Sample Database for DVD Rental Store

Does anyone have a sort of template for a dvd rental database in Access?

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being a bit lazy on this sunny friday morning, I was wondering if anyone cld recommend a freely available sample database for customer management, just one that records customer details, any meetings , any notes regarding the customer etc.. not too complex with maybe a couple of reports included !

many tks if you can


from sunny dublin

hi ,
does anybody have coffee shop or resturant sample database ?!

for example something that gives menu's and then u select people orders and then calculate the prices and print a bill



I'm in over my head with something I've been asked to do at work as my access skills are pretty basic.

I need a sample database containing PRODUCTS and SUPPLIERS, that lets you book IN stock received from the supplier (and adds to the stock level) and lets you book OUT stock issued to staff (and reduces the stock level)

I'll have a go at reorder levels, form design, stuff like that myself, but I'm having trouble with these very basic requirements.

Does anyone know of a sample database that I can download to learn some of this from?

Hi friends,

I'm very happy and happy since I've found this discussion forum.

Actually, our company need to me to develop one database using MS Access for catering business, I've navigate to the internet to search sample database for catering but until now I'm still not find.

Hopefully, all of you can give me sample database for catering business.

Best regards,


Have found help in various posts while I build my database for DVD rentals for our small country store. Was going to start from scratch, but discovered the template for Lending Library and thought it would spare me some time and effort.

Have experience building Access Databases, but it's been a while and I'm a bit rusty...

Been playing around with the Lending Library template and making it my own. I changed the tables and the relationships, since I noticed every table in the template had the same Primary Key (ID). Not good design, huh?

Managed to make some progress and added additional reports, etc. My only REAL problem right now, (and this is inherit from the template), is this:

The Contact Details Form's subform named Current Lending, pulls up ALL movies lent to customers, regardless of who rented them. Obviously there is something wrong with the query, and it's not filtering the information for each customer. I'm sure it's missing adjoining fields.

The easiest way to rectify this, is for me to upload the DB and have someone take a look and attempt to fix this, instead of me banging my head against the wall.

I have backups, so I don't mind if someone modifies the db, then I can put some minor touches to complete this project.

Thanks in advance,
Marion Attached Files Alger Market Movie (255.1 KB, 12 views) Last edited by RuralGuy; 01-20-2012 at 02:49 PM. Reason: Attached the zip file Reply With Quote 01-20-2012, 04:30 PM #2 aytee111 Expert Windows 7 32bit Access 2010 32bit Join Date Nov 2011 Posts 550 That is the way it has been designed. What would you like to change about it? All the tabs reference all the customers, not just the Current Lending one.


I'm making a test database for DVD rentals. When A loan is made I have an update query that sets some fields in the DVD copy table. One of these fields needs to be set to the primary key of the loan made. This would be the last entry on the loans table. I don't have any idea what to put in the 'Update To' box in the query though.

Wrong code here, but this may help explain what I am trying to get:

	Tables.Loans.LastLoan.Loan ID

Also heres an image of my query:

Help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Hello all,

I am a student and in need of some serious help. For our Coursework we were told that we needed to create a database for a company of our choosing. I did some research and decided to pick a DVD rental shop as i thought this would be a good idea at the time. Now its come the time to actualy start making the thing and i am in serious trouble..i have no idea how to use access..i have tried going through all the tutorials but they confuse me more!

all i have so far is 4 tables..customers..DVD' Suppliers..i need to know how to create a input form so i can add new customers but when i try to create a form and then go to pick out the feilds..there is no fields to choose from!

i really really really need some help here.

thanks foe reading


hi, i'm a newbie and really don't know much about ms access

for school i have to creating a access database and using Visual Basic to create the user interface for it, the main focus of the project is on the vb so the access can be very simple

i'm thinking of using dvd rental database idea but i need it to keep stock as well. I was just going to keep a stock list and have one colomn called 'In Stock' displaying either yes or no and then run a report to display which dvds are in stock and which are not, or thats the idea at least

i will be setting up an input form for dvd rentals to select the customer and the dvd, but i need the form to change the yes to a no in the above column to change the In Stock status

my question is how do i do this, or is there a better way of going about this

thanks in advance

ps i'm using access 2003

Making a back-end database for video Rental shop web-site where user can search Dvd by Catergory and ask to borrow it. All info must be stored in relevant database.

How many tables do i need
1 Customers (should this include Username and password)
2. Dvd's Title,artist, rating
3. Catergory Horror,comedy,action etc
4. Loan ( not sure what attributes to have)

FAIRLY new to all this.
I'm having a little trouble figuring out how to update the stock levels for items in my stock table. It is a DVD Rental Database, so of course I need stock to be subtracted and added back on.

I already have a query for the amount of stock for each item, however, this only shows how much stock is in the 'AmountStock' column of my stock table (the original amount of stock).

I have a form also linked to my Rental Table, which works fine.
Just can't figure out how to make a query for updating stock each time a film is borrowed and returned!!

Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

Ok for a project i had to make a dvd rental database i basically done all the features except some of the queries iam finding hard to do please help!

First query i want to make the computer detect Memebrs not borrowing videos. How do i make it to search for a blank in the table coloum and then give the results the table is linked with releationships the field is basically a number ID.

Second one: How can i find memebrs borrowing more than two films. I cant type >2 as it thinks iam talking about memebr or video id higher than number 2. SOmeone give me some info please

Hello all,
I am learning Access and am continuing to learn more and more and love it! I have gotten so much help on this forum from reading the posts and asking questions, I really thank everyone for there help. Just when I think I am getting going, I stumble though.

I am trying to make a report with date parameters. I looked at the sample database and can't figure out how the start and end date is being filtered. It doesn't use a query, so I am not sure how it is working. Can someone explain this to me?

Thank you in advance.

I recently down loaded this sample database and tried to use it using Access 2007. I was not able to get the database to work. It would not allow me to click on the Browse button. I kept getting a debug error, and it highlighted the first line of code behind the button. I manage several databases for a department of 30 plus people and this tool would be extremely useful for me, if it would work in 2007. Here is the link to the sample database: . Does anyone know what needs to be done to get it to work in 2007?

Hey All, I came across the sample database that Smig made and am having problems getting it to work. Modules are not my strong point for sure. He says You will need to set up some eMail details for this to work (they are all in the mdl_PublicDeclerations) This is were I get lost I can't seem to figure out how or where to put my info.

Option Compare Database

Public pbUserName As String
Public pbUserEmail As String
Public pbEMailAcountUserName As String
Public pbEMailAcountUserPassword As String
Public pbEMailAcountSMTPHost As String
Public pbEMailAcountSMTPPort As String
Public pbEMailAcountUseAuthentication As Boolean
Public pbEMailAcountPOP3Host As String
Public pbEMailAcountUsePopAuthentication As Boolean

Public pbYourEmail As String ' -- for errors only

And this is my info

pbUserName = ""
pbUserEmail = ""
pbEMailAcountUserName = ""
pbEMailAcountUserPassword = "*******"
pbEMailAcountSMTPHost = ""
pbEMailAcountSMTPPort = "465"
bEMailAcountUseAuthentication = 1
pbEMailAcountPOP3Host = ""

Any help on this would be greatly appreicated

Hello all,

I have been playing with the GetFiles.mdb, featured in the Sample Databases section, and have come accross two issues I cant seem to adress alone.

First off, I would like to add the file path to an existing table called 'Indexing', to a certain field called 'Filepath'. There is another field called 'Filename' that must line up with the field 'Filepath'.
Example Table:
| abcd | 1234 | image | //Server/batch/image.tif |

I Modified the code to work with this table and field, but... For some reason, When I change ".AddNew" to ".Edit" it will not update all the records, only the first record updates with the last file name.

How can I accomplish updating the field without adding the file path in a new record?
--------------------Code from GetFiles------------------------
Private Function GetFile()
'Please note this is done with the Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library
'Your system may not have this version! A References error may occure
'if your version is different or if you have not put a Reference to a DAO
'Object library of any kind in the database.

Dim vFile As String
Dim dbs As DAO.Database, rst As DAO.Recordset
Dim strFile

strFile = Dir(Me.txtPath)
vFile = txtPath & strFile

'This seemed to be needed to add the first record from the path - without it
'it did not bring the first file in but missed it every time.

'If you wish to bypass the combo box option you can use the following
'line of code. Note this line will allow for two file types. Remove
'Or Right(strFile, 3) = "wma" if you wish to use only one file type.
'If Right(vFile, 3) = "mp3" Or Right(vFile, 3) = "wma" Then
If Right(vFile, 3) = Me.cboFileType Then

'Open Recordset.
Set dbs = DBEngine.Workspaces(0).Databases(0)
Set rst = dbs.OpenRecordset("Indexing", dbOpenTable)
'add the Path (file location)
With rst
!Filepath = vFile
End With

'Close the recordset
Set rst = Nothing

'Increment the progress bar
Me.pbrProgress.Visible = True
Me.pbrProgress.Value = 1
End If

'Brings in the remaining files.
Do Until strFile = ""
strFile = Dir
vFile = txtPath & strFile
'If you wish to bypass the combo box option you can use the following
'line of code. Note this line will allow for two file types. Remove
'Or Right(strFile, 3) = "wma" if you wish to use only one file type.
'If Right(vFile, 3) = "mp3" Or Right(vFile, 3) = "wma" Then
If Right(vFile, 3) = Me.cboFileType Then

'Open Recordset.
Set dbs = DBEngine.Workspaces(0).Databases(0)
Set rst = dbs.OpenRecordset("Indexing", dbOpenTable)

'add the Path (file location)
With rst
!Filepath = vFile
End With
'Close the recordset
Set rst = Nothing

'Incrementing the progress bar until completed
If Me.pbrProgress = Me.pbrProgress.Max Then

'If completed then pop up the completion message
MsgBox "Import Complete " & Me.pbrProgress.Max + 1 & " Files Found."

'Hide the progress bar
Me.pbrProgress.Visible = False
Exit Function
End If

'Increment the progress bar in not completed
Me.pbrProgress.Value = Me.pbrProgress.Value + 1
End If
End Function
If I dont make any sense, ask and I will clarify.
-Thanks for any input.

Hi need a bit of urgent help, I posted a sample database while looking for some help, which I need to remove, coudl anyone please help me to do this the db contains company data...many thanks Fi

Just an FYI for anyone who wants an incredible library of Access sample databases (courtesy of MVP Roger Carlson):
Roger's Access Library


I am creating a database in Access 2010 for HR to store its records and information. This database will be loaded into SharePoint server 2010 with Enterprise features. I need several people to be able to open and write to the database simultaneously without any issues.

Does anyone have a good article that covers what I need to consider/do as far as "splitting" the database, write locks, etc?

I am not using the SharePoint Access services because the capabilities are limited. Just a regular database with multiple users.


Does anyone know of a Access database for tracking laboratory or clinical samples/specimens? There are stand-alone programs, but I prefer it in Access.

It would have to accommodate multiple storage locations (freezers, refrigerators), print barcodes and provide for instances where one biochemical sample is divided into multiple smaller portions for storage. It would also have to have a security component allowing multiple users to login with different levels of permission.

I've I heard of Laboratory Information Mangement systems. I guess this would be a Laboratory Inventory Management System.

Good day everyone. My first dive into Access was a success thanks to everyone on this site.

I've been asked to start a Contact Management database. Not for sales, more of a user/client support issue tracking thing.

We have Magic - but my team wants something they can use just between them.

I have some Ideas - but before I get started on a model - I wanted to know if anyone has a sample database I might take a look at.

Thank you in advance.

Sorry if this is in the wrong place - I am very new to this site

I have asked this on another forum but have had no replies - hoping someone here can help

I am using Acess 2000 and I am not that good at it

Is there any way to merge two of the sample databases which comes with
Access together - I would like to have the Inventory Control and the Order
Entry databases as one database - can this be done? There is no data in the databases yet

Hope someone can help and thanks for looking

Hi im am creating new database for accommodation
Now i need help.
Ive got 4 tables each with forms booking accommodation, flights, car rental
in my booking ive got these in my forms.
I want for example when i select accommodation in booking and select
example germany from this date up till ex 15 nov 2008 and submit.So
next time i book something in accommodation germany will not be availible up
till 15 nov.How can i set up a system like this?

My aim is to create a database for storing our projects information in an easier and an electronic way.

Basic Principle
There are different Programme Categories
Programme Names and corresponding Programme Codes
Each prog' has different subjects
Subject Names and corresponding Subject Codes
There are different projects in each subject

Each project has project title, project number and unique CRP code.
The CRP code is the combination of Programme Code, Subject Code and Project Number

One task is to automate the process of giving a CRP code. For this the project number field should be automated. I could do this. But the problem is that in our coding system in each subject the project number should start from 01 again. This I'm not able to achieve... Please help me out with this

Currently I have three tables
1. ProgInfo (With fields - ProgName, ProgCode(primarykey)
2. SubjInfo (With fields - SubjName(primarykey), SubjCode, ProgCode
[ProgInfo one to many with SubjInfo]
3. ProjInfo (With fields - SubjName, ProjTitle, ProjNumber)
[I don't exactly where to put the CRP Code because I want combine values from three fields to obtain it]
[SubjInfo one to many with ProjInfo]

Main Form
The database should be able to be used by a beginner or any user.

Where the user has the option to add a new project, add/remove programme which should be affected in ProgInfo table and similarly add/remove subject which affects the SubjInfo table.
Another function is that the user should be able to search for projects according the availabe options like CRP code, progname, subjname, etc...
Report Creation is another function required for this database.

How many tables and forms approximately would I require for this purpose? Please give suggestions. (Do I require seperate tables for each subject? that would be tedious)

Would be nice if you could give further advice or even a more easier way to solve the problem.

Hi All,

I am currently trying to make a db for a DVD rental company. (Coursework)

I have set up Customer info, DVD info and a rental table. It only needs to be a relatively simple DB but I am having problem adding the following features.

-Automatically calculate and save the "Date Due back" value in the rental table. I would like a msgbox to ask how many days the loan is for.

-Once the person comes to return the DVD, how could I work out the cost??
I basically want this function;[IF(Due date > todays date) then (todays date- due date)*late rate+ (due date- withdraw date)*daily rate. else (due date- withdraw date)*daily rate.

I dont know where to enter this information, is it on a form, in the table or through a querry. How could i then save my calculations in designated tables?

thanks so much for your help


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