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I have managed to find the code to add a browse button to a form in Access 2000. It all works fine, browsing and selecting the file. This works great, except for the way it populates the result text box. I am looking for it to just insert the file name and not the full path. The other issue I am having is when running a query on the result the characters are 255 and not the exact amount of the original path.

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Can anyone explain why my Browse button worked ok in my database in Access v2002, but since I've been upgraded to Access v2007 the button no longer works?? The button enabled the user to search for a file, and once found provided a hyperlink in an additional text box field. The user was then able to click on the filename and open it from the text box field. Now I've been upgraded nothing works! I've no idea where to look, but feel that some references may be missing in Access 2007 - any ideas??

I have a browse button to open up files with the following function on the click event. When I click it it gives me an error message saying - Object doesn't support this property or method. I did a debug and it gives me the error after the red line. Does anybody have any idea what I'm doing wrong?? Please let me know...Thank You!

	Function BrowseCustDATA(sMyControl$)
On Error GoTo MyErrorControl

    Dim Result%
    With Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker)
        Select Case UCase(Nz(sMyControl, ""))
        Case "MYPATH2"
            .Title = "Select Network Database"
            Dim NtwrkInitialPath As String
            NtwrkInitialPath = Nz(Me![MyPath2], "")
            If NtwrkInitialPath  "" Then
                If DoesFolderExist(NtwrkInitialPath) = True Then
                    .InitialFileName = NtwrkInitialPath
                ElseIf DoesFileExist(NtwrkInitialPath) = True Then
                    .InitialFileName = NtwrkInitialPath
                    .InitialFileName = CurrentProject.Path
                End If
                .InitialFileName = CurrentProject.Path
            End If
        Case Else
            .Title = "Select Database file"
        End Select
        ' Only ACCDB
        .Filters.Add "All Files", "*.*", 1
        .Filters.Add "Microsoft Office Access", "*.accdb; *.accda; *.accde", 2
        .Filters.Add "Microsoft Office Access Databases", "*.accdb", 3
        .FilterIndex = 3
        .AllowMultiSelect = False
        Result = .Show
        If (Result  0) Then
           If Nz(sMyControl, "")  "" Then
                Me(sMyControl) = Trim(.SelectedItems.Item(1))
            End If
            Select Case UCase(Nz(sMyControl, ""))
            Case "MYPATH2"
                AfterNetworkCustDATA_Update Nz(Me(sMyControl), "")
            End Select
        End If
    End With

    Exit Function

    Select Case Err.Number
    Case Else
        MsgBox "Error " & Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description, vbCritical + vbOKOnly, "BrowseCustDATA ERROR"
        Exit Function
        Resume Next
    End Select
End Function

I am trying to use the below code for my Browse button on my form, but it won't compile:

Private Sub cmdBrowse_Click()
Dim strDocPath As Variant

If Me.txtImageName > "" Then
strDocPath = GetOpenFile(Me.txtImageName)
strDocPath = GetOpenFile()
End If

If strDocPath > "" Then
Me.txtImageName = strDocPath
End If
End Sub
It highlights GetOpenFile() and give me a Compile error: Sub or Function not defined.


Quite Simple question: What is the command line to create a Browse button in Access 97? I did not find it yet.

Hello Everyone,

My job has recently decided that I need to build a database of test pictures, I've read many forums on the link pictures / putting browse button as I gather it makes the database too large with attachments.

My problem is I think I grasp the concept but I cant seem to use the code / Im not sure where im actually putting the code.

e.g imgControl.Picture = CurrentProjectPath & subforldername & Me.ImageName

Where do I put this ? does this go in the field or in a macro ?

Also for the browse to button I have this

Private Sub Explore_Click()
' Gets a filename from the filedialog control and puts it into
' "Filename" textbox control.
' Be sure to rename the Common Dialog Control "cd1"

On Error GoTo Err_Explore_Click
' Uncomment the next line to specify only a certain type of file
' to browse for (in your case jpeg files).
'cd1.Filter = "Text Files|*.jpg"
Filename.Text = CD1.Filename

Exit Sub

MsgBox Err.Description
Exit Sub

When i try to put this into a button it doesnt work

I know I sound like an idiot and thats because I am but I still have a job to do, so any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

I've attached my amazing database for reference, you will see pictures attached, these were before I knew about linking and I want the links to work like the attachments.

I'm sorry as I know this topic has been covered but I cannot seem to grasp it

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I am completely new to vba programming and I have this form in which there is a browse button that makes users browse for their preferred picture but my trouble is after I choose from the browse button the image I want it doesn't appear in the image frame.

i have this far I know I'm missing out just a simple code, please help me,. anyone


I am creating a table with contains a list of stock items, along with the stock description i want to add a picture to it. I can do this by inserting a OLE object. But i want to add a browse button so that the user can search for the file to be shown, i.e picture.

How can i add this browse button.


I am attempting to code a button that will work similar to the established browse button found in windows application. this button should allow users to navigate to the desired file using the windows explorer....any suggestions

I have a form that has a "Browse" command button that does not work because I do not have a great deal of knowledge in VB. This "Browse" buttons function is only to open a dialog box that will show the drives on a machine/server and allow the user to select the path of where the image(s) resides. Then a link will be created in the table showing the ImageDestination. Does anyone have or know of any way that this can be accomplished?


Hi People,

i want the user to be able to select a working directory by clicking a 'browse' button. Is this possible in VB?



Hi guys

I have to build reports in excel and print it out when access form button is pressed.

The data is transferred to excel in the following way:

	DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputQuery, "qrytemp", acFormatXLS, "C:Documents and SettingsAmanpreet Kaurarrivalsheet.xls", True

Now when print button is pressed then the excelsheet comes up with the above statement. I want to print it out on the printer and close it automatically.
Can anyone please provide me vba code for this.


Is there a way to hide or disable the 'Access Options' button on the bottom of the Office Menu in Access 2007, please?
I use a custom ribbon (using the USysRibbons table) with following data:

Thanks in advance for any reply!

Hi out there,

i have a problem. I want to block or hide just the default Access exit button (z in the upper corner) because some users use that one before logging out and that causes damange to the DB and it needed to be repaierd, but therefore everybody needs to log off..

so any idea how i could block or hide that button that the unsers could only exit through my button?


Hi Im sure this question has been answered before, but I couldnt find it so here goes.

I have two fields on a form; one showing a document name and the other showing location path (to the document).

At the moment, the user is expected to copy and paste the document and location info from Windows Explorer into these two fields. But I wondered whether I could have a browse button, which when pressed brought up the browse window to allow you to locate the document (using the standard windows browser). Then when you clicked ok, it writes the filename into one field on the form and the location into the other.

Am I asking too much here. Anybody know how to do this.


How can I display a browse button on a form to store a picture of a client as an attribute?

How do I insert a browse button in form design so that a user (data entry) can place a hyperlink to a report on a fileserver.

Can anybody help me with codes to create a browse button for my users to select images for the form

Can someone give me detailed instructions on how to create a BROWSE button in a form that will put a filepath in a certain field for me? Thanks!

I need to create a "Browse" button on a form. It should browse the available drives and directories and stores the selected one in a table. How can I do this?

In my database users download certain text files stored in a separate folder on a network drive. I have managed it to work so that by clicking a command button, it prompts with concerned folder location path and you have to type in the exact name of file with extension .txt at the end and it downloads it. But in this case there are always chances of mistyping.

I wonder how can I set it up like a browse button so that user would only click on the relevant file in a folder and it would select it for download in database?

Can anybody help?

Hi Guys & Gals

I was wondering if it is possible to limit access to buttons and other areas on a database without using the built in UserGroups of Access.

I have a script that requires a user name and password and was wondering at this point whether a person could limit things like password changing or user deletion.

After running through many many messages in this forum I found something which I tried to modify:

Private Sub AccessLevel()

If InStr(AccessLevel(), "Administration") > 0 Then
Me.[Forms]![frmentry]![Password Maintenance Button] = True
Me.[Forms]![frmentry]![Password Maintenance Button] = False
End If

End Sub

This code however seems to do nothing. When I walk through the debug code it goes through it but nothing happens no matter who is logged on.

My Logon script passes the following:
RealName, UserName, Password, AccessLevel when its looked up in the table. Can this be done?

In the table the following AccessLevels are: Administration, Maintenance, & User.

Thanks for any help


First of all, I'm not so familiar with VBA and stuff.
But I've managed to get a browse button (to select images) fully working on my form. The entire path OR only the filename are passed through a textfield (see Microsoft KB 303066).

My question :
Is it possible to retrieve the filename in one textfield and the entire path(+filename) in another textfield?
eg : textfield1 = summer.jpg
textfield2 = c:imagessummer.jpg

Thanks in advance,

Hello All,

Could someone give me a few pointers on how to create a 'Browse' button on a form with the intent to search for an image in an bound-image to record and assign it and store the bmp selected by the user from the user's machine?

I thank you in advance.

i would like to create an browse button on my form so i can find the pictures i would like and then to been shown on the picture field on my form. i tried the northwood code from help but i could manage nothing woth it. do you have any idea to help ,me please??

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