wrap text in textbox

On my report, I have a textbox which is populated with data from a query.
Occasionally, the text is too long for the textbox and I need to wrap it onto the next line.
Is there anyway to do that?
I can't find a property for it at the moment...

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I'm new to MS Access and this forum. This may be a silly question but I cannot find answer anywhere: can I wrap text in the header columns of a table in Datasheet view as shown in the attachment?

BTW, I cannot make the column width wider because I want to display as many columns as possible.

Any help would be great appreciated. Thanks.

Dear Experts,

i want to set wrap text in my report on one field how can i do?


I generate a pivot table from a simple table databse and one of the memo field contains a fair amount of text and when I try to print my pivot table, it prints over 2-3 pages. Is there a way to wrap text in an Access Pivot Table?


I am trying to find out if you can wrap text in a combo box? I have multiple selections that I am chosing to insert into my form but some of the verbage is cut off. Is there a way to wrap the text so that it shows all the information selected?

I have a textbox control and it has a specified width. But if the number of characters are more to display in one line, then I want to wrap the text in the textbox.
The text that appears in the textbox is determined at runtime.

Is there a way to do that??

I'm trying to figure out how to move the cursor to end of text in a textbox after I set focus to the control. Right now all of the text is highlighted when the focus is set. The code I'm working with is very simple:

Private Sub cmdEditComments_Click()
Me.Comments.Locked = False
End Sub

I'm thinking I need to do something with Chr(3), but am not sure of syntax.


how i can select text in first.textbox and show in second.textbox?

My Idea :
Teble : Program
From : [2 textbox = frist and second],[1 button = click]

step 1. when i open my from. first textbox will show text.
step 2. i will select text in first textbox then click on button [click]
step 3. show my select text in textbox second

My question

step 1. how i can show text from table.?
step 2. how i can select text in first.textbox and show in second.textbox?

Help me Pls.

I'm new in this forum and am apealling to you for help.
I'm using a Listbox based on a Table, and I've selected "yes" on the Column Heads format option. Whenever the field name is bigger than the Column Width I defined it's cutted.
Since Access doesn't allow (I think) to put carriage returns or line feeds in Table fileds names (I tryed like this: MyDB.TableDefs("XTmpHosp0").Fields(8).Name = "RSU" & Chr(10) & Chr(13) & "A28I04"), I then tryed to put a space between words hopping that it would show the field name in 2 separate lines ("RSU A28I04") but it didn't work.
Is there a way to wrap text like you do for a Cell in Excell?
I'm using Access 97.


How can i limit the user to enter the text in a textbox on a form?
suppose i want the user to enter only upto 20 chars in a textfield.

Hi All,

Time to turn to the better minds again!

Instead of a label I'm using text in the format property of a textbox to identify fields on my form (using the following format: ;&"textstring"[red]).

This works fine and gets overwritten when I enter actual data and doesn't save the label/placeholder text into the underlying table if I don't overwrite it (which is not always necessary) BUT....

If I duplicate a record, when the duplicated record form appears any label/placeholder text that was not overwritten with actual data is now black and is being saved to the underlying table -somehow it's turned into 'live' information, rather than a placeholder. The format property in the property sheet has not changed and if I clear the textbox, the originally formatted label/placeholder returns (and is not saved down to the table).

This doesn't happen if I just move onto the next record in the form, only when I duplicate.

I'm guessing I should be adding some kind of update/refresh code but not sure what or where...

Hope that makes sense and someone can help.

Muchos gracias peeps!

Access 2010

Hi all,

I have a report with some text boxes on it. Sometimes the text in these boxes can be a very long string of chracters (maybe a path to some folder). In this case I do not want the text box to grow. I just want the report to show me the right-hand side of this path and cut off the left.
How do I do this when still aligning my text to the left?

Many thanks!

Would anyone happen to know how to wrap text in the Expression Builder box
in Access? In the 97 version, it automatically would wrap the text of
the formulas I built. In the 2002 version, it won't wrap.



Tried searching this forum and the web for an answer to this but not sure what exactly to search for to find an answer

What I am hoping to do is to put some text in a text box that would help the user inputting the data in a similar fashion that a search site would have a text box that might say 'enter search parameters' here - which would disappear once clicked on

Is this too complicated?


Is it possible to "wrap text" in a List Box. I using a list box below a report menu. The list box will show a description of the report which is selected from the list. The after update event is working fine. The problem is my list box results are all on one line and truncate most of the report description. How can I make all the text fit in the box displayed ?? Can this be done

Dear sir

Tell me please if I want wrap text in text box with symbol (etc. ; ) for new line.

Thank you

I would like to format text in a text field in a Report. For example.

This is a test of my formatting needs.

I understand that MS Rich Textbox doesn't work on reports. I tested them and could not get a bound RichText box control to preview or print.

Is there any way to embed printer formatting codes in a field that will format the printer? I assume it is printer specific?

Any sneaky ways of doing this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello. I want to format particular fields in a textbox. The textbox contains a paragraph, which includes a person's name. For example:

"Dear [NAME], you may have won a million dollars!"

I want the name to be in a different font. Is there a way to do this.

Note that I can't break it up into different text boxes. It has to be all in one textbox, so the paragraph flows properly.

I appreciate any help.


I have a subform appearing on a report (should I be using a subform or subreport?? I've tried both and don't really see the difference)

Anyway, the subform is in datasheet view. Is there a way to wrap the text so that it all displays in the report?

I'm getting the impression that it can only be done if I set the view to continous form and format it to look like a datasheet.

Thanks in anticipation!

name of textbox is txt_EnterDate

I want to be able to highlight the text in the textbox when i click into it with mouse, for easy editing

I could just clear it; txt_EnterDate = ""

but the user would need to see what date was previously entered

i've already used

Private Sub txt_EnterDate_GotFocus()

'If txt_EnterDate > "" Then
'txt_EnterDate.SelStart = 0
'txt_EnterDate.SelLength = Len(txt_EnterDate)
'End If

End Sub

Thanks for replies