Spell Check Error in Access 97

When I try to do a spell check in a Form by pressing F7 I receive this error:

Can't start the spelling checker because it isn't installed.

How do I get it installed?


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I am using the following code to hide all of the Toolbars and Menu Bar.

For i = 1 To Application.CommandBars.Count
Set objOnMenu = Application.CommandBars(i)
objOnMenu.Enabled = False
Next i

This works fine in Access 2000 but when I convert it to be used in Access 97 the users are getting a compile error saying that the project or library cannot be found.

I have checked the references and they seem ok.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated ??


In access 2003 I have a small amount of code, I have mistyped a control reference in the code ie. instead of
me![codeval] i put [me1[codval], in Access 97 an error message appeared when i try to run, but im not getting this in 2003, all error checking turned on - please help if u can.

Hi...can you help?

I have a multi-user MS Access97 database application. It is causing one of the users (and I have only once had the error message myself) the following error message:

"There isn't enough free memory to update the display. Close unneeded programs and try again."

This error message occurs when the user is doing data entry via the forms and navigating between forms in the database. The form, on which the error occurs becomes oversized and does not display all the information. The user is forced to shut down the database, re-open it, and then it works fine....but eventually the error re-occurs.

I found Microsoft's article 236977, but it applies to working with Forms in Access 2000. This problem is happening in Access 97, and none of the causes listed in the article apply.

Has anyone every come across this....and do you know of a solution?


I've created a option group with 4 options (optRed, optBlue, optYellow and optGreen). I have a variable named color. I'm trying to write code that when a option button is selected (red, blue, yellow or green) the variable color is set to that color. I have the option values set to 1,2,3 and 4 respectively from the form design. In the code I wrote:

If optRed.value = True then
color = "Red"
ElseIf optBlue.value = True then
color = "Blue"
ElseIf optYellow.value = True then
color = "Yellow"
ElseIf optGreen.value = True then
color = "Green"
End If

The problem that I get is VBA won't allow me to set the value of optRed or anything other option buttons. It gives me the error that says, "optRed.Value = <You entered an expression that has no value.

Can anyone show me how to do this in Access 97's VBA.

The code I used in Access 97 is included at the end. On Case 3 it would return files with '*.imp' extension. i.e. 'Exportfile.imp'. I converted the database to Access 2000 and now the '*.imp' does not work. I get the following error message: '3027: Cannot Update. Database or Object is read only. Any help is surely appreciated. Thanks.

Code that worked in Access 97:

Set db = CodeDb
Select Case pintFileType
Case 1
strFileType = ".csv"
Case 2
strFileType = ".txt"
Case 3
strFileType = ".imp"

I have converted a database from 97 to 2002 and now i have getting two errors which are concerned with the relationship. In Access 97 application the relationships are working well but after the conversion some relationships between the tables are broken and now i cant establish the same relationships between the broken tables. I get the erros message

Microsoft cannot establish this relationship with referential integrity

In table X are some recvords which violate the rules of referential integrity.

I wonder the same relationship works in Access 97.

Someone to help me out

Trouble Opening Project (Library) in Access 97
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I have tried to open a copy of my database on a new computer in my local network. But Access keeps telling me that it cannot find the Project or Library.
When opening a new instance of MuMedFront.mdb I get all kinds of error messages and I am puzzled in how to solve them. This is the first message and it takes place in CurDir() and the next one = Date
I assume that I have to make a link somewhere but I am looking help with that.

Thank you in advance!

Is it possible to Justify text in Access '97. Can work out how to do this is Access 2000 or XP but not '97.

Any help appreciated.



Hi there I have created a report in access 97 that pulls in customers that are over 55 days late on payments, I have it showing the data in the report, but if the customer has more than 1 order late say 9 for instance it prints each record out with a 1 inch gap between each order making 5 pages to print out ? can i get them closer in the report and how, so it will all fit on one page.

I have a complex report written in Access 2000 and based on a cross-tab query that prints the columns vertically. I had to export the database to Access 97, but the labels in 97 do not have a vertical property. How can I print vertical text in Access 97?

I made a huge mistake. I developed an Access 97 application and began widespread implementation this week. The problem is that I did not realize that the users (using Access 97 runtime) cannot print the reports that my new database produces. They can only view. This is a problem.
Since I developed in Access 97 I did not see this problem and took it for granted that the users would be able to print and save their reports in rtf format.

Can anyone help?

I am trying to remove all enters from a text string and replace them with a comma and a space in Access 97 which means that I can't use the Replace function as that doesn't exist in this version. I am using the following code:

For x = 1 To Len(string)
y = Mid(string, x, 1)
If y = Chr(13) Then
y = ", "
End If
NewString = NewString + y
Next x
string = NewString

The problem is that this code completely fails to detect and remove the enter. What am I doing wrong, any ideas?

Just wondering, but how would you go about declaring a variable as a database in Access 97. It works in 2000, but after I converted it to 97, it tells me that it doesn't understand the object. Please help and thanks! =P


Hi I'm just starting out using ADO in access but I can't get the code to compile in Access 97. The first part of the code is:

	Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

Private Sub Command0_Click()

Dim cnn As New ADODB.Connection
Dim rst As New ADODB.Recordset

Dim curdb As Database
Set curdb = CurrentDb
Set CurConn = New ADODB.Connection

With CurConn
  .Provider = "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0"
  .ConnectionString = "data source= " & curdb.Name
End With

What happens when I try to compile the module is I get the following message: "User-defined type not defined" and it highlights the line with "Dim cnn As New ADODB.Connection" in it
Does that mean I have not got ADO installed correctly

Can anyone help me out?


I successfully use the code below in Access XP at home, but when I try at work in Access 97, nothing happens. I need the user to be prompted to add the value to the table if it is not in the combo box. Any suggestions? Here's the code:

Private Sub cboAcct_NotInList(NewData As String, Response As Integer)
Dim dbs As DAO.Database

Dim rs As DAO.Recordset

If vbNo = MsgBox("The 'Master Customer Number' specified is not in the list." & vbCr & vbCr & "Do you want to add it now?", vbQuestion + vbYesNo + vbDefaultButton2, "basNotInList") Then

Response = acDataErrContinue

End If

Set db = CurrentDb

Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("Accounts", dbOpenDynaset)


rs.Fields(0) = (cboAcct.ListCount + 2)

rs.Fields(1) = NewData




Set rs = Nothing

Set db = Nothing

Response = acDataErrAdded
End Sub


I need to split a string into an array by the space character but I'm working in Access '97 which doesn't feature a split() function. Does anyone know the equivalent?



I am writing a file cataloge program that searchs a chosen drive and places all the data in a table.

Im trying to get find a way that I can pull the actual filetype.

Is there a way to do this in access 97? Im using the Application.Filesearch tool to do this, i've tried the .FileType but that seems to be a search parameter rather than a information retriever.

I have found a couple of things while searching the forum but nothing that seems possible in 97?



There is no Round function in Access 97 (thank god there is in Access 2000). WIthout having to write a function does anyone know how I can sum what is DISPLAYED in a text box on a report?

At the moment I sum a textbox in the report footer, but rather than summing what the textbox DISPLAYS, it sums what the text box STORES (which is a three decimal place number).

Any ideas?

Does anyone know what VBA code I use in Access 97 to capture the mdb file name of the database I am currently in? I need to enter into a field on a table.

Any help most appreciated.



WindowsNT 4.0 Service Pack 6 error in access runtime install
I have an access runtime install package that has worked numerous times
installing on XP Home. It was built using Office XP developer's packaging

I tried installing it on a brand new PC running XP Home but it generates the
Visual Basic 6.0 Setup Toolkit
The office system pack cannot be installed on this system because it
requires Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6 or later.

I cannot find any info on this - any ideas?

I always have problems while doing calculations in queries that cause rounding problems (that make no sense).

For example, I have a number that I want to collect a 5% commission on. On some records, I would say about once every 20-25 records, when I multiply the 1895.22 x .05 I get an answer back of say 94.761. When I run it through the RoundCC() module it will sometimes come up as 94.7612399845 or something wild like that. Is this a bug in Access 97. I constantly run into this. Does this kind of thing happen in Access 2000? I remember COBOL and RPG, when you used a rounding command it rounded up to the next whole cent and was done.

I have a problem in Access 97 with needing to stop the use of the mouse wheel, users are scrolling through the records with the mouse wheel and adding multiple records in my slave tables. Short of killing them I need a solution.

I have tried the one contained in the mouse_scroll_2000.zip but it doesn’t work in Access 97, it won’t use the LoadLibrary command.

So does anyone know how to stop the mouse wheel in Access 97?
Or does anyone know how to get Access 97 to use the LoadLibrary command?


Hi All

I have a database in Access 97 which allows data entry via a form to a table linked to an excel spreadsheet. In Access 97 I can move to the end record in the form view then it allows me to move to a new blank record and enter a new record which updates the table and the spreadsheet. When I set up the same database in Access 2000 the option to move to a blank record is greyed out anyone have any ideas?

Is it possible to format fields conditionally in access 97?

I am trying to change the font colour and font weight based on the value in the field?

Thanks in Advance

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