Linking with auto dialer

I am building a database and would like to know how to link it with my telephone dialing software. I have figured out how to run the function i want with windows autodialer, but i would like to use my own software.

My first attempt was to insert a button that opened the software. i think this will work, but what i need to know how to do is make access insert the telephone number from a record automatically after clicking the button.

Is it possible to have access open "phonesoftware.exe" then insert a selection of text (the phone number)?

I'm far from computer illiterate but access is a bit new to me. Thanks for your help guys!

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I have created a application with a "customer" type table that has an account # field that is auto-number field type. This is the field I used to link to all other tables. I am concerned that I may not be able to restore data to a new customer table when I upgrade the application due to the problems with auto-number fileds. Any thoughts on how to handle this ??
Thanks Chris

Hi, back again with one more trouble.

While there is no problem with data transfer between 2 Access tables with auto numbering PKI - Access keeps the key values equal in the 2 tables - when transferring from Access to Sql Server, the latter generates its own values in the PKI column, so you no longer can compare the two tables, nor is it possible to transfer data to related tables – as the key value needed for the joined fields changed.

Curiously you can change the values under the key in the SQL tables – something not possible for Access auto number PKI - so you could correct the SQL PKI column after transfer. However to do this you would need a reference to identify the registers, ie add a clone column to be filled with the original PKI data.

Or you don´t use SQL auto number PKI before transfer, changing the SQL PKI to auto numbering after data transfer (I suppose you can do that)

I don’t like any of the 2 solutions. Who knows a better way out?

Thank you for any reply,

I have a label on a form.
The label has a phone number in it.

Can I double click the label and have the auto-dialer call that number?


Started a new thread: Rebuilt database and still need help with auto number for multi user form. The code I have works for single user but not multi user. Also if someone opens the form and closes without adding anything to the form the number is used with blank record.

This is what I have thus far:
Private Sub Form_Current() Me.[PO] = Nz(DMax("[PO]", "tblPurchaseOrder"), 0) + 1
End Sub

Usually whatever I search regarding MS Access, I find some solution. But this time I could not see much about SMS a new record or use of Auto dialer command in a form. May be I did not have enough patience, hence this new thread.

In fact, I have been using email features in my dB but for me best solution shall be sending SMS. Kindly advise the best way to configure to do so.

I am using MS Access 2007. I would prefer to send SMSs in bulk. (8-10 numbers simultaneously)

best regards.

I have a main form named "master"
By a series of butttons the current subform is replaced by selected button with a different subform.
Unfortunaly the main frm does not link with any nested subform.
Any ideas
thank you

PHP may linked with Access? online/offline? can you give a tutorial link on this ?

Hi all

This is my first time here, so please be gentle lol

I have a general question as I really did not know what to search on, please let me explain.

I have 4 tables, tblPatients, tblLocation, tblFinance and tblReques.

I want to import data which is in another access data base, which has 70 odd entries and was using frmPatients with sub forms frmFinance, frmRequest and frmLocation, these were all linked with auto numbers IDs.

But when I import and run the Patients Form is fine, however the subforms are not synching with it.

Hope this makes sense, any help very much appericated.


I have 5 copies of a database that 5 users enter data into (including Pre, Post and Follow-Up information). These users send me their database quarterly and I am suppose to merge the data into one database from which to run reports, etc.

The problem comes in with the auto-numbering. Each "Pre" table has an ID that is auto-numbered. This auto-number is also stored when a corresponding "Post" (or follow-up form) is entered so that we can be sure the pre-, post- and follow-up are all linked to the same individual. When I merge the data, they are reassigned ID numbers in the Pre (while the Post still has the original Pre ID number) so now I've lost the link as to one individual's pre, post and follow-up form.

I realize now that the database shouldn't have been built this way, but is there any way to work around this. I've even tried exporting all of the rows for each of the 5 users into Excel and then importing them into Access in a new table (just so I could have the ease of running queries) but I seem to be getting errors doing that as well.

Any ideas?

Jen B.

Full disclosure...I'm very tech savy but Access ignorant.

Scenario: I am building a database to store student assessment information. I have a table with student information, a table with teacher information, and tables which will store the student's scores on a certain assessments.

Q1: I have a field in the assessment table for Teacher ID and Student ID which are linked to their respective tables. What I want to do is create a form for inputting the assessment data but the fields for teacher ID and Student ID to auto-complete or be combo boxes, I don't care which. That is, when a person is entering a student's scores, and go to enter their ID, they won't have to type the whole number out and hope they dont make any mistakes, they will essentially have a list of choices to choose from. Or as they type, the corresponding number will filter down. I already have refferential integrity on so that they can't enter an invalid ID in either field but I want them to have the choice.

Q2: In an assessments table, there is a 1-1 correspondence btw student ID's because only one student can have one score on a particular assessment. However, clearly one teacher can be tagged to several student's assessment scores. Can anyone think of a better way to tag the teacher to multiple student's scores without having fields in the assessment table for teacher ID which is repeated multiple times.

Thanks for any insight that can be offered.

Is it possible that any report can be linked with sub report For example
can we link any report with unbound object like a form.

hello i have a 2007 access DB tables,list,reports, and a main user input form that i have locked up with ribbons,menus all hidden......... I would like to sent up a simple form or report that a list of 6 main users can look at the main table on a daily bases and make changes to one row of info in the table and have it update and save................... I dont want them to have to go through main user input form and open and unlock and un hide everything so they can look at main table then relock all before they close out of DB.......just need a way they can go directly to main table make a change save and auto update DB thanks to all that have helped in past and on this issue

Thanks Darren

We have an ms access application and tables in that are linked with backend database SQL SERVER 2008

I used to manually link the access tables with SQL tables with the help of 'Table Link Manager' option. Now I want to do this programatically.

File DSN will contain belo information:

APP=Microsoft Office 2005

My VBA code has to read this file DSN from the shared path and link the tables. Can you please provide the VBA code?


I'm maintaining a frontend access db that can be attached to different backends depending on what company it is for. Each company frontend has tables that are linked to the same backend because they are common to all companies and other tables that are linked to their own backend. The tables that are linked to their own backend are specified in a table called "tblMyLinkedTables" containing the connect string of the of their specialized backend. This table is in the common backend db. I want to be able to change the connect string to the appropriate one for any particular company based on this table. I am using the following code the make the change, but the change does not actually occur. No error is raised either. It's as if the properties of tabledefs are read-only.

Public Function CorrectMyLinkedTables()
'Purpose: To update the table links of the db's linked tables so that they agree with tblMyLinkedTables.

Dim td As TableDef
Dim MyLinkedTables As DAO.Recordset

Set MyLinkedTables = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("qryMyLinkedTables", dbOpenSnapshot)
With MyLinkedTables
Do Until .EOF
If Len(CurrentDb.TableDefs(!Name).Connect) > 0 Then
CurrentDb.TableDefs(!Name).Connect = !ConnectString
End If
End With

End Function

Does anyone know why the above code does not work?



Access 2002 question.

I have a linked table which auto-updates from the contents of a folder in Outlook. This is working just fine and the result is a table that I cannot edit but can query.

One of the fields in the linked table contains the subject of my emails as a text string. The emails in my case will have a very standardized subject line which can, I hope, be copied into an array so I can pull specific values and populate another table. I cannot change the format of this subject line as it is auto-generated from another 3rd party application.

The standard format of the subject field entry in the linked table would be something like "item1:item2:item3:item4" with the colon as a delimiter (again something I can't change).

I'd like to have the ability to separate say, "item1" and "item3" and have these values, along with other fields in the same email record, move to a second table for more refined editing, querying, etc. The other fields that I'll need are the date and time the email was received.

My resulting second table should mimic the first table like so.

Linked Table:
Field 1: "item1:item2:item3:item4"
Field 2: date from email
Field 3: time from email

Table 2:
Field 1: item1
Field 3: item3
Field 4: date from email
Field 5: time from email

One trick is that I'll need Table 2 to update when the Linked Table auto-updates with new emails.

Any suggestions and pointers would be greatly appreciated!

BTW: I'm new to access but I'd assume that you would create some kind of array from the subject string and then access the array to populate the fields? Since I'm new to access, I'm really not sure _where_ this kind of code would reside.

Thanks again!


I am using linked sql 2005 tables in access. I have the problem with Auto number.when i go for new record Auto number is not displaying the number.
Any helP?

I developed a Database in Access 2003.

I put the database in a server so more than one person can access to the database at the same time.

I did a quick link to the data base, to be able to access more than one person at once.

Now my problem is when somebody try to open the quick link from a computer with a Access 2007, I get this error:

The operating system is not presently configured to run this application.

Can anyone help me out to fix this problem.

thanks so much

I have two linked ODBC tables in my access applications. If I link them both with the same account, they work fine.

If I link them each with a different account, when I view one, it will work fine. When I try to view the other, it will give an ODBC call failed.

Regardless of which one I view first, it will work, then the second will not work.

Is this a bug in Access 2003?

I read a link on auto-population in a form. I thought I followed it to a "t" but my field is not being auto-populated. I have several tables, however, just two specific to what I am trying to do. I feel so close to a solution. I have a table called, "tblActivity" and "tblSimulators". I created a form based off of "tblActivity" and I want to add a field called "Fidelity" on that form. That field is housed in "tblSimulators". I have built a relationship between the two tables. The field connecting them is called, "SimulatorType".

Initially, I had "Fidelity" on the "tblActivity" but I erased the column since that data was housed in "tblSimulators". I added a text box to my form and called it "Fidelity". In the combo box for "SimulatorType", I added the field "Fidelity" in the row source query grid. I then went to the properties for the new text box and added, "SimulatorType.[Column(1)]" to the Control Source. When I go to form view and tab through the form, I read, "#Name?" and it does not auto-populate with the corresponding fidelity of the simulator. Any ideas? Thanks!!!