properties seperately.

I've come with a few designs (some have serious flaws though and some are just clunky and not user friendly) but maybe someone could offer me something something snazzy instead of the crap I've produced!

Am unfortunately unable to offer example data so hope that the info I've provided is enough.


I've posted this in the 'General' forum, but without success, so I'm trying here.

I have two databases. One is 'live', one is for development. Once I get something working in the latter, I manually import it into the former (File - Get External data - Import). This has been working fine for just over two months.

Today, however, i'm trying to import a form and get one of the following messages:

"The search key was not found in any Record"

"No current record"

I'm unable to import the form. I also get the same error messages if i try to copy and paste the form within its own database.

The form in question has a lot of lengthy code behind various combo boxes, text boxes, etc. When I attempt to look at this code (via right-clicking on a field and going to Properties and the Event tab), none of it is present any more.

What's going on? This form took weeks to get working and now it can't be copied, renamed or imported, plus it appears to have been 'wiped' of everything but the visual features.

Any ideas what could be causing this? Can one form become 'corrupt'? If so, please say that there's some way to remedy it?

I am completely a newbie to access database.
I have created a form and populated data from table 1. In this form I have created a button and on the button click the data from this form will have to be saved into another table say table 2.
Pls help me on how this can be achieved.
If this is not the right forum for posting this msg, pls guide me on as to where i can post this msg.

Thank You.


I am getting an error "unable to set axis group property of the series class". I am trying to create a excel worksheets using vb script.

Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
Set objWorkbook = objExcel.Workbooks.Open ("C:Report.xls")
Set objWorksheet = objWorkbook.Worksheets("Data")
objExcel.DisplayAlerts = False
rowNumber = 2
Do While Not objRecordset.EOF
For i= 1 to objRecordset.Fields.Count
objWorksheet.Cells(rowNumber,i).Value = objRecordset.Fields.Item(i - 1)
rowNumber = rowNumber + 1
Set objWorksheet3 = objWorkbook.Worksheets("Failure Report")
Set objWorksheet4 = objWorkbook.Worksheets("Response Report")
Set objWorksheet5 = objWorkbook.Worksheets("Failure Graph")
objWorksheet5.ChartObjects(1).Chart.SeriesCollecti on(8).AxisGroup = 2 'xlSecondary
objWorksheet5.ChartObjects(1).Chart.SeriesCollecti on(8).ApplyDataLabels
Set objWorksheet6 = objWorkbook.Worksheets("Response Graph")
objWorksheet6.ChartObjects(1).Chart.SeriesCollecti on(1).AxisGroup = 2 'xlSecondary
objWorksheet6.ChartObjects(1).Chart.SeriesCollecti on(1).ApplyDataLabels
objWorkbook.Close True

I am getting this error at the line in bold.

Please anyone help??

I have a database where I save web page contents in txt file as delimited file which again used in the database as linked table. I am not a VBA expert, I searched around the net and got those codes to execute my requirements. I need to save more than one page during the form loading. The procedure I am presently using is as follows:

'This Part of the code is working with form load property
Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim colTables As Object
      Dim strDocHTML As String
      Set ieBrowser = CreateObject("internetexplorer.application")
    'URL of the webpage
    ieBrowser.Navigate "http://web.dse.com.bd/admin-real/latest_share_price_all.php"
        While ieBrowser.Busy 'WAIT LIKE USUAL
      While ieBrowser.Document.All.tags("TABLE").Length > 1
Set colTables = ieBrowser.Document.All.tags("TABLE")
'creating bar delimited text file
CreateBarDelimitedFile colTables(0).innerHTML
Set colTables = Nothing
Set ieBrowser = Nothing
end sub

'this is for creating the text file
Sub CreateBarDelimitedFile(HTMLTable As String)
Dim blnCapture As Boolean, blnInTag As Boolean
Dim lngItem As Long
Dim intFile As Integer, intNestledTable As Integer
Dim strHTML As String, strOutput As String
intFile = FreeFile
'the path where the text file will be saved
Open CurrentProject.Path & "IntraDayXL.txt" For Output As #intFile
'cycle trough the contents one character at a time
For lngItem = 1 To Len(HTMLTable)
  'Starting a tag so ingore the character until text ends
  If Mid(HTMLTable, lngItem, 1) = "

I need to save my database to an additional location whenever it is closed - on a different server, for backup purposes.

I have a macro that closes all open objects and then exits Access and saves to the default location. How can I make the macro do an additional step - save a copy to a different location - before exiting?

I'm using Access 2007 in Windows XP.


What's up with the Statistics Tab under Database Properties?

1. Why does "last saved by" and "revision" show up blank? Is there any way to make use of these?

2. Is any of the info on this tab available from VB? Even just read only? I'd love to have the "modified" field show up on a form.

3. Is this "modified" the same as "datelastmodified" for the file system object? If so, I can use that instead.

Any ideas appreciated...

Hi all,

I ran this code last year with no problems. This year I have used the code again in exactly the same state and it does not run.
my error msg is "1004 - Unable to get the Percentile property of the WorkSheetFunction Class" I have highlighed the code in red where this occurs.

I assume this is about the linking with Excel.
I have in my references the following ticked -
Access library 9.0
OLE Automation
MS DAO 3.6
MS Excel 9.0 library
MS ADO (multi dimensional) 2.7

Any ideas on how to fix this?

many thanks



Private Sub cmdUpdate_03_05_Click()
Dim dbs As DAO.Database
Dim rstPercentile As DAO.Recordset
Dim rstOctscore As DAO.Recordset
Dim rstJunescore As DAO.Recordset
Dim SQL As String
Dim arrayJunescore


Set dbs = CurrentDb

SQL = "DELETE * FROM [03_05_CountyLine_IL_Percentile]"
dbs.Execute SQL

Set rstPercentile = dbs.OpenRecordset("03_05_CountyLine_IL_Percentile" , dbOpenDynaset)

SQL = "SELECT Distinct [October_2003_IL_Average_Points_Score] FROM [03_05_CountyLine_IL_Percentile_query]"
Set rstOctscore = dbs.OpenRecordset(SQL, dbOpenForwardOnly)

Do While Not rstOctscore.EOF
SQL = "SELECT June_2005_IL_Average_Points_Score" & _
" FROM 03_05_CountyLine_IL_Percentile_query" & _
" WHERE October_2003_IL_Average_Points_Score = Cint('" & rstOctscore![October_2003_IL_Average_Points_Score] & "')"

Set rstJunescore = dbs.OpenRecordset(SQL)


' Pass scores from recordset to array.
arrayJunescore = rstJunescore.GetRows(rstJunescore.RecordCount)

With rstPercentile
![October_2003_IL_Average_Points_Score] = rstOctscore![October_2003_IL_Average_Points_Score]

'--- Pass array to Excel Percentile function.
![25%_VA_Lower] = xl.WorksheetFunction.Percentile(arrayJunescore, 0.25)
![50%_VA_Median] = xl.WorksheetFunction.Percentile(arrayJunescore, 0.5)
![75%_VA_Upper] = xl.WorksheetFunction.Percentile(arrayJunescore, 0.75)
End With


Set rstPercentile = Nothing
Set rstOctscore = Nothing
Set rstOctscore = Nothing
Set dbs = Nothing

MsgBox "Updated table with 25% ,50%, 75% Percentiles for IL."

End Sub

What I am trying to do is create a VBA Function which takes a form as a parameter and then sets certain properties on that form, which Im thinking could either be run on the Form Open event or when actually opening the form (so creating another function which performs the property updates and then opens the form).
So something like CSS for Forms (for anyone who isn't familiar with CSS, it is a way for web developers to set style properties for their web pages and if they make one change to the CSS all of the pages incorporate that change).

I have been looking into it and from what I have found the only way of doing this is have the code which opens the form open the form in design view, make the appropriate changes, save it and then open the form normally.
Although this would work, it does mean that the Access Database cannot be made into an MDE as once it is in MDE form you cannot open forms in design view.

I was wondering whether anyone knows of anyway that it could be done so that it would allow for the Access Project to be made into an MDE.


I've been coding in Access VBA to create an Excel Graph and it was good.

Until I got this error:
Quote: 1004 Unable to set the Values property of the Series class The error occured in this line:

	        .SeriesCollection(4).Values = oSheet.Range("A7").Resize(1, 3)

Please check the rest of the code below.
Can somebody explain to me why there's an error?

    Dim oXL As Excel.Application    ' Excel application
    Dim oBook As Excel.Workbook     ' Excel workbook
    Dim oSheet As Excel.Worksheet   ' Excel Worksheet
    Dim oChart As Excel.Chart       ' Excel Chart
    On Error GoTo Err_CreateChart
    'Start Excel and create a new workbook
    Set oXL = CreateObject("Excel.application")
    Set oBook = oXL.Workbooks.Add
    Set oSheet = oBook.Worksheets.Item(1)
    oSheet.Range("A1").Resize(7, 3).Value = aTemp
    oSheet.Name = "Chart_Data"
    Set oChart = oXL.Charts.Add
    With oChart
        .SetSourceData Source:=oSheet.Range("A1").Resize(7, 4), PlotBy:=xlColumns
        .ApplyCustomType ChartType:=xlBuiltIn, TypeName:="Line - Column on 2 Axes"
        .SeriesCollection(1).XValues = oSheet.Range("A1").Resize(1, 3)
        .SeriesCollection(1).Values = oSheet.Range("A4").Resize(1, 3)
        .SeriesCollection(1).Name = "Plan"
        .SeriesCollection(2).Values = oSheet.Range("A6").Resize(1, 3)
        .SeriesCollection(2).Name = "Actual"
        .SeriesCollection(3).Values = oSheet.Range("A5").Resize(1, 3)
        .SeriesCollection(3).Name = "Accu. Plan"
        .SeriesCollection(4).Values = oSheet.Range("A7").Resize(1, 3)  '

Hi All

I have been given a db that was converted up to Acc2003 and then converted back down to Acc2K, because of this you can't view the Database Properties information in the File > Database Properties menu.
An Error Pops "[Database Name] is unable to load the database properties".

The issue is that the version and last date updated information for each front-end copy of the db is stored in the properties menu. So we can check that the users have the most up to date copy.

I have hunted down plenty of code which will let me update the properties from VB.

	Sub SetCustomProp(prpName As Variant, prpValue)

'The following procedure accepts three arguments: prpName, and
      'prpName: a String value representing the name of the property
      '         you want to create.
      'prpValue: a Variant value representing the value of the property
      '          you want to set.
      Dim db As dao.Database
      Dim doc As dao.Document
      Dim prp As Property

      Set db = CurrentDb
      Set doc = db.Containers!Databases.Documents!UserDefined
      Set prp = doc.Properties(prpName)
      prp.Value = prpValue

The issue is it doesn't work , I would assume that the value for prpName would be the name of the custom property that I would like to update.

If I use the code in the current application to call the value of a custom property, it looks like this... (I know from other code the custom propertie is "FrontEndVersion")

	Function ap_GetDatabaseProp(dbDatabase As Database, strPropertyName As String) As Variant
   ap_GetDatabaseProp = dbDatabase.Containers!Databases _
         'Debug.Print ap_GetDatabaseProp
End Function

If I pass ap_GetDatabaseProp(Currentdb(),"FrontEndVersion") I get "2.5 - Beta".

But if I pass SetCustomProp("FrontEndVersion", "2.6") I get a message box "Error Number: 13 - Type mismatch"

I would have assumed that "FrontEndVersion" was the name of the Property, but I must be going wrong somewhere.
I have had no luck finding some code that could list the custom properties, name and value.

Would anyone have some code or a solution to fixing the missing property menu?


Hi All,

Can someone pls help me..

I have a mdb file with some 110 queries in it and a made a ODBC connection to connect to my database and daily at 10:00 pm i ave to run all these queries and sent to higher level.

So my problems are...

1) Each time when i click on query it will ask password and every time i ahve to enter a password and hit enter once output comes i have save the output into excel and we have privillage(mean a button) in excel to "Analyze with excel " so all this process takes 2 hrs for me and i know iam wasting my time...

2) Second problem as iam runing this reports daily basis exactly i have to start running this reports at 10:00 PM. So is there any way to shedule this reports so that they can run at 10 daily and save these reports in certain location in excel format.

If you have any suggestions pls let me know.. if you want any detail information pls let me know....


I am currently working on a database for an estate agency.
I've figured out my relationships however I am now unable to enter data into several of my tables (property, property viewing, advertising, lease and lease agreement) When I try to do so I am getting error messages such as: "You cannot add or change a related record is required in table tblproperty"

I have attached a copy of my database, with hope that someone will be able to tell/advise me on how to rectify this problem.

Thanks in advance,



I am not sure where I should post my question, so if it is not posted is the right location please let me know. As it stands may question is
How do I save a deleted record to another (database)? I need step by step instructions. I do not want to use an "inactive" column nor do I want to do an "audit" I just want to maintain a list of the records that have been deleted. I am using MS Access 2003.


I have an archiving function on a database and want to detect the current size of the database each time it is opened so the user can be prompted at a custom selected level (I have added a custom property for this - ArchiveAt) to consider or request an archive operation be carried out.
Initially this archiving was done on a record age basis (every 2 months or so) but the database is now used so much that 1.5GB + of data can be added in as little as 6 weeks. I am unable to retrieve the database Size property with VBA, although I am sure it must be available as it can be seen manually by looking at File>>Database Properties>>General. I have tried a FNL (for next loop) to identify this property but "Size" does not get displayed.
Any ideas

I have a access 2007 database on a Sharepoint site. When downdoading some users get the following message "Do you want to open or save this file?
Name: Construction Contracts.mdb....."
But the file extension on is accdb. And the user is unable to open the file.

Users still using access 2007 have not had this problem only those who have upgraded to 2010.

Since some time when opening contingent tables there appears message like: Database is unable to communicate with OLE server (translated from Czech...).

All 8 computers at work are affected - though at home it works. Both at work and at home are Windows XP SP2 with Office 2003.

At work I made clear installation of XP SP2 + Office 2003 - no effect.

1. What happend?
2. How to solve it?

Please help - it's quite urgent.

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