where can I get the complete list of Ribbon idMso

Good day! I have been searching the internet where to find the complete list of idMso for Ribbon in Access but not successful. Can someone direct me where I can find that list?

example is command idMso.

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I'm trying to get a complete list of folders within a given Folder but can only get it down to the level of the main folders sub folders but should a sub folder also contain folders it misses these.

My code below builds a list like:


This function is used to fill a combo box

	Function ShowFolderList() As String
    Dim fs, F, f1, S, sf, All, AF, FC, sb, sb1, sbf, sbc
    Dim Lst As String
    Lst = ""
    Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set F = fs.GetFolder(Me![FoldersRoot] & Me![StartInFolder])
    Set sf = F.SubFolders
    For Each f1 In sf
        Lst = Lst & f1 & ";"
        Set sb = f1.SubFolders
         For Each sb1 In sb
         Lst = Lst & sb1 & ";"
    'Now Remove The Last ; If Their
    If Right(Lst, Len(Lst)) = ";" Then
    ShowFolderList = Left(Lst, Len(Lst) - 1)
    ShowFolderList = Lst
    End If
End Function

I have a query that is set as a recordset. The query returns many values and one of the value is the Date field. How can I get the Last date value (as in the recent date entered in the sales table) and save it in a recordset.

Here is my code:
PHP Code:
strSQL = "SELECT tblSales.* FROM tblSales;"

Set rsQry = db.OpenRecordset(strSQL) 
I need to get the last date field in a recordset, can this be done?


How can I get the scrollbar position of a subform (which is inside of a form)? It already has the scrollbar on the side. The subform is just populated with text, not records. I just don't know what code to use to determine the position of the scrollbar (I want to find out when it reaches the end). Thanks!

I have this problem: In my database over dogs I have among other tables one called - DogData - (contains - DogID, Name, DateofBirth, VaccineID, MothersName, and so on), one called - Vaccines - (contains -
VaccineID, VaccineDateParvovirus8weeks, VaccineDateParvovirus12weeks, VaccineDateParvovirus3year, VaccineDateParvovirus6year...., VaccineDateKennelhoste12weeks, VaccineDateKennelhoste1year, VaccineDateKennelhoste2year.....,VaccineDateRabies 12weeks.... and so on) There are actually 4 different vaccines. A relationship exists between -DogData - VaccineID (one) and - Vaccines - VaccineID (many). I have a query called - LastVaccineDate - using - SELECT Max...... and this works ok. I get the last date of the different Vaccines when I run it as expected. (Actually I have 4 of this queries because I have not been able to figure out how to get all 4 ' last vaccinedates' run in the same query. My problem is that I would like to get 'Next vaccine date' (witch differs between the vaccines - 4 weeks, 1 year, 3 year) displayed in a form and or a repport that already contains all other info abt the dog and not only in a separate form as it is now.

I hope there are someone out there who knows abt this sort of things.



i have queries that are linked to the reports which display the desired result. now what my reports doesnt have is the number of records that are retrieved from the database.

how can i get the number of records that should display in the reports?????

I am in search of a complete list of fixes that shipped in Office 2007 SP3, specifically the Access fixes.

It was suggested:
that I ask my question in this group.

I have fields in a table which will store the time and date of a record when it is added into a table.
Is it possible to make a query to get the all the latest records these fields and output it to a report?

What commands or operaters should I use to make this work?

Or do I need to use VBA?


I am trying to get the name of the active subform in an Access database from VBA code.

If i use screen.activeform i get the name of the parent form and not the subform.

Any ideas how to get this ?

Many thanks in advance.


I am looking at the VB code of an Access project, and one line of the code says:

Dim strWhere As String
strWhere = "[SrvID] = " & Me![SrvID]

I searched Help and found the documentation for the implicit variable "Me".

However, where can I learn more about what Me![SrvID] means or what it refers to? What does the "!" character do, and what do I search to find more info on it?

I tried searching Me![SrvID] but nothing came up.


Hi guys

If a user highlights some text in a field and then clicks a button, in the button click event can I get the highlighted text as a string?

The highlighted text could be one word or the whole field.
The control in which text is highlighted is not know if could be any of them on the form.



How can I get the name of the option group that a particular control belongs to?


Option Group Name = grpChoices
A control's name within the option group = chkDaily

Is there some syntax to obtain the name of the option group given the control's name?

Like : Forms!myForm!chkDaily.GroupName

Thanks for any suggestions,

How and Where can I get the Access Runtime ? (as I want to distribute my application to other users who do not have Access installed).

I'm using Access 2003.


I don't know how can i use the Administer Section in Ribbon bar
in access 2007 .

I know it's appear only with this file extension .mdb not with .accdb
and I don't know why also that's happen .

anyway , I will be thanks for anyone help me in this problem

I have a very simple table with fields:

INDX: type of text
AMT: type of number

Sample of Data:


1023 329.254
1023 2698.213
3456 10025.236
3456 65.365
3456 995.698
2495 768.369

When I came to show it in the report, I made the sorting and Grouping by the INDX field. I shown in the INDX header section, the INDX value. I shown in the Detail section, the entries related to this INDX. and in the INDX footer section, I want to show the Total of the values related to this INDX. So what is the formulla that I should put in the text box shown in the INDX footer???

for example:

INDX header: 1023
INDX detail: 329.254
INDX footer: 3027.467

But what is the forumla that I should put in the textbox shown in the footer, by which I can get the value 3027 ??

Remark: I used to make this easily. however, as its more than one years since last time I deal with the MS Access coding, I forgot it.

Please help.


The topic is not sayign everything..

I have got an dropdown-field with 2 coloumns... Now I have to get the value of the second coloumn of the dropdown field. I have no idea how to do that...

I hope U can help me =)

bye 'collar

I have the following SQl statement that returns a number of aspects about a certain record. However each record may have more than one date associated with it that is stored in another table. I receive all teh dates that are associated with it but I also get hundreds of other lines of the same dates just with different combinations of them. How can I get just the dates I want and not all the extras.

PARAMETERS [Enter CCN of case you wish to view] Value, [Enter starting date: (MM/DD/YYYY)] Value, [Enter ending date: (MM/DD/YYYY)] Value;
WHERE ([casefile].[auth]>=[Enter starting date: (MM/DD/YYYY)] And [casefile].[auth]<=[Enter ending date: (MM/DD/YYYY)]) Or ([casefile].[expdate]>=[Enter starting date: (MM/DD/YYYY)] And [casefile].[expdate]<=[Enter ending date: (MM/DD/YYYY)]) And [casefile].[ccn]=[Enter CCN of case you wish to view];

How can I handle the multi selection values of a list box in a query? :?:

I have designed a report which holds details of contracts. I want this report to have two purposes 1) the user can view a complete list of all contracts stored on the db and 2) they can select certain dates ie start and end to only produce a selection(mainly needed because contracts will need re-negotiated when they are just about to expire) Now I have the date function working correctly and the report returns the right records. I want to know how can I still display a complete list - still give the user the option because the parameter box will always ask for start and end dates - although this would work by entering the earliest and latest dates the user isn't going to know this. I want to give them two options 1) enter their dates (which is fine) and 2) view all WITHOUT ENTERING DATES

I don't know if I can do this but if not I will just create another report.

Thanks in advance

I am recording weight change in eggs over time during the incubation period. Each egg has a unique Egg_ID, and are listed in an underlying table, with details such as parent IDs, date laid, etc.

I would like to incorporate a weight change chart within a form. It would show how the weight has changed during the month of incubation. The egg is weighed periodically, but with no regularity, perhaps 5-10 days of the month of the incubation period (sometimes more sometimes less).

In the Egg_form, I would like to be able to view a chart displaying the weight change over time. I understand that what I need is something between a form and a table (a table to be displayed for each record).

My questions are these:

1) Where would I store the egg weight data (seperate table, or in seperate columns of the existing table?)

2) How can I put both this weight dates table AND the chart on a form? Or so that either can easily be displayed, and the table can easily be edited.

P.S. I am new to access so please try to keep things simple if possible, and thank you very much in advance if you can help me out with this and if anybody has any better ideas of how to go about this, I am all ears.

I have created a form to show which work order records are still open. I also want to flag records over 3 days old by changing the backcolor to red. The form shows continuous records and will change the color of all records depending on the calculation on the first record only. This changes the backcolor on all the records and not just the ones over three days old. How can I get around this problem?

Q1: May I get the the text in a combo Box instead of the numbers 1 ,2 ,3 ????
Q2 : Can a combo box update its velue in a filde?
Q3: Can I set a velue of a text box in a previous form to other text box in a nex form. (After the first form is closed) ?

In my report footer, I have a field that totals all funding fields in the records on the report. How can I stop the Total from appearing on its own page? This happens when the last record comes close to the bottom of the page and the total gets pushed to the next page.

It looks kind of funny when you run a report and the final total is on a page all by itself.

Hi all you guys have been a great help in the past. The DB admin at work is swamped right now however here it goes.

I have a form that all it does is allow the user to search the database for a processing date and generates a report for that processing day.

It is setup so that there are 2 fields. a start and end for processing.

Private Sub Report_Click()
If (Me.End_CDC) = "" Then
DoCmd.OpenReport "Game_Report", acViewPreview, , "CDC_Date = " & CInt(Me.Start_CDC)
DoCmd.OpenReport "Game_Report", acViewPreview, , ("CDC_Date BETWEEN ") & (CInt([Start_CDC])) & “ And “ & (CInt([End_CDC]))
End If
End Sub

this is the code i have on the button.

however if i stick 1 number in the start field i get an invalid use of null error.

if i stick 2 numbers in it i get a type mismatch. i have it set to convert it to integer since that is what is on the main form.

DoCmd.OpenReport "Game_Report", acViewPreview, , "CDC_Date = " & Me.CDC_Date

this is the code i have on another button on the main page and it works just fine. however it only pulls up 1 report and the current one you can't search or get a range of reports.

Hello all,

I have designed a database for keeping up all our equipment we have on site for our fire brigade. In total we have 386 hydrants throughout our area. All these hydrants are placed in a database (together with other equipment) providing details of the equipment and X-Y location on a map (simple but big JPEG picture on a form with maximum width and height.

I have made code that makes a new form, puts the big image of the map on the form and places little images on the form to make clear where on the map the equipment is located. This results in a detailed map with 386 little pictures (image controls) on a form.So far this works perfectly.

I know access forms and reports have a maximum numer of controls of 754, so I'm not at the maximum yet. However and here comes the problem.

If I want to print the form (form with the big map and 386 little images for the equipment locations) the printer prints only the first 256 controls(images) and thats it. Also in print preview the first 256 controls are printed from left to right.

When I check the property form.control.count it says 386 wich is the correct number. When I expand the form.controls property in the watches screen (Shift F9) and expand on form.controls you get the complete list of all the controls but this list stops at control nr. 256...

I am confused and do not understand why:
- Access has only limitations of 754 controls on a report or form, my form has les but does not print all of the controls
- When i open the form normally on screen it shows all the controls.
- when i open the form (that does show all controls) in print design mode +- 100 controls are not shown anymore.

Does anybody know if there are also limitations on the printable number of controls? If so, is there any way to bypass this?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long text.



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