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Hi there.

Am having a problem that I can't seem to work out.

I have a continous form that displays records based on the output of a query. I want to have a button by each record that once clicked opens up the full record in a new form.

I have looked on the web and most people say use the button wizard. When I do this it cannot seem to find any records on the first form to select to match with the second form (record ID). They are both bound to the same query. Any ideas?

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I have a continuous form that opens all of the records for a specific user on a specific date and displays them in a continuous form. Each record requires an approval check box be marked before it can be processed for reporting. I want the approver to be able to click a button and mark all of the records displayed at one time. Currently my button will only mark the current record. How to I select all of the records?

I would like to be able to alter the color of the currently selected record in a continuous form.

Has anyone done this before or can offer any suggestions?

I am new to Access and hope someone can help with this issue.

I have a continuous form that has a query as it's record source. This form is only for viewing existing records, not entering a new record. All the records are displayed correctly, except the last record on the form is a blank record. Is there a way to prevent the blank record?

Thanks for your help.

Bill Echert


I have a form set to continuous forms.

I have only one record/line displayed and can scroll up and down etc etc.

I've tried designed the forms so I can see multiple rows but everything I seem to do doesn't work.

I know its something to do with the form properties becuase I fluked it last time.

Can anyone help, please?


Hi All,

I have a continuous form on my access app.
I use one of the forms as a continuous form.
Every record has a checkbox and i need that if the user will check it - i need to enabledisable the relavant field in this record only to be enabled.
I'm familiar with reffering the field somethink like:
Me.field.enable = true
But in this case it enables ALL the fields on the form and not only the matching field in the record i've checked the checkbox.

How can i reffer only the relavant field in the checked record ?

Thanks !

I have form which the Default View is set as Continuous Forms.
Its Record Source comes From tblBatchAmt


In the form, I added the three fields from tblBatchAmt, alongside of it is a combo box called cboQuickSearchById which the RowSource comes from a tblCompanyInformation


Row Source:

	SELECT tblCompanyInformation.Company_Id, tblCompanyInformation.Company_Name FROM tblCompanyInformation ORDER BY
tblCompanyInformation.Company_Id, tblCompanyInformation.Company_Name;

Bound Column = 1

So what I am doing is displaying
cboQuickSearchById | Company_Id | Check_No | Amt
(txtId) (txtCheckNo) (txtAmount)

When I click on the cboQuickSearchById and search for an ID number, after update, it automatically populates my Company_Id field, this works great. But after I use the combo box, it creates another record below with the same row, but the combo box, reflects the same value as the first combo box. If I change either combo box, all other combo boxes change too. I want the combo boxes to be independent of each other for each record.

What am I doing wrong?


Access 2010 accdb.
A continuous Form has records of Loans Issued on a Date.
It includes how the funds were issued and this works fine where One transfer was done.
Where there may be two or more funds transfer records, it would be handy to have a 2nd or third row in the form (and report) that displayed the additional data. This would be like a sub form to a continuous form.

Is there any way to achieve this ??

If there was just one Loan Issued each day then a Main Form and numerous Sub Forms would achieve the result but with multiply loans then ??

This would be like a 2nd line of description in a price list.

Appreciate any advice

I'm using a continuous form as a subform and wish to disable all fields of each record, other than the new record form.

Does anyone know if achieving this is practical, or indeed possible? And if it is, how to achieve the effect?

I've tried using a macro to set the property of the control that I want to disable, but can't get the macro to recognize the form "Can't find the form .... specified in a macro...". Although this does not occur when I open the subform by itself (only when it is open by the super-form) - and my setting technique doesn't work yet....


Let me preface this with I know just enough VB to be dangerous
I'm working with a form that has a subform. The subform is formatted to display multiple records from a query in a continuous form. Each record has several yes/no checkboxes. I want to disable several of the checkboxes in a record when one particular checkbox is "true". I put this simple bit of code in the "on click" event behind the checkbox that I want to trigger the event.
If [workdaycheck] = true then
[3pct].enabled = false
[3pct].enabled = true
end if
Simple but.........this effects ALL of the records (disables all of the [3pct] checkboxes) in the continous form, not just the record that the [workdaycheck] was made true. How can I isolate the action to a single record and not all the records in the subform? Thanks!

I have a continuous form, which is used as a sub form in a main form. How can i put some code on a control which will work only, if the focus is on the last record (the event i would like to use is onKeyDown). I have tried using:

if Me.CurrentRecord = acLast Then ....

but to no avail.

Any suggestions please ?

Thank You

for search form, i have textbox as a user input, n list box to filter the record..
what i really want is to double click the highlighted record to display full record which in other form.. here is the code

Code: Dim stDocName As String Dim stLinkCriteria As String stDocName = "USER" stLinkCriteria = "[Service Tag]=" & Me![search] DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName, , , stLinkCriteria however, the code run to be error at stLinkCriteria..
i dont know how to configure the problem since i just copied the code from my research.
or do i have another way so i can display the selected record from listbox.. anyone pls help me.

I have a continuous form showing records sorted by date.

I want to add a calculated field to each record to show the percentage change of a value from the previous record.

How can I do this?

Thanks a million :-)



This is an intriguing one- and never thouroughly solved on this forum? I have a continuous form with records PK- [item_ID]. when this [item_ID] = "hd" it needs to make visible a yes/no control: [new] .....


just on that one record on the continuos form, not on all of them!

I can make the control visible on this event on all the records- but I've heard it is impossible for access to allow this functionality?

I believe in Access!! Can you keep my hope alive??

All the best


Hi there,
I have been looking for some way to loop through the selected records of a continuous form. (I know it is easier with multiselect listbox but I didn't find a way to wrap the text there, which I need, since the display text is long and formatted.) Could somebody help me with this one?

Many thanks.

How to Count selected record on Continuous Forms before delete this records?
Thank you

Hi All,

Is it possible to use the record selectors on a continuous form to do anything useful? I have a continuous form as a subform which displays a list of customer contracts and some related data and it would be nice if I could select multiple records and print them.

However, I have noticed that although you can select multiple records, as soon as you press a command button the selection changes to a single record.

Is this fixed behaviour, or does anyone know if it can be altered?


I have a continuous form, based on a query that displays all items for a certain location.
At the moment I can change all the records to another location, but I would also like to give the users the option to select various records if they require only some to be moved to another location.

I had this working before but seem to have lost it.

Great if you can help


We all know about the limitations of the continuous forms in Access. Selecting multiple non-contiguous records is only one of them. However this must be possible since Acces itself offers this possibility when you are in the design view of a Table. There you can easily select (and highlight) multiple records randomly.
My question is: is there anyone who as a tool or an add-in who provide those functionalities or maybe an entierly new kind of form... any help is welcome as I found very few things on the net.
You can easily contact me by mail



I have a continuous form, and I would like to programatically find and select one of the records with VBA if it meets certain conditions. How would I do this? Basically trying to control the record selector arrow with VBA.

I am utilizing the Rx for colored selected record bar found here:

"Highlight Current Record in an Access Continuous Form"

With a few minor modifications, such as placing into shared code as much of the code as possible and using a pointer to the form to understand which form is calling the shared code.

Anyway, I wanted to force a group of lookup / picklist forms to the Title field of the form. I force the "move to" via this code:

	  'Force the the UI to the title field control

I have placed that code just after the finding of the correct record... Oh... that bit was not part of the Rx, rather something I added on my own to make the UI more intuitive. So, if the field has a current value, I re-locate that current value when the pick list form opens. That way people are less likely to accidentally change data in the application. (Edit record, top record is selected, and push the Select button = data got changed)

So at the point that the SetFocus is called, the correct record does have focus, and the SetFocus does successfully default the field to the Title field. Just it does not have the green background color that it is suppose to.

Now, something that was in the Rx I use for colored selected record... in the Rx's ChangeBackColour event, I have put a Debug.Print to see what color is being set. I always see the same number, including the time that the SetFocus forces the UI to the Title field.

	'Generic API used for the colored row selection capability
Sub uiutils_GridSetSelectedRowBackgrond(ByRef MePointer As Form)
  On Error Resume Next

  Debug.Print "Reference: " & Screen.ActiveControl.BackColor
  Debug.Print "Before: " & MePointer.fldCurrentID.BackColor

  'Set the current control's background to that of the fldCurrentID
  Screen.ActiveControl.BackColor = MePointer.fldCurrentID.BackColor

  Debug.Print "After: " & MePointer.fldCurrentID.BackColor

End Sub

And I see:

	Reference: 5026082
Before: 5026082
After: 5026082

in the immediate window. Which it should as that hidden control has the green background hard coded into it.

I can click the left arrow, and immediately the Title field background turns green properly. Right arrow back to the Title field, green color remains as it should.

Suggestions as to why I can not successfully force the default field to Title without loosing the Green color?

Oh... I pocked just a bit deeper... the color number is NOT always the same... when I arrow to the ID field and back, the Reference number changes...

	Reference: 16777215
Before: 5026082
After: 5026082

Evidently I can not find out the color of the actual control being set... THAT is what is always the same.

Perhaps could "Screen.ActiveControl.BackColor" be referring to the field on the Edit Part form which is white?

Anyway, any suggestions as to why forcing the default field would not retain the Green color? TIA!

Ms Access 2010 accdb
The age old issue of dealing with a continuous form when there may be no records.

This is a SubForm. I have nearly resolved the issue by adding an unbound text box control on the form footer and code to the On Current event of the form.

	If Not (Me.Recordset.BOF And Me.Recordset.EOF) Then
        Me!txtRefinanceAmountSum.ControlSource = "=Sum([RefinanceAmount])"      'records exit
        Me.txtRefinanceAmountSum = 0                                            'no records so use Zero
    End If

If I enter the main form and select a date that has no records in the subform, the correct result appears - $0.00.
If I enter a date where records exist, the correct value result ie the =Sum(... works.

However... If I then select a date with no records, I get nothing ie, the $0.00 does not rsult.

What could be happening here ? Could the fact that there were records be tricking the If Then statement to assume records when there are none ?

Hi all

I hope one of you great people can help me with this. I searched this forum and google for days now, without finding a helpfull sollution.

The situation:

I have a main form where I have 3 sections. The form itself, a listbox and a subform (continuous form).

The form displays the data of a intervention, like date, begin hour (intHRStart) and end hour (intHRStop).
When I select firefighters from the listbox (multiple select) and verify with a command button, these people are stored in a different table. It also copies the begin and end hour to this table. This table (tblFF) is showed in the subform.

Because the firefighters work in diffrent shifts, this has to be filled in on the form. With a after update I call a function wich will calculate if the firefighter has worked in his shift or not. It also calculates how many minutes he has worked in or out of his shift, and rounds it to 15min parts ...

The problem

All this code works perfect. But I need two other things:
- When you verify the people, it have to run the mentioned code for each firefighter.
- When you change the data in the main form, tblFF is updated with the new data. but it have to calculate the worked hours again.

So to put is simply, I need a manner to run a function (code) for each record in this subform.

I hope someone can help me with this, I'm starting to pull out my hairs from frustration!
Thank you in advance

Hi, can someone help me with this please?

The first form of my database is a continues form based on a qry. The list contains about 400 records (frmFirst). When I select a record to work on I click on the selector and all details of that record show up (frmBook). When I close frmBook frmFirst appears again after first having gone through a requiry. The really irritating thing is that frmFirst always returns to the first record of the list and I'll have to click through the whole list to go back to where I was. How do pass on a value to make me return to the point where I was in frmFirst?

Thanks for your help,

I have a networked application that is doing STRANGE things.

PROCESS AS DESIGNED: The user logs in and is given a form displaying existing records that are coded (by userid) for that user to update. From that list, the user selects a record and continues to a second form (the first form closes) which displays all the fields of the selected record which should/can be edited by the user (plus a few non-editable key fields). There is nothing tricky to how the records are selected for display. A simple query behind the first form selects data records using the userID number. The second form does a simple record select using the active record ID number on the first form. Nothing tricky -- no modules just queries, tables, forms and simple macros to string it all together.

The user can open/close these two forms as often as necessary and the record will continue to show up until a value is entered into a "completion date" field. When that field is no longer blank, the record will no longer be displayed for use.

PROBLEM: About 90% of the time, things work as expected. But 10-15% of the time, somewhere between opening the record in the second form and closing the second form, the edited record totally disappears (as if it were never opened, it isn't even system date stamped) and the input information is inserted instead into a brand new record.

Users can sometimes tell when the edit record is dropped during processing, because key fields displaying previously entered data go blank and the displayed recordID (autonumber) is changed.

ERROR PATTERN: NONE! It can happen as the edit record is first opening, in the middle of editing the form, or at the end when closing the form. It will happen on a specific PC 2 times in a row and the third time be fine. It has happened at multiple locations but not for all people and not consistently for the same person/same pc. The same record that failed can be re-selected and work just fine the next time.

I cannot reproduce the error myself. I have tested everything I can think of without causing the error. I can lose changes and avoid a system date stamp if I abort my Access sesssion, but that doesn't create/insert a new record with my new input. It just loses everything.

I have wondered if a momentary break in the network/communications could break the connection to the application to just enough that the form remains on the screen, but selected record is discarded. Input into the empty form would/does insert a new record.

I have asked the IT Operations group to investigate if a network/communication problem could be the culprit, but they haven't gotten far on this.

I have never seen this happen before and am totally stumped but am desperate to resolve it before user confidence is damaged. Any ideas are welcomed!!! Thanks.

Karen - or

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