Stupid unwanted report parameter pop ups

I have a report that is linked to a form by means of altering unbound text boxes by altering thei controls in the form. It allg oes according to plan, untill I close and reopen the report in the code so that information is saved, or leave the control altered as is and then try to print it; what happens is that for every unbound text box there is a pop up asking for the value of a specific text box, with the previous value as the caption. I sure as hell didn't put that code there so it must have something to do with the docmd. operator. In any case I'm at a loss here....... heres the code

Sub SetReportControls(varFieldName As Variant, conTextBox As Control)

'Check if selection is 'null'
If IsNull(varFieldName) Then 'Blank out the relevant objects
conTextBox.ControlSource = ""
Else 'Write the selected field name to the appropriate objects
conTextBox.ControlSource = varFieldName

End If
End Sub

and here is how it's opened:
DoCmd.OpenReport "Vertical", acDesign

and here is the code calling up the function above:
SetReportControls Forms![input form].VENDOR.Value, _

vertical is the name of the report and vendor is a certain control on the report and form. Any help is awesome

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I am having trouble with stopping with the parameter popping up. I want to look up a particular value that is a result of a series of formulas. However If i put a value in the criteria cell of say "3", I get parameter pop up boxes asking me about individual values, which are different fields, in the equation in the field box above it. Why is it doing this? What am I doing wrong?
Apologies for the poor discription but I cann't reveal much more.

Can you change the background color for the parameter pop up window. I have query that asks the beg date and ending date but I was wondering if I can change the color of the parameter

Hey everyone,

As a project for school I am building a Database for a non-profit. I am almost completely done with it, and have run into a problem. The data base is designed to keep track of the amount of time and in what areas the Clinicians (employees) help the Individuals (clients). The time is broken down into multiple categories.

Now for my report I am running a sub report that has those categories and have parameters of start and end dates. When I run the sub-report it asks for the start and end date once and there is no problem. When I have the report, I can look at it without a problem. When I put the sub-report in the date parameters pop up and keep popping up. When I type them in once and cancel out of the second set, I can scroll down and then the parameters pop up again...

Things I have tried: running the report with sub-report without date parameters. Works. Moving the sub-report to different sections, ie header, footer, detail, group sections, etc. Now it works when at the top of the header but when I scroll down, the parameters pop up again. I have tried everything I can think of, when and talked to my professor, who spent a couple of hours trying to get it to work and gave up. Its not going to negatively impact my grade, but i want to get this working so that I can deliver a fully functioning database to my non-profit.

Also I am going to add further parameters to sort for just an individual, and just a clinician. If that makes a difference.

So I put it to you guys who work with Access all the time: What can I do to fix this problem?


Two queries acting as RecordSource for a report:
1) gives donations for all donors within a pair of dates
2) is further restricted with second WHERE clause to only show 1 donor

The report (when using the second query) pops up a modal box asking for the value of ContribDt. Why??

Here's the second query's SQL:
SELECT Donors.Addressee, Donors.Address, RTrim([City])+", "+[State]+" "+[Zip] AS CityStZip, Contributions.Amount, Contributions.Fund
FROM Donors INNER JOIN Contributions ON Donors.ID = Contributions.DonorID
WHERE (Contributions.ContribDt Between Forms!frmRecordDonations!txtStDt And Forms!frmRecordDonations!txtEndDt) And (Contributions.DonorID=TempVars!donor);

Only difference between this one on and the first query (which doesn't ask for the ContribDt is the last And.... phrase. The parentheses don't exit in the first query either. But I've tried removing them with no change in results.

Oddly, when I just click OK on the modal parameter window, without entering a value... the report print ok anyway.


I want to scale my report when I open it from a command button as a pop up screen.
Can I set my pop up screen size but scale the report to fit inside?


I am new to this and not sure that this is even possible but here it goes anyway.

I have set up a form that has a list box that contain keywords. I would like to have a table or report to pop up showing that the keyword was used in an area of the subject line and list the records that have the duplicates.

Hello again,

I created a form from a query that before loading all the controls asks for the Item ID (parameter). This form has two subforms that depend on another two queries; since I want them to show the info for the same item, all three ask for the Item ID, which can be kind of annnoying and does not look too professional. Is there a way I can get rid of two of the pop-ups and still have the three forms display the info of the same item?

And my second question: After the Item ID is entered 3 times, all the info is displayed on the forms. But, if I click the arrow on the bottom of the form (to supposedly go to the next time...but it should not be possible to do this), a "Enter parameter value" window pops-up (one just like the Item id one), and I have no clue where it came from. I cannot find it in the code; and I really want to get rid of it. I could use all the help I can get.

Thanks in advance.

In Access 2010, I have a form with a single command button and a subform. The button runs a parameterized query to search records and display the results in the subform. However, most users will navigate to the form from a different form, and when the search form first opens, the "Enter Parameter Value" box pops up. I would like for the pop-up to not appear when the form first opens.

I have attempted to accomplish this by making the subform unbound and setting the RecordSource in VBA on the button-click, but I get run-time error 2467, "The expression you entered refers to an object that is closed or does not exist" when running any of the following code:

	[SearchCommentsQuery subform].Form.RecordSource = "SearchCommentsQuery"

	Me![SearchCommentsQuery subform].Form.RecordSource = "SearchCommentsQuery"

	Me.[SearchCommentsQuery subform].Form.RecordSource = "SearchCommentsQuery"

Any help is greatly appreciated! I've been battling with this one for a while.


(I posted a similar issue on the Queries board, but it was not replied to, so I'm reposting with more information.)

Is there a way for Access to "remember" and automatically fill in entries entered or selected in pop-up form that is used to both set query criteria and then provide text on a finished report?

The pop-up is tied to the "On Open" property of a report, and controlled by a macro using the "IsLoaded" function.

Every time the pop-up form opens, all the fields are blank and need to be filled in again. This can be quite a pain when running the report over and over with virtually the same parameters.

By the way, I "discovered" this forum only the other day. It is fantastic!

Hi guys

i had developed report which, pops up form to pass on info to generate report.

in that pop up box i have StartDate and EndDate.

The start date should not be Null
The end date should not be Null and greater than start date.

otherwise through message.

Can anyone help me

Thank you

Hello guys

I had developed report which, pop up form and i have StartDate and EndDate in form

the MiniCalendar is use to input date in these.
Now i want to validate both dates

StartDate should noot be Null
EndDate should not be Null and less than StartDate

I searched for similar information for help. couldn't find

Can anyone help me

Thank you

Just a really stupid question, as I must be doing something blatantly wrong. I have a Report that displays as a pop-up which is the 'front end' to my program. Basically a whole bunch of buttons to open various other reports and/or external links, etc...

I have this report set to open as a pop-up dialog box, and I am able to get it to display at the correct width (just as wide as the report, with no extra white space) and it is centered on the screen, however I cannot for the life of me figure out how to limit the vertical size of the box. It will always default to as tall as the computer monitor is, minus some sort of buffer, essentially the size of the start menu at the top and bottom of the screen.

This doesn't inhibit the functionality of my program in any way, but it's definitely an eyesore since the form is not very tall and so you have the top half of the window displaying my report, and the bottom half of the report is just white space that I CANNOT get rid of. The report itself is only so high. I have no headers and footers. JUST a detail section that is a few inches high, but the larger of a resolution screen you open it up on, the taller the window will be. It seems to just default to the maximum displayable height.

I have messed with all sorts of form properties (auto resize, auto height, can grow/shrink, etc...) but to no avail.

What am I doing wrong? HELP!


I don’t really know what is going on here.

I am trying to open a form and now it keeps asking me for a parameter value:
Service.[Service_ID]. The thing is I have no idea where, in the code, Access is looking for this value.

It seems to be doing this prior to the onset of my form load… before any form events happen (e.g., when I walk through the code, the parameter popup appears before any of these events are kicked off: Open → Load → Resize → Activate → Current). Prior to any these aformentioned events kicking off, I make attempts to open a form like so:

	DoCmd.OpenForm "00160_Clone_Service_Level_Contacts", acNormal, , , acFormAdd, , strArgs

As soon as I step through the DoCmd.OpenForm line, a message box pops up asking for the parameter value, shown previously: Service.[Service_ID].
So, it’s looking for Service_ID from the service table, but the form is unbound. So when does it check for this value? And how can I stop it from doing this?

I have a report that is based on a parameter query. There are actually 3 queries and the parameters are in the first but the report gets its fields from the 3rd query.

When a user clicks on the report a dialog box Form opens so they can enter the parameters. Everything works as designed but there is an annoying glitch.

About 25% of the time when the user clicks the report prompts for parameters pop up. Since there are multiple queries and the parameters are in the first there are a lot of prompts. If you click cancel they go away and then the form will open and it will work fine. But this frightens the users.

How do I get rid of these unwanted prompts? It is in Access 2002.


I have a query with a simple parameter, [Enter the start date]. This is called by another query to add more data, and then by a report.
My problem is this. I go into the report in design view, and my parameter keeps popping up! It will not go away no matter how many times I try to cancel it - it just comes back. So I cannot make changes to the report. How can I stop this from happening?

Hey all,

I have been looking everywhere on a search form and its related queries / tables for a missing value / error that causes this pop up:

Quote: Enter Parameter Value
=Date() The report opens fine once that parameter error is cleared, and I cannot find what it is refering to at all. Does Access have any tools to help me track that down instead of blindly looking at every component piece by piece and hoping to stumble upon it?

I found the code below to clear P.V. errors (I think anyway - I would rather figure out what is causing it, but after way too much time spent on it, I still have had zero luck), and I have toyed with this and am having no luck:

Quote: Private Sub Report_Open(Cancel As Integer)
On Error Resume Next

Dim ctl As Control
Dim var As Variant
Dim rst As DAO.Recordset

Set rst = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(Me.RecordSource)

For Each ctl In Me.Controls
var = rst(ctl.ControlSource)

If Err = 438 Then ' Control has no Controlsource-property
Resume Next
End If
If Err = 3265 Then ' Controlsource doesn't exist in recordsource
ctl.ControlSource = ""
Resume Next
End If
Next ctl
End Sub
As always, any and all help is very appreciated!

I have a form that has a button the activates a report that is based on a query with a parameter. The parameter asks for the begin date and end date; it's for the same field in the query. (I used Between/And.) I don't like the little gray pop-up for the parameter value. Is there a way to customize the look?

Would a Calendar control work to choose the begin and end date? Or are there no options? Your help is appreciated.

This is probably a lot simpler than I make it sound, but here goes anyway.

I have 3 reports that users need to be able to generate "on-demand." All of them are date specific.

So far I have made this application pretty much fool proof, but what I want to do is to have a common pop-up form that will launch whenever any one of the reports is selected. (I'm not satified with the "Parameter Query" prompts that appear when the report queries are run). On this form I want to have fields for "Beginnig Date", and "Ending Date." I would also like the user to be able to click command buttons for "2 Weeks," and "This Month."
Some guidance would be much appreciated.


Simple question, I hope.

I have my Switchboard so it auto pops up to abscure the rest of Access. However, I do not seem to be able to go to a report by selecting the report button, as the switchboard stays on top.
I have got around the switch for my forms by having an On Open event to hide the switch, but I don't seem to have the option of having an on open event in a report that does the same thing.

Please help me OB1

Hi there Happy Easter.
I have an invoice report that is subject to various discounts. I want to enter the discount numbers by hand not via a parameter that seems to keep popping up.
Any Suggestions regards Joe


I have a switchboard with six buttons.Now I have the switchboard to pop up when it us open. I have the forms to pop up on top of the switchboarb when opened. How do I get the report to pop on top of the switchboard when opened.

Thank You



I have my whole database window hidden from my users view...

All my forms are of the pop-up variety...

I wish to preview a report on a click of a btton of one of these forms but when I do it opens behind the pop-up form...

Is there a way of getting this to happen??

I have this really neat database of projects that my department has completed, and now I want to make it very user-friendly so that anyone in the department can use it.

I have a switchboard that lists the different "business channels" in the company (if you click on any one of the bus. channel buttons, you will get a report that lists all the projects for that business, along with other details).

What I would like to do now is on the switchboard, create another option (i.e., "Search for Project"). When you click on the button for this option, a pop-up dialog box appears, asking for name of project. This is will be a quicker way to search for a project than having to go through each business channel looking for it, and something that anyone can do without bothering me.

As not everyone remembers the exact name of the project, I would like to create a "wildcard", so if someone, for example, was looking for a particular project for "fashion", but didn't know what the exact name of the project, they just had to type "fashion" in the dialog box, and a report would be generated that would list all the projects that had "fashion" in its title.

Any help would be appreciated.

basically I have a report based on a qry where someone will enter a postcode to return all values linked to it. I need a pop up box to appear when this qry is run in a report and no matching postcode is found. Just so I can redirect the user to another report.
Any help will be apreciated.

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