DB Sharing Issue: Access 2010

I am wondering if I could get some input on this issue.

I originally created a simple access database that tracks the flow of documents in Access 2003. This database is located on a network share and 6 users access the database (via shortcut to their desktop) intermittently. One of the users accesses the database every day as she enters the bulk of the documents received, whereas the other users open the database for search functionality and the occasional entry.

We recently upgraded our PC's to Office 2010. Since this upgrade we are now experiencing an issue with users not being able to open the database at the same time. This was not an issue before the upgrade.

Something I do suspect is, upon opening of the database, an entry form is opened and on the Form_Open action "DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acNewRec" command is set. This is to make it easy for the individual entering, they can go ahead and start entering right away.

Now, I understand that if two simultaneous sessions of the database is opened, it's confusing to which new record would be opened.

In Options >> Client Settings >> Advanced - Default Open mode = Shared and Default Record locking = No Locks.

When the second user tries to open the database, an error message appears: Runtime error '2046' The Command or action 'GoToRecord' isn't available now.

I'm curious as to why we didn't have this issue with the previous Access 2003 version?

Can anyone think of a solution, or a workaround? I still want to maintain that the form opens to a new record upon opening of the database.

Thanks - your suggestions are much appreciated.


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Using MS access 2010 I have designed a database for a building manager to keep track of rent. There are several sub-managers involved in this. I want to assign a control to only specific reports(not to the database) and have several weird questions-Key point-We have a shared Network and Want to save main database file on that network so only admin can update that file and every user can get the most updated database at all time. These people don't want to use any other DBMS at all except MS ACCESS (which is not really a DBMS)
Can we keep database in one file as central repository and use other DB files to access that DB in MS access 2010? The reason I was asking is bcoz I want to control access of several users to the same database. Can we assign control to specific reports to different level of management? e.g. Manager A can see only room level detail VS. Sr. Manager can see entire organization/buildings detail. Can I keep my database safe from non-admin user so they cannot do any changes in that file? Does to add login authentication work in above situation? If yes how to assign it to different people to get non- admin view? I appreciate your time in this.


We currently are using a MS Access 2010 project linked to SQL 2005 Database. The SQL DB and Project we created a while back.

Recenlty I was asked to create a form to collect more data for our business. I followed the step below:
1. Logged to SQL Server Management Studio and created the new table with all required fields. I opened the table and added few test records to it.
2. Opened MS Access 2010 Project, selected Forms and used the Form Wizard to create a form based on the table created in step 1 above.

After the form was created I opened it but for some reason I am not able to add new records or make changes to existing records. The button to add new record is grayed out.

The SQL DB and MS Access 2010 Project were created by an employee that is no longer with our company.

Can someone assist in resolving the issue why I am not able to add new records? For some reason, I can created forms based on existing tables and able to add new records on the forms. Only the new table and associated forms don't allow me to add new records.


Previously, I had MS Access 2007 version where I could hit CTRL + Break to stop a process that got hung up due to size or other reasons. But that process doesn't seem to be working for MS Access 2010. Is there a way to stop a process that is taking too much time in the latest version of Access?

Has anyone had any conversions issues relating to switchboards in Access 2010?

We have 2 DBs NOT on our DB Server - works off a drive share. These are 2003 DBs that are now running in 2010 because we've upgraded user machines.

I made some changes, built new reports, queries, and forms. I made the changes in the switchboard. For me - as DBA and a Domain Admin, it runs fine.

I copied and renamed the DB for End User use and for all (including myself) had Internal Object Could Not Be Found or Unable to Execute Command errors for everything.

I was able to clear mine by running the queries, forms, and reports from the back end one time and then the switchboard worked again.

Researching the issues online to fix End User machines, the "fix" was to run Compact & Repair from the EU Machine and unjoin and rejoin references. I did this and still have the same issue.

Anyone have these same issues? If so, What is the fix?

Hi all,

So as this is my first post, I'll include a little background about me, and my stupidity!

I've been a developer for 13 years, starting with Access 97, VBA, VB6.0. I moved into .NET tech for a couple of years (VB + C#) before getting involved with framework software for energy trading and risk management (called Endur) which uses its own noddy prop language called AVS. This is what I've been developing with for the last six years.

Last year, my fiancee started a business providing independent careers advice to a number of schools in the area. The business is doing well and expanding, but with expansion has to come the standardisation and sharing of processes and data. The existing plethora of spreadsheets had to go in favour of a shared database app. Its quite simple, just gathering and reporting of client data and contact history in a basic RDB structure, no complex routines or links to external data.

So, I picked up a copy of Access 2010, and merrily began producing a web database with tables, forms, queries and reports.

Here is my stupidity: I committed the cardinal sin of failing to read up on enough background info before ploughing ahead with my build. How different could it be? I thought... duuuh.

I thought that by selecting a 'web database', the objects that I produced would implicitly become web-compatible. I certainly noticed the missing options such as VBA macros which led me to believe that Access 2010 was preventing me from building things that wont work on the web. WRONG!!

I've now attempted to publish the DB via Access Services, and ran the database compatibility checker. I literally received HUNDREDS of warnings, some were so basic (like not being able to bind a report to a query!!) that I wondered if I'd been sold beta version by mistake!! NOOB.

Anyway, rather than resolving each and every issue from the compatability checker (which would basically mean redesigning the entire database), I thought I'd explore other options.

I dont need to host the front end on a web server - having a fat client run under an Access Runtime installation is more than acceptable for each user that requires use of the tool. So I was delighted to read that Access 2007 provides the ability to publish JUST the back end to a document library on an "Office Live Small Business" site, and to utilise Linked Tables to join the front and back ends, leaving the client with all the forms, reports, logic etc. Perfect! Surely this can be achieved in Access 2010?

However, I cant seem to find any discussions on this subject that dont completely disagree with each other?

At the moment, it seems like my best option is to buy a copy of Access 2007 (if I can find one?), create a copy of my 2010 DB by removing 2010 features that arent 2007 compatible (such as data macros) and opening in 2007. I'd then need to rebuild my macros in 2007 and split the database, then publish the back end to the OLSB site.

UNLESS any of you good folk here know of a way to achieve what I'm trying to simply by using 2010?

To recap: I've been stupid and built a web database that is non-web compatible. I need to share the data in the database, but I'm not constrained by having to serve up the GUI via a browser. Can anyone help me by explaining how I can leverage the Access 2007 functionality to share JUST the back end but by using Access 2010? Or are my only options to convert to 2007, or start from scratch?

Any help greatly appreciated!

thanks in advance,


Hello everyone,

I have the following issue: I need to use a DB previously created in Access 2002-03 format with Access 2010 64 bit.

The code seems to work correctly but I have problems with mask filtering/ refreshing. I have a mask I use to filter documents for various fileds (such as data, title....); when I try to apply one of these filters, the mask does not update.

The routine associated with filter "title" is the following:

	Private Sub Titolo_AfterUpdate()

End Sub

Does anyone know if there are compatibility problems with "AfterUpdate" event or with Me.Refresh call in Access 2010 64 bit?

Thank you.


Hi All

I am needing some help with the completion of my database. It was built using Windows 7 with Access 2010 & this is where my problem lies: in Office 2007 it runs straight off the bat, Office 2010 it wont run, in Office 2013 it asks to allow the active X control to run & does so without any issues.

I have built an oil well pad database that requires the use of Google Earth with custom mapping overlays that one cannot use in Google Maps. Google Maps was my first attempt which worked, however I need to have the mapping overlays running in Google Earth. These KML overlay files are stored on a server & referenced to via a hyperlink in the VB coding that I had help with. The Google Earth function is run as a Microsoft Web Browser in an OLE box. I have exhausted my options looking for solutions to this problem, as I have fiddled with a variety of settings in the Trust Centre Settings & in IE9 to no avail:

Active X Settings: - Enabled all controls without restrictions & without prompting, unchecked safe mode as well. Macro Settings:- Enabled all macros Enabled Data Execution Prevention Mode Message Bar:- Show the message bar in all applications when active content, such as Active X controls & macros, has been blocked Has anyone had a similar issue, & can anyone help to resolve mine. We are using Office 2010 & hence my need to have this DB functional in Office 2010, the rest of the DB works fine, Google Earth & Active X are my headaches.

Attached is a demo in Office 2007 that works, this is the desired effect I want in 2010!

Im not a pro at Access, & no good at VB either, & would rate myself a beginner with some fair understanding of Access.

Many thanks in advance, Craig

I created a db in Access 2007. I have a form that opens when the database opens. Then a button that opens another form. There is no data link - just a new form. In Access 2010 the first form opens fine. The second form opens but none of the controls are visible. I have checked the properties and all controls are set to visible. Does anyone know why this is happening?

Another issue with the same database. The first form is set to open with all controls locked to prevent accidental data changes. There is a button linked to a macro to unlock the controls for editing. The button works fine in 2007 but does not work in 2010. Any ideas?

I'm guessing that the title of my thread will either scare most people away from it or make them extremely curious as to what it is I'm doing, but I do have a legitimate issue in Access 2010 (which I am currently testing my existing Databases in to ensure they will migrate over with no issues ... HA! Found one!).

So I have an Access 2007 DB that is linked to a few Sharepoint 2007 lists which are all working fine when running the DB on Access 2007. However, when running the same DB along with it's links in Access 2010, I am receiving a Runtime 3314 Error "You must enter a value in the '[field name]' field."

I did find the following KB of a "Known Bug" in Access 2010 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/242459) on Microsoft but it refers to attempting to update a record that has a required field in it and you may have omitted the field in question. The problem that I have is that I am attempting to update an existing record for only a couple of fields (none of which are required AND are not being displayed in the error message as the field that doesn't have a value). So this didn't really help me but did let me know there are some problems with Access 2010 that I am looking forward to ... .

Here is the Code where the issue is occurring at in my module:

Code: Set db = CurrentDb Set recPar = db.OpenRecordset("Enhancement Request", dbOpenDynaset) With recPar .FindFirst "ID = " & ParID If Not .NoMatch Then ParStat = !Status If ParStat "Parent" Then ParCmnt = "Yes" .Edit !Status = "Parent" ![Record Type] = "Parent" .Update Else ParCmnt = "No" End If End If End With recPar.Close Set recPar = Nothing Has anyone encountered this and possibly have any ideas (or a solution, which would be awesome!)???

Any help or ideas are definitely appreciated. Thanks!

Are there any discussion groups or early adopters for Access 2010 and Share Point development? My suggestion is to start one now. Myself, I will be purchasing an Intel I5 (or i7) workstation to be an early adopter. It will include Access 2010, Share Point, and SQL Server 2008.

There are probably a lot of lessons just in the setup and configuration that could be shared. And, if the rumors are true about a new emphasis on Share Point, it could offer new consulting opportunities.

New Access 2010 release date is coming soon May 12th. http://blogs.msdn.com/access/archive/2010/03/12/access-2010-release-date.aspx
Typically, the "Shrink Wrap" street date could be 4-6 weeks later.

My intention is to look at SharePoint and Access 2010. The suggestion is to setup a Win 2008 R2 server (basically the server version of Win 7). Threr is a possibliity that SharePoint and the Access services will not work on Win 7 Ultimate.

Rumors that Access 2010 for client development of Share Point is going to take a big leap on this version. As a consulting programmer (and SQL Server DBA) I am very interested and excited in how the SharePoint world will receive Access 2010. Based on Access 2007, my guess is that existing Access people are going to think publishing to SharePoint is pretty limited. But, once released, the SharePoint world may be very accepting. For rapid prototype and small to medium business, they could look for Access consultants for help. I wouldn’t bet the farm on it, but I think there will be a lot of opportunities in the next year or so for someone who can create Access / Share Point “web” apps.

If there is an existing place that is started, please point me there. Otherwise, my suggestion is to create a new entry point - with several directories (i.e. Server setup configuration, Access configurations, ...) soon.

Greetings All, This is my first post and really enjoy the postings as they are very informative. I am using Access 2010. My question deals with combo box being used to pull up a record in a Form. Everything works except that it won’t pull up more than about 400 records, leaving out the most recent additions to my T_Employees Table. There are about 500 records in my DB. The Row Source is: SELECT [T_Employees].[Employee_ID], [T_Employees].[Names] FROM T_Employees ORDER BY [Names]; and the Event After Update macro is: SearchFor Record, First,
="[Employee_ID] = " & Str(Nz([Screen].[ActiveControl],0)). I’m a novice at this but still have the patience to resolve the problem and really appreciate your help.

I need to reference a shared picture in Access 2010s new picture library. Does anyone know what the call is in VBA to call a certain picture?

Hi. I have been recently updating a database I use to track student progress in school. I wanted the database to be available online so staff could work at home and I was really sold on the Access 2010 idea of having a web database. I built the new DB using the "New Web Database" command. Around mid way through this process I realised that I actually needed SharePoint 2010 Server for this to work, which is not available to me. I decided instead to upload all my tables as SharePoint lists on the school server and have a front end database for each user. The database works great at home on Access 2010. The problem now is that, despite still having the accdb extension, the Web Database will not open in Access 2007 which I have available in school. Is there any way I can easily convert my web database back to a standard Access 2007/10 database without having to do it all again or have I wasted 2 days of my life?

As a side issue. Does anyone know why Accessruntime switch in 2007/10 disables the quick access toolbar? I used to keep the filter funtion, which I use a lot in there so it was available to users with the runtime version of the app. Now it seems that I will have to code a custom ribbon just to include the "filter" button.

Thanks for any help


I've been using Access 2010 for a little while - and it's been pretty positive. The other day I split my db and I appear to have a problem now.

Since doing the split, I cannot open the DB, even if I hold down if I'm not joined to the Network the data backend is located on. (It just opens Access, no DB).

I develop away from the network; so I have a developement version of the back-end - but if I don't get the option to open the DB and tell the Linked Table Manager where my version of the data is (let a alone open it at all).. I'm screwed.

IIRC, this wasn't an issue in Access 2007.

Is there a magic way in?

I'm curious. The IT department just installed Microsoft Office 2010 on my work PC. I have created a new DB to play around with.

At the top of the access screen it gives the following:

Database2: Database(Access 2007)-Microsoft Access

Shouldn't it say (Access 2010) as opposed to (Access 2007)? Is that an option I need to select or default to? Or is it just something that carried over from Access 2007?

Does Access 2010 still have the Memo truncation issue:
By default, Access scans the first 25 rows to guess the data type of the column.


Please share your actual experience / results with this.
Opinions should be posted elsewhere.
In a nutshell, the Access 2010 SP 1 VBA engine had issues reported.
There are many of us that would greatly appreciate knowing how this hotfix address the issues. Please limit replys to actual results and other useful links. Thanks for your support and thanks for your *thanks*

Before updating to Access SP 1 - it is worth your time to read this Microsoft Office Thread: Microsoft Access 2010 SP 1 Problem

On the Evening of October 28, 2011 the following was issued by the Microsoft Online Community Support.
Microsoft Office Online Community Support - announcement (page 13)
It looks like the hotfix for this issue has been released and can be downloaded from the link below:

Description of the Access 2010 hotfix package (Vbe7-x-none.msp): October 25, 2011 -http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2596585

In addition to this, KB 2625046 which describes this issue will also be updated to point to the fix above.

Best Regards,
Nathan Ost
Microsoft Online Community Support

Useful comment:
KB Article Number(s): 2596585 Language: All (Global) Platform: x64 And it dos not update the x86 version of office
I have same configuration. There's a hypertext link right by Step 1 that says "Show hotfixes for all platforms and languages". That will reveal the x86 option.

I have been using Access 2010 for about 2 to 3 months now. I went to open one of my databases last night and it opened up to my splash screen. I first noticed that the current date and time did not show up on it like it normally does, it was blank. When I went to click on the buttons to go to one of my forms it didn't work either nor did the close button. It has been a couple of weeks since I last opened this database and the last time I opened it, everything worked fine. I tried another database that I have as well and the same issue occurred. Now I copied the file onto a thumb drive and tried it on my wife's duo and it worked just fine. Now she is running just the Access Runtime. I'm at a loss of what it could be. I thought that it might have to do with recent updates so I uninstalled the most recent ones, that didn't help. So I uninstalled Access and reinstalled it. I am going to double check my "trusted" locations to make sure that isn't the problem but since it worked before I don't think that is it.

What elements of a development database may be problematic when deploying an application to run under Access 2010 Runtime on previous versions of Windows?

I am developing a new application using Access 2010. My development machine is running 32-bit Office 2010 on 64-bit Windows 7. My client is still running Office 2003 on their XP machines, and any upgrade in hardware and software will occur after the scheduled delivery date of my application. I've installed the latest version (14.0.6024.1000) of the Access 2010 Runtime (A10RT) on my Win-XP test platform.

In development, I've used the nifty new Navigation Form to organize my elementary forms of the database tables and views (queries). I am able to view the sample contents of all of the tables and views from this navigation form on my development machine. However, when I open the uncompiled ACCDB or compressed and compiled ACCDE on the test platform, the content in some of the elementary forms fails to resolve (I get a blank form). I have been able to "fix" these "broken" forms using a couple of solutions:

1) I've simplified a view query of four tables so that it now references one table and an intermediate view of the other three tables;

2) I've removed "format()" code from a query (a legacy of a previous programming life) and instead adjusted the output format property in the form.

These actions resolved the problems I originally encountered when attempting to view the test db content using the A10RT. After making these adjustments, I was able to view the contents of both forms from the A10RT. However, after I then changed the navigation form format from two horizontal button bars to a top/left button bar configuration, and adding some additional table/view forms to the mix, I'm back to some of the same, and some new, problems on the test platform. Even after reverting to the original navigation form, there are some forms that used to display content that no longer do. I haven't edited any data, or added/deleted/modified any tables or views. Apparently, just changing the default navigation form was enough to change the behavior of the dependent forms in my compiled and uncompiled applications under A10RT.

The multi-table view that is again causing me grief returns 150 records. I have another simple datasheet form that consistently resolves almost 4M rows under A10RT. The test database size is currently at 650MB. It doesn't appear that the problem with resolving the content in certain forms is due to table or database size.

The application is ultimately going to be split, with a "real" SQL database back-end that supports native views and triggers. To that end, I've enabled ANSI-92 SQL Server compatibility and am generating all of my Access "view" queries using ADO (currentproject.Connection.Execute "create view...").

I can probably fix the problems I've encountered in my latest round of testing. What I would prefer to do with my time is avoid these issues as best as possible. What can I do when developing in Access 2010 that I shouldn't do if I'm going to deploy a split DB application that will likely have to run under Access 2010 Runtime on Windows XP platforms?


Just starting out...tried to open the Contacts.accdb from the samples provided. Received the error as follows:-

"The table links for this sample application are not correct, and the data file could not be found in the expected default folder: C:Access 2010 etc etc."
It then opens the expected folder for me to find the files manually. I believe the files it is looking for are Ficticious Names.xlsx and Ficticious Companies.xlsx as when I tried to open a file a subsequent error message told me it expected the 3 files (Contacts.accdb; Ficticious Names.xlsx; Ficticious Companies.xlsx) to be in the same folder.

First thing I noticed is that the downloaded files were actually called Fictitious Names.xlsx with a "t" instead of a "c". yet the error message definitely said it was looking for Ficticious Names.xlsx with a "c".

I renamed the files but it made no difference. Since I have only just downloaded the samples and unzipped it and made no other changes I assume others must have experienced this issue....or could some global setting change I have made to Access itself be responsible (though I don't see how).

Any help gratefully received. Thanks.

I have a database originally created with Access 2007, but now that we've upgraded to Access 2010 the database does not open in shared mode and everytime i try to open it gives an message saying that i do not have exclusive rights.

The database is in a shared network drive used by about 5 persons. I already checked the settings to ensure that it always opens in shared mode but it still doesn't.

Any ideas?

PS: at the moment having a split database with BE and FE is not ideal as the database is still under developement and it would be difficult to have to update 5 users everytime a change is made.

My organization is upgrading from Access 2002 to Access 2010. We have a few databases that aren't converting well.
It seems there are a few db's that used the switchboard wizard when they were developed and that code is creating a problem.

When I try to open the db in 2010 I am able to pass the login form, which should then open the switchboard form, but in the switchboard code there is a line of code:
Set con = Application.CurrentProject.Connection
that returns an error of "Runtime Error, Class Not Registered" from debug.

When comparing the references between the same db in 2000/2002 and 2010 the one that seems to be different is Microsoft Acess 10.0 Object ibrary vs. 14.0 Object Library. Could this reference be the problem? or is there another libary I need to reference to get this to run?

The solution I'm dreading is recoding the switchboard forms and thus removing this line of code, but there are more than one of these databases, and the switchboard is multi-layered - I don't think I have that kind of time...

Hello, all! I am working with Microsoft Access 2010 and having a strange issue. Some users can open the database and add records and make other changes, other users open the database and add records but it only appears on their own computers. We are working off a shared drive, so I do not understand how new files are being created that only certain users can see (and they are only seeing their changes and not my changes and those of the other users). Everything looks fine in the file properties and everyone has the same security properties at the file and at the network folder level. I don't understand what is happening. Has anyone ever experienced something like this? I know that access can have issues with too many users, but we are at 5 users right now (we will be at 12 users if everyone comes online), so I did not think I had to worry about issues with too many users at this point, if ever.

thanks much,

Background: DB created in access 2003, my work upgraded to Access 2010. Now when I open the DB in 2010 and try to filter by form the "Filter" button stays inactive.

Basically on my form i select "filter by form" then add a number into the field I want to filter. The apply filter button stays "inactive" it's not clickable. I've read a few places that says it's an issue when upgrading to MS Access 2010. Does anybody have a solution? Much appreciated, thanks.

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