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Hey everyone. I am writing a program which generates a report based off a combo box. The combo box is in the format show below

Color Width Thickness Length Hardness Elasticity

The database has around 50 items. Right now I am able to sort using a drop down list, and print out a report for say, every red item. This report will show the width thickness length hardness and elasticity for all of the red items. I was wondering if there was a way using check boxes or something to be able to generate a customizable report. I would like it to be able to print out reports listing only chosen variable. An example would be to tell it to print a report that just shows all of the blue coolers, and their thickness. Or all of the blue coolers, and their hardness and elasticity ect. Is this doable?

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I tried to create a report in Access to look somewhat like an already existing receipt, which has grid lines. Now, the grid lines are mostly even rows and columns, except for a few.

Now, it would be very easy to mimic the basica report layout in Excel, and think that's how to best create the report, if Access doesn't have a better way to do it, than to manually create/place/drag each column and row line - line by line.

Is there a custom report component I may not be aware of, in Access?

If not, can someone clue me in on how to get the Excel 'report' I've created, to print, once the user clicks on my "print report" button in the Access database ?



I want to know if it is possible to create a custom report where user selects the fields from the tables. I have one main table and tables linked to the many side of this table. Users want that they should be able select any fields from these tables and create their own reports. I don't see how can I do that. The only way of doing this would be to use the report wizard but I don't want that. Is there any other user-friendly way of doing this?



Hello all,

Recently, i have been moving into a new area of vba programming (for me).. reports and graphs. In a few custom reports I have made, I tie code such as this to a launch report button on a form:

Public Function LaunchPrintChart(ChartSource As String, ChartTitle As String, ChartValueAxisName As String) As String
Dim m_ObjChartR As Graph.Chart
DoCmd.OpenReport "FormGraph", acViewDesign, , , acHidden
Reports!FormGraph.GraphReport.RowSource = ChartSource
Set m_ObjChartR = Reports("FormGraph")("GraphReport").Object

With m_ObjChartR
.HasTitle = True
.ChartTitle.Caption = ChartTitle
With .Axes(xlValue)
.HasTitle = True
.AxisTitle.Caption = ChartValueAxisName
End With
End With

DoCmd.Close acReport, "FormGraph", acSaveYes
DoCmd.OpenReport "FormGraph", acViewPreview

As you can see, I want to dynamically change the chart on the form based on information fed from the form. This works just fine when I do it (exclusive access). But when other users launch the report, the custom changes to the chart do not happen. I am assuming this is a rights issue - user does not have access to save changes to the report, so this code will not work as intended.

I am unsure how to proceed, can I preview the changed report without saving it? or do I need to play with the user rights?


I'd like to make a customer report that also shows all orders by that customer. I have two tables, a customer table and an order table. The customer table's primary ID is a customer #. In the order table, each line has a customer # from the customer table (lookup wizard to select a # from the customer table), an item and a day. All customers orders are in this order table.

I want to make a report of all customers, showing name, phone number, address from the customer table, then showing all orders for a specfic customer under each customer.

However, when using the Report wizard, I can only select a single line item from the Order table. I'm not sure how to list all Orders for a given customer.

I need help! I created a custom report in access and the header width is so wide that 1 page = 3 (2 blank with header lines only) How do I reduce the header lines so they do not exceed the width of one page?


Dear All,

I am building a personnel/training database and has been going well until I attempted to create a form which allows the user to create custom reports. It contains 8 comboboxes populated with field lists from 2 tables. These are to allow the user to choose which headings appear in their Report. Has anyone encountered this? any ideas? I'm still quite new at Access but I'm fairly competent in Excel (including modules, macros, etc).

Any help would be much appreciated...thank you, Nicole .

I need my database to create a custom report number for sumbitting samples. The standard that they use is YY-MM-## where ## is a sequential number based on how many samples have been submitted that month.

For example, The first sample submitted this month is 03-09-01, next is 03-09-02, and so on. They don't exceed 99 samples per month.

I've got the first part of the number created.. That was easy. (see code below) That creates "03-09-"

How do I make it search thru existing numbers and pick the next one? Note that not every record in the database will have a number and they are not necessarily in order.

Should I make some kind of loop from 99 down to 00 checking if the number exists and if it does use the next one? If so, how do I code that? Or is there a better way?

What I have so far:

Private Sub btnFindARNum_Click()
Dim MyString

MyString = Mid(Year(Date), 3, 2) & "-" & Mid(Date$, 1, 3)

txtARNumber.Value = MyString

End Sub

- Marc

Hi, we have an issue which we think Access can help dig us out of …. arrgghhhhh!!! Sorry, had to get that off my chest :-)
Effectively, we sell washers & we have to run through a dozen or so monthly reports (that our customers send us) to work out a) forecasts for the production department & b) a report for the sales team identifying which in-house part numbers are being used for our parts.
The customer reports are up to 140K lines each & are structured like this:
Customer1;Field 1;Field 2;Field 3; Item Notes; Sales
The trouble is that the customers...
- enter our order codes into any one of up to the 3 different fields (or even in the items notes field).
- sometimes add their own suffixes or prefixes onto our order codes
- use the other fields for their own in-house reference numbers
- give the different fields different names
We have had suggested to us:
-getting the customers to clean up the data before sending (tried, they aren't interested!!!)
-cleaning the data into separate columns ourselves (tried establishing various rules, filters, lookups etc, but every month a customer does something that we don't expect & our rules etc just can't keep up with them!)
-appending all of the reports into one table, but that is soon going to be a huge table with a lot of duplication going on (even messier than we are at the moment!!!)
Our goal is to provide:
A) a single report which lists our part numbers & the total of what has been sold across all the customers
B) a single report showing all of the different possible in-house part numbers given for our parts.
What we have in mind is:
Creating 12 tables in Access, named Customer 1 through to Customer 12 which hold the sales figures from the different customers. Done this via linked tables, tick, phew!
Creating a table of our own order codes. Phew, Tick!
Creating a query & adding the 13 tables into it. So far so good, Tick!
Establishing how best to get Access to include sales figures for any field which contains (as opposed to equals) our order code - totally lost!
Establishing a report which shows (without any duplication) which different in-house part numbers have been used for our order code (regardless of customer!)
At the moment we're using all sorts of pivot tables & lookups in excel ... and it's getting messy. We could be picking up 3 new customers next month & our current "system" is sure to break nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
Could you help out?
Or maybe point us in which direction we should be looking eg we;ve been researching union queries as a way of coping with this?
Many thanks for reading all the way to here, hope to speak soon!

Hello group, What i am trying to do is have a form with combo boxes where the user selects their own criteria and feed the query to get a custom report. I have so far manged to get only exact matches to work. but let's say perhaps i need to leave one field blank to retrieve all options, i get nothing at all..

I need help with the last part of this query design. I am trying to use a form to create a custom report. I want to be able to use multiple textboxes as my controls and if they are left blank, all records are selected. I can make that work for on textbox, but not all of them at the same time. Please take a look and see where the solution is as I have a hard time explaining the issue. I have attached an example database (Access 97).

I'm trying to create a database that is based on EPA guidelines for particular oil wells. I'm trying to create a form that will not only allow data entry but will enable the user to create custom reports/queries (that are user-friendly, not as complex as the query/report wizard) based on fields that they want to see (for a particular data, for example, or for a particular well at a particular date). Does anyone know how I can go about doing this? I would like this to occur on the data entry form.

Help!! Attached is detailed diagram that outlines my problem and the environments in which I am experiencing the problem. The main problem is that I am losing the custom page size that I specify for my reports. I have 4 reports that use a custom page size, 8.5 x 8.5, but when I move the mdb or mde file from one server to another it loses the page size. I have 24 servers that deploy the same application to clients in 24 locations. I create the master file on one server and then copy it to the others. The servers deploy the application to the clients with their login script.

I am trying to avoid having to deploy 24 mdb files and then having to go to each server and configure and save the custom page sizes before deploying the access file to the clients. I want to create a master mde file in the lab and then deploy it to the 24 servers and have all of the custom report page settings remain unchanged.

Why do my reports lose their custom pages sizes when the mdb or mde is moved from one server to the other?? Each server is configured exactly the same, exact same printer name, printer driver, version of Access, ect. The only thing different about the servers are the hostnames and the ip addresses.

I would like to have a custom toolbar for reports which has page navigation
buttons, like First, Previous, Next, and Last, with appropriate images.

Two questions:

1. How would I code for a report go GoToNextPage? I see a RunCommand
acCmdRecordsGoToNext, but nothing like "acCmdPagesGoToNext."

2. Is there a way to put other button images onto the command button of a
custom toolbar?

2a. Explanation:
The right-click menu for my "Image and Text" command button offers the
option to "Change Button Image," but the image selection seems limited to
the 42 displayed. In contrast, the properties for a standard command button
allow me to browse from the Picture property to select from a much larger
set of images, which include images for "First" and "Last" page/record.


Mark Hammer
Lake Oswego, Oregon, U.S.

Ok, This form is breaking more and more that I try to "fix it", Any suggestions will be helpful.

Basically, how it's supposed to work is this, You select from the "report" at the top and it will list the counties that is available for it.

select the county and it will show you the project trades for the county

you can choose Commercial or Residential or both.

and you hit customize, and a report will show up, ready to go with the project entries.

Now, here's the problems.

1. You can select a county, and no trade, and it will print out the report, if you select a trade, you get an error.

2. you can choose commercial, or Res, or both, and it will update the number of projects next to the county and in the trade field, But if you select if you want active or inactive, or on hold projects, the numbers next to the trades will change, but NOT the numbers next to the counties listed.

3. I think the numbers are not adding correctly, If you select a county, and select "all projects, the number of projects that is printed does not match.

let me know if you see anything wrong, or can help me fix some of the code.

Thank you

I have to create monthly reports by breaking down my company's customer database table into geographical regions and then sending each report to the regional managers.

Initially, I need to send reports containing all customers and each month thereafter, I need to send a report containing only new customers and customers who have since cancelled their accounts so each regional manager can update the original report themselves.

Please can somebody advise me of the best way to achieve this using Access?

So far I have imported the customer table into Access and I have a make-table query for each region that extracts the correct customers by their postal codes. But I am not sure where to go from here.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.


I am doing a database for my college work. I currently have a database for staff and customers and have the input forms for them in a switchboard.

Basicly, I need it so that you can choose a customer of a list and it puts the order details of that customer into a report!


Pretty sure this is possible just don't know how and wasn't sure whether to put this in forms or reports but thought forms was more logical.

What I'm basically looking to do, is have one form which is full of tick boxes which represent different fields of data from the various tables. For every box that is ticked, I want that data to be shown on a report. So basically it has to generate a custom made report depending on the options selected on that form?

Hope that makes sense

Thanks for the help in advanced

I have built a wonderful form that generates custom SQL statements.... These statements can then be used to make queries. The idea was to generate a custom report based on the SQL statement.

I thought I could just put the SQL string into a variable and then use a custom built function to return the SQL string. I built said function....
I put the function call in the recordsource for the Report....but to no avail! It says it cant find the query or table on which to base the report.

I have spent a lot of time making this sql generator form...It is making perfect statements.... I would really like to be able to use it.

Any one know how to use an SQL statement that is stored in a variable as the recordsource for a report?


This is off the wall but maybe someone out there can help me with my problem.

I have several custom reports that are sorted in various ways. What I need to do is compile all my reports into one printable document. More specific, I need the report to look like it is one continuous document. Anotherwords, not a space between reports as if I printed all ten individually and stapled them together.

Does this make since and can anybody help?


Posted this earlier but go no response so am trying again. I am trying to print a report that prints 4 records on a page. The paper I have is prescored for 4 cards in 1 vertical column on a page. I can create a report and get 4 records vertically on a page no problem but how do I get them spaced so that each record lays out ands prints correctly on each card on the page?

Also - tried to use label wizard to do this. There are forms for 3 cards to a page but I didn't see anything for 4 vertical cards on a page and couldn't figure out how create a "label" that would work.

Hope some one can help - I'm getting desperate.
Thanks. Maggie

I'm fairly new to Access2002 and I'm trying to put together a database for a small car-repairs business. I have a main form/table containing pertinent data that includes Repair Type (Cats. - Engine, Transmission, Suspension, etc.) from a combo box. What I would like to do is be able to create a customized report that lists all repairs based on Repair Type that the user selects in another form using check boxes. I have a form/table that contains the categories with linked checkboxes, but I'm having trouble translating the "Yes" selections into a query for output to a report. Sorry I'm so ignorant about this but the "Northwind" thing is a little hard to follow. Any help greatly appreciated.

Greg Hendricks, MD
Huntington WV

I am trying to create a very custom report for a accounting program I am working on, and I am having great difficulties.

The report needs to look like this:

Reciept Date Payee PO Number Reciept Total Account Acccount Account Account.....

As you can see it is breaking reciepts down into the amount spent for each expense account.

Each line in the data base looks like this:
Reciept ID Quanity Description Account UnitPrice

I then do a cross tab query to get all the data into a line format with each account that has a expense in it accross the top (colums). This is where I start to run into some trouble.

I run a second query on the cross tab query to sum each account for each recipet. If a new account is added for a new reciept this second query does not get the new colum because it is not in the query. I then build a report off of this query.

What I need is a report that will change for each time I run it. It must be able to add or delete accounts from the report so that it looks neet and there are no blank accounts.

If you have any ideas on how to do this or if you need more info from me please let me know.


I am wondering if anyone has worked on a reporting form which allows the user to save it as a custome report form for future re-use?

For example, the user has selected certain criteria for printing from the reporting form and would like to save this setting for future re-use. So they do not have to re-select the same criteria again.

Would they kindly share their ideas or methods on how they have saved the selected criteria from each controls in the forms so that it would reload in the future and how they have re-populate the criteria in the controls?
e.g listbox1: selected row 0,3,6,7
combo1: selected row 4

thankyou in advance.

I've designed a custom report that contains two memo fields (near the bottom of the page) that depend on user input. If the information for either of these fields is too much for the text box, I want the report to contiune to another page with the extra information. Can this be done?

HI there,

Recently one of my clients asked me to design a user-interface, which allows them to choose the columns listed in the final report by ticking relevant fields.

We usually bind TextBox objects with table fields in the report design view. In this case, as we can't anticipate which table fields users want to put in the final report, how can I design my report? Is there any chance I can use VBA to generate some TextBox object and bind them with the table fields chosen by users from the previous form.

Many Thanks

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