Multiple copies of same mailing label


I am interested in using the label report to create mailing labels. The only problem is that I need more than one label printed at a time for the same address. I seem to be able to only get one label at a time.

Any suggestions?


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I have multiple copies of a back end of a database that are shared throughout different offices in my organization. Each office needs to have separate databases but I have a new requirement to generate reports for the organization. The issue I will have is the Primary Key is an auto number that while obviously not duplicated in the single database; the key will be used once in each database creating duplicates when all data is merged for reporting. Is there a way to handle this situation or am I looking at a complete redesign?

Hi, I have 3 mail merge letters that will be used with a access database/queries they work fine, but when opening the documents they seem to open multiple copies of the database even if it its open already. Just wondering if there is a way to stop this happening, as it is likely to confuse as all letters are likely to be open at teh same time and this triggers 3 seperate db to open. Any ideas?

many thanks in advance. Harry

I want to be able to look up a record and print 30 labels (Avery 5160) one sheet of labels for a single record.

This task will be repeated a few times a day. When we do our mailings. When we run out of printed labels our clerk needs to be able to locate record in database and print a sheet of 30 labels.

Any suggestions to make this task easy for my staff. Currently they just type the address in word and print 30. I think that using a database will be faster and less errors in data entry.

Suggestions needed.

Thank you for your support.

I am working on a report that is in letter format. The report is based on a date query. The data input form has a subform to allow entry of multiple records. I have placed the subreport on the main report and they are tied by a common field. My problem is when I run the report, I get multiple copies of the letter. For example, if the subform has three entries on it, the letter shows all three entries on one copy. But it also produces two more copies of the same letter.

Any suggestions on how to get only one copy of the letter to be produced would be appreciated.


I need to be able to print multiple copies of a report from Access 2007 in an Access Runtime environment. The only way that I know of to print multiple copies is to use Docmd.printout. In a full-access environment, this works fine. But in the runtime environment, I get "the command Printout is not available". So, any suggestions?

I have a form with a table that contains the fields: name, ID

Now in the form i have those two fields, But i want multiple copies of that table in the form where each of the fields can be different. How do i do that? I tried just copying the fields and pasting, but whatever is in one field is in all the others

i use a command button on a form to print a report:
the code for this as we all know is:
DoCmd.OpenReport "myreport", acNormal
How do i print multiple copies of this report
Currently i am writing the above line thrice to generate 3 copies,
Is there another way
s talwalkar

I use 2 copies of the same form. I open one copy in addrecord mode to add new data and the second copy in edit mode to edit exisiting data. I want to add a combobox based on a select query to the editmode copy so I can search for the record I want to edit. Is there a way to add to add combo box to add it to one copy of form but not another copy of same form. If not, is there alternative solution?

I have made a database to run the annual proceedings of a school business with many clients. Everything is done and controlled in a single form with 5 pages (along with 5 tables, 6 queries and 2 reports). I would like to create multiple forms of EXACTLY the same structure and then combine them in a navigation form with multiple pages, one for each school year.

How can I do it more easily and efficiently? Isn't there a way to somehow automatically use a copy of the same tables, queries and reports with a new name (2012/13 instead of 2011/12) recognized by a copy of the form in question (again 2012/13 instead of 2011/12) and then use both? Or is there a way to draw a form from multiple databases? Maybe a switch that makes it possible to choose which database to open?

Is it possible to have the same subreport appear multiple times in a single report, but have each instance report data from different dropdowns on my form?

I have a form with several dropdowns (addressdropdown1, addressdropdown2, addressdropdown3, etc.) through which the user can select a name. The subreport needs to read the name and report out address information.

This works perfectly for the first instance of the subreport. The subreport sees the value in addressdropdown1 and reports the address information.

I am having a problem with the second instance of the same subreport. I want it to read the value in addressdropdown2 and report the address information, but when I go to add the subreport for the second time (using the SubForm/SubReport button on the report design Toolbox) it simply places a copy of the first subreport and reports out the same data as the first subreport. I can't seem to get it to know that it should be looking at addressdropdown2 and when the subreport is added, the SubReportWizard skips the step asking me how to link the reports.

Any thoughts?

I have a button to print a report. Can I set it up to print multiple copies of the same report? I've looked in the help, but can't find the answer. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi All,

I have a problem with the way my report is displaying info.

I have it creating a sheet based on records in my main/subform combo form.

The issue I have is as follows;

I have a primary number, sourced off the main form. And a detail number, sourced off the subform e.g 1A,B,C,D etc 2A,B,C,D - Depending on the number of incedents it could be A-Z, or could be A.

I have one test record in the database which has three incedents on it, so the record is No.1 and it's detail lines are A,B &C. The issue is that the report is displaying the report ok......but since there are three incedents it is automatically making three copies!

Is this a sourcing issue?

I have a database with 10 tables with the following relationships.

tbl_projects has a one-to-many relationship with tbl_facility

tbl_facility has a one-to-many relationship with tbl_facility task

tbl_facility task has a one-to-many relationship with tbl_Facility

tbl_facility task info has a many-to-one relationship with tbl_people

tbl_facility task info has a one-to-many relationship with tbl_task notes

tbl_facility task info has a one-to-many relationship with tbl_hour/cost

tbl_hours/cost task info has a many-to-one relationship with tbl_week ending

[tbl_facility task and tbl_people have a many-to-many relationship through junction table tbl_facility task info

1) tbl_project
- Contains Project Name

2) tbl_facility
- Facility ID
- Facility Name

3) tbl_facility task
- Lookup to tbl_task type
- Start date
- Target date
- Finish date

4) tbl_task type
- Contains various task types to choose from

5) tbl_facility task info
- Sub Task Description
- Start Date
- Lookup to Status Table
- Status Comment

6) tbl_status
- Contains various status to choose from

7) tbl_people
- First Name
- Last Name

8) tbl_task notes
- Task note
- Date of Note

9) tbl_hour/cost
- Hours Spent
- Cost

10) tbl_week ending
- Week Ending

I have not listed out all the fields in the table, just what I think is enough for you to get an idea of what I am trying to accomplish.

The thing is, when I run a query using People’s name, Facility Task Info (Basically sub-tasks), Facility Task, Facility Name and Project Name I get MANY copies of the same records?!

I just want to show what sub-tasks someone is working on and their status in the query. Anyone know what is going on?


p.s. I've seen people post relationships here visually, how do I do that??

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Hello AccessForums Community,
I am currently searching for a way to input multiple instances of the SAME information into a table by using a form.
For instance, in order to keep track of specimens, I must have a record of each single individual. Each specimen record contains a [collection number], [species], and [gender] (e.g.: 070607-01, Fallicambarus fodiens, Female) with the species and gender being selected from a drop-down box.
Ultimately these link back to sites where they were collected via a many-to-one relationship using the [collection number]...not that it matters.
Rather than input this same data 10 times, is there a way to input the appropriate data, select a number of iterations, and press a button to save these as 10 records?
Thank you all for your help in advance--this is driving me nuts.

This problem is intermittent. Happening primarily on Windows XP, Service pack3 environment with Office 2007.

My access application which uses vba code to open and merge a document, ends up printing more than one copy of the document. My code was checked by Microsoft and they suggested the problem was in a print driver.

Changing the driver does not always fix the problem which is intermittent to begin with.

The code can print a selection of documents, or open and merge one document. If you look at the document after merging, it has multiples of each page. Can this example be a printer driver issue, or does it suggest that it is happening in the code. If it is in the code, it is intermittent and does not make sense.


Hi Everyone

I'm sure I've seen the answer to my question on the Forum but I haven't been a able to find it using the search facility so I'm turning to you guys/gals for help.

I have a command button on a form that allows the user to print a copy of the selected report. The user has asked if I can modify the button so that when it is clicked it actually prints 2 copies of the report.

Is there an easy way to do this (like set a property somewhere)or do I need a small counter loop to run the print activity twice?

Thanks as usual for your comments.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.



How can I set up a Text Box or Combo Box That lets a user determine the number of copies of a report printed from a and a command button.

Example: On a form I have a lable that refers to "Report A" I have a comman button that allows a user to directly print the current record in Report A.. However, I need a user entry point that determines the number of copies printed...


Thanks in advance..


If I want to distribute copies of a database and have one copy as the master and syncronise data; can i use briefcase or is there a better way?

I am trying to add a logo on the top of every mailing label. I can input it on the first label and it works fine, but the following labels have no logo. can any one help ?


Opening a report from a Form, I can Print it immediatly and I can open it in Preview or in Design mode. I would like to print it, but not before showing me the Print Dialog Box, so I can change the number of copies to any number I want. How do I do this?

Or do you have another method that lets me print any given number of copies of a report?

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Ok, so I'm back again with another question.

I'm currently setting up reports and mailing labels for my Access project, and i've run into a problem with the Mailing Labels. I have 2 Address fields, but most contacts only use 1. I've set up my Mailing Labels to have 4 lines to allow the printing of the 2nd Address field, and it is set to "Can Shrink" so that if it does not exist i don't have blank lines on my label. Everything fits great, but all the contacts with only 3 lines are pushed to the top of the Mailing Label. Is there any way to center these labels, or change how the label shrinks when a line is blank?

FYI - I cannot make any further changes in Design Mode or else those Mailing Labels with a total of 4 lines will not print correctly.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I am accessing a query through VBA and am having an odd response from an append query. I am appending a record to an ALERT table if there is either a non-existing employee name, a null ID, or a duplicate ID. I am doing this process through three individual append queries that are indicated below:

Code: 'Append New Employee to Alert Table StrSQL = "INSERT INTO Alerts ( PERIOD, [Id], [Transaction Source], Yes, [Hold], " & _ "[Name], Project, Task, [Type], [Date], [Employee Name], Quantity, [Rate], " & _ "UOM, [Cost], [field 17], [Amount], Comment, Field19, Bill, Alert ) SELECT " & _ "Temp.PERIOD, Temp.[Id], Temp.[Transaction Source], Temp.Yes, Temp.Hold, " & _ "Temp.[Name], Temp.Project, Temp.Task, Temp.[Type], Temp.[Date], " & _ "Temp.[Employee Name], Temp.Quantity, Temp.[Rate], Temp.UOM, Temp.[Cost], " & _ "Temp.[17], Temp.[Amount], Temp.Comment, Temp.Empty, Temp.Bill, 'New Name' AS [Alert] " & _ "FROM Temp LEFT JOIN NameCard ON Temp.[Employee Name] = NameCard.Name WHERE (((NameCard.Name) Is Null));" Code: 'Append Duplicate ID to Alert Table StrSQL = "INSERT INTO Alerts ( PERIOD, [Id], [Transaction Source], Yes, [Hold], " & _ "[Name], Project, Task, [Type], [Date], [Employee Name], Quantity, [Rate], " & _ "UOM, [Cost], [field 17], [Amount], Comment, Field19, Bill, Alert ) SELECT " & _ "Temp.PERIOD, Temp.[Id], Temp.[Transaction Source], Temp.Yes, Temp.Hold, " & _ "Temp.[Name], Temp.Project, Temp.Task, Temp.[Type], Temp.[Date], " & _ "Temp.[Employee Name], Temp.Quantity, Temp.[Rate], Temp.UOM, Temp.[Cost], " & _ "Temp.[17], Temp.[Amount], Temp.Comment, Temp.Empty, Temp.Bill, 'Duplicate ID' AS [Alert] " & _ "FROM Temp INNER JOIN MASTER ON Temp.[ID] = MASTER.ID;" Code: 'Append Null ID to Alert Table StrSQL = "INSERT INTO Alerts ( PERIOD, [Id], [Transaction Source], Yes, [Hold], " & _ "[Name], Project, Task, [Type], [Date], [Employee Name], Quantity, [Rate], " & _ "UOM, [Cost], [field 17], [Amount], Comment, Field19, Bill, Alert ) SELECT " & _ "Temp.PERIOD, Temp.[Id], Temp.[Transaction Source], Temp.Yes, Temp.Hold, " & _ "Temp.[Name], Temp.Project, Temp.Task, Temp.[Type], Temp.[Date], " & _ "Temp.[Employee Name], Temp.Quantity, Temp.[Rate], Temp.UOM, Temp.[Cost], " & _ "Temp.[17], Temp.[Amount], Temp.Comment, Temp.Empty, Temp.Bill, 'Null ID' AS [Alert] " & _ "FROM Temp WHERE ((Temp.[ID]) = Null));" When I run these queries, I get multiple copies of the different examples that I run. I have included fake data (showing only 2 rows for sake of displaying important data):TEMP Table
Employee Name
12345 Tony Jones 5678 New Employee Name Bob Smith
Where in the example data, ID 12345 is a duplicate ID, 5678 is a new employee, and Bob Smith is a null ID. The data I get is similar to below:ALERTS Table
Employee Name
12345 Tony Jones Duplicate ID 5678 New Employee Name New Name Bob Smith Null ID 12345 Tony Jones Duplicate ID 5678 New Employee Name New Name Bob Smith Null ID 12345 Tony Jones Duplicate ID 5678 New Employee Name New Name Bob Smith Null ID
Can anyone help guide me as to why these queries, ran only once, would produce 3+ copies of the data I need?

Thank you for your help!

How do!
As title, I have set up x4 different reports (Sheet: x3 Column x10 Rows) to produce mailing labels

1) Copy database over to new machines, open any of the reports for the first time - they display as intended.

2) As soon as you open any of them for the second time they loose the preset margins and convert back to a single column.

3) Tested on several machines each with the same outcome

Anyone have any ideas?


(Totally Bemused)

I have a need to print 30 address labels (on an Avery 5160) for the same contact. How do I print ONE contact's address 30 times on the same label page? I bought an Access for Dummies 2002 book and it spent about 1.5 pages talking about labels. I guess it's to uncommon to print 30 copies of SAME address on a label sheet.

thanks in advance for your quick replies!!

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