How to activate Alert Message

I have designed a helpdesk log program using Access and shared by couples of users. THe problem is users always forgot to keep track the status of the problem. Currently there are 3 status : Outstanding,Monitoring and Completed. I am thinking how to activate an alert message for users in order to remind them those outstanding problems. Thanks.

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i want to make alert message that will be pop up when the return date for borrowing book is one day before the date. and the alert message will also can show the information about the borrower.

the alert message will be something like this. Tomorrow one borrower need to return the book. click ok to view the data.

can access 2007 do this kind of alert message..?
can anyone teach me how to do it..

i really do not know how to this.?

your help is much appreciate..

thank you in advance.


I have a text box and a button. The user types an order number into the text box, pushes the button and the VB code finds the appropriate record and makes it the active record. Now, how to provide a user with an error message if the record was not found (because he typed in a non-existing order number)? Could you, please, complete my code? Here is my code:

Private Sub SearchButton_Click()
Dim CheckLength As String
Dim ErrorText As String
' Check if the user has entered an order number
If Nz(Me.SearchBox.Value) < "0" Then
ErrorText = MsgBox("You didn't provide an order number", vbOKOnly, "Error!")
' The order number must have 13 characters long
CheckLength = Me.SearchBox.Value
If Len(CheckLength) = 13 Then
Me![Kits Subform].SetFocus
Me![Kits Subform].Form.KitOrdNo.SetFocus
Application.Echo False
DoCmd.FindRecord Me.SearchBox.Value, acEntire, False, acSearchAll, False, acCurrent, True
Application.Echo True
' An error message should be showed here if there was no match.
ErrorText = MsgBox("Order number must consist of 13 characters", vbOKOnly, "Error!")
End If
End If
End Sub

Thank you,

The Message is like:
"The Macros in this project are disabled. Pls. refer to the online help or documentation of the host application to determine how to enable macros."

When i try to insert data into a backend Oracle table (with ODBC) using a form, (i use docmd.runsql "insert....") Access gives me a message like"You are trying to append 1 row to the table are you sure you want to append?"

i want to suppress this message as i have to insert into 2 tables and delete from 3 tables when the user enters some data in the form, so it asks the user five times (say 2 times for insert and 3 times for delete..) when it inserts or deletes each table. the user doesnt want this to click every time when they do that...
how do i suppress these messages, is it Access-specific or oracle specific?
I am not able to do this..!
is this any kind of exception that i have to put in??

Thanks for all ur help!!

HI all,

I want to trigger macro express when a key is pressed in ms-access database. i have developed a database in ms- access which multiple users use. Now when they complete a work they need to send an email to business are confirming the job is done with a formatted excel sheet to which a reply is sought from the business area who will attach some images and send it back to us.

With access i am able to send mail but cannot format the excel sheet the way i want. i have designed a macro to do the desing part so that it goes to the mail and pastes the data in exce in rich text format so that the business are people can drop images beside the data and send it back to us.

to make this possible i should be able to trigger the macro express but that i find it difficult. i can try opening the macro file with sql code but how do i make it trigger?

Is there a way to activate at least a function key from ms- access or is there a way i can tell in my code to paste the data from excel sheet into mail in rich text format.

any ideas please put forward as i need to submit my presentation ASAP.

I have done some serious searching and have discovered that many others have posted this question, but I couldn't find any satisfactory answers.

I have a FE/BE Access 2000 database in a multi-user environment. I have my default record locking set to "No Locks" (optimistic), but for unknown reasons, some records still lock. The records are viewed via a form, which is also set to "No Locks." We only have about 20 users, so it is rare that two people actually have the same record open at the same time. It seems to be that whole groups of records lock sometimes, despite the fact that I'm using optimistic record locking. Usually if you wait 15-20 minutes it is unlocked. If someone can explain this I would be overjoyed.

But, I can deal with the record locking. The problem is that users have no idea why they can't update a record and no matter how many times I tell them to wait 15 minutes they still come crying to me every time. So, I want to make a message box pop up when they try to update the record that states something like this: "The record is currently locked. Please try again in 15-20 minutes."

If someone could offer some code options and explain where it needs to go (form load, open, etc.) I would be eternally grateful.

Thank you!


I have a form where there is a field called Price. I need to display a message "Price is too high" next to this field only when the Price field is over $1500.

How to do that?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hello i'm a total newbie in access and i have none experience in VB code. I just click and work in design mode without using vb code, just macros.

I'm working in Access 2010

I have a query that sums up total of values from one table with fixed value in another table

Can someone please help me how to create alert message when i insert a number via form in the table to get warning if the sum is exceeding the value i choose...for example 50...

To be more specific i have an airplane flight database...
and when inserting a new airplane in database, that airplane has already had flight hours.
That is TTSN - Total Time Since New (for expl. 1000 flight hours)
and in another table i have a field for flight hours... (and sum for that field is for expl. 49 flight hours)

so in a query i sum up the value [TTSN] + [totalflighthours] and i get result 1049

Now i need to create alert to warn user when this result exceeds 1049...

I hope someone can help me...thank you!

I want to create a message box with bold text


MsgBox "1. Hello!" & vbCrLf & "2. How are you?" & vbCrLf & "3. See you again!", vbInformation, "Message"


1. Hello (this line is bold)
2. How are you?
3. Seeyou again

Hi -
Can some one please help with the code to list down all the open application in the window ?
Actually i'm trying to interface with on of my business application. I got the source code to extract the details from the application.

But don't know how to activate this from excel!!!!

Any support will be highly appreciated........



Is it possible to send popup messages all over the domain from my access 2003?



I need to know how to mondify the message text of RunTime Error 2113 when the user type invalid value in the date field?


Hello guys,
I have created a form which generates the data into new access database,now I have to show a message "Processing" while data gets generated. And when its done this message should go away by itself,so any suggestion please let me know.

Hope to get answer..


I am trying to build an application that exports a datagridview to excel. That bit's easy, but I wanted a 'please wait with animated gif' to display whilst it does. After a lot of trying different things, I eventually got that to work by wrapping the thread in a class. However, I would now like to add a cancel button to the please wait form, but I just can't get it to work. I don't know how to pass the message back to the class from the threaded form, and then from the class to the main form.

Form 1

Dim WaitDisplay As New WaitClass()

Dim t As Thread
t = New Thread(AddressOf WaitDisplay.PleaseWait)



Public Class WaitClass
Dim owner As Form1
Public Sub SetParent(ByVal parent As Form1)
owner = parent
End Sub
Public Sub PleaseWait()
Dim Please_Wait As New WaitScreen
End Sub
End Class

Separate Form - just has text that says please wait with an animated gif.

Public NotInheritable Class WaitScreen
Private Sub WaitScreen_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
End Sub
End Class

Can anyone help?

Hi all

So I have been looking for an answer to this issue for a long time and went on several forums and watched tutorials. None of them address the details of my questions so I am turning to you experts of Access.

I want to create a form that will enable to easily (from a drop-down menu) enter Active Directory file permissions of folders located on a dedicated file server in order to present a report to my boss. There are tools made for that out there but my company cannot affort them.

So, I have created 5 tables as per the following screen shot:

The Folder_Table, Group_Table, and UserName_Table contains information while the 2 other are empty. Now I know I have to populate the 2 other table too and I want to do it using forms.

Now there must be something wrong in the way I link tables (one-to-many relationships) because when I create a subform in a form, there is no data showing up in the subform and I do not get an error message.

I have tried creating a form based on UserName_Table with a subform based on Group_Table, I also tried creating a form based on Folder_Table but only to get the same issue.

I use Enforce Referential Integrity and Cascade Update Related Fields

Can someone please tell me how to make subforms work in my case please? Any help would be greatly apreciated.

In my last post (here), I mentioned the possibility of authenticating to Active Directory as a means of securing an Access Database.

Well, I've been looking into this more and I can't figure out how to do it. I've found plenty of snippits that look at the currently logged on user, but none that actually go through the AD authentication process (with a password and everything).

What I'm thinking of doing (or trying, really) is fairly simple:
A user opens the Access Database and is presented with a log on Form.They enter a Username and Password which Access compares against Active Directory.
If Access finds that user and the password authenticates, Access checks to see if they're in the "Access Database Users" Group (again, in Active Directory).
If they are a member of that group, then Access brings up the main Database Switchboard.If not, then Access gives them an error message and lets them try to log in again.
If the user doesn't authenticate, then Access gives them an error message and lets them try to log in again.
And, of course, after multiple failed tries (3-5), the database closes and/or sends an alert to the admin (me).

I want Access to query the user/pass so that a different user than the one logged on to the local computer can connect to the Database with their own (separate) username and permissions. Also, so random people can't just open up Access and mess with the DB if the user leaves the computer unattended without locking it.

Anyone have any idea on how to actually perform that log on process? I can create the log on Form, query the username and group membership, but I haven't found a way to verify the password.

I have spent the last 4 hours trying to post a message to a forum, getting network error, server too busy, database error to name but a few.

Finally it posted 5 minutes ago.

How long does it generally take people to post to the forums here .. I've never had such bad problems before with posting to this forum!

how to avoid open report action cancelled message box
what is a graceful way of avoiding the “the open report action cancelled” window when you cancel a reports open event?

hi all,

i have divided my access file into 2 components. one is the front end and the other is the backend which contains tables only. Now the problem i have is i run a macro which loads the data from an excel sheet into the tables. I cant run the macro on the front end since they are all linked tables. i need to run the macro on the backend file which will load data. How do i activate that macro in the backend file from the front end file. how do i mention it? macro "what do i give here"?


I managed to put combo box with names and got the macro to show records for the selected name.

Can any one tell me how to put a condition in this macro to get a message box to inform "the said name not found" .


The task is to have Access do something with a currently opened Excel Sheet / RTF Word document or Outlook message that was not generated from Access.

I thought big and hard first and thought I would write individual toolbars from each application that the user could click on to send the document to Access. BUt I have no idea how and I was thinking that was very intrusive as people sometime like there toolbar just the way they have it.

Second I thought of some always on top, non-modal toolbar or form from Access that meant that people could have the choosen document active and then click on this form to "give it" to Access.

Third I was thinking of having 3 buttons in access (one for each type of document) this routine would have to 1. check for application 2. check for open documents 3. if more than one then put their names in an array and ask the user which one they want to "give to" access.

Does anyone have any other ideas how to do this?
Does anyone want to tell me which of my three would be the most user friendly?

Hi Forum, access 2000
I can't get my head around what to look for on this issue.

I want a display of Report Choices and which ever is clicked will be acted on.

For one report, simple MsgBox yes/no but 2 or three reports?? to stack the message boxes would be painful to the operator.

How do you have a box appear that has multi choices??

Should have paid more attention to the lecturer 10 years ago!!
I have a 850 page text book but of course, what to look for. MsgBox doesn't cover Options such as this.

How to get a notification message thru email when users submit a form?
I mean, when users submit a form, a new record is stored on the table. I want to get a notification message on MS Outlook whenever users submit a form successfully?




I am using a OLE unbound frame control to embed a word document and when i double click the control, it is activated, a winword.exe process is opened and i could edit the document and save it to a new document file. But i couldnt close the winword.exe, so when i do the same process again, i am getting the file access error.

I am using this example 2 to get data from the control :

This happens only in word 2007 and works fine in word 2003.

Please help me how to solve this issue.


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