Retrieve email data to database

Hi everyone

can you retrieve email data received into a database with placing the data into the correct fields? i have set up a web form that emails me when a file is downloaded. the information filled in prior to the download is always the same-

Subject: Web_Download
Name: Their Name
Password: theirpassword
City: Optional
Country: United Kingdom
Type: Design

i have set up a rule to re-direct the emails with Web_Download to a folder which has no relevance to this but im sure there must be a way the data can be transferred. can anyone point me in a direction for a good read?

many thanks,


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Is there a way for access to continuously monitor Outlook (sending/
receiving) and store email data in database?

Is it possible to have a form that is accesible by everyone on my Network, that adds data to a database that is on a drive that most people dont have permission to access?

If not, what other ways around it are there?

Maybe I could put the database on a public drive but have a password to open it properly, but no password for the public form?
I'd prefer another way though so I dont need to keep inputting the password.


i have an error while executing my crystal report.


Invalid Argument provided,
Failed to retrieve data from database
Error if File C:DOCUME~1deivanaya~1Locals~1Tempinvoice{3C11 F0CBB-2DEE-4775-8711-A2318E1BB083}.RPT:
Invalid argument for database.

I am using Crystal XI version. Patches and all I am using latest one.

Can some one guide me pls.

Thanks in Advance

I'm very new to Access so I wasn't sure which forum category to post this in--forgive me if this isn't the right spot! I have created a form that gets emailed out to and filled out by thousands of potential clients, and was wondering if there's a way to automatically upload the info that's in the form to a database and/or into excel? We are currently doing this on a manual basis and it is is becoming unsustainable given how many forms we receive every day, and makes us susceptible to making mistakes.

Here are some examples of what the form categories are:
NameTelephone NumberOffice Branch NumberEmployee NumberDateBilling Information (card type, card #, etc.)
Any insight would be much appreciated. Thank you!

I need to export an individual senders email adress from Outlook to my database in MS access.
I need a makro ( VBA Code ) to do this.

I other words , as a mail comes in to my inbox, I want to click a makro, that will add the email adress to my database, at my choice on an individual basis.

can anyone help?

I have the need to have an Excel (2003) Spreadsheet open my Access (2003) database to locate data to display on the Spreadsheet. Below is a Function that was crafted from bits and pieces of several examples that I have found on the internet, and is intended to do just that.

The Function successfully completes Steps 1-3, and hangs up when it attempts to perform Step 4. Am I approaching this incorrectly?

	Option Explicit
Function GetIngredientByLot(LotNumber As String)
 'Step 1: Declare the necessary variables
 Dim dbInfo As DAO.Database
 Dim rst As DAO.Recordset
 Dim strSQL As String
 'Step 2: Identify the database and query
  Set dbInfo = OpenDatabase("C:Documents and SettingsuserDesktopRDIFrontEnd.mdb")
 'Step 3: Build the SQL String which will become the recordset
 strSQL = "SELECT tblIngredients.Ingredient FROM tblRDINGRED " & _
          "INNER JOIN tblIngredients ON tblRDINGRED.IngredientID = tblIngredients.IngredientID " & _
          "WHERE tblRDINGRED.RD_Lot = '" & LotNumber & "'"
 Debug.Print strSQL
 'Step 4: Open a snapshot (view only) type recordset based on strSQL above
 Set rst = dbInfo.OpenRecordset(strSQL, dbOpenSnapshot)
 Debug.Print LotNumber
 Debug.Print rst("Ingredient")
 'Step 5: Return the ingredient name from the SQL call
 GetIngredientByLot = rst("Ingredient")
 'Step 5: Clear the necessary variables
 Set dbInfo = Nothing
 Set rst = Nothing
 strSQL = ""
End Function


I plainly don't know how to import data to an Access database while maintaining all relationships intact. Of the data imported, parts of it go to different related tables.
The database structure is as follows:

I have a program that extracts all the info to input, so I can really tweak at pleasure, either to a text file, excel, or whatever.

My main problem is that as you can see, I have 1:N relationships... and I don't know how to maintain that good while importing the data.

For example, I retrieve the data for a match which can have 0 or lots of goals. The I have to import the match data (each match is identified by an autonumber field "MatchID") and the goals data...

1. How could I correctly send each data to its proper table and more important...
2. How could I set each row on the Goals table relate to the correct MatchID number?
Of course, the same happens to related Players, Cards, etc...

I've look through Internet without success because most of them concentrate on importing data to just one table or in any case, import data to a new blank database that you go on creating the tables as you import the data. I need to continuously add data to the database, so any link or help you can provide would be much appreciated.

Thanks for you help! Cheers!

Before I get started on a database, I'm wondering if it's possible to save all entries to the database from an online form, PLUS send an email notification to certain individual(s).

I'm going to create a maintenance workorder form on our intranet to do away with the slips of paper people currently fill out. We want it to go to a database (which I know how to do) and also to notify someone via email when there are new entries and/or updates (which I don't know how to do.)

I assume it's possible, since I've yet to run into anything that's not possible with Access! Any help would be much appreciated.


i have a database which has a table storing all the employee data. This is upddated weekly from the HR system automatically.

I want to create my own form and table in the database to store other data. i want to retrieve certain data from the main table depending on the reference number and store it into my table. i cant just link it because the data changes over time.

it will be like i enter the ref in a box and all the data gets filled in from the main table automatically. i input the rest of the data and save into my own table.

hope i am clear.

how would i go about doing this.


I have a database I have been working on a copy of. Now that I am finished, (or almost finished) how do I transfer my data over to the new version? The problem is that the old database has been in use while I have been updating a copy, so there are new records. In addition, there are several tables in the database that are all interconnected by relationships between ID fields that are autonumber fields. I worry about the autonumber fields renumbering themselves when I transfer the data and not matching up correctly with the other tables. What to do? How do I maintain the integrity of my data?

OK - Stretching things here a bit...

I have this lovely cross tab Pass Through query, which I can run from my PC to another database. It seems to need a special ODBC driver, which I have installed. The query runs and returns desirable data. No problem.

I want to run the query, and distribute results to managers in three other states. I cannot install the particular ODBC driver on their PCs. Therefore they cannot run the query themselves, or interact with that database.

The results could easily run to over 10,000 rows. I want to summarize the data (group) at up to four levels, but I want to offer a "click-through" or "drill-down" style of interactive report such that areas of interest can be explored in more depth, and areas of non-interest can be "ignored" at the summary level. So although I'm happy for the data to be static, I would like the report to be "interactive" (I guess that's the right term). I would like to automate the production of said interactive report, such that I can run it monthly and email them the result. (e.g. zipped up HTML files).

Does anyone know of a good tool to achieve this ?

More info ??? …….

The company has three sites.
Each site has numerous teams.
Each team has one or more employees.
Each employee has none or more rostered hours of work in the reporting period.
Each employee has taken none or more hours of sick leave in the reporting period.
Statistics are calculated. (no problem)

Big boss wants to know % of sick leave for the company as a whole and at each site.
Site boss wants to know % of sick leave for site as a whole and for each team.
Site boss wants to be able to say "team x has a very high rate of sick leave - why is that?" click on "team x" to get the totalled stats for each employee. Employee Z has a very high rate of sick leave, what days did he have off ? Click on Employee Z to get to her/his detail data.

A single access report would take too many pages (hundreds of employees, with the reporting period likely to be 3 months). Ultimately they should be able to get to Employee Z’s data, and print off just that page, with only her/his data on it.
Suppressing employees below a certain threshold would cause distrust of the summary statistics.

? Any suggestions ?

I’ve only now thought of the “obvious” – build an access interface to the data, and send them the query result (in form of 'raw data') every month such that they can link to it and "explore" it with the access interface, but I think I’d still prefer the HTML approach, if anyone can suggest any neat (free ???) tools that might do the trick.

Oh - and if that's not challenging enough, I'm stuck using AC97 !!

Dear Access members,

Could you tell me to code connect to database and the query to select a field of data from database?


I normally use PHP w/ MYSQL for this kind of project but I have desided to use Access this time since it will be only on my computer.

This database will be to display the company data with all the reps from that comapnay I talk to. Then display all the products I get from this company with the cost per quantity below each.

I only have 8 companies with 1 to 3 reps and an average of 4 products. So diplaying all the data at once won't be too big. Maybe 3 pages at the most.

Here are my tables and fields





Here are my relations

[Rep].Company -> [Company].ID
[Products].Company -> [Company].ID
[Quantity].item ->[Products].ID

What I am looking to do is to view the data as a report/form that will display all the data at once and if possable be printed out.

Here is the layout I am looking for


//loop to diplay all reps for this company{
[Rep].Fname [Rep].Lname

//loop to display all products for this company{

[Quantity].qnt [Quantity].qnt //loop to display al qnt
[Quantity].cost [Quantity].cost //loop to display al cost

//next company
[Company].company ...

I know how to create this in PHP but I'm lost in access.
Where do I start with creating this form/report?
How do I display the data from several tables in one form/report?

I Just want to retrieve a data from a table to a form text box by referring other text box in the same form. Please see the example hereunder.

Form 1 is Customers(Form Name); Which contains customer ID, Name and address.
Table 1 is Customers(table Name); Which is recording the customer details by using Customers Form

Form 2 Invoice(form Name): Invoice form.
Table 2 Invoices(Table Name): Recording the Inovice deatils

in form 2 i have a Drop down(customer no) box which is taking the data form table 1. there is another text box named Customer Name in same form 2.
Here if i select the customer no from drop down list i just want to display the customer name for the no which i have selected. My question is how to display/fill the customer name in form 2 text box by referring the another text box

I have a form on my web site that a user can fill out.

What I would like is for the information that they submit sent to my database. Is it possible, if so how?

At the same time, I would like to receive an email telling me that a form has been filled in.

Please can you help?


Hi there,
We have designed a database which has six tables all joined together through one master table by one-to-one relationships, We have designed forms based on these related tables too.
However, it will let us type in any data to any field in one table but when we try to add data to another related table it comes up with the following message:
"you cannot add or change a record because a related record is required in table "xxxx".
This happens no matter where we try to enter data.
Referential integrity is set as are the cascade options,
Please help as this is an urgetn issue for us

I'm developing a program using visual studio 2010 in C# and using an access 2007 database.
When I save contents to the database, I get no errors. Also when I retrieve information from the database whilst the program is running I get no issues. Problem is once I stop the application, all the data stored whilst the application was running disappears.
I've checked everything on the program but I don't seem to see anything wrong.
Please help.

I am a novice when it comes to programming, and after doing some extensive research, it seems that programming is the only way to get Microsoft Access 2010 to grab from a Microsoft Word (2010) form.
Currently a Word form is filled out when some kind of building maintenance needs done and that Word form is sent (via email attached) to our secretary who has been manually entering the data into an Excel spreadsheet. I thought there has to be an easier way to do this so I told her I would take a stab at it. By the way these forms are continually being processed, it is not just a one time thing so exporting/importing the data is not really an effiecient option. I created an Access table to store the data and I actually found some code online from Windows 2000, but it is not working and I am not really sure why.
I am using Office 2010
Windows XP

Can anyone help direct me maybe as to why this code does not work and maybe to a better solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sub GetWordData()
Dim appWord As Word.Application
Dim doc As Word.Document
Dim cnn As New ADODB.Connection
Dim rst As New ADODB.Recordset
Dim strDocName As String
Dim blnQuitWord As Boolean
On Error GoTo ErrorHandling
strDocName = "C:Documents and SettingsMy DocumentsWorkOrders" & _
InputBox("Enter the name of the Word Order " & _
"you want to import:", "Import Work Order")
Set appWord = GetObject(, "Word.Application")
Set doc = appWord.Documents.Open(strDocName)
cnn.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
"Data Source=C:My Documents" & _
rst.Open "tblWorkOrders", cnn, _
adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic
With rst
!Requestor = doc.FormFields("fldName").Result
!Title = doc.FormFields("fldTitle").Result
!Email = doc.FormFields("fldEmail Address").Result
!Phone = doc.FormFields("fldPhone").Result
!Location = doc.FormFields("fldPSW Location").Result
!DateSubmitted = doc.FormFields("fldDate Submitted").Result
!BuildingOrGrounds = doc.FormFields("fldBuilding or Grounds:").Results
End With
If blnQuitWord Then appWord.Quit
MsgBox "WOrk Order Imported!"
Set rst = Nothing
Set cnn = Nothing
Set doc = Nothing
Set appWord = Nothing
Exit Sub
Select Case Err
Case -2147022986, 429
Set appWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")
blnQuitWord = True
Resume Next
Case 5121, 5174
MsgBox "You must select a valid Word document. " _
& "No data imported.", vbOKOnly, _
"Document Not Found"
Case 5941
MsgBox "The document you selected does not " _
& "contain the required form fields. " _
& "No data imported.", vbOKOnly, _
"Fields Not Found"
Case Else
MsgBox Err & ": " & Err.Description
End Select
GoTo Cleanup
End Sub

I have a macro within my access database that exports data to an excel worksheet and this works great. However i now want to add data to an "existing" excel worksheet ie one that already has data in it from a previous export from access. Can this be done, if so can anyone point me in the right direction.

I need to export some data to outlook express. How do i do this using macros? This data includes a person's email addresses,last name, company, etc.



this is a long shot but is it possible to set up a macro which will send a column (email column) from the results of a query into the address bar of outlook? I know how to import and export data to/from outlook but this is a new one to me.

all help much appreciated!

I am new to forum - Currently I send query results to approx 50 via a Send Object Macro. Macro is set to use assigned individual query and send email as excel document.

The recipients have to format the page etc on receipt of excel email.

Question: is it possible to set excel in the correct Page settings for the recipients to open and print. They will then return the excel page after completing required data to a central point. Access version 2003 - I have checked a number of help books etc.

Hope you can help or point me in the right direction - Thank you

Hi there.

I am currently looking for some code to help me export some data to separate Excel files.

I have a query that is filtered on a Customer Code which I then export to Excel. I have quite a few Customers with which I produce separate reports for. At the moment, this is fairly manual and so would like to automate the process to run using either a macro or module by looking at the query and then filter using a separate table based on the Customer Code.

By looking on the internet I have found a bit of short code which I am sure will work based on a query (as opposed to a Report/Form it was used for).

Below is the code I am trying to use and am stuck on how to edit the existing query and updating with the relevant CstrNo:

Private Sub CstrRun()

Dim MyDB As DAO.Database
Dim strFilter As String
Dim rstCstrNo As DAO.Recordset

Set MyDB = CurrentDb()
Set rstCstrNo = MyDB.OpenRecordset("CstrList", dbOpenForwardOnly)

With rstDlrNo
Do While Not .EOF
DoCmd.OpenQuery "Customer Summary", acViewDesign

strFilter = "[Customer Data].[Cstr No (Num)]" = "!CstrNo"

DoCmd.Close acQuery, "Customer Summary", acSaveYes

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputQuery, "Customer Summary", acFormatXLS, "C:Temp" & ![CstrNo] & "_Customer Summary" & ".xls"
End With

End Sub

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Has anyone ever passed data from database to an Acrobat form? I can do this with a Word form, but would prefer to do on PDF form because it provides a more professional look to form. We are limited on Access licenses, so I can have users enter feedback into an Access form.

Again, I can do this in Word (push and pull data) passing information to bookmarks/formfields.

Thanks in advance.

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