What version of Access do you use?

Very General Question

What version of Access do you use?

And if you use Access 97, why do you choose to use that over that of Access 2000 or higher?

I am curious to find out the reasons.

As for me, I use Access 2003 all around.

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Hi All,

Both Ally and myself work for the NHS so obviously there is no communication between different sections of the IT dept.

We write databases in Access 97 and the IT PC builders are installing Access 2000 on new PC's. Therefore we get users ringing us when they come to the "convert now?" screen. Our teckies then go and install Access 97 on the offending PC

Here's the question.....

Is there any VBcode that can be included at startup of a database that will identify the version of Access the user is using? so if its Ver2000 then Exit database.

We are concerned that someone will convert our databases to 2000 and "screw them up"

I've searched the forum with no success on this topic.

Thanks for any help on this


I haven't used 2007 hardly at all, so my wish list is based on what I see in 2003.

All suggestions so far, with number of people who voted for each one:
-Bound treeview and listview controls, or at least wizards to assist with the loading
-Ability to show different image for each record in a continuous form (1)
-Ability to change color and/or shape of command buttons
-Provide more configuration options to tweak the behavior, even if it has to be done with a CLI, *ESPECIALLY* for ODBC/OLE DB behavior and bound form behavior (e.g. saving early or late, etc) (1)
-Allow for form and control templates
-Better tab control (e.g. transparent ones *and* using Windows Theme for example)
-Corollary: Make sure that Access controls inherits from Windows' controls (I understand that Access controls are just lookalikes... confirmation?)
-Restore the new look and feel in 2007 back to 2003 (1)
-Better integration with BLOB types (sound, picture, and video) with Active X controls
-Provide a means to open a .doc/.xls file directly and define fields for records graphically to simplify the automation and using Word/Excel's native functionalities with convenience of Access's bound controls. (1)
-easy interface to integrate ribbon use instead of the XML fiasco (1)
-Continuous form on a continuous form (1)
-Web integration
-Word properties in Access
-Built in or at least intuitive drag/drop functionality

-Editable crosstabs (1)
-Retain formatting in SQL view of query, allow commenting
-Union queries in the QBE
-Drill down into sub-queries in the QBE (3)
-Provide a mean to use read-only query as a recordsource for a bound form/report, and a separate but updateable recordsource for inserts/updates. (1)
-Give *real* paramaterized queries/prepared statement a la Oracle/MySQL/MS SQL

-Completely eliminate macros as they currently exist. Adopt the Excel/Word macro paradigm (using VBA) and institute a macro recorder. Integrate Application level commands into the "macro" recorder (i.e. split a database, etc.). (2)
-Invoke the QBE within VBA and format SQL from QBE into VB ready string. And/or do a direct dump of SQL from QBE to a VB formatted string.
-Provide Application Events (e.g. OnOpen and OnExit for Access environment) (1)
-VBA commands for *everything* that you can do in the frontend, like splitting database, etc., and/or better documentation of such commands if they already exist
- update the vba code when using the command button wizard

-Better security, restore ULS, provide a hook into logging so we can specify custom logging form or do some extra processing with security (e.g. authenticating for backend at same time) (1)

-Ability to turn mde into exe (2)
-Use different registry keys for different versions of Access so that running multiple versions doesn't cause problems (1)
-Make Access completely separate from the rest of MS Office, instead make it an Add-On to Visual Studio
-Make it fully object-oriented (1)
-Reinforce good programming habits (e.g. have a sane naming convention for starters), controls on form should have a different default name than the field names when created ... maybe using some kind of prefix such as cbo, txt (2)
-Remove the 355 byte limitation (per field) on exporting data to Excel.
-remove/hide certain features which are considered "bad practices" such as lookups at table level
-make Access much more robust with regards to networking and provide error handling for networking issues (5)
-better native database backend

Access 2007 has some new form properties, such as Filter On Load. This property which doesn't exist in previous versions will apply the filter from the last time a form was opened to the next time it's opened. Of course this can cause a lot of problems so I want to disable it. Disabling it should be as simple as setting the property to No.

My question is what happens to form properties that are specific to Access 2007 when loaded on computers with other versions? For example, if I have five users on a network and I set this property to No and then create five copies on the respective PCs, where some of them have Access 2007 and some Access 2003? Do other versions of Access simply ignore the property or does it cause a problem somehow?

I've done a simple test by setting the property to No and then moving the file to another computer with Access XP and it appeared to function correctly. I want to know if anyone has specific information about whether it will consistently perform correctly regardless of version or if an Access 2002/2003 Runtime happens to be used.

Thank you


I've come across a couple of free/inexpensive Access utilities in my wandering over the web and wondered if others had found Access related utilities/addins/tools that they would recommend to other developers?

I use/have used:
NJH Tools
zMsa Tools - Oscorp.com

Paid for
Access Control Centre

I also seem to remember a tool/code that allowed you to add Error Trapping code to an exisiting database but can'r find reference to it.

What utilities do you use?


Hi All,

Having written and distributed a A2K database about five years ago and now with over 300 clients, I am needing to update everyone to 2007 (and make some money). Given that all these clients have the full spectrum of OS and access versions or sometimes no access my questions are:

Can I send them a 2007 version of the database and force the database to run using the 2007 runtime regardless of what they have on their computers?

Will the 2007 runtime conflict with any other versions of access say if a client is using 2003?

Will the 2007 runtime work on computers using Windows ME, 2000 or 98 as I believe you need atleast XP for 2007?

Will the digital certificate that comes with the 2007 developer extensions work to allow the code to run as trusted without the client having to go and set the folder as trusted?

Is there any other issues that Im not aware of?

Thank you kindly for looking at my questions, I really appreciate it.


Hello forum goers,

I'm looking for some troubleshooting help with an MS Access 20007 report using conditional formatting. I have more than 3 conditions, so I'm unable to use the Access front end tool for this. I've had success doing this in earlier versions of Access, but for some reason I can't seem to make it work in 07.

Here's the situation:

I'm formatting a status report using values such as: "On Target", "At Risk", "Late", "Target TBD", etc. I'm using IF statements to specify when a text box should be Green, Yellow, Red, etc. The field I'm formatting is called [lkpStatus] which appears as "Status" on the report.

I'm able to get Access to show the formatting in Print Preview mode, but in Report View it only seems to look at the very last record in the set, and then sets the textbox color for all of the records on the report based on the value of the last record in the set. I'm using the On Current event for the code in Report view.

I need it to look at each record individually at set the BackColor based on each record's value instead of solely looking at the last record. I was able to do this in earlier versions of Access without looping through the record set. Any ideas?

Here's my code:

Private Sub Detail_Format(Cancel As Integer, FormatCount As Integer)

Dim lngRed As Long, lngYellow As Long, lngWhite As Long, lngBlack As Long, lngGreen As Long

Dim lngTan As Long, lngBlue As Long, lngGray As Long

lngRed = RGB(255, 0, 0)
lngBlack = RGB(0, 0, 0)
lngYellow = RGB(255, 255, 0)
lngWhite = RGB(255, 255, 255)
lngGreen = RGB(0, 255, 0)
lngTan = RGB(196, 189, 151)
lngBlue = RGB(16, 37, 63)
lngGray = RGB(169, 181, 165)

If lkpStatus = "On Track" ThenlkpStatus.BackColor = lngGreen
lkpStatus.ForeColor = lngBlack
ElseIf lkpStatus = "At Risk" Or lkpStatus = "Update Needed" ThenlkpStatus.BackColor = lngYellow
lkpStatus.ForeColor = lngBlack
ElseIf lkpStatus = "Late" ThenlkpStatus.BackColor = lngRed
lkpStatus.ForeColor = lngWhite
ElseIf lkpStatus = "Target TBD" ThenlkpStatus.BackColor = lngTan
lkpStatus.ForeColor = lngBlack
ElseIf lkpStatus = "Closed" Or lkpStatus = "Cancelled" ThenlkpStatus.BackColor = lngBlue
lkpStatus.ForeColor = lngWhite
ElseIf lkpStatus = "Monitor" ThenlkpStatus.BackColor = lngGray
lkpStatus.ForeColor = lngBlack
End If

End Sub

Got a db in A97 that the owner does not want to convert into A2000 Just yet.

The problem is that they also have a database in A2000 that is to used on the same PC as the A97 db

it is obviosly conflicting with each other whenever the A97 version is opened.

What is the best way to use 2 different versions of Access at the same time?


HI, Im new to this, so I need some help if you can on the subject of upgrading a database created using access 1.0 to the latset version of access, can this be done ? Many Thanks

Hello everyone.

I've got an VB app that uses an Access db that sits on a sever. The owner of the app has no Access installled on site. The prior consultant created the app and used MS Access.

Is there a way for me to determne what version of Access this db was created in?


Dom (new to Access)

Hi Guys,

I have two versions of access that for the time being I need to use on the same machine.

Access 97
Access XP (2000?)

Everytime I use the XP version the 97 version needs to be reinstalled. I'm assuming that This may be just an installation issue, but before I remove them both and re-install them (access 97 first) just checking that this shouldn't be a problem and both can be run in the same windows environment


I have gotten an oppurtunity to create a database for someone. They have a runtime version of Access 2000. My question is, if I create an MDE file and give it to them would they run into any problems? I read here that they would be able to use the MDE file, but if my forms use any ActiveX Controls, would that be a problem with the runtime version of Access? Are there any legal issues with the runtime version of Access running my database? I assume that they have another database that we created for them and given to them with the runtime version of Access.

I plan to have a MBD backup to keep with me in case they ever want to add things?

I am going to try to document the desing of the database as much as possible, any good checklist of what to include in the documentation?

Any other suggestions or hints?

I have a few questions regarding Access 97 and other versions of Access as we don't have time to develop .net versions of our Access 97 databases and some of our users are moving to other versions of Office/Access - I work for a local authority hence we tend to be very slow in moving to newer technology!

We've tried converting our Access 97 databases (lots of front end forms) into Access 2000 but they fail and we don't want to install two versions of Access due to having our applications delivered via Novell to the user (PC's are locked down).

Do we need to purchase anything to produce stand alone executables which could be used on any pc regardless of which version of Access is installed instead of using mdb/mde files?

Would stand alone executables have all the functionality of mdb/mde files?

Would this overcome the Office XXX version problem?

Will newer versions of Windows become an issue (we're on a mixture of 2000 and XP at the moment)?

Are there any issues with going down this route?



I'm helping to manage a corporate upgrade of office across a few hundred PCs, which currently have an assortment of Office versions - 97, 2000, 2003 and maybe XP too - all to go to Office 2007.

There's no problem with licensing, as we have a corporate agreement - so if we want to, we can even install every version of Access on every PC.

The problem is - managing which files open in which version - some of them are databases which for an assortment of reasons have not been, maybe cannot be converted to later versions (well, not without a lot of re-working).

So... is there any reason why I shouldn't do this:

Rename the file extension on databases dependent on Access 97 to .mdb97, then associate file type .mdb97 with Access 97.

Rename the extension on databases dependent on Access 2000 to .mdb2k

and so on...

I just tested this on a small scale and Access seems to be happy enough to open a database with a non-standard file extension.

Or is there another, easier way? (bearing in mind that there may be a requirement to open multiple types on the same computer)

I can't seem to open any version of Access that isn't a US version. Am I doing something wrong? If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. The sample databases I'm trying to download would really help me out.


I´ve designed a small customer db for a company.

The users have different versions of access so I´m thinking of using the front/back technique to overcome the "convert" problem.

1. Can I have the data db in A97 and the front db in either A2k or A97?

2. I´m thinking of having the tables and the queries in the back, and just the forms in the front. Is this the right way to go about it? Will there be problems with the code behind the forms?

I´m not used to this technique so any advice, however trivial, will be great?


How can I get the version of Access a db was designed in from a listing of databases? My "tblFiles" table has a field named "FileInfo" that stores the location [drivepathname.mdb] of the db's. My code below gets the version of Jet (3, 4, etc.) for each db but I need to externally get the true version of Access (8.0, 11.0, etc.) that each db was designed in.

	Public Function VerifyJetVersion()
On Error GoTo Err_VerifyJetVersion
    Dim DB As DAO.Database
    Dim dbs As DAO.Database
    Dim rst As DAO.Recordset
    Dim wrkJet As Workspace
    Set DB = CurrentDb
    Set rst = DB.OpenRecordset("tblFiles", dbOpenDynaset)
    Set wrkJet = CreateWorkspace("NewJetWorkspace", "admin", "", dbUseJet)
    Do Until rst.EOF
        Set dbs = wrkJet.OpenDatabase(rst!FileInfo)
        rst!dbVersion = dbs.Version 'Version of Jet
    Exit Function
    MsgBox Err.Number & " - " & Err.Description
    Resume Exit_VerifyJetVersion
End Function

Thanks in advance for your help!

I have developed a small application in Access 2003 which I wish to distribute to some friends who have Access 2000. I have tried using the packaging wizard for 2003, and put the packaged version on a CD and installed it on their PC's. I can then go into the application on their machines but some of the features don't work (eg. some of the reports and charts). Am I expecting too much from the packaged application or should all references be resolved? Is the only way around this to ensure that they have either a) no version of Access b) Access 2003?

Hi Everyone

And thanx in anticipation of your support.

I am trying to customise an Access application.

I wish to display for the user only the application objects that I have created.

I do not wish to display any vestige of MS Access itself. So as well as not displaying the Ribbon or the Navigation pane etc., I do not wish to display the database window itself. I simply wish to have, for example, user forms floating free without any MS Access distractions whatsoever.

Surely this is the objective that should be driving us all - ie to keep things simple and economical so that the user is led by the hand, without anything to distract him.

There seems to be a cacophany of debate on this issue with much cross-purpose as between developers depending upon which version of Access they are using. It seems that prior to 2003 this was obtainable quite simply via an "Access Options" setting. But not so readily now?

I am using Access 2007 on Vista.

My hair is all torn out, so in desperation........... Is there a way AND if not Why?

I am perfectly prepared to acknowledge Microsoft Access as the vehicle for my application development. I just want to simplify the user interface down to its application bones!

Thanks again


Hello all... I have an app that originally ran on MS Access 2003 / Windows 2000 Server environment, and I'm migrating it to MS Access 2007 / Windows 2008 Server environment. The app has about 15 users.

I've come accross the Trusted Location issue. Basically it seems that I have to add the Trusted Location in each users's profile. Is there a way that I can add a Trusted Location "globally" (for all users) without login-in as each user and adding the Trusted Location individually...? I just want to avoid the hassle of re-setting everyone password etc. to do the changes in ecah user's profile... Any suggestion greatly appreciated!


"If you used the security features in previous versions of Access, you had to make a series of choices. For example, you had to choose between security levels (Low, Medium, or High), and whether you wanted to run potentially unsafe code or not. You no longer have to make those kinds of decisions when you open a database in Access 2007. By default, Access 2007 disables all potentially unsafe code or other components, regardless of the version of Access that you used to create the database." OH JOY!! There's nothing like having MS babysit my security settings! AGH!!!

A few months ago I installed Office 2007 on my home PC and uninstalled Office 2003.

I am contemplating the re-installation of ACCESS 2003 on my home PC, but don't want to disturb my Office 2007 install.

QUESTION: Is it possible to have both versions of ACCESS (2003 & 2007) on my PC without creating problems for myself?

NOTE: I have two hard drives on my PC (C drive, the newer one; and E drive from my last PC). Perhaps I should install ACCESS 2003 on the E drive?

I have an old database perhaps created some 10 years ago I should think.
perhaps using Access 2.0 ? I now need to edit a field in one of the tables, it is a text field and is currently set to only allow up to 20 charectors. I want to change it to 30 charectors

what versions of access can be used to edit the fields without updating the database to a later version?

I'm very worried that upgrading the databse to a later version it wil then not work with the associated program.

I have office 2000, 2003 and 2007. I dont think 2003 or 2007 will do.

Is it possible to download from the internet an early version of access?


I've been developing with Access for over 10 years now (still mainly using 2003).. And i've never used any of the 'extra' controls available from the tool box..

Do you guys use any, and if so then what for..

Hi all,

In an attempt to get rid of the boring grey background that seems standard with Access forms, I've been running my first ever database for 12 months with an orange(!) background and blue text.

However, it does look a bit over the top and unprofessional so I'm wondering what you fellow database designers use. From what I can see, Access doesn't offer a whole lot of variety.

Are there add-ins/templates that any of you use or do you depend on gifs and jpgs?

Any tips appreciated


I hope this is not going to bore you guys to tears, I have a specific line of questioning I would like answers for. Your expert advice will provide me with the direction I need to go for the next 12 to 24 months.

I am wanting to know what version of access and the associated programs I will need to redo an existing project to bring it up to today's modern look and feel.

I previously did an application in Access97, and at that time I also needed to purchase a program called Office Developer Edition Tools to enable the program to be installed as a runtime on client pc's.

I am not a programmer, but a really good hack. The program/application I developed sat on the shelf for a number of years due to personal reasons but I re-entered it in the market about 3 years ago. I am now seeing around at least one sale a day and the interest in the program is increasing, so I expect to see the sales increase well beyond a sale a day in the near future.

I now feel after many changes and updates to the program over the last 24 months that I have exceeded the limitation of the version of access it was created in, and as the success of the program is not something I want to give up I feel its time I change to a later version of access and redevelop the application.

I was never able to successfully import the code into a later version because it was written in access 97, however even if I could import the code there is so much that needs changing from what I have gained from client feedback over the last few years that its almost necessary to simply start again.

Over the years I have seen so many versions of access and heard so many people screaming about the poor quality of the program and the problems they were having with individuals loosing information that I am now needing your expert advice as to what version I should use.

My application is sold as a stand alone program, it is for business use, and holds critical small business information, hence it cannot loose records or data.

As I mentioned I am not a professional programmer (I am a self taught hack), which is why I like to have the tools to take care of everything for me. I am prepared to put in the work and learn whatever version of Access I need to. I previously burnt the candle and only got about 5 hours sleep a night when I first developed the program so I can do it again if need be.

So if you have the suggestions as to what version of access I should be looking at.. I need stability as the software I develop holds small business information which cannot be lost due to unstable access. I cannot have a version that is prone to losing records.

I know access has most likely come a long way but some of the versions after access97 were so unstable that I stayed away until now.

Also I will need to know what other software is going to be needed to take the application into a complete installation file to enable successful installation on another pc, with its own copy of runtime etc (if we still call it an access runtime version). I don't want to have to hack too much, I would rather just purchase the program and have it all done for me.

I run XP on my machines, but I will go to windows 7 if need be.

The completed application/program will need to be able to install and run on XP and above, and bit 32 and 64 if this is possible. I know that many users of my software are running my application on windows7 64bit with no problem, but it never worked on any other 64 bit system, and of course it was not really suppose to as it was a 32bit program design.

I will be looking forward to hearing what you have to say...

thankyou, and happy new year...

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