table TempMSysAccessObjects already exists

I keep getting the error message "Table TempMsysAccessObjects already exists" when I try to compact/repair my database. The only help I've found in the MS knowledge base just says to delete the table. I keep deleting it, but it keeps coming back. I've tried the decompile cmd line option, no change. Do I need to just rebuild this db, or what?

Access 2002.

Thanks for any ideas.

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Hi there,

I have a database used by 2 or 3 users, each with a separate copy on their laptop. The database is set to Compact on Close. On one of the laptops, whenever the database closes (or whenever we try to compact it manually) it gives an error message ;

Table TempMSysAccessObjects already exists

... and the Compact fails to happen.

Does anyone know how to fix this ?

Thanks a million,


I have (1) a crosstab query which takes a parameter from a form dropdown, (2) a make-table query based on query 1, which puts the results into a simple table and (3) a report based on the table

When I change the selection in the dropdown and run the make-table query, I get the standard warning that says "You are about to run a make-table query that will modify data in your table". But when I click Yes, it then tells me "Table 'MyTable' already exists.

Shouldn't a make-table query warn me that my table is about to be deleted? Help tells me this:
Quote: Table already exists. (Error 3010)
You tried to create or rename a table with a name that already exists in this database. Choose another name, and then try the operation again.

In a multiuser database, this error can also occur if you delete a table, another user creates a table with the same name, and then you try to roll back the deletion of your table. To restore your table, the other user must first delete or rename the new table before you try the rollback operation again. But this isn't a multiuser database. Although this database does have some back-end tables in common with other databases, this isn't one of them and I'm the only person using this particular front-end.

It's not a big deal as I can manually delete the table and then everything works fine. I just wonder why it behaves like this.



I store this database on a flash drive and when I tried to compact and repair it, it said there wasn't enough room, so I got rid of some files on the drive and tried again, and now I just keep getting the message:
Table 'TempMSysAccessObjects' already exists. But I don't find that table anywhere!!!




I run some software which is powered by MS Access. Unfortunately the developer is no longer available. When I click a particular option I get a 'record is deleted' message and can't proceed.

I did look at Support at Microsoft which suggests In Access 2000, on the Tools menu, point to Database Utilities, and then click Compact and Repair Database....... I do this and then get

"Table 'TempMSysAccessObjects' Already Exists" message

At this stage I realised I was getting in a bit deep for my experience, so wondered if there were any MS Access specialists who could assist. I must confirm that I am not an access specialist but just wondered if there were any steps I could follow to repair this.

Any help appreciated

Hello everyone,
I have been out for a while!! Now am back at work!! someone or somthing happend to it. When I close the database I get this messege:

Table'TempMSysAccessObjects' already exists

Why and what is that?



When trying to Compact and Repair my application, a warning message appears as shown:

Table 'TempMSysAccessObjects' already exists.

It exits without compacting or repairing. How can I fix this problem?

Thanks for helping.

Hi I am wondering if the resident guru's can please help me with another problem?

I have started to get the following popup message when trying to compact the database automatically on close or at any other time I try to do a Compact of my database.

'Table "TempMSysAccessObjects" Already Exists'

I have searched for this table in the database and have also made sure that no duplicate table names exist in the database.

I assume that ACCESS makes a copy of the database somewhere before it begins to compact same.

Has anyone seen this message before and do you know how I can fix same?

Have been getting this message when closing my database recently and am a little worried about it. Anybody know what causes this and how I can fix it?

Also, in the directory where my database is stored, other copies seem to keep appearing when people exit the database ('db1', 'db2', etc...). Anybody know what might cause this and how I could stop it?



I am getting the error message " table TempMsysaccessobject already exists" on my close of my database. I have the database compact it self on exit so may be related to this.

Anybody tell me how to fix this problem?


ok people I need some help I just started a new job doing access VB programming and my past experiance with access has only really been using it as a database for my asp web site. now I someone proficent with VB and VBA and I know how to create VB forms and macros but here is my problem when i close the access data base I get this popup box that says the following "Table 'TempMSysAccessObjects' already exists" and has a ok and help button. when I click on the help I get this info

Table already exists. (Error 3010) You tried to create or rename a table with a name that already exists in this database. Choose another name, and then try the operation again.

In a multiuser database, this error can also occur if you delete a table, another user creates a table with the same name, and then you try to roll back the deletion of your table. To restore your table, the other user must first delete or rename the new table before you try the rollback operation again.

very useful info as you can see I wish it would tell me what table I was recreating so that I could at least filter out in the code and find out what the previouse developer was doing.

just a little background info on the projects it was developed 2 years ago and has since then had another developer make changes to the access Program and neighter the company that made the first project or the developer who made some changes leave any kind of development documentation. GRRRRRRR

any help would be gggrrrrrate

Hi Folks,

I am getting the following error when trying to compact and repair a DB "Table 'TempMsysAccessObjects' already exists" This is using Office XP and it's happening on more than PC.

I've searched the tables and am unable to find this one?

Any ideas?


I get this error message when trying to run the compact and repair utility which is preventing the database from being repaired. Any ideas on how to get over this problem?

I currently have a corrupt record which I cannot remove untiol the database has been repaired - all fields are corrupt and the primary key field has been delted.

Currently trying to delete the record brings up the message 'The search key was not found'. I have only been able to remove records like this after a compact and repair. Maybe there is a better way to do this?

Cheers in advance for any help!



Again, I've had a search, but can't find anything to solve my problem - so sorry if I've missed it.

Basically, when I compact and repair the database I'm developing at the moment, I get the error message - Table 'TempMSysAccessObjects' already exists.

There is no table of that name (or at least I can't see one and I haven't created one!) and the database just opens up again but has not compacted or repaired.

Any ideas folks?

After I close my db, an sms comes out, it says:

Table 'TempMSysAccessObjects' already exists.

and two buttons, OK and Help

Can anyone tell me what have I done, and how can I stop that going on.

What is the table Msysaccessobjects?
how did it get there?
how can I get rid of it so I do not get an error message when I close the DB "table 'tempmsysaccessobjects' already exists"?

Appriciate any help

If i close my database,"Table TempMSysAccessObjects already exists" warning display. Why this warning display? Pls anybody help me.

How come when I close my database it throws a warning that

"Table TempMSysAccessObjects already exists"


Each time I close my database I get this warning message. "Table 'tempMSysAccessObjects' already exists. What is the purpose of the file and the message?
Attached Thumbnails   Reply With Quote 06-01-2012, 12:46 PM #2 Bob Fitz MS Community Contributor Windows XP Access 2003 Join Date May 2011 Location Essex UK Posts 806 May be this link will help:

I run the following code to import a table from another database into my current database.

DoCmd.TransferDatabase acImport, "Microsoft Access", _
"C:MyDocsAnotherDatabase.mdb", acTable, "AnotherTable2009", “CurrentTable2009”

If CurrentTable2009 already exists in my current database, I do not the sub routine to run. So essentially I'm saying:

If CurrentTable2009 Does Not Exist Then
DoCmd.TransferDatabase acImport, "Microsoft Access", _
"C:MyDocsAnotherDatabase.mdb", acTable, "AnotherTable2009", “CurrentTable2009”
Exit Sub

I'm just not sure how to translate this logic into the correct code for an If/Else condition. Thanks for any suggestions!

I have a linked table "Proof Cycle" to an excel file. I also have an append query to place the data in a permanent table "tblProofCycle". This works fine.

My problem is sometimes the data in the linked file may already exist from a previous append.

I'd like to only append the data into "tblProofCycle" which doesn't already exist.

Any ideas??


I have a table called tblAccounts and a form called frmEnter_new_accounts. In my frmEnter_New_Accounts form is a Text Box for Account #. I want to have it so that when the user enters an account # it checks the tblAccounts table for a duplicate account # and then displays a message box (or Pop-Up form) to tell the user that the Account Number entered already exists. I would also like that box to offer the user the option to either Close that form without saving or return to the form to reenter a different account #.

I know I would probably do this in the LostFocus event or BeforeUpdate.

Does anyone have any ideas or samle code to assist me in this adventure?


I have a problem where a user would enter a project code eg 113-099. I put in a list box that filters all the project codes for instance if the user enters 1 it will show all codes starting with a 1 and every additional number they enter it filters the list box to show which codes already exists! I hope this makes sense.

The problem i have is i need to check when they enter the project code that it is a unique value. The Database developer we got in didnt index this field as no duplicates allowed and as result we have large amount of duplicate project codes.

I have started to experiment with Dlookup but with no great success.

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated as i dont have much experience with access.

The field name on the form is

[forms]![projects_frm].[project_job_number] and the table which stores this information is [projects]

Whew! Hopefully I explain this well.

I have a main form with IDNUMBER and subform that links through that field.
The field VENDOR exists in a table that is the basis of the subform.

Can I have the value of that VENDOR field automatically filled-in with the value already associated with the specific INUMBER that is brought up, if there already exists in the subform table, a record for that IDNUMBER?


Awesome day to all! almost done with my system.. just one last question for now, (i hope) hehe..

say i have a Text1 (for username) and Text2 (for emailaddress)

if(Text1 == [username in database] AND Text2 == [eadd in database]
msgbox "Already exist"
else if(Text1 == [username in database] AND Text2 != [eadd in database]
data will be added to the table
else if(Text1 != [username in database] AND Text2 == [eadd in database]
data will be added to the table
data will be added to the table

that's what i want to happen, but i just don't know how to implement that in code..

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