"Not enough space on temporary disk" error


I am running a make table query. my access dB size is around 450 Mb. I am always getting the following error:"Not enough space on temporary disk"

My C drive has like 30GB free. My temp folder reaches 1.95GB when I run this query (before that it is like 50mb). So I am thinking is it because of the Access 2GB limit (Access 2000) or is it because of some size restriction on the temp folder ?

Someone please help.
thanks in advance.

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Guys, I need some help really Urgent..I have report thats about 800 to 900 pages long which is created from a query. When i run the code to create the report, it keeps on giving me Not enough Space on Temporary Disk error.

I tried Different ways..I tried to Output it to my C drive which has about 50 Gb Space. I tried to do DoCmd.OpenReport "Flagstar_Report", acViewNormal and print it but still gives me the same error. I tried Repair and Compact the database.

Private Sub BtnCreateReport_Click()

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "Flagstar_Report"

Exit Sub

Any help will be greatly appritiated. I need to have this done before tomorrow.Please Please any suggetions are welcome.


Would anyone please be able to let me know if there is a fix for a message I get when running a make table query.

The message is "Not Enough Space On Temporary Disk".

The make table query uses a union query as a data source and the union query is taking data from two tables in two other independant ms access databases.

The size of the ms access database before running the make table query is approx 7mb and the two records sets used by the union query are approx 2,000,000 records and 650,000.

Is the "Temporary Disk" referred to in the message a windows adjustable setting such as the pagefile on my C: drive ? Or, is it an ms access internal setting that may or may not be adjusted ?

Thx for any help.



I have a website in ASP + MS Access, and sometimes I get this error for several hours, then it starts working, and later I get the same error again.

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '8007000E'
[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Not enough space on temporary disk.

I have seen that everytime I get this error, in my FTP folder my database has a new .ldb file, whose content is my server name + "admin", several times.

I guess it is not a programming error because it has been working properly for years, and now it works sometimes.

What is wrong? How can I solve it? Thank you!

I am trying to create a replication of a backend, Access 2000, has worked for the last few years, now I get a "Microsoft Access can't convert the database to a design master Not Enough Space on the Temporarary Disk. the database is about 1 GB

I've been searching on the net to know what exactly does the error message "3026 - Not enough space on disk" mean when it pops up not allowing me to open my access file. Please offer your help. (This message pops up at many other cases... e.g. when saving a file - but i don't know what's the problem in this case)

Dear All,

I have a MS Access put into shared server to let user to use. However, when a user tried to open to use it, it prompted user that "Not enough space on disk".

I have checked the server size and local harddisk. There are also contain enough space to use. (My Access just 6MB only) Is there any user face this and solve before?

I have tried to search in google, nothing can be found. Please help!!!

Can anyone help me here. I have come across this problem before but used a work around. This time how ever this is my work around. I have created a query that looks at 2 tables and then returns a summary information. I am hoping to only get 2 rows returned so not much data back but there is obviously a problem with the amount of data it has to scan

Someone please help.

I am trying to change a field lenght of a large database (access 97) It is at 50 right now and want to change it to 25. When I try to change it and save the table I get a error when the bar is about 3/4 the way accross the bottom.

Quote: Microsoft can't change the data type - there isn't enough disk space or memory. then

Quote: not enough space on temporary disk This is error 3183. In the help it says that the TEMP DOS enviroment variable location doesn't have enough space. (summerising). Now I have a 100+gb drive that isn't close to being full. I also changed the MaxLocksPerFile registry dword to 8,000,000 as my table has around over 3 million records. I have tried this on a xp and 2000 machine same results. Next I am going to try it on a 98 machine. I could do it by breaking up the table into 2 differnt ones and do each one individually but there is an autonumber field used as a reference number (I know I know). So that would screw up the numbering scheem (Yes I know there are ways arund that also). this database is about 400MB

Couple of questions
1. Is there a way around this? I have not found a solution on line yet.
2. Will lowering the field length make the database smaller (the data that is in there now is less than 25 charecters and the field is set to 50.) I have gotten mixed info on this. there are a few fields I would like to reduce.


I have a user that just got a new laptop, but he has downgraded from 4GB to 2GB with this new laptop on Windows XP, and is still running Access 2007. The database is local to his machine with calls to Data Warehouse tables through ODBC.

When I got the help ticket it he said the query will run for 1 hour or so then flash the error, "Not enough space on temporary disk".

After some googling I found one entry to increase the file lock size in the registry from 9500 default to 200000. This allowed the query to run for about 1.5 hours and then flashed the same error. I also asked the user who the database designer was and he left the company 2 years ago, as I was hoping to possible maybe redo the query and see if it can be condensed.

User stated this query generally took 2 hours or so to run on his old laptop, as he is a home office VPN user.

I checked the user's temp folders (c:temp, and that in his profile) and only one of them has 86MB in it so not that much.

The user's pagesys is set to the max 2GB, and he has plenty of hard drive space.

Was trying to find him a fix, but from what I am seeing the Ram is required for this database.

Any ideas if there are other settings I can try?

Hi all,

We have just got a new pc in the office and I am going through installing all the necessary programs and have come across this problem,

I am installing office 97 and receive the error that there isn't enough space on the hard drive to install the program??

there is actually 500gb of free space - so I guess the program can't handle the harddrive size or something,

any ideas on how I can get round this (other than upgrading)


Office 2003 SP3

Hey guys. I've been working at this problem for quite some time but I it's been giving me some issues.

Essentially I'm running a few queries that performs an inner join and then updates one of the two tables


(Variables Simplified)

There is essentially 3 or 4 of these queries all run one after the other from a macro. Anyways I began receiving 'Not enough memory on Temporary Drive' errors. After browsing the internet I tried the 'MaxLocksPerFile' and 'MaxBufferSize' Registry tweaks to no avail.

The two tables are pulled via ODBC to a large Database for backup (1.5GB). Then exported to my local machine where I work the magic. I've compacted+repaired the database down to 27 megs. And the two tables only contain roughly 15k-30k rows max.

When running these queries separately I noticed they're trying to update 60+ MILLION rows and then I get the memory error. I've tried everything [Clean temp file, up paging file, copy and paste all components to a seperate DB, Delete all the rows in the table and paste them back in from source] and nothing has worked.

Any help is definitely appreciated. Thanks for your time guys.


I have two tables in access. One is the main table, where all the data is stored. The other table is the import table, which is where the data is loaded & updated (records are deduped, suppressed etc.).

I am trying to load 300,000 records into the import and main tables. I have a primary key set in the main table which is an autonumber field. Once the autonumber is allocated I then need to change the id to a number field. This is because I then obtain the max id number from the main table, and update the import table id's by adding the id number to the max id. So, if the max id in the main table is 30526, the id's in the import table will be 30527 30528 etc.

However, when i try to change the autonumber field to a number, it won't let me save. It says it can't change the data type, there is not enough space or memory.

How can I load this data on - I need the id numbers to follow on concurrently.


I am currently attempting to replicate my database for mobile use, but continue to get the error that either "the database has exceeded the 2gb capabity or there is not enough room on the disk", which neither are the case. I am simply trying to convert it to the design master and cannot get past this point.

The database is very large at about 500mb right now, I have just replicated others which are almost identical that are at about 400mb. I can't seem to understand why I can't replicate this one but must get it done.

Does anyone know how to get over this obstacle and get this thing replicated? Thanks

" MS Access cant change the data type ; there is not enough disk space or memory."
(but of course there is)

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftJet4.0Engi nesJet 4.0
Set up to 50000 Does nothing.

Copied all tables into new MDB; no difference.
Copied data into new table structure that uses much fewer total characters; does nothing.
Max 80 fields, one memo, 90000 records,60 MB
Removed recently added fields, does nothing.
I can delete fields but cant change field length.
This is happening both on 2007 and on 2003; structure is in 2003

OS = XP pro SP2
200GB IDE HD with 134GB free (NTFS)
200GB USB2.0 with 54GB Free (NTFS)
Virtual Memory = 1gb (Let Windows Manage)

Trying to copy files from a external USB drive to the Hard drive.

I have done this a million times and now it decides to foul up. When trying to copy files from the external drive to the hard drive that are 4GB or higher I get an error "Not Enough Disk Space"

Both Drives are NTFS with Plenty of free space. Also get the same error when creating files larger than 4GB. It worked before and no OS changes have been made that I know of.

Error message:
" MS Access cant change the data type ; there is not enough disk space or memory."
(but of course there is)

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftJet4.0Engi nesJet 4.0
Set up to 50000 Does nothing.

Copied all tables into new MDB; no difference.
Copied data into new table structure that uses much fewer total characters; does nothing.
Max 80 fields, one memo, 90000 records,60 MB
Removed recently added fields, does nothing.
I can delete fields but cant change field length.
This is happening both on 2007 and on 2003; structure is in 2003

The code which is trying to run at the time
dim dbGlobal as database
Set dbGlobal = OpenDatabase(App.path & "Printer.mdb")

That is the error

3183 The query cannot be completed. Either the size of the query result is larger than the maximum size of a database (2 GB), or there is not enough temporary storage space on the disk to store the query result.

dbGlobal is about 7 megs in size
There is a chance but it is not always the case that the db was compacted and repaired shortly before it was opened (after the pass through the db was made)
The db is compacted after every so often during the day and night.... that is all handled by the code elsewhere.
It is called a print db but essentially is a db processing a print instruction it is not printing a report... db is only being used by the DAO object in Visual Basic (6!!!!!!)

We have rebuilt and re-imported the tables and the db and that has not helped.
From our development logs there has been nothing that was changed on the site.
The error is totally intermittent.
the problem is on a site that has not had this problem before and started happening in the early hours of the morning on 28 October 2012 02:19am... we have very careful logging on the app which runs... that is why we know the time etc

Our theory is that the "query" which is running is a system query OR the temp space is out of space as windows is telling access this.... but not sure how to track that...or clear it... have gone to the temp folder under the user appdatalocal and cleared any temp jet files but that did not help not sure what other enviromental variables we can change or look at to see if they have changed.

Did try changing the buffer size but that did not help either.

The machine is a Terminal server (Win 2008 R2 Enterprise)
102 Gigs Free hard drive space
Access 2010 is installed (Ver14.0.476.100) 32 bit

should add the db is actually a 2003 .mdb but the jet/dao is msaccess 2010 (Microsoft SharedOFFICE14ACEDAO.DLL)

4 gigs ram (when error first happened there was no one actively using the db or server, other than the sessions where our app runs)... might have had some disconnected users
Hardware and windows and office specs have not changed from what we can see looking through the windows logs and from what we know.

We have 3 other access db's which run on the site and perform various functions (one of them is a front end which is actually duplicated to all users so more like 23 dbs) none of the other dbs are reporting this problem BUT none of them are compacted and repaired with the same frequency.

The reason why we compact and repair is that we have in the past found a "true" db bloat problem that the db swelled to 2Gigs and solved the problem with the very regular compact and repair. BUT I would like to emphasis that at the time of this problem the db is about 7megs and we doing nothing but opening the db.... any ideas of what system query might be running at the time the db is opened???


Thanks all for any ideas.

Version 2007 during development, 2003 for deployment

I am populating a database by parsing some binary files. It worked fine for a lot of files but all it a sudden, I get this message:

3183 The query cannot be completed. Either the size of the query result is larger than the maximum size of a database (2GB) or there is not enough temporary storage space on the disk to store the query result.

After I hit ok on that error, it says block variable not set on the recordset.close line.

----------------- The parsing operation's brief logic
Read header #F (#F is a stream)
Write header to table R
Create record in table P
Read Record1 from #F
Write Record1 into table F
Read Record2 from #F
Write Record2 into table F
Edit and update last record in table P

- Recordset opened and closed for each write operation.
- I am using openrecordset and recordset.addnew/.update to write information to table F. Table F is related on two fields with two other tables, table P and table R.

Other facts:
1. I am not running a query.
2. The file size is not nearly 2GB
3. The remaining disk space is 22 GB, not a lot but should be sufficient.
4. I have 4GB Ram and 2GB virtual memory. My core is 2.83 dual if that matters?
5. Task manager says PF is at 825 MB.

- Why does this happen at all???
- How can I solve the problem???

Side question
- The file is currently at a size 56mb, and the final is supposed to go up about 43 times, which will cause it to approach 2GB. If I hit the 2GB Limit, is there a way to get around that?

The error..."The query cannot be completed. Either the size of the query result is larger than the maximum size of the database (2GB), or there is not enough temporary storage space on the disk to store the query result." I have tried to run it on a 3 GB ram laptop and a 4 GB ram desktop both running windows 7 and the database is only 16.3mbs.

I think I know what is wrong...the problem is I am not sure how to fix it. I saw this coming but thought it wouldn't happen before we archived old data in another year. I have a union query that combines another query and a table for two types of payroll into one query and then another query that runs the equations off the union set of info. The problem is the info that the union query is running through is ALL the info in the database. I have a date criteria in the last query that pulls info from the union query, but I am pretty sure at this point that info needs to be passed down to the union query also. Problem is I can see the problem but haven't a clue how to fix it. By the way it has worked perfectly and as intended for the last year...it has been a year and 2 weeks since it was implemented and it quit.

The first query TEST...I know naming convention but by the time I was sure it would work it was already too embeded with this name for me to change

SELECT Driverqry.intDRIVER_ID, BOLdriver.BOL, BOLdriver.milecode, BOLdriver.dtdate, testchrgcd.Charge, Driverqry.nmbDRPAYRATE, [charge]*[nmbdrpayrate] AS Expr1
FROM tblBOLS RIGHT JOIN ((Driverqry INNER JOIN BOLdriver ON Driverqry.intDRIVER_ID = BOLdriver.Driverid) INNER JOIN testchrgcd ON BOLdriver.milecode = testchrgcd.milecode) ON tblBOLS.lngBOLNUMBER = BOLdriver.BOL
ORDER BY BOLdriver.dtdate;

the union query called PAYROLLUNIONQRY


the query that runs off the union query named PAYROLLUNIONQRY Query1

WHERE (((PAYROLLUNIONQRY.dtdate) Between [Enter first Date] And [enter ending date]));

Then all this great info is populated into a pleasing form that one retrieves through a button.

Any help is appreciated, but your help may elicit more questions, please have patience with me. Thanks

Hi I've been tasked to run update queries in Access to populate fields for grid references. I have 3 tables of records that contain postodes and 2 empty fields called "easting" and "northing" (grid references) which are going to be populated using the update query which links to a separate database table that contains all UK postodes and their corresponding grid references. I have used the design query grid to do this but get the following error come up.

"The query cannot be completed. Either the size of the query result is larger than the maximum size of a database (2GB), or there is not enough temporary storage space on the disk to store the query result"

I have 8GB of RAM and 200GB free on my harddrive.

The SQL behind the query is below.

UPDATE [Copy Of Care_Trust_Sites] LEFT JOIN NSPDF_AUG_2010_UK_1M_FP ON [Copy Of Care_Trust_Sites].Postcode = NSPDF_AUG_2010_UK_1M_FP.PCDS, [Copy Of NHS_Trust_Sites] LEFT JOIN NSPDF_AUG_2010_UK_1M_FP AS NSPDF_AUG_2010_UK_1M_FP_1 ON [Copy Of NHS_Trust_Sites].Postcode = NSPDF_AUG_2010_UK_1M_FP_1.PCDS, [Copy Of PCT_Trust_Sites] LEFT JOIN NSPDF_AUG_2010_UK_1M_FP AS NSPDF_AUG_2010_UK_1M_FP_2 ON [Copy Of PCT_Trust_Sites].Postcode = NSPDF_AUG_2010_UK_1M_FP_2.PCDS SET [Copy Of Care_Trust_Sites].Easting = [NSPDF_AUG_2010_UK_1M_FP].[OSEAST1M], [Copy Of Care_Trust_Sites].Northing = [NSPDF_AUG_2010_UK_1M_FP].[OSNRTH1M], [Copy Of NHS_Trust_Sites].Easting = [NSPDF_AUG_2010_UK_1M_FP_1].[OSEAST1M], [Copy Of NHS_Trust_Sites].Northing = [NSPDF_AUG_2010_UK_1M_FP_1].[OSNRTH1M], [Copy Of PCT_Trust_Sites].Easting = [NSPDF_AUG_2010_UK_1M_FP_2].[OSEAST1M], [Copy Of PCT_Trust_Sites].Northing = [NSPDF_AUG_2010_UK_1M_FP_2].[OSNRTH1M];

Can I modify this to work without falling over? I could just do it in 3 separate update queries but wanted a simply tidy solution. I'm not an advanced Access user so I'm not very good at SQL scripting.

	    Dim RST2 As Recordset
    Set RST2 = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("SELECT * FROM Stopcode", dbOpenDynaset)
        If (RST2("ID") = Me![ID]) Then
            If (RST2("Krediet") = 1 Or RST2("Stopcode") = 1) Then
                MsgBox "Deze klant dient CASH te betalen! " & IIf(RST2("Veld90")  "", "(" & RST2("Veld90") & ")", "")
            End If
            Exit Do
        End If
    Loop While (Not RST2.BOF)

when running this piece of code I get an error on the 'OpenRecordset' line saying "Not enough arguments. Expected number of arguments: 1." When leaving out the 'dbOpenDynaset' the same error occurs...

I am running a report and get the error: There isn't enough memory to perform this operation. Close unneeded programs and try the operation again. It has err number 2004 on the msgbox. I have no other programs open. There appears to be enough memory on the machine. HELP.

I am using MS Access Vrsn 2. I have a report that prints out service route sheets for our field techs. I recently modifed an existing report to print in landscape format and changed it from printing one day of the week per page to no page breaks. My problem is that one of my routes is not showing up on the report. I have 7 routes and the 8th won't appear. I moved the info from the 7th route to route 1 and it shows up now. I've tried deleting and recreating the route and it still doesn't work. As you can tell, I'm not an expert at Access but have taught myself by getting into the "guts" of our Corporate program and figuring out how to modify forms, reports, etc. so I may not be explaining with enough info for someone to help me. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!


In Ms Access 2000, is there any way not to show a blank space in detail part?

For Example I have a group heading called Stock and if there is no history for stock under detail I do not want a blank gap there instead move to the next record. The gap is there is because if there was data for the record it would come out, but if there is no record I do not want to show a blank space.

Is there any way to get rid text boxes which are blank so the report is more compact

Thank you in advance

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