Continuous (tractor feed) dot matrix labels

Hi All,

I'm having a very difficult time with getting labels to work on Access 2007.

I'm using continuous tractor-feed labels on a dot-matrix printer. the labels are 3.5" wide and 1" high.

The first problem is that the Page Setup will not allow me to set a Top Margin other than 0.622 inches. No matter what I do (so far!) each time I change the Top Margin, it goes back to 0.622.

The Bottom Margin does a similar thing, but stays at .005 inches, and the Left Margin insists on staying at 0.25 inches.

Only the Right Margin will allow me to set a number other than 0.00.

I've tried Page Setup, adding a custom paper size (Labels - 3.5" x 1"), changing the printer setup, etc.

Nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?

By the way, I'm on Access 2007 (12.0.6535.5005) SP2.


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I would like to able to print a single label from a roll on a dot matrix printer and
then leave the printer positioned for the next one.

Labels are torn off singly to be clipped to items for packing.

Problem is suppressing the form feed. I would appreciate any help.

Thank you very much

If you have any mercy, please help me soon! I have been trying to create a continous feed/dot matrix printer label (Avery 4013) of which there is not in access and have had no success. I went to word and found the measurements but when I put it into access it comes out wrong, it should be 12 labels on one page w/one across. It comes out to be 4 labels on the wrong size paper w/one across. Please give me some guidance or direction as to how I can create this product. Thanking you in advance for your assistance!

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone knows how to set user defined settings in MSACCESS97 in order to print to a tractor feed printer.


I am working on a accounting application. we use dot matrix printers for printing. But in access printing is very slow as compared to printing in Foxpro. Please help me and tell me how to increase the printing speed in ms access. someone told me that if we want a fast printing we have to create reports differently.

I have been asked to make a report print using a dot matrix printer but i have no experience with these what so ever.
Does anyone have any tips or things i should look out for before i choose one to buy.

Thanks for your Help


How can I format the report to print as DOS text in a dot matrix printer (EPSON LQ1150, etc.) instead of letter quality. Letter Quality text is slow and I want it to print as pure DOS text based.

I upgraded my OS from Win 98 to Win XP Pro, and then re-installed Access 2000 and our mailing database, which had been working like a charm before the upgrade. We print 300-1000 mailing labels at a time using a tractor feed printer (Panasonic KX-P1091i dot matrix), onto Avery 4014 tractor labels (about 10 cm wide by 3.5 cm high, single column). The mailing label reports were created & formatted for this size label and this particular printer. Have correct driver (the only driver!) for the printer.

Now, since the upgrade, although I've now got everything else working great, the mailing label text 'migrates' down the page when printing -- i.e. over the course of several dozen labels, the text works its way further and further down the label until it is straddling two labels. We're wasting a lot of labels and money.

I've tried making the page setup for the labels a narrower height -- that hasn't fixed it. Currently under page setup the column size is 9.27 x 2.6 cm (almost a cm less than the actual size of the label), but the "same as detail" box is NOT checked. When I check it, the height returns to its original value of 2.81cm. Now, I'm thinking *maybe* if i could just find the "detail" in question I could adjust *it* and I might be off to the races.

Would appreciate any help you folks could give me to solve this. I've tried searches but come up nothing very relevant (except for one person using the same label printer as me, but his problem wasn't the same!)


In my current application I need to print a variable number of labels. Currently I have found "old" dot matrix continuois feed printers and 1-up continuous feed pin feed labels. However, I would much rather print on a more "modern" printer with sheet fed labels. The question here is:
"If I do not have a full sheet of labels, how to I tell Access where to start printing."
Example: I have a sheet of 3-up labels. On a previous run of labels I printed 13 labels. On "this" run I need to skip the first 13 and begin printing on the 14th label on the page. I have seen label programs do this by allowing you to "X-out" the labels previously used on the sheet of labels but I have NO IDEA how to do this in Access (VBA Code). I am using Access 2000.

I hope this makes sense.

Has anyone here had to print continuous mailing labels on a dot matrix printer and actually got it to work?
I use the label wizard to create the labels, and when they print, I’ll have one label print then 22 empty labels than another will print.

Hi All,

I know this answer must be here or is dead easy, but pulling hair out!

I have a report for my label which are single tractor feed labels (1.5" x 3.5"). I am printing 1 at a time but after printing that label the printer feeds as if the page size is A4. I know that if the printer driver has a custom setting then this would solve this but it has not and I have tried lots of different one too.

Using MS Access 2002, Win XP Pro & Panasonic KXP-2135. My page setup, column is set to the size of the label and the Same as detail is ticked.

So can anyone help with how I can print 1 label of a custom size with MS Access because the printer drivers do not have custom size settings?

Any help appreciated, thanks !



I have set up a database for printing invoices.
I want to use a dot matrix printer with tractor feed.
The invoices are carbon copys. 5 x 7.5

I have set up a report wich prints the information properly, but....
after the print job is done, the printer shoots out what it thinks is a 8.5x11 sheet.

How do I make the printer advance only 5 inches per page, not 11 inches?


Hi all,
I am writing an Access module that would generate report to be printed on a multipart form continuous paper.
Using LX-300+ Epson printer. I have created a custom paper size by going to the control panel --> Printer & Fax
--> Server Properties to define the customized paper size.
I created the custom report width and size to the specification of the custom multipart form that I need to print on. However I can't seems to align the print result properly.

Here's the details of the multipart form :
Dimension : 21.5 cm (width) x 15.2 cm (height) - (excluding the side paper rail).

I've also set these settings on the printer alignment configuration :
Top : 0.2 cm, Bottom : 0.2 cm, sides : 0.4 cm

I've also set the dimension of the report form the coincide with the dimension of the paper. (21.5cm x 15.2 cm).

I can't seems to have this Epson dot matrix printer (LX300+II) to print properly. It keeps printing way above and way right than the designed reports that I have created.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Greetings All, I have learned what little I know about Access out of the neccessity of problem solving so go ahead and assume you know way more than I do.

I have an Access database whose primary purpose is to import data and create mailing labels on a 12" fanfold format (1" high x 3.5" wide)(like Avery 4013). The report is a basic 1" report header added to leave a blank first label followed by details of 1" each. The reports worked perfectly with my old Epson LQ-850 but when I replaced it with an LQ-590 I began having problems with its minimum top and bottom margins of 0.166", even with tractor feed/continuous inputs. The result was a blank bottom label on each page. I worked around that by "fooling" the computer into thinking it was sending the report to the old LQ-850 which allowed 0" margins.

A recent upgrade to win7/access 2010 has me revisiting this problem.
The driver for the LQ-590 is "Inbox" - loaded with win7 and no software extras or upgrades were found.

Surely the most used database software can print to such a widely used continuous format paper using a very standard impact printer without a kludge? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

My Access 2003 DB has numbers of customed paper size reports (e.g. tickets and labels) printed by dot-matrix printer.
I can save the correct size in design view and run smooth in full version of Access 2003.
However, when I print these reports in runtime version, all size become "Letter".

I have tried to set the size using VBA code
printer.papersize=256 but I can't find the way to set the size!
I can only change the size to 41 predefined size, but no one is fit my needs.
Also, I have tried the "PrtDevMode", "PaperLength" and "PaperWidth" to set the size in design view and works in full version. Unfortuatly, design view is not allowed in runtime.

I have to distribute the DB to other workstations, I can't affort the extra cost to purchase the Full verison of ACCE$$ 2003.

Any Expert can help me!!!!

Hi I created simple invoice template in Access 2003 reports, I want print out on dot metrix printer (Epson), report including three section page header details and page footer, when I printing one page looks good, but when I printing second page printer starting couting new page from last line in page one, I setup page break but still is wrong, please advise

I am creating a report for a dot-matrix printer that will be printed on preprinted multi-layer forms - each page is 8.5" x 11". The report has a sub-report consisting of a randomly long list of items (5 columns) that is about 2" high roughly centered in the right half of the page. The left side of the page has customer info and can be repeated on each page (or only on the first page.)

Currently, I have the sub-report printing items in the correct place, but if the list of items is longer than the space allowed (9 rows at Courier 10), the remaining rows are clipped off, not continued in the same spot on the next page. The sub-report is in the detail section of the main report, the rows of items are listed in the details section of the sub-report.

So the main question is: How do I get the sub report to create additional pages and print in the same spot on these if there are more items than will fit? If I have to do this in VBA, that is OK.

I am running windows 2000 pro and Access 2002, using an Epson LQ570+ ESC/P 2 dot-matrix printer.

The windows 2000 driver does not allow user-defined page sizes. When printing a single 1" label, the printer advances the whole page once printing is finished. I can manually put the sheet back to the beginning of the next label, and I have found the k-base article on printing multiple labels, but these do not address this issue. Resetting or refeeding dozens of times per day doesn't strike me as 21st century technology.

Is there a way to send raw data to the printer? You know, "print this line, advance one line, now advance one more..." You would think that the ability to define your own pages or print straight to the printer would be basic...


Hi All...
I'm using Dot Matrix Printer to print a Vouchers.
The size of the paper is 230* 90mm.
When print, the first voucher appear perfect, while the second one (Tractor) comes little bit down the papers.
I tried to use defined paper Custom size, but still the minimum setting is away from mine...
I'm having this problem for the last 3 days and wasting many papers trying to fix this problem but in vain.
Anyone can give me a hand...

Hi All,

I would like to know how to have the 'back color' of my Form 'Screen Only'. I am trying to print this form via a dot matrix printer and I only require the info from the Form (some labels, so data only print doesn't work). All the other fields and elements of my Form have the property to select "Display When - Screen Only" except for the 'back color'. I need the back color on the screen to make it user friendly, but I don't want it to print. I'm printing the Form because it has some fields that are query based and others that require the user to enter data and it is laid out exactly as I need it to print (so moving to a report won't be easy).

Any suggestions?

I've done a little reading around on the interwebs trying to fix a dilemma I have...

I'm developing a Report to print labels. This Report will be used by several different locations within our company, all of which have different printers, which will require different page margins to print properly.

All of the printers are tractor feed printers (if that makes a difference).

My research has led me to the PrtMip code. I've taken a look at it and it seems to do what I want, but I've also read some reports that it doesn't work as advertised when the user has the RunTime installed instead of the full version. I've also seen Mr. Allen Browne comment that you shouldn't rely on PrtMip when coding for different printers.

Does anyone here have first-hand experience using PrtMip? And if so, is it something that I rely on in this instance?

Hi there,

I need to send the characters to the printer telling it that I'm going to print in a page size of 8.5 x 5.75. I'm using the ascii codes for this, but when I send the string using function Chr$() just a little box is printed. The printer does not treat these characters as special printers and my report still print in page of 8.5 x 11.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I have an existing form furnished by the state that I have to make my data fit with its constraints. I originally designed a report and placed all the controls I needed on it. I made it and 8.5" X 11.0" in size. This particular report is being printed from an impact printer with a manual/tractor feed so there is no margins. My problem is there is an item on the report that has to print right up to the edge of the existing form to fit within the area I am given. No matter what I do I can not get the data over far enough to the right. I have tried to even make a custom form and then move the data over and it still didn't work. Is there anyone out there that can help me.

Good Day all,

Reason for my inquiry,

I am building a business app for a transportation company, one of the "reports" is based on a 5.5w x 8.5h "Invoice form" that they have already have developed and are using.

The data entry form is easy enough, just has to look similar to the existing invoice report they are finishing on a typewriter, the tedious part is constructing the actual invoice report they will be using and then having it print to a dot matrix printer (3 ply carbon paper).

So, instead of going nuts trying to copy / size / align the invoice into my "report" I have scanned an image of their invoice and embedded it as a background pic to save all the hassle trying to align / size the various fields.............slowly getting there. Fill in the fields and then delete the background pic.

Has anyone else done something similar?, or found a "faster" easier method?...........


Hey all,

I am printing cheques, and I cant figure out how to have the printer not scroll into the check below. Its a tractor feed printer, and I need to only print the detail portion then stop, not scroll.

Any ideas?

I tried inserting page breaks but i think i did it wrong.

Please help if you can, this is kind of urgent for me


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