Access 2007 menu bar, toolbar...

Can anybody tell me how to create a menu bar, toolbar and shortcut menu in Access 2007. Thank you

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I ran a code to hide all toolbars through an AutoExec module. (I also created a module to unhide all). Now, even though I disabled the autoexec Access opens without the Menu Bar. I did run the unhide code which did work and showed all the menu including the Menu Bar, but after I close the database and then reopen it the Menu Bar is not there and if pull up the Customize window the Menu Bar isn't listed there either.

Code used to hide commandbars:

	    For i = 1 To CommandBars.Count
    CommandBars(i).Enabled = False
    Next i

Code used to unhide commandbars:

	    For i = 1 To CommandBars.Count
    CommandBars(i).Enabled = True
    Next i

I am Oracle programmer but biginner in Ms-Access. My boss ask to develop Employee infor. sys. in Ms-Access database, so I did it but in do so i deselect all the check boxes in startup menu window of default menu bar and menu bar is disappeared. Please, how I can get back the "default menu bar".

I have created a menu bar in access 2003 and I have spent the last couple of hours designing icons in photoshop, however, when i come to import these icons to use on the menu bar I can't see anywhere to do so, only a button editor that isn't much use to me.

Is it not possible to import icons in this way (like you can for command buttons on forms)?

Thanks for any help

I am using Access 2003 - by default there is a 'Type a question for help' drop down box on the menu bar - this is a tad annoying and looks similar to the 'New Mail' icon that displays from my mail client in approximately the same part of the screen....

Any ideas on how to remove the 'Type a question for help' drop down from the Access Tool/Menu bar?

Thank you.

Hi all!

I have never worked in Access before but I go a jobb I need to complete for an exhibition.

I would like to remove the Menu bar in the Access databas (the toolbars wasent that dificult to figure out). I have looked around the web and found out that I nned to use some kind of VBA-kod? (Im not a programer ether, yea I know go by a book for dummies) What I hvent figuerd out is how to implement this code with that databas. I have tried to make a module and the point to it with a macro but I cant get it to work. Can someone please tell me how to do it step by step?

Best regards

Hello, we just upgraded to Access 2010 from Access 2000. Most of my users are volunteers who know nothing about Access or databases and so I like to restrict them to as few options as I can - including MenuBars and ToolBars. In Access 2000 I coded the following to hide (and show) MenuBars...

' Hide Menu bar and the Tool bars

DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Menu Bar", acToolbarNo
DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Form View", acToolbarNo
DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Web", acToolbarNo
DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Print Preview", acToolbarNo

This code worked fine in Access 2000 but doesn't seem to work in Access 2010. Can you tell me how I can hide and show MenuBars/Ribbon in 2010?

Also, can you direct me to a good Weblink which will tell me what programming commands/functions I can use in Access 2010? Thank you for your time.

Good morning all,

Installed AC2007 on friday... then run one of my existing AC2003 db's on it.

Spent the next 48 hours trying to work out why all my command menus in AC2007 were missing. The property sheet and field list were both not displaying. The buttons to bring them up could be depressed, but nothing would happen.

Basically, I had used the following vba code in AC2003 to hide all the menus:

	Dim i As Integer
For i = 1 To CommandBars.Count
CommandBars(i).Enabled = False
Next i

After realising this I used the following code to set them back to being visible:

	Dim i As Integer
For i = 1 To CommandBars.Count
CommandBars(i).Enabled = True
Next i

This has restored my property sheet and field list!

However, the status bar hasnt been restored and I cant restore it using the checkbox in "Access 2007 Options".

Instead I am required to use the following line of code every time I run a DB:

	Application.CommandBars("Status Bar").Visible = True

This then displays the status bar. However, unlike the property sheet fix, when i restart access the status bar is again gone.

I am sure there will be others out there who experience this same problem in AC2007 and I could find nothing on google to help me. So hopefully the above will be of great help to someone else.

Could a seasoned pro please help me out by:

a) explaining why my property sheet and menu disappeared permenantly and not just for the current running instance of access 2007 (the property sheet and field list were gone when access was restarted, and even when I reinstalled the whole of Office!)

b) give me some help to reset the status bar so I dont have to run a command line everytime I start a new DB and want the status bar displayed.

Thanks muchly!

Hello all,

I am trying to shift from access 2003 to access 2007. I want to create customized toolbar in access 2007 but can't find the way to do that. In access 2003, I usualy go to View>Toolbars>Customize options and create/modify my tool bar. But how to do it in access 2007.

I have tried to find out on google but perhaps I am not clear about how to ask query.


I have several databases I maintain which are currently in Access 2003 format, however several of my clients want to upgrade to Access 2007. I have successfully transfered the custom toolbar in Access 2003 to a Menu Bar in 2007 and removed the Ribbon from view. The problem I have is that the 'Export to Excel' icon on my custom Menu bar gives me the following error:'The format in which you are attempting to output the current object is not available'. I have set my Excel to save in 97-2003 format and if I allow the Ribbon to show and use the Icon to Export to Excel from there it works. Does anyone have any suggestions as I really need to use the existing Menu Bar Icons if at all possible!

I want to hide the top toolbars when my users open my database in Access 2007! i have an autoexec macro to maximise the window which gets rid of the navigation bar on the side but cant work out how to hide the top bar? do i need to write code? if so what code and where would i input it.. any help would be much appreciated...

many thanks,



Does anyone know how to build a toolbar in Access 2007 or is it something that in Microsofts wizdom (stupidity) they have decided to remove.

I have a report that all I want is a simple toolbar that has a close button on it, as when I run the Access App in runtime mode there is no close button.

Note: I have found that if you import toolbars from Access 2003 or earlier you can use them, but you still have no option to change them



Hi All - I had a simple little VBA code written that works for MS Access 2003 but not for 2007. I believe it has to do with the menu names. Basically it was a list box that toggled the menus on and off. Here is the working code that I've tried to tweak by adding 'yes visible' for anything under the sun.

I tried also adding menu names that I thought were obvious ('Create' menu 'External Data' menu and so on) but it bombs out saying it cannot find those menus. So you'll see below I've commented those out. That big list of menus doesn't turn anything up, but we still have the odd 2003 user so I've kept them in.

As it stands now, clicking on the list box hides and unhides the 'Home' menu, but I also want it to show the other standard menus that appear when you open Access normally ('Create' 'External Data' and 'Database Tools' are the ones missing).

So as far as I can tell, I just need those standard menu names but can't find them. Help!

	Private Sub listVisible_AfterUpdate()
Dim intVisible As Single

intVisible = Me.listVisible
If intVisible = 1 Then
DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Menu Bar", acToolbarYes
DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Formatting (Form/Report)", acToolbarYes '----yes to this
DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Form View", acToolbarYes '----yes to this
   DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Toolbox", acToolbarYes
   DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Database", acToolbarYes
   DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Ribbon", acToolbarYes
'   DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Create", acToolbarYes
'   DoCmd.ShowToolbar "External Data", acToolbarYes
'   DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Database Tools", acToolbarYes
       DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Menu Bar", acToolbarYes
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Database", acToolbarYes
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Relationship", acToolbarYes
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Table Design", acToolbarYes
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Table Datasheet", acToolbarYes
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Query Design", acToolbarYes
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Query Datasheet", acToolbarYes
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Form Design", acToolbarYes
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Form View", acToolbarYes
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Filter/Sort", acToolbarYes
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Report Design", acToolbarYes
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Print Preview", acToolbarYes
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Toolbox", acToolbarYes
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Formatting (Form/Report)", acToolbarYes
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Formatting (Datasheet)", acToolbarYes
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Macro Design", acToolbarYes
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Utility 1", acToolbarYes
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Utility 2", acToolbarYes
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Web", acToolbarYes
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Source Code Control", acToolbarYes
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Ribbon", acToolbarYes

DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Menu Bar", acToolbarNo
DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Formatting (Form/Report)", acToolbarNo '----yes to this
DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Form View", acToolbarNo '----yes to this
   DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Toolbox", acToolbarNo
   DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Database", acToolbarNo
   DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Ribbon", acToolbarNo
End If
End Sub

I have a rather long Form with several subform controls. The first real field on said form is below the subform controls, so that forces Access to scroll down the entire form so that the first field is visible.

I am trying to find a way to force the scroll back up to the top.

I came across this code:

I have added Debug.Print to the function fGetClassName as I was not seeing the form scrolled to the top and discovered I think in Access 2007 the class name is "NUIScrollbar" and not "scrollBar" which function fIsScrollBar was searching for.

Fiddling, fiddling, can not get that sample code to control the scroll bar of the main form. Yes, I tried substituting "NUIScrollbar" for "scrollBar" and no success.

Any other suggestions how to achieve what I am after? TIA!

When trying to protect one of my applications, I really messed up my whole Access system. I no longer have the "Tools" button on my menu bar. It reads as FILE EDIT VIEW INSERT FORMAT but no longer shows TOOLS. This locks me out of many things (Startup options, compact, make MDE etc.)

It started when I added the code:

Dim i as integer
For i = 1 to commandbars.count
CommandBars(I).enabled = false
Next I

to one of my applications.

Holding down the shift when opening does NOT help. The problem has spread to ALL of my databases. Even brand new databases have the problem. It seems that something has happened to the Access default system.

I've tried all the toolbar, customize options I can find but no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm dead in the water until I get this solved.

In one of my customers databases I have some code which disables the "view" command on a particular form. This is to stop the customer changing from form view to datasheet view whilst entering data which would mess up the data entry if anyone did it.

Since upgrading to MS Access 2007, initially they had no problems, however just lately the front-end completely locks up sometimes as often as once per day, sometimes once a month and various intervals in between.

This is the only place where I manipulate command bars, and that's the only code I can see which has the potential to cause problems.

I have done a quick search of the Internet which didn't suggest anything obvious. Just wondered if anyone else had seen anything similar.

I'm in the process of converting a bunch of my company's Access 2000 databases to Access 2007.

One thing I've noticed that is going to be a HUGE problem for my users is that the hourglass and status bar do not stay on continuously from start to finish when pressing a command button that runs a macro with a lot of OpenQueries.

Some of my macros have as many as 30 OpenQueries and take as long as 45 minutes to complete. In Access 2000 the hourglass stayed on throughout the process and the status bar appeared while each of the queries was running. In Access 2007 the new circle cursor turns periodically and in between you just see the pointer cursor. So the user has no idea what’s happening. It looks as if his screen is frozen.

I tried turning the hourglass "ON" as the first step of my macro, but that didn't help.

Any ideas?

I recently stumbled upon an article stating how to make MS Office documents appear as if they were standalone applications by hiding menu bars and "locking out" standard features of Excel, Word, Etc. A link to that article is
I have an Access database, and this article describes EXACTLY what I want/need to do in Access. I have recently upgraded to Office 2007 though and this article seems to refer only to Office 2002 or lower (and unclear if it will even work in Access 2002). It works SOMEWHAT with the new version when I tested it with Excel, but with the redesign of the ribbon bar as opposed to the old standard menu bars it doesn't remove that, nor the Office Button.
Does anyone know what modifications I can do to this code to make it work with the newer Office version, and, would this even work with the Access application at all?
If it cannot be done in Office 2007 I can downgrade back to Access 2002, but even if I do that, what modifications have to be made and where do I put them to make it work in Access?

If nothing can be done to "modify" Access (rather old or new version), what other options do I have to make my database at least appear as if it were its own application. I have all my tables, forms, and reports created and everything is accessed from the switchboard or buttons within forms. I need nothing else displayed nor access to any features within the Access program.
Thanks for the suggestions

I have created a main menu form in 2003 that has a menubar and it all works fine in 2003, however as soon as I load it up in 2007 the menu bar does not show. Is there any addional settings I need to make to make it visible.

Also I need to be able to hide the ribbon, but as it it written in 2003 how would I do this when run under 2007?

The form is maximizing on activation if this has anything to do with it.



I used to go to menu Help --> About to view version details of whatever app I was using.

I can't find this in Access 2007.

I know I'm using Access 2007 but I'd like to check if there's any sub-version.

I am developing a customized ribbon for an Access 2007 project. The ribbon is designed but am not sure how to get the same commands that Access offers behind it's regular buttons. For example, if you customize the Quick Access toolbar and add the button for the "Filter By Form", I need to do that very same command/code behind my customized ribbon where I put "Filter by Form". Is there a listing of standard calls/code that is behind the MS Access standard buttons for tool bars? Things like "Print Preview" that get the current report dynamically, etc. There has to be code hidden somewhere or a command to call to get that same functionality as the standard buttons.

I am using custom toolbar in Access 2003 only for Reports not for all application.
How I can use custom toolbar in Access 2007 from previouse version
only for reports
Thank you

I have a data base with a personalized main menu. with Access 2003 this menu appear ok, but with Access 2007 it doesn`t appear ???

Tks in advance for any clue.

I created a MS Access 2007 database and now want to setup user level security. The problem is that when I open my database I don't any of the user level security tools (e.g., the Administer/Users & Permissions tool in the Database Tools tab) on my tool bar.


Hi, I am new to MS access 2007 but not new to Access. I am trying to open a form in the design view but that option is disabled along with other menu options. I checked the Ribbon and it appears to be a custom toolbar. I deleted that out of the box but I'm still unable to view the design of any objects.

How do I enable the menu items?

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