Access 2007 Split Forms

I seem to be unable to control the size (specifically the width) of split forms in Access 2007. It appears that regardless of what settings I use in the form's properties, the form opens wider than I expect. Can anyone tell me what property I may be overlooking? Or, what properties impact the size of the form? Thanks.

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How do you remove the single record display from an Access 2007 split form without removing the datasheet. I have found an Access 2007 database which has a split form in it with a datasheet at the bottom and no single record display at the top (there are comboboxes for filtering there). How did they achieve this? You have to leave the textboxes in the detail section of the form to create the datasheet.

I have searched and search and I can't find the answer to this question when I thought it would be simple. Hopefully you can put me out of my misery!

I have a access 2007 split form with a series of search boxes and a query result window. Enter info into one or more of the search boxes, click search and you get the matching results in the query window below. That works fine but I want to work with the results of the query, how can I do this?

I was looking for the user to be able to select a record and then click a command button to open that record in a form. Or in another instance select a record in the result window, have the current from close and have the primary key passed to a another form which I use to open the split form.

I just can't see how to do it but I expect there are several ways. Happy to use VBA but my experience is with Excel VBA so I'm still getting used to the objects.

Thanks in advance!

Hi all

My first post in this great forum.

I'm having a problem in updating an image in a Access 2007 split form. I have this working great in a single form but I cannot get this to work when using a split. Here's the code snippet:

	Private Sub Form_Current()
        On Error Resume Next
        Me.[FrontPicture].Picture = "c:images" & Me.[db id].Value & "v.jpg"
End Sub

Whenever I go to the next record in the split form it does not update the image. Interestingly, if I do an Alt-Tab or minimize the window, when I come back the image is updated

Any clues??

Many thanks

Some of my MS Access 2007 MDE forms don't work, specifically the forms which open other forms. There is no error message. The MDB version of these same forms work fine and other forms within the MDE (i.e., those that manipulate database data) seem to work fine too.

Any help or direction on how to debug the problem would be greatly appreciated.

I'm experienceing some frusterating behavior in Access 2007 where when I'm editing VBA each form opens in design mode as I edit the code behind it, whether I started out from that form in design mode or not. So when I close the VBA editor I have a screen full of open forms in design mode in the Access window that I have to now close. What really bothers me is if I did have one or two forms I was designing I need to scroll through all the other open forms to get back to them. I'm wondering if there's a switch or something in 2007 that stops this from happening. ???

Hi all!

I am on this forum the first time. I beg your pardon for my accent. I'm from Russia)
There is a small procedure that I use as a connecting ms Access and MySQL server:

Dim con As New ADODB.Connection
Dim rst As New ADODB.Recordset
Dim strSQL As String
strSQL = "table1"

con.CursorLocation = adUseClient
con.Open "Provider=MSDASQL;" & _
"Driver={MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver};" & _
"Server=my server;" & _
"Port=3306;" & _
"Database=my base;" & _
"User=login;" & _
"Password=my password;" & _
"Option=16426 "

rst.Open strSQL, con, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic
Set Me.Recordset = rst

Set rst = Nothing
Set con = Nothing

This procedure transfers the data in the unbound form of ms Access.
Everything works fine, but I can not use standard filters ms access 2007. I mean the filters are listed below:

I understand that this is a problem of this method. Is it possible to make the filter work with unbound forms?

Will someone be willing to code this DB so that it will change form colors, and filters in VBA so that it will use one form? I am aware that the way I programmed this app is very infantile, but I did it the only way I knew how being very, very new at VBA. I am new at VBA and Access 2007. I know 2003 fairly well without VBA. This DB is not of great importance and I am using it as a learning tool, to lean VBA, so it will be a big help if you would comment all the lines of code. See attachment

I have an MS Access 2007 split database. The Back End database (accdb) contains 1 table. It is on a server share. One user who updates the table has full NTFS permissions to the file. Several Front End users have NTFS read access to the file. The Front End database (accdb) contains queries and a link to the Back End database file. Each Front End user has a local copy of the Front End database.
Here is the issue; if the Back End database needs to be updated, and Front End users have the Front End database open – The Back End database is Read Only. If I have all Front End users close their local copy of the database, the Back End database can then be updated. However, if the Back End file is opened, (Being Updated) and Front End users open their local copy of the database – They cannot run queries.
What I am trying to accomplish is Front End users can open their local copy of the database and run queries at anytime, and the Back End database can be opened and updated at anytime. Is there a way to do this?
It is very frustrating when the Back End database is being updated, that users cannot run queries - And if Front End users are running queries, the Back End database can only be opened with read only access.

Hi All,

Background Info: I developed our main department's Access 2003 split database which is on a server for 15+ Users. I've now been given Access 2007 for development -- Users still have 2003. There are also 2 other smaller databases that are not split (.mdb).

Problem: In the split database, I've saved the Application .mdb as 2003, relinked and made a new .mde. But the Users still cannot open the database. (I did this in a copy until I figure out the nuances with 2007.) The 2 other unsplit databases can be saved as 2003 version and Users can open OK.

I'm grateful for any suggestions on working with Access 2007. I've been trying to tackle the ribbon which is a whole other question.

Access 2007 is behaving very peculiar concerning sizing of forms. For example, some open at an enormous size (25 plus inches) when the width size in the property box is 8 inches. I've tried various combinations of Auto Center, Auto Resize and Fit To Screen -- all with bazarre, unpredictable results. Does anyone know if there is an "issue" (bug) in Access 2007 Trial concerning form sizing? Thanks.

I have developed a form in Access 2003 which uses the MS Forms 2.0 scrollbar control to enter data into a number of fields.

When I run my database under Access 2003 it works perfectly, but when i run it under access 2007, the Update property is not firing at all.

Anyone know if this is a bug, and if so, whether there is a fix available for it?

In Access 2007 is there any way to have a datasheet form (not a subform) with a header section that's visible so I can drop a combobox on it for filtering? I created a form that displays some records. When I change the format from Single to Datasheet the header disappears.

I have created a split form in MS Access 2007. The Form's Current event checks if one of its text boxes contains a negative number: if it does, it sets its forecolor colour to red, otherwise it sets it to black. It's about as simple as context-sensitive formatting gets.

The only way I can get the colour-coding to work reliably is if I position the datasheet at the top of the split form and use the record navigation controls at the bottom. If I navigate through the records by placing the cursor on another row of the Datasheet, then the colour-coding is unreliable. Similarly if I position the Datasheet at the bottom of the split form and use the record selectors at the bottom, the colour coding is unreliable.

Had anyone come across this apparent bug, and more to the point is there a fix or a workaround?

In Access 2007 and 2010, if one sets to rich text the "Text Format" property of text box in form design then the "Line Spacing" property of this text box is ignored. Are there any way to adjust the line spacing?


I created a db in Access 2007. I have a form that opens when the database opens. Then a button that opens another form. There is no data link - just a new form. In Access 2010 the first form opens fine. The second form opens but none of the controls are visible. I have checked the properties and all controls are set to visible. Does anyone know why this is happening?

Another issue with the same database. The first form is set to open with all controls locked to prevent accidental data changes. There is a button linked to a macro to unlock the controls for editing. The button works fine in 2007 but does not work in 2010. Any ideas?

I am in the process of validating my Access 2003 database and the functionality working in the new Access 2007 environment w/o converting to 2007 - will have mixed environments for awhile.

The forms within the AK3 version work perfectly, however not in Ak7. When I open the form with the multiple subforms in AK3 if functions correctly, but for some reason when the same form/subforms open in AK7 the subform (datasheet view) will only display 1 record when it should be multiple records. When I view this subform outside of the Main form/Subform it displays the data correctly. The Query returns the correct records etc.

Does anyone know why this is happening?



Dear Friends,
I made the Access 2007 application forms select the Office layout that includes a layout with the blue background, but I found that when I running the masks in the Access 2010 run time the forms are no longer blue but turn gray.
How can I do to save the layout with the background in blue also using the application in Access 2010?

Thank's for the support.

Giovanni Roi

Hi all

First post here, after a long-time-reading

i'm experiencing an issue in access 2007.
I have 2 forms, the second one is a subform of the first and his visualization mode is set to "Split Form".
When i change from "Structure view" to "Mask view" on the second form it works great, but.. if i use it as a subform i get a normal mask visualization.
what can i do to avoid this?

PS: sry for my very bad english T_T

Hi guys,

I've been getting to grips with Access 2007 recently and have run up against a problem with split forms.

I have a split form with >30 fields. The fields/columns in the datasheet are not in an obvious order - they're not following the form's tab order or the field order of the recordsource (although only some fields are out of place, but this includes the primary key).

So my questions are:
1) What determines the order the fields are shown in the datasheet part of a split form?
2) Can I change the order of the columns? If so how? (I know how to resize them and therefore hide them, but not how to move them.)


We use an Access database to issue purchase orders. I split the tables into a separate database that is on a shared network drive as well as individual databases for each user which contains the Forms and Queries (also on the network). We have had no problems with multiple users being in the database at the same time with Access 2000 and 2003. We have just added a couple of new Vista machines with Access 2007, and whenever these users try to enter data into the database, it locks up their Access. They continue to be locked up until the other users close out of the database. They can load their forms with no problem, but when they do anything that opens the shared Access database with all the data tables, they are locked up and out of business. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks -Chad

I’m trying to programmatically set new record source on a form (in my adp), but this cause Access to crash. This only occurs when the split form is visible.

I’ve browsed Access KB but was not able to find this specific issue as a known bug. Is there anyone else who has experienced this behavior?

The reason I directly change the record source is to ensure correct sorting based on SQL server table content and not cashed client data.

Hi, i was just wondering if the split form feature in Access 2007 is compatible with other versions of Access.

I have the database saved in compatibility mode, but i was wondering if the form will work with access 2003 or Access 2000.

I have tried finding out on the Microsoft Support website but there isn't much information there and I don't have earlier version of Access at hand at the moment to test it.

Thank you.

I have created a quite complex user input form. The form has a tab control with approximately 20 tabbed pages. Each of the tabbed pages collects data via an embedded subform which has between 16 to 20 fields with both bound and unbound labels (only one subform per tab page) with a parent child relationship set. The data itself comes from one header table with 20 linked tables (split due too many fields for one table) with a one to one relationship between header and linked tables.

The input form works fine when tabbing between the tab pages, the problem arises when you navigate records. This causes the tab control to flicker for about 1 second as you scroll through the records. Clearly the application cannot be deployed with this condition prevalent.

I have searched the net but can only find posts that relate to this kind of issue with access 2003. I'm using access 2007, can anybody point me in the right direction?




I have a form that's split form which has 6 subforms which are to appear according to the record selected in main form. So, for example in the main form I have records with six different types, and if I click on record of type 1, in my code I want to hide whatever subform is shown currently and make form for type 1 visible instead. here's the code for this mechanism:

	Option Compare Database

Private MyForm As SubForm
Private sType As String
Private Const POS_TOP As Single = 150
Private Const POS_LEFT As Single = 0  '150
Private Const POS_HEIGHT As Single = 4650
Private Const POS_WIDTH As Single = 9670

Private Sub Form_Current()
End Sub

Private Sub Switch_Forms()

    If sType  Trim(Type_Description) Then
        sType = Trim(Type_Description)
        If Not MyForm Is Nothing Then
            MyForm.Visible = False
        End If
        Select Case sType
            Case "FollowUpLog"
                Set MyForm = frmXGMV_MasterLogSUB_FollowUp
            Case "Event"
                Set MyForm = frmXGMV_MasterLogSUB_TBevenement
            Case "Cotation Status"
                Set MyForm = frmXGMV_MasterLogSUB_CotationStatus
            Case "Cotation Printed"
                Set MyForm = frmXGMV_MasterLogSUB_CotationPrint
            Case "Mail Item", "Task Item"
                Set MyForm = frmXGMV_MasterLogSUB_Mail_Task

        End Select

    End If

End Sub

Private Sub Show_Form()
    MyForm.Left = POS_LEFT
    MyForm.Top = POS_TOP
    MyForm.Height = POS_HEIGHT
    MyForm.Width = POS_WIDTH
    MyForm.Visible = True
End Sub

This code works in Access 2010 if I click on a new record in main for or navigate to it with the navigation button, but the problem is that in Access 2007 clicking on the item does not switch my subforms (althought the data changes) so I end up with the data displayed in the wrong form type. What's even stranger is that using the navigation buttons to switch between record works fine - my forms get switched properly. In either case the code executes. it's just that, if the actions was clicking on the item, it's like the code doesn't take effect.

Has anyone seen this behaviour before?

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