Unwanted Parameter Value Prompts

I have a report that is based on a parameter query. There are actually 3 queries and the parameters are in the first but the report gets its fields from the 3rd query.

When a user clicks on the report a dialog box Form opens so they can enter the parameters. Everything works as designed but there is an annoying glitch.

About 25% of the time when the user clicks the report prompts for parameters pop up. Since there are multiple queries and the parameters are in the first there are a lot of prompts. If you click cancel they go away and then the form will open and it will work fine. But this frightens the users.

How do I get rid of these unwanted prompts? It is in Access 2002.


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I don’t really know what is going on here.

I am trying to open a form and now it keeps asking me for a parameter value:
Service.[Service_ID]. The thing is I have no idea where, in the code, Access is looking for this value.

It seems to be doing this prior to the onset of my form load… before any form events happen (e.g., when I walk through the code, the parameter popup appears before any of these events are kicked off: Open → Load → Resize → Activate → Current). Prior to any these aformentioned events kicking off, I make attempts to open a form like so:

	DoCmd.OpenForm "00160_Clone_Service_Level_Contacts", acNormal, , , acFormAdd, , strArgs

As soon as I step through the DoCmd.OpenForm line, a message box pops up asking for the parameter value, shown previously: Service.[Service_ID].
So, it’s looking for Service_ID from the service table, but the form is unbound. So when does it check for this value? And how can I stop it from doing this?

Hello folks,

Any help of this question would be very greatly appreciated. I am trying to create a query that utilizes parameter values. If I assume that a user runs the query and receives a number of user prompt boxes (parameter value) for what selection criteria they would like to use when displaying the data they would like returned from the query.

If a user does not want to supply a value for one of the parameter queries, how can I make it so that the query will still run and simply return the data that the user specifies in the parameter values while returning all options for the parameter values the user does not which to choose.

Is there some word such as 'ALL' or something that a user can type in a parameter value prompt box to not filter that value but to show all options for that field in the query?

Is this possible?

Thank you very much,


Hello all,

I have a field in a query(make table) which calculates the number of days between 2 dates[TIME], then I have the query determine the value of two other fields 'Letter: LetType([TIME])' and 'range: PeriodChecker([TIME])' depending on the value of [TIME]. I do this by using a function like this;

Public Function LetType(intDays As Integer) As String
Select Case intDays
Case Is


I created a form, frmOCP, which has a combo box, cboFilterContract, in the header and a continuous form in the body. The continuous form populates with records based on the selection in the combo box (the combo box applies a filter to show just those records that are in the selected category). This form does exactly what I need it to do as a stand-alone.

However, I also have a central Navigation Form, frmNavigation, with tabs to different forms, including frmOCP. When I click on the frmOCP tab in frmNavigation, I get an Enter Parameter Value pop-up box, asking for the following information: Forms!frmOCP!cboFilterContract. As it happens, when I type in the name of the category that I want into this pop-up, the parameter works and I get what I want (the continuous form populates properly). I don't want it to prompt with a pop-up box, since the user uses cboFilterContract to do this. How do I suppress the pop-up box?

Many thanks!

"Enter Parameter Value" is prompted by DoCmd.OpenReport based on criteria from a combo box. The prompt box shows the criteria.

Here is the VBA:

Quote: Private Sub btnCCFSReport_Click()

Dim strDocName As String
Dim strCriteria As String

strDocName = "rptCCFSReport"
strCriteria = "fldPkg =" & Me!cmbPkg

DoCmd.OpenReport strDocName, acViewPreview, , strCriteria

End Sub The Me!cmbPkg value is showing in the prompt box, not the field of which that value is associated. So it's not prompting "fldPkg", but the data criteria.

The report is based on a query with Where statements which includes the field in which the criteria is associated.

I repeat the same data in the prompt and the report runs as desired.

How can I solve this prompt box issue?

Thank you.

I created a dialog box to allow a user to enter a name into in order to filter data in the report that opens, following guidance in ComputerPREP's Access III Student Guide. I guess they didn't want to go into VBA in this guide, because this is the workaround for the default "Enter Parameter Value" dialog box pop-up:

In the macro, they give guidance to close the current "filter" dialog box , and simply create another MsgBox that will prompt the user to click cancel in the next "Enter Parameter Value" dialog box.

I guess a macro doesn't have the possibility of preventing the default dialog box from displaying.

Can anyone help me with a general VBA script to prevent the default dialog from displaying, which I can reference in the same macro to 'RunCode' rather than displaying the MsgBox?

I run a report and in Access 2003 and I am not prompted for to enter any values. Once I converted the report to Access 2007 I am prompted to
"Enter Parameter Value": Section. This is being throw by a sub-report that I call from the main report. I click OK without entering any input paramter and the report returns the data just like it was supposed to. Here is a copy of the query the subreport uses.

SELECT tblDisbursalBreakdown.department, tblDisbursalBreakdown.branch, tblDisbursalBreakdown.section, tblDeductions.pay_pd_id, tblDeductions.pay_element_id, tblDeductions.short_descp, Sum(tblDeductions.tot_current_monetary_amt) AS SumOftot_current_monetary_amt, Sum(tblDeductions.ytd_monetary_amt) AS SumOfytd_monetary_amt
FROM tblDisbursalBreakdown INNER JOIN tblDeductions ON tblDisbursalBreakdown.emp_id = tblDeductions.emp_id
GROUP BY tblDisbursalBreakdown.department, tblDisbursalBreakdown.branch, tblDisbursalBreakdown.section, tblDeductions.pay_pd_id, tblDeductions.pay_element_id, tblDeductions.short_descp, tblDeductions.pay_element_type_code
HAVING (((tblDisbursalBreakdown.section) Is Not Null) AND ((tblDeductions.pay_element_type_code)="3"));

and here is the record source from the report. that calls the above query.

SELECT DISTINCTROW qryDeptEmplCostSummary.department, qryDeptEmplCostSummary.pay_element_id, qryDeptEmplCostSummary.short_descp, qryDeptEmplCostSummary.SumOftot_current_monetary_a mt, qryDeptEmplCostSummary.SumOfytd_monetary_amt
FROM qryDeptEmplCostSummary;

My Master Form has a command control "Quit" which triggers DoCmd.Quit on click.

The problem is the user is prompted to enter parameter values before Access will close.

It appears the parameter values support the SQL for list boxes on the
master Form.

Any ideas on how to remove the parameter prompts?

I am passing values from a form to the criteria of a query. The value of the string strSQL shows up perfectly everytime when viewing using the debug.Print command. When looking at the Query in Design View, the search word is surrounded by square brackets, resulting in a prompt for a parameter value. If the user does not enter a search term, the query works fine.


If IsNull(Me!txtSearchWord) Then
strWord = Chr(34) & "*" & Chr(34)
strWord = Chr(34) & "*" & Chr(34) & " & " & Me!txtSearchWord & " & " & Chr(34) & "*" & Chr(34)
End If

strSQL = "SELECT * FROM [Table-CommitmentsMaster] " & _
"WHERE ((([Table-CommitmentsMaster]![Project Phase]) IN(" & strCriteria & ")) AND (([Table-CommitmentsMaster]![Commitment]) LIKE (" & strWord & ")));"
qdf.SQL = strSQL

DoCmd.OpenQuery "Query-Catagories"

Any help you can give is much appreciated!


I have a form containing flight information, and a button which runs a query pulling back the passengers scheduled to be on that flight. Unfortunately when I run the query I get an unexpected pop up prompting me to enter the parameter value.

I've seen multiple threads with people having similar problems and I've tried a few of the solutions which worked for them, including:

Checking and double-checking the spelling etc. of my reference to the textbox object ( I have [Forms]![formFlightInformation]![FlightID] , and my form is definitely called formFlightInformation and the textbox is definitely named FlightID )

Compacting and Repairing the database and then re-opening.

Compiling the db in VBA (no error messages come up, although nothing much else seems to happen either other than the "Compile abc.db" option becoming grayed out.)

Printing out the database documenter to try and find any incorrect references or historical code (this db is pretty much brand new so it was a bit of a long shot, I must admit that I'm not 100% sure what I was looking for but I couldn't see anything out of place).

In frustration I tried to replace the simple macro I used to "OpenQuery" previously with an on_click sub in the form module in vba to opening the query and forcing the use of my textbox value as the filter in that way, but then I came across this error message:

"The expression On Click you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: A problem occurred while Microsoft Office Access was communicating with the OLE server or ActiveX control"

I'm wondering if these two problems are related? Or if anyone has any other ideas on what could be going wrong?

Hey, I am having some troubles with one of my queries I think?
I have made some code so that once you have clicked on a part of the form a parameter value box appears prompting you to input a date from, once you have done that you press enter and another appears prompting for a date too! Then you press enter and it filters all the reports that have been entered between these two dates!

This is perfect for what I want but, it only brings up the reports as data in a query! I need to be able to print them off from the query. Is this possible? If any body can help I would appreciate this a lot as I am very interested in this!

Thank you in advance!

I have currently got a query that prompts you to enter a password this all works fine, but I wondered if it is possible to modify the parameter value properties instead of it displaying

"Enter Parameter Value" can you for example make it display "Password Needed" in the title?

any ideas?


i'm new to access, please help. In the query's underlying table is a field for "Customer Name". The query generates a Report which calculates the "Total Cost" for a specified customer. In the query I have set the criteria for the 'customer name' field to [Type the Customer's Name]. When the query runs, the Enter Parameter Value box prompts for "Type the Customer's Name". My question: Instead of having to type the customer's name, I want to display a combo box (or drop list) from where I can select a customer's name. The report will then display the totals for that selected customer. How do I do this ? I will appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

Afternoon All,

Right then.....i have a query which I use to search the database, users click a command button to open up the query and then are prompted to enter the parameter value. The results are then displayed in a form - what I want to do is to display the search term used at the top of the form.

I'm not sure that this is possible and if not, would my best bet be to use a text box on the form and refer to that in the search query?


Hey all,

Hope you can help. I have a database with one table with 5 fields:

Table = TimeOffRequest
field 1 = Record No
field 2 = Department
field 3 = Employee Name
field 4 = Date of Request
field 5 = Requested Date

I'm running a parameter query based on the departments (qryDept) which prompts "Enter Parameter Value". I enter the information and it works but I am trying to get it to pull up a custom form (frmDept) with a combo box (cboDept) and cannot get it to pull up the form at all. in the criteria field of the department query I have the following statement that I created using the builder (no typos):


I've been working on resolving this issue for two weeks and have tried everything I have found on this and every forum i have come across. I even started a new database and followed the instructions on the following site:


I also tried:

I'm not sure what going on but now I'm starting to lose sleep over this..
Any help is appreciated.

Hi all,

I'm working on an access application for my vacation job, I have never really worked in access before except creating a simple database for a vb.net project in school. Before I start explaining my problem I want to tell you that I tried looking for similar posts but haven't found the solution in any of those

Ok so here it goes...

I have a form which shows all data from 1 record at a time from a table called OpenPositions. On this form I have a list (List control) which shows data from the table PositionCandidates. Basicly it shows all candidates who applied for that position on the form (The data is linked with PK FK as it should be)
Now, when I open my form it shows an open position and in the list it shows all candidates who have applied for that position. But sometimes (mostly after sorting various fields, and removing the sort) when I want to navigate to the next, previous, first or last record I get this prompt window which asks me to Enter a parameter value. When I close the form and re-open it, it still asks me for the parameter value. The only way I can get rid of it, is to go to 1 of the controls properties (doesn't matter which one) and close the properties window and then re-open the form again.

Has anyone ever experienced something like this and does anyone know how I can solve this problem.

Kind regards


I have a main form, which initially had two subforms in it, say sub1 and sub2. Now, to handle a new requirement I had to add one more subform (say sub2.1) under sub2. I did this by using the subform wizard, and by linking some DB fields based on the mapping between sub2 and sub2.1. I've started facing an annoying problem since then. While closing the Main form, I keep on getting the "Enter Parameter Value" alerts prompting for the field values of sub2. I have to press on Cancel, then it hangs.

Please could anyone provide any solution to it? The same problem is happening in both Access'97 and Access'2003.


I modified the name of a field in a table, which is the basis of a query, which is the basis of a form. The field name was ACCT # which I discovered wasn't treated kindly when referenced in VBA. So I changed the names of all such fields in the database tables to AcctNo. After each change I refreshed the database. I checked the naming in all related queries, forms, and reports. Now when I try to open the form, I get a prompt window that says "Enter Parameter Value" and under that it says "ACCT #", and under that the choice of Ok and Close. Regardless of what is selected, Ok or Close, without entering a value, it just proceeds to open the form. Further it occurs not only entering the form, but changing from design to form view, and with any record navagation.
The underlying query has no conditions, or conditional parameters, and never did. How can I discover where this new prompt is coming from and get rid of it?
Thank you in advance for your kind attention to my annoyance.

I always search this and multiple other forums and sites for answers to problems I come up against. This is the first time I have needed to resort to asking so I apologise if a similar problem/answer has been posted elsewhere.

I have attached a (slimmed down) Access 2007 database used for Asset Management and fault reporting. It opens on the main form which has a number of subforms and one sub-subform.

To make the form as user friendly as possible I am placing a number of unbound text boxes on the FormHeader to be used for search queries. The AfterUpdate event for each text box executes the necessary query, searching on the contents of the text box.

This works absolutely fine for the 'Colloquial Name' text box and associated field - this field is in the main table, RTI_Assets. The main form frmRTI_Assets is bound to this table. The query executed is called 'Colloquial Search'.

I cannot however get the 'Fault Reference' search to work on the field Supplier_Reference in the RTI_Fault table (the subform subfrmRTI_Fault is bound to this table). The query executed is called 'Fault Reference Search'.

There are 15 records in the assets table and 2 records in the faults table - with supplier references 555 and 101010.

I get prompted with Enter Parameter Value for the field RTI_Fault.Supplier_Reference if I enter 555 in the text box. Whatever I enter in this prompt I get returned to the first record.

Both queries are very simple. Please could someone point me in the right direction?

Hello all - I have been charged with the maintenance of our Access databases, and I have taken several courses. I am now faced with a problem that I cannot resolve. The original database was created several years ago, and I'm concerned that our update to Access 2010 may be the issue, but I don't know that for certain.

In a nutshell, a report that formerly worked is no longer functioning as it should. I looked at the properties of the report, and saw what I thought was the problem: a control source pointed to an apparently incorrect query. I updated the control source to point to the correct query, and if I run the query, I get accurate data. However, now when I try to run a report that utilizes data from this query, a "Enter Parameter Value" dialog box opens up and shows one of the items I've selected in the query ("qrySelection Totals by Category.SumOfCurr Bal"). When I just hit enter, nothing shows up in the report for the respective sums, or if I hit a number, that same number shows up for all of them. I'm so frustrated I could scream. Is there anyone out there that could shed some light on this?

Much obliged, folks!

So I am building a bunch of queries and all of them work just fine, but not without clicking "Ok" on the "Enter Parameter Value" box that comes up each time I try to run the query (and it comes up many, many times for each query).
Here is an example of the expression in a query that is causing this box to pop up each and every time:
MA: IIf([Mt Ascutney]="Present",1,0)
So when I try to run this query that has this expression in it, it asks for me to "Enter Parameter Value" for "MA" (and numerous other fields in this query that are similar).
I can click "OK" without entering anything in the box for this prompt and the query works just fine, but I cannot hand over this database to the users and ask them to click through these boxes each and every time. Any solutions? Must be something easy...

What is the best way to place a parameter value specified in a query to be placed on a report based on that query?


1. I have reports based upon parameter value in a query. What do I need to add to this that will keep open or reopen the parameter value box after I close the report?
2. How do I format the parameter value box to make the entered information (e.g. Begin & End Date, or Location) appear on the report?
Thank you JWT

I have a report that includes a start and end date. In a previous post I was instructed on how to include the parameter values on my report. I have now changed the underlying query for the report to allow users to leave the date parameter blank to retrieve all results. However, when they do this, of course the start date and end dates are left blank on the report.

Is there some code or something I can do so that if the user leaves the parameters blank the date of the oldest record goes to the Start date field and the date of the most recent record goes to the End date field? Or, just have the fields not show on the report at all when the parameters are left blank? I think I may be getting in over my head, but thought it would be worth a try.

Not finding an answer? Try a Google search.