'type conversion failure' import error

I have numerous excel sheets that contain number data that I am trying to import into an access database. The excel files were originally in text form but I was able to convert them to excel worksheets through a number of procedures. I have excel files for each month. Each excel file has hourly data. These data are numbers unless the data was missing, in which case a star('*', or '**') takes its place. I have code that automatically imports the excel sheets into an access table, each month being appended to one big table in access. The problem is that sometimes when there is a '*' or '**' an import error is generated as 'type conversion failure', but not always, some of the stars do get imported. My field types are set to memo (because I was experimenting and changed it from text). What is a possible source of this problem? I really would like to keep the stars as the single star and the double star have different meanings. I appreciate any help anyone might have. Thanks.

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I have some vba code running on a timer event in a form, that imports text files into a table. Some of these text files have misformed records, and will not import correctly in the table using my specified import spec.

Is there a way I can supress the error message informing of the type conversion failure, and continue with the import.



Hi All,

I need help.. I'm importing sheets from Excel via a form and macro into my access 2007 database. The excel sheets have formula in as I was forced to hard code values into an export sheet as some users will not run macros. An example of the formula are


The problem is that when i try and import the sheet, these formula crop up as errors in an error table in Access saying that the the are "Type Conversion Failure" and excludes the related rows (which is what I want). The problem is that i dont want it to keep creating this error table, as there are over 200 files that need to be imported... Is there a way to trap this error such that i can avoid it?

Please help


I am appending an existing Access table from an Excel spreadsheet.

I get the following error messages:

"subscript out of range"

"type conversion failure" Field F7 Row 14
"type conversion failure" Field F7 Row 15
"type conversion failure" Field F6 Row 24
"type conversion failure" Field F7 Row 24
"type conversion failure" Field F6 Row 25

I am importing to rows of Excel data. Row 1 contains Col/Field names and Row 2 is the data (1 access record).

Does Field F7 mean field number 7 when you look in the design view of the table and Does row refer to the Excel row?

Can I print out all of my Access field names with the data types?


I want to import a texfile into an Access table.

My textfile contains the following:


The delimitor is set to semicolon.
The decimal symbol is set to comma - both in my regional settings and in the import whizard.
The target field is a Double with Decimal Places set to Auto.

I expect 25,1234 in my database field.
However, the result is an import error: Type Conversion Failure

I recently switched to Acces 2007. With the previous Access version this very same import worked fine.
Could someone confirm the same problem and/or a solution?

I just hope there will be no need to modify existing procedures only because I upgraded my Access.

I've got a CSV file that was created using SAS software. The CSV file has column titles in the first row. When I attempt to import the CSV file into Access 2007, some fields give a "Type Conversion Failure" error message.

These offending fields usually start with data that appears all numeric, although the column should be text, and the error occurs when an alphanumeric cell is encountered. In other words, it seems that Access 2007 is automatically switching to numeric based on what is initially encountered in a column.

Is there a way to tell Access to not do this type of recognition? Is there something else I must do to prevent this error from happening? Is there perhaps a piece of code I could use to eliminate these errors?

Thanks in advance to all who reply....looking forward to hearing from you!


I need to import an excel spreadsheet into an existing Access 2003 table. Due to regulations, the spreadsheet cannot be linked.

When I try to import the spreadsheet, I receive a 'Type Conversion Failure' associated with a 'Product ID' field. In the Excel file, this column is populated with two types of values-- either a 9 digit number, or a 9 digit alpha numeric value. The 9 digit numbers import correctly, but the alpha numeric values fail.

Field names/layout in the excel spreadsheet are identical to the Access table, and the field type in the existing Access table is set to 'text.' There is no set Format, or Input Mask.

Does anyone have an idea about what I could change with the existing table to make this import work? I'd like to avoid importing a new table, as this would force me to recreate a number of relationships after each import.



I am having problems with a DLOOKUP expression in an update query.

I have set up a lookup table (imported from Excel and another table set up myself because of this error) with a date field and a week number field and I am trying to return the week number into another table for the date in another field. It is easy to do in Excel (VLOOKUP), but I have never done this in Access.

I am attempting to get the update query to update another table which has a Date of Booking and a new week number field. When I run the query, it has the error message that it cannot update all of the records, due to a type conversion failure. I thought that this error was due to fields have dissimilar data types and changed them until they were exactly the same - the Week Number are both Long Integer number fields and the dates are a General Date date fields.

The expression is: DLookUp("DLOOKUP Created.Week Number","DLOOKUP Created","Date = " & [2004 Lookup].[Date of Booking]). The lookup table is DLOOKUP Created and this is the return value I want. The 2004 Lookup table is the table that I want to update with the week number, using the date of booking.

Any help will b gratefully receive.

All the best,


When I try to run an update query, I am getting an error that says MS Access didn't update (x) fields due to a type conversion failure.

I ran the update anyhow, and the error table said that the field that was posing the problem is not the field I am trying to update. So I have no idea what the type conversion failure is, or how to deal with it. Has anyone dealt with this before and/ or have thoughts about how to fix it?


I am getting a 'type conversion failure' on an Update Query.
All I am doing is taking data from one column in a table, and putting a truncated version in another column.

Both fields in the query are of Text type, and there are no forms or other queries open that may be locking the data.
Why would i get this error?

I basically have been thrown into fixing some databases and am relatively new to access. I feel like I am close to resolving this issue but any help is appreciated.

I have a table in access that has some blank fields I am trying to resolve. Here is how it looks like.

Account Client Name Product Code (these are all listed at text type fields)

Account Number Client Name Product Code A100 John X A100 D A101 Debbie S A102 David D A102 X

What I want to do is make fill in the data with update query so the table looks like this.

Account Number Client Name Product Code A100 John X A100 John D A101 Debbie S A102 David D A102 David X

So I made a query like this

Nz([Client Name], DLookUp("Client Name","Customer","Account Number=" & [Account Number] & " AND Not [Client Name] Is Null"))

and in the update query section I have set the query to is Null. Now it tells me there is about 4000 records like this would I like to update but when I hit yes I get this error.

Microsoft Access didn't update due to a type conversion failure with 0 violations.

So I figure it is a syntax issue but even after the changes I made I still get the same error. So any guidance is appreciated here.

I have a excel file that is being imported (appended) to a already created table monthly. I am receiving the "Type Conversion Failure" in the Zip Code field.

All zip codes are being imported except for a few with the following data examples:

The zipcode field in the table is set as just "text".

Any help would be appreciated. thanks.

I have written an update query but keep receiving a message about a Type Conversion Failure. I am trying to update the values for the field StdHrsRange8 in the -DEMOGRAPHIC_12-31-2010 table from same field in the Standard Hours Range 8 table.

This is the SQL:

UPDATE [-DEMOGRAPHIC_12-31-2010] INNER JOIN [Standard Hours Range 8] ON [-DEMOGRAPHIC_12-31-2010].EEID=[Standard Hours Range 8].EEID SET [-DEMOGRAPHIC_12-31-2010].StdHrsRange8 = "Standard Hours Range 8;"

Can someone please explain the correct syntax to me? Thank you.

I feel a little silly bringin this up but I have gone through the solutions provided on this topic but it all doesnt seem to work.

I am trying to up date my Products table with data from two other tables (Sales and Stock Receipt). I have made sure the data types in all the tables are the same (currency) but I still get this message

"Microsoft Access did not update 5 field(s) due to a data type conversion failure."

This is the expression I'm using in the update query

IIf(IsNull(DSum("[Quantity]","Sales Detail","Sales Detail.[ProductID]=" & [Products].[ProductID])),[Products]![OpeningStockAmt],[Products]![OpeningStockAmt]-(DSum("[Quantity]","Sales Detail","Sales Detail.[ProductID]=" & [Products].[ProductID])*[Products]![CostAmountperUnit]))

I have getting type conversion errors for numeric and currency fields when importing an Ecxel spreadsheet into a Table in Access. I have tried changing the data type to text in Excel, and that is what it says I have done when I examine the field formats in question. How can I force this to be text, it keeps reverting,
i.e. the fields in question, to numeric and currency. Can anyone help? Thank you.


I'm having a problem importing an Excel sheet to Access.
Attached is a cut down example (returning the same error as my full workbook).

The column in the Excel sheet has a TEXT format.
When I import to Access, most of the data imports (for some reason, even though the Excel column is TEXT it imports as NUMBER) – It creates a table with the correct field name and most of the data is there, but for some reason it omits large chunks of the data (Type Conversion Failure) for no apparent reason.

So my questions are:
Why would the field import to Access as NUMBER when then entire column in Excel is TEXT? Even though Access is changing the field type to number, why is it only importing some of the data (formats in Excel is the same for all entries). Is there a way to enforce a particular field type? (the table imports through VBA).
Thanks J

I have tried many ways that I found on the web to solve this issue: when I import my Excel 2010 spreadsheet to Access 2010, the date field is coming back with type conversion failure on the date field. The spreadsheet has 59,000 rows. How can I quickly resolve this problem? I have tried changing the Excel file to a csv file and it comes back with even more errors. Suggestions?

I've written a function that takes three integers and returns a double. Any time I try to call it from a query it returns an error; select query will return #error, update or make table return a type conversion failure. ??

1) The code works fine when run in the immediate window of VBA editor
2) I'm sure that the values I'm passing it are of the correct type (integer)
3) I've tried update queries where the field for the calculated value is double (what it should be), variant, and text; all give type conversion error
4) When I first tested the code it worked fine, except that certain calls resulted in division by zero. I changed one line of arithmatic code, now I'm having this problem

	Function plot_live_C(intInst As Integer, intPlot As Integer, intMeas As Integer) As Double
'some stuff happens in here, works great in VBA editor
exit function

sample SQL select query is

	 SELECT tMeasurement_Dates.installation, tMeasurement_Dates.plot, tMeasurement_Dates.measurement,
plot_live_C([tMeasurement_Dates]![installation]),([tMeasurement_Dates]![plot],[tMeasurement_Dates]![measurement]) AS liveC
FROM tMeasurement_Dates;

Thanks for any help, I'm baffled!

I have a simple update query that should update a table field to a value caluculated from a table joined to the one I want to update. When I run it, I get the error in the title: didn't update 1435 field(s) due to a type conversion failure. The fields used in the calculation and the field being updated are all number data types. The query was created in design view, but here is the SQL view:

UPDATE [LogTrip with Landings & Hails W TICKET] INNER JOIN LogDetail ON [LogTrip with Landings & Hails W TICKET].ID = LogDetail.TripID SET LogDetail.proportion_string = 1/[LogTrip with Landings & Hails W TICKET]!CountOfStringNum;

I'm confused as to why it would try to update 1435 fields when I am only asking it to update 1 and there is not 1435 fields to in the table I'm trying to update anyway. I've checked several forums for similar problems, and found some with the same error, but it is always becuase the field they are trying to update doesn't match the data type for the value they are trying to set it to. Since I'm trying to update a number field with a number calculated from another number field, I don't see how this could be the case here.

PS - Don't make fun of my table names, I didn't create them, I know access pros hate blanks and special characters in table and field names.

I have a database set up where each table will be manually updated once per month with a .csv file.

When I import the CSV originally, I can manually set the Data type of the field "Project Number" to text. My plan is to delete all of the records in the table, then append the new CSV to that same table each month.

However, when I use the append tool, my long project numbers get a "type conversion failure". This would make sense if they numbers, as they are too long. However, the original table has project number as a "Text" data type. Why are they not importing as text?

Hi all...I have an update query similar to the following:

UPDATE table1 SET [table1].[field1] = UCase(DMax([field2], "table2", "[table1].[field3] = [table2].[field4]")) WHERE [table1].[field1] Is Null;

When I run it says it couldn't update anything because of a type conversion failure. All fields are text, but they are not the same size. However, I tried to make all fields the same size by using the mid function but it still didn't work. What is the problem??? Thanks in advance...

If you want more info then reply with your questions...

Someone please help! I'm trying to produce a sum total on my actives table for the amount paid from each transaction for each member (one-to-many) with the following update query

DSum("[speciality foods]![TOT_PD]",[spec foods transactions]!AMT_PD,[spec foods transactions]!ID=[Speciality Foods]!ID)

But each time it runs it produces a type conversion failure for each record... I've checked (about 1000 times!) that all formats and even lengths are the same in each of the tables, but it refuses to calculate. Can someone please tell me where I'm goig wrong?

Thankyou in advance


I have over 2000 records being imported, and I have 12 that just will not import for love nor money!!

I get the above error type for certain fields...

I have checked, cross checked and checked again and I cannot work out what could be the problem on these fields for these records!

Anyone got any further suggestions for things I can check for??

My database uses code and queries to import data. The complexity relates to the free form nature of the source data, which I can not change without code. One of my update queries delivers several type conversion errors when running it. My challenge becomes dealing with all the type conversion errors.

In the source table, most fields are set to text, yet the update query inserts into date and yes/no data type fields. This situation happens when importing from a text file with free-form data. Some type conversion occurs here.

So I employed the Cdate function with these text-to-date fields. The record without dates causes the update to fail; in other words the date field does not accept null values. This situation was confirmed when the query returned 114 type conversion errors out 116; the lastupdate field only has data in two records. How do you deal with these null values?

Plus, these dates may not be in the precise short date format, ##/##/####. The date data could simulate ##-##-## or ##/##/##. Let me know your suggestions on dealing with these scenarios.

The updates to the yes/no fields return valuation rule violations. The update query attempts to place Yes or No text into a Yes/No field type in the destination table. Do I need to change the data to -1 or 0 for Yes & No? This type of a conversion remains vague to me.

I wish Access would give me more information where these violations occur; like the exact record and corresponding data failure; placed in a log file. I keep banging my head against the wall deciphering these errors while learning about update / append queries. My only resort is posting in the forum for assistance. Please lead me in the right direction.

I'm trying to import an Excel spreadsheet as a table, but I'm getting an error. I have a spreadsheet of products, and the SKU field has part numbers. The first 44 part number are numbers only. Beginning on the 45th part number, there are numbers and letters in the part numbers. The error field in the import error table, beginning with the first record with a letter in the part number, indicates "type conversion failure". I've changed the format of that column to text in Excel with no luck. I've imported other spreadsheets with numbers and letters in the part numbers with no problems. Any ideas?

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