Can I combine reports into one pdf file?

I am currently running an Access application that creates several reports. I want to put these reports into pdf files, and preferably would love to combine all the reports into one pdf file.

Is there anything out there that can do this, short of Acrobat itself? Has anyone encountered this idea and been successful? Are there any free programs available that can do this, and again, preferably not place their logos, etc. onto the file?

Thanks so much in advance to y'all...... a great bunch of folks!

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Looking for a solution to combine several reports into one single PDF file. Just wanna click on one button & then it creates automatic in a folder a single PDF file with all single reports combined into one PDF that can be easy send to the client. I have to combine like details for a event and a contract together.
Anyone experience with this ?

What is the best way to create PDF files of your reports within VBscript? Like to create PDFs of my invoices with the reference number of the invoice automatically in a specific folder for that project.

Using Access 2003 & Adobe Acrobat 3D 7.0... & this is the first time I gonna do this kind of thing...


Gday all,
Have a bit of code (below) that prints 3 seperate reports all to PDF files with the click of a button, however I would like all these to be COMBINED into one PDF file through the use of the same button without having to go and do this action outside of access.....

Any help?

Private Sub Command12_Click()
Dim strDefaultPrinter As String
Dim intCounter As Integer

'save default printer name
strDefaultPrinter = Printer.DeviceName

'cycle through the printers collection till PDFCreator is found
For intCounter = 1 To Printers.Count
If Right$(Printers(intCounter).DeviceName, 10) = "PDFCreator" Then
'use this printer
Set Application.Printer = Printers(intCounter)

'do your PDF print job here
DoCmd.OpenReport "rpt_wr_report"
DoCmd.OpenReport "rpt_wr_delaytbl"
DoCmd.OpenReport "rpt_wr_Recurrent_Defects_Open"
DoCmd.Close acDefault, "rpt_wr_Recurrent_Defects_Open"
DoCmd.Close acDefault, "rpt_wr_delaytbl"
DoCmd.Close acDefault, "rpt_wr_report"

'set printer back to default printer
Set Application.Printer = Printers(strDefaultPrinter)

'all done
Exit Sub
End If
Next intCounter

'no PDF printer found
MsgBox "No PDF Printer was found!", vbExclamation, Application.Name

Can anyone advise me if it is possible to convert the displayed Access Reports into distributable PDF files & if so what software tools are required & problems I may encounter?



I want to combine several reports, and also some query outputs, into one pdf file. I can do this currently by running each report or query, using PrimoPDF to print it, and then manually selecting the "append" option to append the next report to the existing file. However, this is cumbersome because there are 7 different reports I want to append to one pdf file, multiplied by about 30 different reporting options.

Rather than peform 210+ manual operations, I would sure like to be able to write some code to do this. However I don't see that PrimoPDF makes anything available through VB. So... any ideas?

The pdf writer that is integral to MS Access does not seem to be able to append to an existing pdf file.

Is there a way to do this? Or is it just a wrong-headed approach? Ideas?

Help needed!!
I have report created in Access 2010 originated from a querybased on a table.
My table is called: tblFiledReconn
In order to manipulate what data I want to see in the reportI created a list query called: RptQry_List_Table_For_Entech_Use
Finally I have a report based on this query called:FieldReconnFormReport

There is a field on my table called FacilityID.
What I need is to print a report for each FacilityID into anindividual PDF file containing the FacilityID as part of the file name. At themoment this would be 817 individual reports.

I also wish if I can add a date included on the report whichis on another field called: Date. But again this is a wish and not a must.Since I am not an avid code writer I decided to get the need accomplishedbefore attempting this. Since the Date field is a date, I guess I need toconvert it into string or numbers to the format I desire before adding it tothe name which would made the code more complex.
Searching and reading forums I was able to develop thefollowing code. In this attempt I was trying to accomplish the following.
For each facility ID print a pdf individual report with thefacility id as part of the name followed by "_FRECON.pdf". Forexample for facility ID wwMH84303 the report file name would bewwMH84303_FRECON.pdf
Here is the code:
Code: Private Sub Command0_Click() Dim MyDB As DAO.Database Dim MyRS As DAO.Recordset Dim strSQL As String Dim strRptName As String Dim count As Integer strRptName = "FieldReconnFormReport" strSQL = "Select tblFieldReconn.[FacilityID] FromRptQry_List_Table_For_Entech_Use;" Set MyDB = CurrentDb Set MyRS = MyDB.OpenRecordset(strSQL, dbOpenForwardOnly) With MyRS Do While Not MyRS.EOF DoCmd.OpenReport strRptName, acViewPreview, ,"[FacilityID]=" & ![FacilityID] DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, strRptName, acFormatPDF,"C:Temporary FR Forms" & ![FacilityID] &"_FRECON.pdf" DoCmd.Close acReport, strRptName, acSaveNo .MoveNext Loop End With MyRS.Close Set MyRS = Nothing End Sub The problem is when I run the code there seems to be aproblem with the openreport comand line. A window comes out requesting aparameter value. The Enter Parameter Value window shows the Current Facility IDand a text box. If I hit OK it creates a one page report with blank fields butwith the correct file name. If I type the current Facility Id on the text boxit creates the one page report correctly. So I my guess is that it is notunderstanding the instruction that matches the Facility ID in the report withthe corresponding Facility ID from the recordset ( "[FacilityID]="& ![FacilityID]). Since it does creates the correct file name I assume itis creating the desired recordset. I have spent several hours trying to get itwork but no success. Please help!
Now to the wish part:
As I explained there is also a Date field in the table(,query and report). It would be great if the created file name could be acombination of both. For example for FacilityID: wwMH98765 visited ofDate:11/20/2012 it would be great is the file name could bewwMH98765_FR112012.pdf or better if wwMH98765_FR121120.pdf (year,month,day)
Thanks in advance

How do I combine two reports into one master report?

Thank you

In the old version of Access I could easily export a report from print preview into a PDF file. I just got the new version (Access 2007) and I can't find a way to do this. Every export method it lets me do changes the format. I just need the PDF as it looks exactly as my report does on screen and others can open it.



I've created and formated 3 individual reports and they are all print ready. My users wants to group and print all 3 of them in one go. I've tried to create a new report and then adding 3 individual reports into one but it won't format the pages correctly.

Is there an easy way to merge reports without having to reformat everything again? It looks ok in report view but in print preview and even after publishing to PDF it looks wrong.

This is off the wall but maybe someone out there can help me with my problem.

I have several custom reports that are sorted in various ways. What I need to do is compile all my reports into one printable document. More specific, I need the report to look like it is one continuous document. Anotherwords, not a space between reports as if I printed all ten individually and stapled them together.

Does this make since and can anybody help?


How can I export different report into same excel file?
Any suggestions are appreciated.
Thanks in advance.



Does anyone have any ideas on how to convert multiple access reports into one pdf file using vba script.

I am using Access 2007 and Adobe Professional 9....

The new Adobe Prof has some great Add-Ins which allow for multiple report conversions, however I am hoping to figure out how to do this via vba and not have to manual select the Add-In function each time I want to process the reports...

Would SendKeys be a possibility in order to select the Add In if all other methods fail?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

How can I export different report into SAME excel file?
Any suggestions are appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


man, I have been searching, and have tried different code snippets (you should see my registry and .INI files) here is what I need.
VBA code for Access 2003 using Acrobat Standard version 7.x.
I need to run a report, and have it create a specified PDF file name.
Will be running in a VBA loop running the report for each row.
I have to create like 300 each running.
I don't want their acrobat settings changed after it is done running.
I don't want one PDF file named the same as the report.
Anyone got some code to do that?

Is there a to convert multiple reports to one PDF with VBA? I have a large amount of pdfs to produce around 4000. One of my other large problems I can not download any tools to help with this. I am using access 2010 and I have Adobe PDF Writer installed.

Only other problem Im having is the above.

I can setup a macro to print the reports and I can convert each one to PDF on its own.

Can you Output all reports to one PDF?

Thanks in advance



I have two related tables WORKER with worker_ID field as primary key, and WORKERInfo whitch also has worker_ID field. I have created simple Data entry form based on thees two tables, but now i need enter worker_ID data twice (into two text boxes): once for table WORKER and once for table WORKERInfo. How can i add data from one text box into two fields of two tables?

thanks for your attention.

I have several objects which have macros linked to them that send their associated data file to the recipient. Some require more than one file to be sent.
How can I send more than one attachment, in the same email, using SendObject command for an email Macro. Or do I REALLY have to send one attached file per email...
I have the gnawing feeling it's gonna be an easy solution, but I'm just not seeing it.

Thank you for your time (in advance)!!!

Hello to everyone, this is my first post here.

I am new at this, so here is my scenario. I am working on a small access 2007 database to search and keep track of our business forms about 300 or so and some forms has between 2 to 10 pages. All forms were converted to PDF for better security and accessibility. All forms are saved using a form code, for example "fc1000, fc1001" and so on. I also have a jpeg snapshot of each form attached to each record, so the user can visually see how the form looks like.

I need help on the following:
Search and Print a specific pdf form

How do I link and open a PDF file with a primary key field via a button? I know that I need some VBA code. I looked and search everywhere but without luck.

Primary field: formCode, will stored the pdf file name which is "fc1000, fc1001, etc"

Primary key field

Form name

Thanks in advanced

I work in the IT department of a large greenhouse. We are required by law to give a daily report of our pesticide usage. However, because of other reports that I need to do, I keep records from our different product lines in two different tables. (one for plug production and one for finished product) Much of the data is similar e.g. date, time, location, chemical, EPA reg no, dosage, etc. How can I combine these into one report using a query. I want to be able to print a report for a single date combining the similar fields from both tables into one nice,neat printout. Any suggestions?