converting mdb to accdb format

I've been developing a DB within Access2010 in the mdb format. I'm trying to convert it to a accdb format. Per the Microsoft instructions, I have the mdb opened, then select save as, make sure the file type is Access2007 and enter a new file name. After doing this, when I open the new file, it shows its in the mdb format. I've tried creating a new accdb file, then importing the objects, but I'm having problems here also.

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I've searched the forum and found a few articles, but this question is probably a bit too specific for the search routines to narrow down the list too much.

I have a database originally done in Ac2003 format. It does not implement user-level (i.e. workgroup based) security. Instead, I "roll my own" by using some domain properties that I can look up to get an externally authenticated username, plus a user table that defines a user's role in the DB. Then, the forms read the user ID, look up the role, and allow or disallow actions based on that finding. It works like a champ.

It is a split database with both FE and BE having the "user's role" lookup task implemented when you open them. The databases each open a dispatchor or switchboard-like form that reads your role from its tables and if you are not the right role, you cannot leave the form except to exit the app. The special Access keys and all of the design features are turned off in the copy that we post to the shared area. Only the developer copy still has the full developer options not disabled.

So far, well and good. Works pretty well, security is right, other features are right. However, now we are looking to the next stage, which is that when we leave "beta test" status, we need to secure it a little better. So here is what I had in mind.

1. Upgrade both FE and BE from .MDB to .ACCDB format. In Ac2007, use the feature that lets me ENCRYPT the BE file based on a password. That way, nobody can create another .ACCDB and link to the BE file without the password. Which we won't give out.

2. In the shared FE, include the password in the connect string. Don't allow the dialog. We want to avoid giving out the password because it will be going to 50+ users eventually.

3. HOWEVER, because I am turning off all of the design-mode features of the FE, you cannot use any design-mode thingy that would let you SEE the connect string without a deliberate (i.e. not casual) attempt to dink around. We will be using Windows file security to restrict random users from opening the BE file but they will be making local copies of the FE file. Therefore we have to address its security at least somewhat.

4. A possible final step of this is to compile the FE to an ACCDE file to make it even harder to get to the connect strings although that might not occur right away for logistics reasons.

My goal is to secure this as much as possible without going overboard. So this is a measured approach to security without going all the way to an SQL backend. We can't take that step without the proper licenses and security approvals and money. Want to guess which one we don't have?

Anyway - my question is: Can some folks experienced with this kind of conversion give me a comment or two as to whether I am barking up the right tree or the wrong one?

hi all,
I am using access 2003. I need to convert .mdb to .mde. How i don't know. i am new to this. Any help please.And how to create ODBC for .mde file. which drivers have to use.
Thanks in advs

I have a database in Access 2003 format with the backend on a network drive and the frontend on individual PCs.

I converted the backend to 2007 format. then converted the frontend and relinked all the tables. The code behind the forms no longer works giving a 'File not Found' error when controls on the form are clicked. The form code is visible in the VBA editor but seems no longer linked to the controls.

There were network drive problems before and after the conversion giving a "Could not send the command to the program" error message. I repeated the conversion on my own PC using backup copies on my own PC and relinked before the conversion, but with the same result. This leads me to believe the problem is with the conversion and not with the network drive.

Fortunately, I have backups and can restore to a working set of databases about 5 days old.

The message which appears after conversion seems to indicate that you cannot link tables between access 2003 and 2007 versions.

I also on occasions received a "Cannot convert attached files" message - could this be due to memo field in one of the tables?

I would be grateful for any assistance.

Hai All,

i am new in Access. i am creating the .MDB Format. but that database is very Slow. thats why i am converting to .MDE Format. How to Conver and how to Connect the Data Source( ODBC ).

pls Help ASAP

Thanks & Regards

How can I convert a field in text format to date format.
As exemple :
'20030531' into 31-05-2003.

Thanks ind advance.


Just a quick question for the pros.

Given: Back end and front end are both Access 2007 databases. Back end is on a shared server and the front end is distributed to all users. (with auto updater if that matters)

Generally speaking, is it better practice to keep all tables, static and dynamic, in the back end of a database - or is it better to keep the static tables (tables in which the data never changes), in the front end? Does it make a difference performance wise?

Also - would the answer be different if the back end was a SQL Server?

The reason I ask:
My db is currently in mdb format and I have it setup with only the dynamic tables in my back end and the static tables in my front end (thinking this would reduce network traffic). But, I'm in the process of converting up to accdb format and will soon convert the back end to a SQL Server 2005 db.

I've got a database with forms originaly designed using Access 2000. I've converted the files to 2003 format using the tools menu, but the look and the layout of all the controls are as the 2000 format and not the newer looking 2003 format.

Is it possible to convert these 2000 style forms to the 2003 style?



In my Acc 2003 App I need to import Excel files. I somtimes receive them as xlsx files, and would like to convert them to 2003 format (*.xls).
Here is a thread I've opend about this in the Excel forum.
I'd appreciate assistance from people in this forum too.

Here again is the link to the thread in Excel forum.



Trying to grab dates from drop downs in access and convert into date, currently I have

Dim d1 As Date
d1 = CDate("01", me.[cmbMonth], me.[cmbYear])

But doesnt work Text turns red

I am kind of new to this but need to convert it to date format to use iwthin a query

Any Ideas ?

Many Thanks



Ms had provided a download AccessDataBaseEngine.exe wherein other applications can access the 07 accdb through ODBC.

However when we use Access 03 and try to use this ODBC driver to link to a accdb, it is not allowed.

I can understand that due to upgrade from JET to ACE, a direct link from a .mdb to .accdb is not allowed. But won't it be great if Ms Access Team can re-tune this ODBC driver to allow for forward access. Or did i miss out something? Please enlighten.

I'm just about to do some major updating on my database. My current file is in a mdb 2000 format and I plan to update it to ACCDB. One of my biggest reasons for doing this is to keep our users from using the 2003 program. I also wanted to bring us up to a more current version for whatever the future holds.

Is conversion a good idea? Is there any reason (there than users and group permissions) to keep my file as an mdb?

Also, I'll be splitting my database into a front and back end. So should I convert both files to accdb? I've read in a couple places that accdb files are more susceptible to bloat - which is already a problem in our current database version.

Any suggestions or opinions?

Dear All,
I tried to copy the Access .mdb to cdb after inatalling ActiveSync 4.5 to my PPC 2005. but i am unable to convert the .cdb. it work fine with ActiveSync 3.8 for PPC 2003. Can u plz guide me how to handle this.


I'm trying to automate the process of converting Access Reports to PDF Formats. My reports currently are generated when the users click a button and then a "Print Preview" of the report appears. I want to add another button to my form where if the users click on it the reports will appear in PDF format.

Thanks in Advance.

I am making a report that takes total seconds that it takes to do something and converts it to hh:nn:ss. In a different report I use

=Format(Int(Sum([IT Total Seconds])/3600),"00") & ":" & Format(Int((Sum([IT Total Seconds])-(Int(Sum([IT Total Seconds])/3600)*3600))/60),"00") & ":" & Format(((Sum([IT Total Seconds]) Mod 60)),"00")
To give me the sum of a group of records that I get from a query. But I need to make a report that just gives me the detail, one record at a time. So, I tried to take Sum out of the above, but I just can't get it right. Can anyone help?

I need to create a list to convert the data I have into pivot table format.
Below is the form in which i have the data

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

Tag Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Alpha Units

This I want to create to the format
Tag Year Units ASP TAM SAM
so that it can be converted to pivot table.
Could someone please guide me on writing a VBA script for this purpose? It can't be done manually because there is a lot of such data. Any help would be appreciated..

Dear Friends,

I'm using MS Access Version is 2002. And need to convert String Value to Date format (20110315 --> 15/03/2011) but all records do not have value. There are some records with null value. I tried below SQL in VBA but unfortunately this is also not working and throwing error "Error detected, error # 13, Type mismatch"

" CDate(Left(VALUE_DATE, 4) & " / " & Mid(VALUE_DATE, 5, 2) & " / " & Mid(VALUE_DATE, 7, 2)) AS VALUE_DATE, " & _
" FROM " & sTmpTableName

Same SQL is working if I exectue as query.

I tried work around but that is also throwing same error:

CurrentDb.Execute ("UPDATE " & sTmpTableName & _
" SET VALUE_DATE = CDate(Left(VALUE_DATE, 4) & " / " & Mid(VALUE_DATE, 5, 2) & " / " & Mid(VALUE_DATE, 7, 2)) " & _

If I execute Update Statment directely as query it works but when you this query in VBA it is throwing error "Error detected, error # 13, Type mismatch"

Appreciate your help on this.


Our department users an MS Access database file created in an old version of access. The purpose is to maintain records of what access our IT users have to our systems.

Since upgrading to Access 2010 I have been getting a "Property not found" error upon using the existing Save button on multiple forms. The error occurs only when data in the record has changed. Converting the old .mdb file to .accdb format hasn't solved the issue.

The Save buttons have "On Click" event procedures associated with them.

The first one is as follows:

	Private Sub cmd_save_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_cmd_save_Click
DoCmd.DoMenuItem acFormBar, acRecordsMenu, acSaveRecord, , acMenuVer70
Me!txt_existing_zam.Value = ""
Set qresults = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("select * from qry_zam_function_set")
Do While Not qresults.EOF
zam_access_level = Forms!frm_get_uid.Controls(qresults.Fields(1)).Value
If IsNull(zam_access_level) Then
zam_function = qresults.Fields(0)
'MsgBox zam_function
'MsgBox zam_access_level
Forms!frm_get_uid.[txt_existing_zam].Value = Forms!frm_get_uid.[txt_existing_zam].Value & zam_function & "" &
zam_access_level & " "
End If
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox Err.Description
    Resume Exit_cmd_save_Click
End Sub

The other one I am having issues with is this, on a different form:

	Private Sub cmd_save_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_cmd_save_Click
If IsNull(created_by) Or created_by = "" Then
created_by.Value = Environ("username")
End If
DoCmd.DoMenuItem acFormBar, acRecordsMenu, acSaveRecord, , acMenuVer70
uidstring = uidstring & Forms![frm_new_user]![HRI_UID_PC] & Forms![frm_new_user]![CHH_UID_PC]
uidstring = uidstring & Forms![frm_new_user]![PRH_UID_PC] & Forms![frm_new_user]![BWH_UID_PC]
uidstring = uidstring & Forms![frm_new_user]![WAC_UID_PC] & Forms![frm_new_user]![ABH_UID_PC]
uidstring = uidstring & Forms![frm_new_user]![BSHC_UID_PC] & Forms![frm_new_user]![FREE_UID_PC]
uidstring = uidstring & Forms![frm_new_user]![BUPA_UID_PC] & Forms![frm_new_user]![NUFF_UID_PC]
uidstring = uidstring & Forms![frm_new_user]![HCH_UID_PC] & Forms![frm_new_user]![WTH_UID_PC]
uidstring = uidstring & Forms![frm_new_user]![BDH_UID_PC] & Forms![frm_new_user]![SGH_UID_PC]
uidstring = uidstring & Forms![frm_new_user]![HRIAE_UID]
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox Err.Description
    Resume Exit_cmd_save_Click
End Sub

I have no idea where to even start with figuring it out as the error doesn't even try to take me into Debug mode - it's a very unhelpful error with an "OK" button and nothing more!

Any ideas?

in the first place want to offer my best regards to all,
sorry for editing the Thread
I have a MDB file size around 1 mb, I converted that to 2002 and 2003 format, also Converted to MDE too
I want to put the DB in the Server and the clients can use of that...How it is possible?

It is the first time i am attempting to create an access project file
I have an existing mdb application I want to move to a SQL back end.

I looked into the possibilities, hwr the problem is I have many subs or functions using the VBA sql syntext and also a lot of DAO references to open record sets or tables etc.

If I understand it correctly I need to convert all DAO's to ADO's etc. As I am not too familiar with ADO it seems a bit of a nightmare.

Is there an easy way to convert an MDB, with dao usage etc into a project?

the alternative is just to link tables to from a mdb front end to a sql database with some minor twaeking of some of the codes.

Does anybody with experience give me some advise, tips pro and cons?

I have the task of converting a date that is in a text file into a date field in Access 97. (Yes. Access 97.)
When I import the file, the field is automatically set as a long integer. Whether I try to convert it in the table definition to Date/Time or convert it to text and then try to convert to date format, I simply get a message that it cannot be done and the field's data will be deleted.

Is there anything that I can do?


I'm working wtih a .ACCDB in Access 2010 x64 running on Windows 7 x64

This DB was originally an Access 2000 format whose permissions were controlled by an old MDW.
It contained several links to tables in two other DBs also of Access 2000 format and whose permissions were also controlled by the MDW.

I had admin permission to all the DBs and exported all objects from all DBs to seperate MDBs and confirmed I could open all three without restriction from the MDW.

I then converted all three to ACCDB format and have been working fine with them.

However, I have just now discovered that I cannot delete, cut, or paste any of the objects in the main database.
However, I can delete, cut, and paste any and all objects in the two linked databases when I open them directly.

To be clear, in the main database, my inability to cut, delete, or paste objects is NOT limited to the linked tables.
I cannot even delete any queries I have created AFTER the conversion to ACCDB format.
This limitation applies to all objects (tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, and modules), linked or not, in the main database only.

I have gone back to the original MDB running in Access 2007 on Windows XP (x86) and have confirmed I AM able to delete, cut and paste any and all objects.
However, I also checked the original x86 ACCDB running in Access 2010 on Windows 7 x86 and I am NOT able to delete, cut or paste any objects.

Additionally, I AM able to edit all the objects as much as I care to and in any way I wish.
This limitation apparently only applies to what I can do within the navigation pane.

I have confirmed my windows user account has all the necessary file level permissions.
I have poked around in the Access Options with no help.
I have reduced the setting for ‘Default Open Mode’ to ‘Exclusive’ from ‘Shared’.

Still no joy.

Any help or insights will, as always, be greatly appreciated.

I am in the process of updating a database to 2010 (.accdb) and cannot get past a problem. We are using Access 2010.
I updated the back end data to .accdb with no problem. I can't link the front end to that data without updating the front end to .accdb as well. There are no tables in the front end.
I try to update the front end to /accdb and I get the error message 'You are trying to convert an encoded database. Decode the database, then try again.'
How do I decode the database? I tried setting a password and then unsetting it, but that made no difference. I have not previously encoded the database.
Help! I am really stuck on this one, and can't finish the update to .accdb data. The alternative is to stay with 2003 MDB data. Is that a bad thing?


I am running office 2003 but my file is 2000 format. I want to create an mde which works for office 2000 users. It will not let me convert the file to mde unless it is 2003 mdb format.
I understand that so I therefore took the mdb (2000 format) and opened it with office2000, converted it to an (2000) mde and expected it to work but it didn't! Instead it informed me about an illegal action and closed down access!
This has been tried on a few machines with identical results

Hello Everyone,

First of all thanks alot for investing your valuable time in reading my query, I wonder if someone can kindly educate me on how to convert an access database.mdb file to an executable .exe file. Also is there a way to create an installation package to install the database to many Computers.

Thanks Again

Warm Regards,


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