How to Delete Windows Files from Access 2000

We have a Folder in Windows XP that we use to hold .pdf reports for attachment to emails and fax out purposes. (put there by Stephen Lebans Code)

As these are Temporary Files, it would be good if they can be deleted from within Access.

Is there a way to do this by VBA or other method??

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Hi there,
I need to export the table from access 2003 into .prn file.
By some reasons we use that kind of files for uploading into anther DB in AS400 (which is stupid, but we can't change that).
I can't find the option in Acess to export as .prn
I can do that from excel but amount of lines is much bigger than 100000 so I need to do it from Access directly.

I tried to export as .txt and rename into prn, but it dosen't work for the upload as the file structure is different.

The upload works only if there is sertain width between the data.

May be there is a way of converting the txt file into prn....
Just a tought...

Thanks to everybody who read this.


I'm trying to delete all the files from a folder once I've copied it to another location. Now stuck at trying to find a code to do the deletion. Tried deleteFile function, also object.delete,

something like this:

	dim myObject as object
set myObject=me.path 'path contains the pathway to the file I want to delte
myObject.delete 'doesn't work the way the access help said it's supposed to



I have some vba code which copies the current database to an archive directory and zips it up and renames it with a date/time stamp.

This archiving code is initiated on a daily basis therefore as you can imagine the number of archive files will soon add up. I want to be able to add code so that any old archive files, say 20 days old, is deleted, and therefore keeping the number of files archived to a minimum.

Is there any access code which will check the date/time of when the file was created so that I can check and see how old it is in order to determine whether to delete the file or not?


Hi All,

I'm not able to run SQL queries from Access 2003.

I've coneected to MSDE (which is on the same machine I'm working on). I've selected a Database 'TastDB'. Now I want to run a script (containing 'Create Table') on TestDB from Access.

How can it be done? I've searched this forum as well as the Access help but couldn't do this.

I found following steps, but couln't found step 4 mentioned below (i.e. On the Query menu, point to SQL Specific). I don't see SQL Specific button there:In the Database window (Database window: The window that appears when you open an Access database or an Access project. It displays shortcuts for creating new database objects and opening existing objects.), click Queries under Objects, and then click New on the Database window toolbar. In the New Query dialog box, click Design View, and then click OK. Without adding tables or queries, click Close in the Show Table dialog box. On the Query menu, point to SQL Specific, and then click Data Definition. Enter the SQL statement for your data-definition query. Each data-definition query consists of just one data-definition statement. Can anybody help???

I am running an export to an excel file from access and after the export I need to open the file and apply formatting to it (format height/width of cells, do an auto filter, etc.)

I'm not sure how to get Access to open the file so that I can work with it. I know all the code for formatting the excel file, all I'm trying to figure out is how to get Access to interface.

I had found another thread here and this code was supposed to work but is erroring out with a user-defined type not defined error. Anyway here is just that code, minus all the excel macro stuff.

Dim xlApp As Excel.Application
Dim xlBook As Excel.Workbook

Set xlApp = New Excel.Application
Set xlBook = xlApp.Workbook.Open("c:rmexport.xls")

Any help would be appreciated.

I have an external batch file that is called by MS Access. This backup file makes a copy of the calling MS Access file every time the database is opened.

What I want to do is now modify the batch file to delete old backups.

All bacup files are uncompressed and follow the naming convention below


Any thoughts on how to delete all files where the YYYY-MM-DD is more than 7 days old?

I want to delete a file and send it to to the recycle bin. Currently I seem to be able to kill/delete a file but the files do not go to the recycle bin and so can I not recover them if I make an error.

Thank you in advance.



I have many files which also contains different sheets to import from Excel into Access database. I have written a macro below to import the file into Access.

	Private Sub Import_Click()

Dim filenames As String
Dim sheet_names As String

filenames = Combo4.Value
sheet_names = Combo6.Value

    DoCmd.SetWarnings False
    DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acImport, 8, "filenames", "H:Project3filenames.xls", False, "sheet_names!A10:H100"
    ' delete table data
    DoCmd.OpenQuery "filenames Query", acNormal, acEdit
    ' import data
    DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acImport, 8, "filenames", "H:Project3filenames.xls", False, "sheet_names!A10:H100"
    ' show data
    DoCmd.OpenTable "filenames", acNormal, acReadOnly

End Sub

With reference to the code,
The combo4 (which is the different file names) refers to the drop down menu of a form in Access.
The combo6 (which is the different sheet names) refers to the drop down menu of the same form in Access.
From the drop down menus, I can choose filenames like fruits and sheet names like apple, banana. So when I click the import button, it will import the particular file that is chosen and show the table.

The problem is the directory (H:Project3filenames.xls) and the sheet names cannot be changed. For instance if I choose fruits from the drop down menu, then the directory shd be (H:Project3fruits.xls) and if I choose apple as the sheet name, it shd be “apple!A10:H100”.

How can I have 2 user-input values (from the drop down menus which contains 2 lists of filenames and sheet names) so that whenever I click the import button, it will import the file that the user has chosen from Excel into Access?

How can I delete a file from access that is on my desktop? When I use the deleteobject command access assumes that I want to delete an access object (not a bad assumption, just not what I want right now). Thank you. Marie

Anyone knows how to export data structures from MS Access 2000? I want to export field name, field type, field size, remarks from the structure. No records are required! Does it possible? Please help!



Using code in Access how is it possible to delete an Excel File.

Have tried the Kill statement but cannot get it to work.

Any advice greatfully accepted!!!

I have an Access database that has multiple linked Excel spreadsheets. I have queries which append the data from the Excel files to an Access table.

After the queries run I need to delete the data from the excel files except for the first row which contains the column headers.

How can be delete these records from Access?


How to Import Txt file that dont have delimiters (Seprators) in Access DB.
Actually iget this file from server...and every time i have to do it manaually.
I need to automate this....please help

I finally figured out how to append to my XML file using the XML DOM Reference.
We use an application that reads an XML file and uploads the data into Sage Line 50.
We are planning to carry out a series of order processing using Access, to stop a lot of the errors and solve some of the speed issues that we encounter when users are using Sage 50.
My problem is that the xml file would need to be loaded by each user onto memory so that they can append to it.
I can see already a series of problems there:
-Would they lock each other out when trying to load the document?
-Would they overwrite the data when both users are appending to the file?
-How long will the file take to load and find the nodes if many orders are saved within the file?

Any ideas?
To avoid loading times of the reading of the tree nodes I thought of writting to a log text file and then append the data from the log file into the main xml document.

Which leaves me with two worries, of the users writting to the log files at the same time, and how could I automate from Access to read each log file at a certain period of time and append it to the xml file?

Hi everyone,

My company is looking to upgrade the backend of our programs from Access 2000 to SQL Server 2005 Express. There are some issues we need to address with this before we can begin. We have 300 - 400 clients who use our product. The biggest issue we have is this. We have 10 - 15 VB applications each with its own Access database. Some access multiple databases to run. We are not goign to be able to upgrade all our programs instantaneously so I need a way to have an SQL Server running and let some applications access it directly. I also need some programs to access the Access 2000 databases to update information then i need that information to instantly be sent to the SQL Server to update its information also. I have no idea how i can achieve this goal. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.




I need to open an excel *.xlsx file from Access 2010 using a macro or VBA but can't get any of the examples on various forums to work. Please help.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Forum,

Just downloaded Lebans sample database and two dlls.

Files are: A2000SnapshotToPDFver785.mdb

My understanding is that the two .dll files must be copied to the same folder where our database is stored but... Front End or Back End ??

The code itself is more the one Sub.
These are not Public so does that mean they must be repeated at every instance of a command Button to create a Report (that we want as a .pdf)

Anyone using Lebans on access 2000?

Thanks, Bill

I've been trying to figure out how to extract extended file properties in Access. Apparently the FileSystem object only returns the standard set of file properties, such as the name of the file. Microsoft has a description of how to use VBA to retrieve extended file properties, such as the author of a file.

Additionally, stngman posted in UtterAccess an approach on how to retrieve extended file properties in Access.

The approach used by stngman, while it works, appears to require a lot of looping. I was hoping to avoid this looping since my program is already looping through the files. Alas, all that I have been able to get is the name of the extended property NOT the actual value. See the line of code in bold red.

Based on the Microsoft table, the file property with the value of "0" should return the actual name of the file, but all I get is the the name of the field which is "name". Any Thoughts?

	Public Sub Create_File_List(InputPath As String)
    Dim CopyMP3RS As DAO.Recordset
    Dim Fso As Object
    Dim Fldr As Object
    Dim SubFldr As Object
    Dim F As Object
    Rem New Shell.Application Code Below -----------------------------------
    Dim objShell As Object
    Dim ojbFolder As Object   
    Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
    Rem Rem New Code Above --------------------------------
    Set Fso = CreateObject("scripting.filesystemobject")
    Set Fldr = Fso.GetFolder(InputPath)
    Set CopyMP3RS = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("SELECT * FROM tblMP3_FileList", dbOpenDynaset)
        For Each F In Fldr.Files
        Debug.Print "Name"; Fldr.Name, "type; "; Fldr.Type, "Path: "; Fldr.Path
        Set objFolder = objShell.NameSpace(Fldr.Path & "")       
        If Right(F.Name, 4) = ".mp3" Then
                Debug.Print "File: "; F.Name, objFolder.GetDetailsOf(F.Name, 0)
                CopyMP3RS!FileLocation = F.Path
                CopyMP3RS!FileName = F.Name
                CopyMP3RS!FileSize = F.Size
            End If
        Next F
    Rem ---------------------------------------
    For Each Fldr In Fldr.SubFolders
         Call Create_File_List(Fldr.Path)
    Next Fldr
End Sub

Xml output from access 2000

I need to output a table to an xml file. good old google has returned the following:-

	Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)

  Dim sXMLPath As String
  Const cOverWrite As Integer = 1
  sXMLPath = "c:technologies.xml"
  ' ExportXML ObjectType, DataSource, DataTarget
  ExportXML acExportTable, "technologies", sXMLPath
End Sub

Howevever this falls over with Compile error: syntax error on the following line:-
ExportXML acExportTable , "technologies", sXMLPath

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.